Erath Middle Library and AR

AR Expectations Information for 2017-2018

With "Pete the Cat" as our yearlong theme, we are looking forward to
PURR-fect new school year!  Expectations
are below.


6th Grade = 14 AR points (at least 1 point should be Non-Fiction)

7th Grade = 15 AR points (No Non-Fiction requirements)

8th Grade = 15 AR points (at least 3 points should be Non-Fiction)

 LIBRARY GOALS:  **These goals are in addition to what is required in the classroom.** 30 AR points with at least 85% accuracy is the goal for all grade levels this year.   Classroom and Library Goals are per 9 weeks and both require at least 85% accuracy.


                                                 Happy Reading!! 

                                                                                  Stephanie DuBois, EMS Librarian


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