Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


9349 SPmurmullo es silencioso, UnLunn, Carolyn0.50.5
31594 ENB. Bears Ride the Thunderbolt, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan0.60.5
9018 ENFoot Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.60.5
88312 ENPuppy Mudge Wants to PlayRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
79934 ENPuppy Mudge Loves His BlanketRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
70788 ENPuppy Mudge Takes a BathRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
69964 ENPuppy Mudge Has a SnackRylant, Cynthia0.80.5
75643 ENBiscuit Wins a PrizeCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.90.5
72788 ENDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Willems, Mo0.90.5
9046 ENB. Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.10.5
14621 ENHiccups for ElephantPreller, James1.10.5
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
7239 ENB. Bears Ready, Get Set, Go!, TheBerenstain, Stan1.20.5
6059 ENClifford the Big Red DogBridwell, Norman1.20.5
76763 ENFriends for a PrincessLagonegro, Melissa1.20.5
2303 ENKobe Bryant: "Slam Dunk" ChampionKirkpatrick, Rob1.20.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
29512 ENCome Along DaisySimmons, Jane1.30.5
25305 ENGoldilocks Comes BackMyers, Anne1.30.5
25306 ENGreat White SharksPrice, Christine1.30.5
44572 ENRed-Eyed Tree FrogCowley, Joy1.30.5
116289 ENRivers and StreamsMayer, Cassie1.30.5
25309 ENRock-a-Bye MoonPrice, Christine1.30.5
25310 ENSam's SeasonsPrice, Christine1.30.5
14750 ENSnowballsEhlert, Lois1.30.5
102371 ENStars Will Still Shine, TheRylant, Cynthia1.30.5
75656 ENTurtle and Snake's Valentine's DaySpohn, Kate1.30.5
32775 ENWater as a SolidFrost, Helen1.30.5
7276 ENJust Me and My DadMayer, Mercer1.40.5
5520 ENKiss for Little Bear, AMinarik, Else H.1.40.5
56286 ENMoon, TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
71684 ENMoonlight: The Halloween CatRylant, Cynthia1.40.5
56288 ENStars, TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
44656 ENSweet Dreams: How Animals SleepKajikawa, Kimiko1.40.5
29508 ENWhen Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really, AngryBang, Molly1.40.5
25301 ENApples and More ApplesSmith, Michael K.1.50.5
21260 ENArthur's Reading RaceBrown, Marc1.50.5
32426 ENB. Bears by the Sea, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.50.5
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
116283 ENLakes and PondsMayer, Cassie1.50.5
116288 ENOceans and SeasMayer, Cassie1.50.5
18603 ENAnt Plays BearByars, Betsy1.60.5
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
36413 ENB. Bears Catch the Bus, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.60.5
31629 ENClifford, We Love YouBridwell, Norman1.60.5
107657 ENLet's Save Water!Nelson, Sara Elizabeth1.60.5
7455 ENB. Bears and the Big Road Race, TheBerenstain, Stan1.70.5
25303 ENBenny's School TripThompson, Gare1.70.5
25304 ENDinosaur Show and TellKeller, Ellen1.70.5
9660 ENDozen Dizzy Dogs, AHooks, William1.70.5
75093 ENFroggy's Baby SisterLondon, Jonathan1.70.5
14626 ENKick, Pass, and RunKessler, Leonard1.70.5
45246 ENKing Bidgood's in the BathtubWood, Audrey1.70.5
107655 ENLet's Reuse!Nelson, Sara Elizabeth1.70.5
101300 ENMagic School Bus Flies from the Nest, TheCole, Joanna1.70.5
105780 ENMagic School Bus Lost in the Snow, TheCole, Joanna1.70.5
5486 ENMother, Mother I Want AnotherPolushkin, Maria1.70.5
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
108924 ENRainHerriges, Ann1.70.5
45453 ENStray Dog, TheSassa/Simont1.70.5
32773 ENWater as a GasFrost, Helen1.70.5
32774 ENWater as a LiquidFrost, Helen1.70.5
25312 ENWolvesSmith, Michael K.1.70.5
25302 ENAmazing Fish, ThePrice, Christine1.80.5
10503 ENAmelia Bedelia Goes CampingParish, Peggy1.80.5
25317 ENAnimal HomesTucker, Natalie1.80.5
9009 ENB. Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone, TheBerenstain, Stan1.80.5
