Erath High School Homecoming Schedule

Special guests Erath Natives, Randy Romero (Remarkable Ride) and Wendi Frederick Romero (Pilgrimage to Self), will be on the EHS campus for book signings during the EHS Visitation hours. Wendi will there from 9:00-11:00. Randy (EHS 75 graduate) is expected around 9:45 or so. 

Pictured is Erath Native Randy Romero at his Hall of Fame event in New York. He will be on the EHS campus during visitation for a book signing (Remarkable Ride). Pictured with Romero are Wendi Frederick Romero and Nathan Granger. Author  Wendi Frederick Romero (Pilgrimage to Self), with her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Agnes Richard at a local book signing event. Wendi is a 1977 EHS graduate.


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