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Honoring 1st Football Team of 1949 (11-6-09)

Members of the first team in 1949  at the November 6th event included: Vories Stoutes, Richard Dubois, Andre Dubois, Jimmy Suire, Farrell Desormeaux, T-Paul Broussard, Daniel Nunez, Curtis Bernard attended the ceremony. Brandon Landry represented his father Calvin Landry.

Remembering those who are no longer with us:  Donald Primeaux, Allen LeBlanc, Harold "T-Beb" Broussard, Douglas Mergist, Raymond Bares, Roland Landry, J.D. Granger, Kenneth Menard, James LeBlanc,  Carol Landry, Carol Treadway, Coach Robert J. Segura and Coach Travis Kendricks.

See story and photos! Slideshow can be seen here!

See November 6, 2009 photos here!  See clips below. Press the blue arrow button to start each clip. Can't view clips below click here for part 1 and here for part 2.


Honoring 1st Football Team


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