86992 ENB. Bears' New Pup, TheBerenstain, Stan1.80.5
116281 ENCanalsMayer, Cassie1.80.5
17518 ENClifford's TricksBridwell, Norman1.80.5
109806 ENCork & Fuzz: Good SportsChaconas, Dori1.80.5
79289 ENEverything Is Matter!Bauer, David1.80.5
86673 ENFranklin's Library BookJennings, Sharon1.80.5
7231 ENJust Me and My Little SisterMayer, Mercer1.80.5
107654 ENLet's Reduce Garbage!Nelson, Sara Elizabeth1.80.5
56287 ENPlanets, TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.80.5
47823 ENRobert the Rose HorseHeilbroner, Joan1.80.5
10539 ENSamantha the SnobCristaldi, Kathryn1.80.5
108926 ENSnowHerriges, Ann1.80.5
10543 ENSpider's Lunch: All About Garden SpidersCole, Joanna1.80.5
56289 ENSun, TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.80.5
9563 ENAll Stuck UpHayward, Linda1.90.5
41956 ENArthur's Lost PuppyBrown, Marc1.90.5
5457 ENAt the CrossroadsIsadora, Rachel1.90.5
9006 ENBears' Christmas, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
9008 ENBears' Picnic, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
105818 ENBest Thanksgiving Ever!, TheSlater, Teddy1.90.5
7211 ENChesterHoff, Syd1.90.5
73309 ENClifford Goes to Dog SchoolBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7257 ENClifford's ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9566 ENClifford's First ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
17516 ENClifford's First HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
10514 ENClifford's Happy EasterBridwell, Norman1.90.5
11164 ENClifford's KittenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9567 ENClifford's MannersBridwell, Norman1.90.5
86806 ENCork & FuzzChaconas, Dori1.90.5
79388 ENDora's Easter BasketWillson, Sarah1.90.5
61286 ENFranklin and the Magic ShowJennings, Sharon1.90.5
104199 ENFranklin Has the HiccupsJennings, Sharon1.90.5
73417 ENFranklin's SurpriseJennings, Sharon1.90.5
69328 ENFranklin Stays UpJennings, Sharon1.90.5
89078 ENGirls in the Circle, TheGiovanni, Nikki1.90.5
79078 ENGood Night, D.W.Brown, Marc1.90.5
7278 ENJust My Friend and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
107656 ENLet's Save Energy!Nelson, Sara Elizabeth1.90.5
5538 ENRonald Morgan Goes to BatGiff, Patricia Reilly1.90.5
7592 ENSeven Blind MiceYoung, Ed1.90.5
49394 ENSnake Mistake, ASmith, Mavis1.90.5
7647 ENTeach Us, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy1.90.5
4158 ENAdding It Up at the ZooNayer, Judy2.00.5
10501 ENAmelia Bedelia and the BabyParish, Peggy2.00.5
79370 ENAmelia Bedelia Goes Back to SchoolParish, Herman2.00.5
74708 ENArbor DayBennett, Kelly2.00.5
77948 ENArthur's Birthday SurpriseBrown, Marc2.00.5
76217 ENArthur's Jelly BeansBrown, Marc2.00.5
79076 ENArthur's off to SchoolBrown, Marc2.00.5
84922 ENB. Bears Clean House, TheBerenstain, Stan2.00.5
108419 ENBabymouse: Beach BabeHolm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
104175 ENBabymouse: Our Hero!Holm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
9007 ENBears' Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.00.5
54474 ENBrave NormanClements, Andrew2.00.5
14608 ENClifford and the Grouchy NeighborsBridwell, Norman2.00.5
9565 ENClifford's FamilyBridwell, Norman2.00.5
105473 ENCork & Fuzz: Short and TallChaconas, Dori2.00.5
42147 ENCurious George Plays BaseballRey/Shalleck2.00.5
14617 ENEEK! Stories to Make You ShriekO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
104200 ENFranklin's PicnicJennings, Sharon2.00.5
82852 ENFranklin the DetectiveJennings, Sharon2.00.5
7316 ENGrizzwoldHoff, Syd2.00.5
7573 ENHere Comes the StrikeoutKessler, Leonard2.00.5
7272 ENI Just ForgotMayer, Mercer2.00.5
112553 ENI Love You Always and ForeverEmmett, Jonathan2.00.5
48102 ENLisa's Airplane TripGutman, Anne2.00.5
105787 ENLucky Easter Hat, TheMattern, Joanne2.00.5
103167 ENMagic School Bus Sleeps for the Winter, TheMoore, Eva2.00.5
