Erath High School Homecoming Court Trivia

Made Court all four years of High School

  • Dana Lachaussee Dronet (Court 1974, 1975, 1976 and Queen in 1977)

Twins who made court together:

  • 1971 Sharon and Karen Janak

  • 2013 Catherine and Caitlin Domingues (Caitlin Domingues was queen)

Twins who made it different years:

  • 1959 Twin Alice Dubois LeBlanc was on the court as a Jr. in 1959. Her twin Gladys was on the court the following year in 1960. Mrs. Gladys was queen that year. (However Mrs. Gladys and Mrs. Alice were not on the court the same year.)

Other sisters on the court together:

  • 1984  Sisters (NOT TWINS) Monique (Jr.) and Charisse Arceneaux (Sr.)  At this time, it was NOT just seniors on the court.

  • 1985 Sisters (NOT TWINS) Dana Langlinais Granger (Sr.) and Carrie Langlinais (Jr.) were on court together. At this time, it was NOT just seniors on the court.

  • 1989 Sisters (NOT TWINS) Monica (Soph) and Michelle Blancas (Jr.) At this time, it was NOT just seniors on the court. The two were on the court AGAIN together in 1990.) At this time, it was NOT just seniors on the court.

  • 1990 TWO sets of sisters on the court that year) Monica (Jr.) and Michelle Blancas (Sr.) and Cathy (Sr.) and Becky Moss (Jr.) The Queen that year was Michelle Blancas.

  • 1991 Sisters (NOT TWINS) Monica Blancas (Sr. and was queen), Marissa Blancas (Jr.). Also their older sister 1990 queen Michelle was on hand to help crown her sister Monica.

MOM AND DAUGHTERS who were both queens:

  • 1963 Mom Queen: Dianna Romero Ortemond in

  • 1984Daughter Queen:  Christy Ortemond Fracques

  • 1966 Mom Queen: Barbara Dugas Toups Queen

  • 1997 Daughter Queen: Amy Toups Quee

  • 1955  Mom Queen: Lois LeBlanc (Boudreaux) Lanphear

  • 1976 Daughter Queen: Mary Helen Boudreaux Broussard

Aunt and Niece  Queens (Two years following)

  • 1981 (Aunt) Manique Reaux LeBlanc was Queen

  • 1982 (Niece) Kay Sandoz Brasseaux was Queen

Crown Bearer Trivia:

  • Jenny Reaux Hargrave was crown bearer for Queen Jo Beth Grovenberg in 1975.

  • Her daughter Mackenzie Hargrave was crown bearer Queen Heather LeBlanc in 2006.

  • Jenny Reaux Hargrave also was Homecoming Queen in 1986.

  • Meaghan Perkins was Crown Bearer in 2000 and Homecoming Queen in 2011.

Sisters who were both crown bearers

  • Daughters of Lester and Emma Dean Colomb

    • 1965 Jackie Colomb (with Queen Tina Dubois)

    • 1967Angel Colomb (with Queen Juanita Boudreaux)

  • Daughters of Kenneth and Mary LeBlanc

    • 1971 Michelle Leblanc Crown Bearer; Queen Agnes Moss

    • 1973 Melanie LeBlanc Crown Bearer; Queen Charlotte Lopez

Twin Crown Bearers Served in 1977 with Queen Dana Dronet

  • Twins were Kathy and Karen Landry

1st Homecoming Court in 1950

  • Queen Ida Katherine Sandoz Landry, Maids Eloise Primeaux (Bouillion), Dolores Simon (Stoute) and Joanne Bernard (Richard)

1st Powder Puff Court was in 1976

  • King (Jr.) Billy Duck and Prince (Sr.) Horace Frederick; Court: (Sophomore) Mark Stoutes, (Sophomore) Darryl Landry, (Sr.),Justin Langlinais (Jr.), Al Desormeaux (Jr.) Kent Bouillion (Jr.) and Eric Boudreaux

Twins on Powder Puff Court

  • Chad and Chas Bourgeois (1996)

Hall of Fame:

  • Two brothers were inducted the same year Steven and Larry Langlinais in 1996

  • The Class of 1960 has five inductees. Kenneth LeBlanc (1997 Inductee), Kenneth Pickett (2013) Rita Lampman Riggins (1995 Inductee) and Larry Langlinais (1996 Inductee). To the right is Lester Champagne, another classmate who was inducted in 1999, as an honorary member.


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