Erath High School Homecoming Court Trivia

We are currently attempting to create a full list of Homecoming Crown Bearers through the years. If anyone can help with this incomplete list, please email Stacy Bodin @

The ones we have missing are in red!

  • 1950 (Unsure if there was a crown bearer that year) Queen Ida Katherine Sandoz

  • 1951  (Unsure if there was a crown bearer that year) Queen Libon Simon

  • 1952 Jocelyn Decoux (Crown Bearer); Queen Mona Broussard

  • 1953 Sable Whittington (Crown Bearer); Queen Delores Bolner  (Tid bit of information. Mrs. Sable is Coach Kerry's mom)

  • 1954 (Crown Bearer Unsure: Photo from the back); Queen Gaynell Suire

  • 1955 Linda Desormeaux (Crown Bearer); Queen Lois LeBlanc

  • 1956 Beverly Pickett (Crown Bearer) Queen Marion Vincent (Lange)

  • 1957  Jacky Moss Crown Bearer; Queen Marian Vincent (There were two Marian Vincents were queen back to back.)

  • 1958 Crown Bearer Catherine Perrin,  Queen Frankie Darbonne

  • 1959 Sharon Suire-Crown Bearer; Queen Phyllis Dronet

  • 1960 Celeste Manuel Crown Bearer; Queen Gladys Dubois

  • 1961 Cindy Hidalgo Crown Bearer; Queen Charlene Delcambre

  • 1962 Mary Thibeaux Crown Bearer; Queen Judy Comeaux

  • 1963 Deana Bernard Crown Bearer; Queen Diana Romero

  • 1964 Mel Leblanc Crown Bearer; Queen Lou Gene Mailhes

  • 1965 Jackie Colomb Crown Bearer; Queen Tina Dubois

  • 1966 Patty Coontz Crown Bearer; Queen Barbara Dugas

  • 1967 Angel Colomb Crown Bearer; Queen Juanita Boudreaux

  • 1968 Jeanne LeBlanc Crown Bearer; Queen Debbie LeBlanc

  • 1969 Myra Collins Crown Bearer; Queen Anne Bourgeios

  • 1970 Colleen Frederick Crown Bearer; Queen Darlene Guidry

  • 1971 Michelle Leblanc Crown Bearer; Queen Agnes Moss

1950ís until 1971, 1st graders were picked from Erath High. In 1972, Dozier Elementary opened as the feeder school. Since that year, first graders have been chosen from there.


**Dozier Elementary Crown Bearers

  • 1972 Ellen Greene Crown Bearer; Queen Charlotte Delahoussaye

  • 1973 Melanie LeBlanc Crown Bearer; Queen Charlotte Lopez

  • 1974 Chally Matte Crown Bearer; Queen Linda Doucet

  • 1975 Jenny Reaux Crown Bearer; Queen Jo Beth Grovenberg

  • 1976 Dana Romero (Harrington) Crown Bearer; Queen Mary Boudreaux

  • 1977 Twins Karen and Kathy Landry Crown Bearers; Queen Dana Lachaussee

  • 1978 Shannon Suire Crown Bearer; Queen Roslyn Mergist

  • 1979 Raquel Romero Crown Bearer, Queen Janet Hollier

  • 1980 Kimmon Thibodeaux Crown Bearer; Queen Monica Granger

NOTE: Two were chosen in 1981. One flower girl and boy crown bearer. (From 1981-2009 Alternates were also chosen). We don't have a record of those on file.