330 ENNate the GreatSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.00.5
25313 ENPizza PokeyStoodt, Jeffrey2.00.5
25095 ENPoppleton EverydayRylant, Cynthia2.00.5
7341 ENSammy the SealHoff, Syd2.00.5
81260 ENVery Hairy Scary Story, AWalton, Rick2.00.5
6248 ENWatch Out! Man-eating SnakeGiff, Patricia Reilly2.00.5
29422 ENAmanda Pig and Her Best Friend LollipopVan Leeuwen, Jean2.10.5
1949 ENArthur in a PickleBrown, Marc2.10.5
101635 ENB. Bears and the Baby Chipmunk, TheBerenstain, Stan2.10.5
7353 ENBabar and the GhostdeBrunhoff, Laurent2.10.5
43241 ENBe Ready at EightParish, Peggy2.10.5
25090 ENBenny's New FriendWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.10.5
46451 ENBenny's Saturday SurpriseWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.10.5
6209 ENBest FriendsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
110730 ENBiker GirlRocks, Misako2.10.5
108646 ENBones and the Birthday MysteryAdler, David A.2.10.5
104979 ENBoy and His Bunny, ABryan, Sean2.10.5
6107 ENCat in the Hat, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9205 ENChristmas Carol (Pacemaker), ADickens/Hill2.11.0
10511 ENClifford and the Big StormBridwell, Norman2.10.5
14609 ENClifford at the CircusBridwell, Norman2.10.5
12758 ENClifford's First Valentine's DayBridwell, Norman2.10.5
7259 ENClifford's Thanksgiving VisitBridwell, Norman2.10.5
7310 ENCome Back, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
115963 ENCutting in Line Isn't Fair!Suen, Anastasia2.10.5
7261 ENDinosaur BabiesPenner, Lucille Recht2.10.5
73265 ENDisappearing DonutsHerman, Gail2.10.5
101079 ENDora's ThanksgivingWillson, Sarah2.10.5
6212 ENFancy FeetGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
115406 ENFear in the DarkLancett, Peter2.10.5
9019 ENFox in SocksSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
86672 ENFranklin and the CookiesJennings, Sharon2.10.5
101393 ENFunny CarsKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.10.5
31762 ENGoing to the DentistFrost, Helen2.10.5
41446 ENGolly Sisters Go West, TheByars, Betsy2.10.5
13395 ENGood Driving, Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.10.5
20019 ENGood Work, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
83079 ENHalloween HowlHerman, Gail2.10.5
16390 ENHenry and Mudge and the Careful CousinRylant, Cynthia2.10.5
63722 ENHenry and Mudge and the Tall TreehouseRylant, Cynthia2.10.5
11174 ENHey, AlYorinks, Arthur2.10.5
9027 ENI Am Not Going to Get Up Today!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
64361 ENJennifer Jones Won't Leave Me AloneWishinsky, Frieda2.10.5
7323 ENJuliusHoff, Syd2.10.5
111091 ENMagic School Bus Rides the Wind, TheCapeci, Anne2.10.5
5526 ENMerry Christmas, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
76141 ENMinnie and Moo: The Attack of the Easter BunniesCazet, Denys2.10.5
105268 ENMisadventures in BabysittingSumerak, Marc2.10.5
59745 ENMiss Malarkey Won't Be in TodayFinchler, Judy2.10.5
25323 ENMissing Pet, TheMead, Katherine2.10.5
35316 ENMummy's Gold, TheMcMullan, Kate2.10.5
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
83280 ENOswald's Camping TripYaccarino, Dan2.10.5
444 ENPickle PussGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
25314 ENPizza for EveryoneBarnes, Alan2.10.5
6287 ENPowder Puff Puzzle, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
46485 ENSecret Under the Tree, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.10.5
19243 ENStupids Die, TheAllard, Harry2.10.5
108927 ENSunshineHerriges, Ann2.10.5
114572 ENTerror TripsStine, R.L.2.11.0
115968 ENTimes Tables CheatSuen, Anastasia2.10.5
84974 ENWakeboarding (To the Extreme)Peterson, Christine2.10.5
106001 ENWatch Out, WilliamDenton, Kady MacDonald2.10.5
111092 ENWe Honestly Can Look After Your DogChild, Lauren2.10.5
84209 ENWild Leaf Ride, TheStamper, Judith Bauer2.10.5
108929 ENWindHerriges, Ann2.10.5
