2007-08 Faculty Email

NOTE: Same Calendar will be used for Mobile Lab and Chevron Cart Check Outs!


Use EHS Technology Calendar to Schedule Chevron Resources, Mobile Lab, etc.

1.  Decide the date and times needed.

2.  Decide the tools and resources to be checked out.

3.  Go to the EHS Check Out Calendar and click on the date you need the equipment.

4.  Type your information!

  • Type 'Mobile lab" and the times you need it.

  • For Chevron: IMPORTANT: Use the word "Chevron" in the description to help others know that the equipment will be checked out.

  • Example: Sam Jones - Chevron Equip. 3 Microscopes, 1 lap top, 3 beakers. 9:00-10 AM Tuesday, August 30th.

5. Click OK. Your information should show up on the calendar. To edit entries, contact your tech specialist or email me.

Chevron's Energy for Learning


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