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Eva Lange Named Erath High Teacher of the Year

Erath High Principal Marc Turner recently announced that Eva Lange was  named the school’s 2016-17 Teacher of the Year.  (Note: The Parish Teacher of the Year competition is a year ahead, making her eligible for the 2016-2017 competition.)

The 1991 E. Broussard graduate earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in general science and a minor in geology from USL in 1996.  

In 1996, she began teaching career at Kaplan High School and remained there until May of 2014.  In the fall of 2014, she transferred to Erath High. She is currently teaching biology at EHS.

Erath High Principal Marc Turner shared that "Mrs. Eva was selected by members of our own Erath High School Faculty to represent our educational community of excellence. She brings dedication and compassion to this campus in the form of a Biology teacher."  Turner then added, "Mrs. Eva plays a prominent role on campus as she is the sponsor of our EHS Beta Club being the leader behind the scenes, organizing campaigns and producing state officers. She is the favorite of many students (past and present) and understands what needs to be covered in the classroom to keep the focus on academic achievement."

She is married to Errol Lange and is the daughter of Judy Leger and Wayne Trahan.

The next level of competition for the Erath High teacher will now be at the parish level.


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