88443 ENAmanda Pig and the Really Hot DayVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
9584 ENAmelia Bedelia's Family AlbumParish, Peggy2.20.5
104916 ENAngry DragonRobberecht, Thierry2.20.5
16967 ENArthur's BabyBrown, Marc2.20.5
103134 ENArthur's Back-to-School SurpriseBrown, Marc2.20.5
9755 ENArthur's EyesBrown, Marc2.20.5
102064 ENArthur's HiccupsBrown, Marc2.20.5
79075 ENArthur's HomeworkBrown, Marc2.20.5
86993 ENB. Bears' Seashore Treasure, TheBerenstain, Stan2.20.5
104176 ENBabymouse: Queen of the World!Holm, Jennifer L.2.20.5
7354 ENBaseball BallerinaCristaldi, Kathryn2.20.5
42136 ENBaseball BrothersMarzollo, Jean/Dan/Dave2.20.5
9004 ENBear Detectives, TheBerenstain, Stan2.20.5
67066 ENBear Wants MoreWilson, Karma2.20.5
72915 ENBig Halloween Scare, TheBanks, Steven2.20.5
105786 ENBiggest Easter Egg, TheSander, Sonia2.20.5
79399 ENBMX FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.20.5
79635 ENBones and the Big Yellow MysteryAdler, David A.2.20.5
5507 ENBremen-town Musicians, TheGross, Ruth B.2.20.5
53198 ENCaptain Invincible and the Space ShapesMurphy, Stuart J.2.20.5
29418 ENChristmas in the ForestBauer, Marion Dane2.20.5
71500 ENClifford's Busy WeekBridwell, Norman2.20.5
10513 ENClifford's Good DeedsBridwell, Norman2.20.5
63721 ENClose Your EyesBanks, Kate2.20.5
108921 ENCloudsHerriges, Ann2.20.5
16978 END.W. Rides AgainBrown, Marc2.20.5
5466 ENDay Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, TheNoble, Trinka2.20.5
109054 ENDognapped!Nickel, Scott2.20.5
61038 ENDolores and the Big FireClements, Andrew2.20.5
83482 ENDora's Christmas ParadeValdes, Leslie2.20.5
79466 ENDragstersDoeden, Matt2.20.5
36807 ENEating RightFrost, Helen2.20.5
27513 ENFlower GardenBunting, Eve2.20.5
32576 ENFluffy Goes to SchoolMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
62247 ENFluffy's Valentine's DayMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
73266 ENFootball FrightHerman, Gail2.20.5
18617 ENFranklin Is BossyBourgeois, Paulette2.20.5
69329 ENFranklin's Reading ClubJennings, Sharon2.20.5
57166 ENFroggy Plays in the BandLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
32246 ENFroggy Plays SoccerLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
41502 ENGolden Egg Book, TheBrown, Margaret Wise2.20.5
13947 ENGood Luck, Ronald Morgan!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.20.5
12754 ENGym Teacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.20.5
73275 ENHaunted Ski Lodge, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
19222 ENHenry and Mudge and the Starry NightRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
73209 ENHenry and Mudge and the Wild Goose ChaseRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
25318 ENHouse That Jack's Friends Built, TheThompson, Gare2.20.5
73268 ENHowling on the PlaygroundHerman, Gail2.20.5
108421 ENI've Won, No I've Won, No I've WonChild, Lauren2.20.5
5474 ENIra Sleeps OverWaber, Bernard2.20.5
668 ENKeep the Lights Burning, AbbieRoop, Peter/Connie2.20.5
108923 ENLightningHerriges, Ann2.20.5
106767 ENMagic School Bus Arctic Adventure, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
9778 ENMama Don't AllowHurd, Thacher2.20.5
73269 ENMap in the Mystery MachineHerman, Gail2.20.5
25315 ENMiss McKenzie Had a FarmJohnson, Tim2.20.5
46467 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Feed the FishRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
108425 ENNot Afraid of DogsPitzer, Susanna2.20.5
18640 ENOliver & Amanda and the Big SnowVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
78985 ENPearl and Wagner: Three SecretsMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
73277 ENRace Car Monster, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
5536 ENRed Fox and His CanoeBenchley, Nathaniel2.20.5
6288 ENRiddle of the Red Purse, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.21.0
109056 ENRobot Rampage: A Buzz Beaker BrainstormNickel, Scott2.20.5
