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2013-14 Teacher of the Year Karen Simon

Karen Janak Simon was recently named the 2013-14 Erath High Teacher of the year. The Erath High 1972 graduate is currently a business teacher at EHS. She graduated from USL in December 1979.

Her teaching career began in January of 1980 at Erath Middle, where she replaced Cliff Alleman who was teaching 8th grade Math. The following school year Simon replaced the business teacher in Henry on leave and then moved to Herod as a Special Ed teacher. From there, she taught 7th grade math at Rene Rost for 2 years followed by a math position at Erath High. Upon arriving at EHS, she has remained there.  

 Since her time began at EHS, she has taught geometry, algebra and business math with a few vocational subjects. Upon the retirement of long time EHS business teacher Connie Hebert, Simon then moved into the business department. Though currently a business teacher however, she still periodically teaches math too.

Her response upon learning that she was the EHS Teacher of Year was “I love teaching because it is so rewarding; setting expectations for students and helping them achieve. I also hope that I have helped to teach my students some life lessons that have benefited them in their careers.” She ended by saying “It is so rewarding to meet up with former students and have them tell you that you were a good teacher and you helped to prepare them for college or vocational school, or helped them graduate from high school.”

Karen Janak Simon is married to Chuck and has one son Chucky. She also has two grandchildren, Alexandra who is 7 years old and Lawson who is 9 months old. Simon is the daughter of the late Jim and Angie Janak.


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