Erath Middle Box Top Updates

January 10, 2017 Update: Mrs. DuBois would like to remind us that there is a January 31st turn-in date for Community Coffee labels.  Since the labels must be received at the Baton Rouge office BY January 31st, she will be mailing the box on Friday, January 27th.  If you have any labels to turn in, please do so ASAP so Mrs. DuBois can start sorting and preparing the delivery.  She will still be giving 2 Bobcat Bucks and a pencil for every 50 labels turned in.  Since the process for turning in labels has changed, please just bundle your 50 labels in a Ziploc bag or an envelope.  No taped or glued labels will be accepted by Community Coffee!

Donít forget that there is also a March 1st deadline for Box Tops.  Keep collecting those as well.

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