21279 ENRumble in the JungleTeckentrup, Britta2.20.5
14645 ENSnowshoe ThompsonLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.20.5
72214 ENSpecial Delivery!Banks, Steven2.20.5
115490 ENSpongeBob LovePantsPass, Erica2.20.5
19245 ENStupids Step Out, TheAllard, Harry2.20.5
13764 ENSuddenly!McNaughton, Colin2.20.5
39823 ENTales of Amanda PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
64123 ENThis Book Is HauntedRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
73278 ENValentine's Day DognappingHerman, Gail2.20.5
31726 ENWake Me in SpringPreller, James2.20.5
111001 ENWater (Sea-to-Sea)Pluckrose, Henry2.20.5
101368 ENWhen the Library Lights Go OutMcDonald, Megan2.20.5
6202 ENAll About StacyGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
31413 ENAmanda Pig and Her Big Brother OliverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
10502 ENAmelia Bedelia and the Surprise ShowerParish, Peggy2.30.5
20001 ENAmelia Bedelia Helps OutParish, Peggy2.30.5
16965 ENArthur and the True FrancineBrown, Marc2.30.5
100672 ENArthur Lost in the MuseumBrown, Marc2.30.5
16968 ENArthur's BirthdayBrown, Marc2.30.5
49398 ENArthur's First KissBrown, Marc2.30.5
21245 ENArthur Tricks the Tooth FairyBrown, Marc2.30.5
101636 ENB. Bears and the Wishing Star, TheBerenstain, Stan2.30.5
7479 ENB. Bears Blaze a Trail, TheBerenstain, Stan2.30.5
109422 ENB. Bears out West, TheBerenstain, Stan2.30.5
77351 ENBabe Ruth and the Ice Cream MessGutman, Dan2.30.5
107891 ENBad Bear DetectivesPinkwater, Daniel2.30.5
19920 ENBat Bones and Spider StewPoploff, Michelle2.30.5
9005 ENBear Scouts, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.30.5
27483 ENBenny Goes into BusinessWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
17305 ENBiggest, Strongest, FastestJenkins, Steve2.30.5
112355 ENBillions of Bats: A Buzz Beaker BrainstormNickel, Scott2.30.5
103428 ENBlast to the PastNickel, Scott2.30.5
15858 ENBuffy's RevengeSargent, David M.2.30.5
103166 ENCamping Caper, TheHerman, Gail2.30.5
25329 ENCarlita Ropes the TwisterCanetti, Yanitzia2.30.5
10509 ENCase of the Hungry Stranger, TheBonsall, Crosby2.30.5
43691 ENCase of the Missing Monkey, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
59527 ENCase of the Sleepy Sloth, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
49421 ENCase of the Troublesome Turtle, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
103465 ENCode BreakersPowell, Jillian2.30.5
112128 ENCreepy CreaturesStine, R.L.2.31.0
6060 ENDanny and the DinosaurHoff, Syd2.30.5
54585 ENDot the Fire DogDesimini, Lisa2.30.5
64102 ENFluffy's School Bus AdventureMcMullan, Kate2.30.5
61287 ENFranklin's Music LessonsJennings, Sharon2.30.5
83522 ENFranklin's PumpkinJennings, Sharon2.30.5
61039 ENGet Well, Good KnightThomas, Shelley Moore2.30.5
58465 ENGiggle, Giggle, QuackCronin, Doreen2.30.5
68336 ENGiraffe and a Half, ASilverstein, Shel2.30.5
44202 ENGreg's MicroscopeSelsam, Millicent E.2.30.5
40593 ENHappy Easter, Little CritterMayer, Mercer2.30.5
54760 ENHarriet and George's Christmas TreatCarlson, Nancy2.30.5
24965 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Good MoveRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
35182 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect PetRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
9477 ENHenry and Mudge and the Wild WindRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
10522 ENHenry and Mudge Under the Yellow MoonRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
58131 ENHide-and-Seek All WeekDe Paola, Tomie2.30.5
61744 ENHow I Became Champion of the UniverseHarrison, Kenny2.30.5
104439 ENJackie Robinson and the Big GameGutman, Dan2.30.5
14623 ENJoe and Betsy the DinosaurHoban, Lillian2.30.5
100986 ENLight in My WorldRandolph, Joanne2.30.5
25308 ENLittle Red and the WolfThompson, Gare2.30.5
106479 ENMagic School Bus and the Missing Tooth, TheLane, Jeanette2.30.5
