Erath High Crown Bearer and Flower Girl History

Tradition is a word often used when Erath gears up for homecoming each fall. One sixty year old tradition lies with the young crown bearer and flower girl who participate each year, along with the homecoming court.

Erath’s Homecoming began in 1950 with its first queen Ida Katherine Sandoz (Landry) and her court, however it isn't known the exact year the school began the crown bearer tradition. In researching recently, it was said that the crown bearer tradition definitely dates back as far as 1952, and quite possibly the school has had them since the beginning.

From the early 50’s until 1971, the crown bearers were 1st graders at Erath High. (Prior to ’72, 1st grade classes were part of the Erath High school campus, housing grades 1-12)

1954 Homecoming. Queen was Mrs. Delores Bolner (Dubois). Her crown bearer (which was a girl at that time) was Sable Whittington Richard. (mother of Carl Toups and Kerry Richard). The two boys who walked her were Terry Segura (think it is Terry... might be Bob) and Gene Frederick. Big football players (captains I think) were Benny Mergist (75) and Jimmy Duhon (51).

Photo below: 1952 Queen Mona LeBlanc Guillot and
earliest crown bearer photo is Jocelyn Decoux Schexnayder.
(Football Players are T-Paul Broussard,
Richard Dubois and back Beverly Hidalgo.

When Dozier Elementary opened in 1972 as the Erath feeder school for grades 1, 2 and 3, the tradition using of 1st graders remained in place. Erath High and Dozier Elementary worked hand in hand to keep the schools united, and crown bearers have been chosen from the Dozier for more than four decades now.

One day approximately three weeks prior to EHS’ homecoming, all 1st graders at Dozier Elementary gather in the cafeteria.  The crown bearer and flower girl from the year before are brought in and the duo pick names for a new pair of students to participate in the upcoming festivities.

One girl is chosen as the flower girl, while one boy is named the crown bearer. The two then ride in the parade and  preside at the game with the homecoming court. The flower girl brings roses to the queen and the crown bearer delivers the crown to the person crowning the queen. Though minor changes have occurred through the years, the tradition of crown bearers have remained for more than six decades now. There were several years where only girls were chosen as crown bearers. In later years, the schools opted to have one boy and one girl serve.


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