  • 1981 Flower Girl Marie Botts and Crown Bearer Brandon Duhon Queen Manique Reaux (1st year of boy crown bearer and girl flower girl) Queen Manique Reaux (1st year of boy crown bearer and girl flower girl)

  • 1982 Flower Girl Jennifer Domingues and Crown Bearer Cory Hebert Queen Kay Brasseaux

  • 1983 Flower Girl Erica Stoute and Crown Bearer Toby Hebert; Queen Jackie Segura

  • 1984 Flower Girl Laura Hebert and Crown Bearer Troy Michaud:  Queen Christy Ortemond 

  • 1985 Chad Wilson and Flower Girl Jennifer Delahoussaye Crown Bearers; Queen Monique Arceneaux

  • 1986 Flower Girl Joni Pillette and Joshua Floyd Crown Bearers; Queen Jenny Reaux

  • 1987 Flower Girl Heather Laviolette, Kevin Abbott Crown Bearer Queen Tracy Moss

  • 1988 Crown Bearer James Guy and Flower Girl Jill Delahoussaye; Queen Tonia LeBlanc

  • 1989 Flower Girl Michelle Derouen and Crown Bearer Michael Montgomery; Queen Tanisha Grogan

  • 1990 Flower Girl Cheleise Perez and Crown Bearer Coty Trahan; Queen Michelle Blancas

  • 1991 Flower Girl Sarah Greeson and Crown Bearer ??; Queen Monica Blancas

  • 1992 Flower Girl Mandy Montz and Crown Bearer Tyler Domingues; Queen Theresa Comeaux

  • 1993 Crown Bearer Cory Racca and Flower Girl Laura Rebollo; Queen Amber Tribe

  • 1994  Flower Girl Kayla LeBlanc and Crown Bearer Travis Bourque; Queen Magion Meaux

  • 1995 ???, ??? Crown Bearers; Queen Amy Wilson

  • 1996 Flower Girl Courtney Humble and Crown Bearer Gavin Broussard Queen Alicia Primeaux

  • 1997 Flower Girl Jennifer Saunier and Crown Bearer Trent LeBlanc;  Queen Amy Toups

  • 1998 ???, ??? Crown Bearers; Queen Brooke Stoute

  • 1999 ???, ??? Crown Bearers; Queen Holly Collins

  • 2000 Flower Girl Meagan Perkins,  Crown Bearer Brylon Gary, Queen Skye Tribe

  • 2001 Shea Delcambre, Flower Girl & Crown Bearer Drew Desormeaux;  Queen Lindsay Mencacci

  • 2002 Flower girl Kylie Vincent, Crown Bearer was Aaron Green Queen Jessica Hebert

  • 2003 Flower Girl Cassidy Landry, Crown Bearer Wayne Luquette Queen Jessica Pillette

  • 2004 Flower Girl Heidi Nicole Suire Crown Bearer Matthew Gary, Queen Nicole Langlinais

  • 2005  Flower Girl  Marae Terrebone and Crown Bearer Noah Livers; Queen Andrea Broussard

  • 2006  Flower Girl Mackenzie Hargrave and Crown Bearer Logan Campbell, Queen Heather Leblanc

  • 2007 Crown Bearer Matthew Irwin, Flower girl - Carlie Seaux Queen Brooke Hebert

  • 2008 Flower Girl Rylee Vincent , Crown bearer was Luke LeBlanc Queen Katie Domingues

  • 2009  Crown Bearer Cody LeBlanc and Flower Girl Olivia Harrington  Queen Kristen Carpenter

  • 2010 Flower Girl Lexi Casbon and Crown Bearer Garrett Trahan; Queen Camille Delcambre

  • 2011 Crown Bearer Brooks Bouillion and Flower Girl Karley Casbon; Queen Meagan Perkins

  • 2012 Flower Girl- Michelle Spaziante and Crown Bearer- Ty Primeaux; Queen Miranda Hebert

  • 2013 Flower Girl- Piper Lemaire and Crown Bearer- Andre Leblanc (Queen Caitlin Domingues)

  • 2014 Flower Girl-Mya Nunez and Crown Bearer-Gage Abshire (Queen Tori Barras)

  • 2015  Flower Girl Addyson Broussard, Crown Bearer Camden Blanchard (Queen Jennah Allen)

  • 2016 Flower Girl Marielle Lopez and Crown Bearer Cohen Landry (Queen Maci Viator)

  • 2017 Flower Girl Isabella Abate and Crown Bearer Gabryle Perrin


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