101084 ENMagic School Bus Gets Crabby, TheEarhart, Kristin2.30.5
6077 ENMama, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara M.2.30.5
17295 ENMcDuff Moves InWells, Rosemary2.30.5
25088 ENMeet the Boxcar ChildrenWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
109658 ENMonster Piano, ThePitcher, C.2.30.5
19231 ENMore Tales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
59517 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Catch the ColdRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
78024 ENMy Lucky DayKasza, Keiko2.30.5
6282 ENMystery of the Blue Ring, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
103434 ENNight of the Homework ZombiesNickel, Scott2.30.5
43503 ENNight Worker, TheBanks, Kate2.30.5
44915 ENOliver and Albert, Friends ForeverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
6087 ENPlay Ball, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.30.5
25089 ENPresent for Grandfather, AWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
25331 ENRain Forest AdventureThompson, Gare2.30.5
116106 ENSanta Secret, TheWallace, Carol2.30.5
115966 ENScissors, Paper, and SharingSuen, Anastasia2.30.5
112562 ENScooby-Doo! The School Play SurpriseHerman, Gail2.30.5
73271 ENSea Monster ScareHerman, Gail2.30.5
6290 ENSecret at the Polk Street School, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
116919 ENSecret Santa Mystery, TheHerman, Gail2.30.5
73272 ENShiny Spooky KnightsHerman, Gail2.30.5
89526 ENSlippers at SchoolClements, Andrew2.30.5
78837 ENSpider-Man Versus Dock OckFigueroa, Acton2.30.5
41749 ENStarfishHurd, Edith Thacher2.30.5
345 ENSunny-Side UpGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
19247 ENTales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
5545 ENThere's a Nightmare in My ClosetMayer, Mercer2.30.5
103421 ENTo Everything There Is a SeasonDaly, Jude2.30.5
101330 ENUgly Pumpkin: A Thanksgiving Story, TheHorowitz, Dave2.30.5
50997 ENValentine's DaySchuh, Mari C.2.30.5
31589 ENWatch Runs AwayWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
30618 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Baseball MysteryAdler, David A.2.30.5
67490 ENAmanda Pig and the Awful, Scary MonsterVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
72206 ENAmelia Bedelia, BookwormParish, Herman2.40.5
20676 ENAnansi and the Moss-Covered RockKimmel, Eric A.2.40.5
29787 ENAnteater Named Arthur, AnWaber, Bernard2.40.5
74850 ENArthur and the School PetBrown, Marc2.40.5
6102 ENArthur BabysitsBrown, Marc2.40.5
1948 ENArthur, Clean Your Room!Brown, Marc2.40.5
107548 ENArthur Loses a FriendBrown, Marc2.40.5
16973 ENArthur's Computer DisasterBrown, Marc2.40.5
2509 ENArthur's Fire DrillBrown, Marc2.40.5
44362 ENArthur's Perfect ChristmasBrown, Marc2.40.5
81237 ENArthur's Science Fair TroubleBrown, Marc2.40.5
44363 ENArthur's Teacher Moves InBrown, Marc2.40.5
44032 ENBabar and the Succotash BirdBrunhoff, Laurent de2.40.5
87529 ENBad Bears and a Bunny: An Irving and Muktuk StoryPinkwater, Daniel2.40.5
83794 ENBarfburger Baby, I Was Here FirstDanziger, Paula2.40.5
6352 ENBeans on the RoofByars, Betsy2.41.0
84100 ENBenny's Boxcar SleepoverWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.40.5
101391 ENBMX RacingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
81999 ENBone: Out from BonevilleSmith, Jeff2.41.0
101208 ENBone: The Great Cow RaceSmith, Jeff2.41.0
10508 ENBuzby to the RescueHoban, Julia2.40.5
61035 ENCalling Doctor Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.40.5
78986 ENCase of the Baffled Bear, TheRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
6257 ENCase of the Cool-Itch Kid, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
46480 ENCase of the Puzzling Possum, TheRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
19215 ENClifford and the Big ParadeBridwell, Norman2.40.5
71104 ENCrunchy, Munchy Christmas Tree, TheRuelle, Karen Gray2.40.5
6110 ENCurious George and the PizzaRey, Margret2.40.5
36595 END.W., Go to Your Room!Brown, Marc2.40.5
16979 END.W. Thinks BigBrown, Marc2.40.5
114576 ENDaisy Jane, Best-Ever Flower GirlMcDonald, Megan2.40.5
84965 ENDownhill BMXSchuette, Sarah L.2.40.5
105266 ENEnd of the Rainbow!Sumerak, Marc2.40.5
107961 ENEnergy EverywhereWhitehouse, Patricia2.40.5
6162 ENFarm AnimalsJacobsen, Karen2.40.5
25316 ENFarm Life Long AgoJohnson, Tim2.40.5
82850 ENFranklin and the New TeacherJennings, Sharon2.40.5
69330 ENFranklin's Trading CardsJennings, Sharon2.40.5
15805 ENFroggy Goes to SchoolLondon, Jonathan2.40.5
53912 ENFroggy's Best ChristmasLondon, Jonathan2.40.5
6265 ENGarbage Juice for BreakfastGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
75360 ENGaspard and Lisa's Christmas SurpriseGutman, Anne2.40.5
9060 ENGingerbread Man, TheKimmel, Eric A.2.40.5
115964 ENHelping SophiaSuen, Anastasia2.40.5
13396 ENHenry and Mudge and the Long WeekendRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
101934 ENHenry and Mudge and the Tumbling TripRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
15000 ENHenry and Mudge in the Green TimeRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
12753 ENHenry and Mudge Take the Big TestRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
5470 ENHey! Get Off Our TrainBurningham, John2.40.5
5471 ENHooray for the Golly Sisters!Byars, Betsy2.40.5
39871 ENI Walk at NightDuncan, Lois2.40.5
101394 ENIce ClimbingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
77914 ENItsy Bitsy the Smart SpiderHarper, Charise Mericle2.40.5
25717 ENJessica + Jessica = TroublePascal/Stewart2.41.0
25307 ENLift Off!Thompson, Gare2.40.5
25325 ENLion and the Mouse, TheThompson, Gare2.40.5
61667 ENLisa in New YorkGutman, Anne2.40.5
6279 ENLittle BearMinarik, Else Holmelund2.40.5
103009 ENLittle Rabbit RunawayHorse, Harry2.40.5
51330 ENMissing Piece Meets the Big O, TheSilverstein, Shel2.40.5
79405 ENMotocross FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.40.5
7333 ENMouse SoupLobel, Arnold2.40.5
82325 ENMrs. Hippo's Pizza ParlorFrench, Vivian2.40.5
69424 ENMy Daddy and MeSpinelli, Jerry2.40.5
86215 ENNaptime for SlippersClements, Andrew2.40.5
24958 ENNate the Great and Me: The Case of the Fleeing FangSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
6284 ENNo Tooth, No Quarter!Buller, Jon2.40.5
51901 ENOliver, Amanda, and Grandmother PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
107556 ENOliver Pig and the Best Fort EverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
77954 ENOliver the Mighty PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
112362 ENOoze Slingers from Outer SpaceHoena, Blake A.2.40.5
68290 ENPearl and Wagner: Two Good FriendsMcMullan, Kate2.40.5
8238 ENPhone CallsStine, R.L.2.43.0
6136 ENPossum Come a-Knockin'VanLaan, Nancy2.40.5
12755 ENPrincipal from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.40.5
698 ENPurple Climbing DaysGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
657 ENSay "Cheese"Giff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
84937 ENShifter Karts: High-Speed Go-KartsDoeden, Matt2.40.5
115967 ENShow Some RespectSuen, Anastasia2.40.5
79407 ENSkateboardingDoeden, Matt2.40.5
107358 ENSlippers Loves to RunClements, Andrew2.40.5
10202 ENSmoky NightBunting, Eve2.40.5
73273 ENSnack SnatcherHerman, Gail2.40.5
62568 ENSnow BearsWaddell, Martin2.40.5
110173 ENSnow is My Favorite and My BestChild, Lauren2.40.5
79408 ENSnowboardingDoeden, Matt2.40.5
84938 ENSnowmobilesDoeden, Matt2.40.5
77367 ENSong That Never Ends, TheBanks, Steven2.40.5
103163 ENSpongeBob Goes to the DoctorBanks, Steven2.40.5
101053 ENStar Wars, What is a Wookiee?Buller, Laura2.40.5
54447 ENStarring LucilleLasky, Kathryn2.40.5
12757 ENTeacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.40.5
112138 ENThank You, Angelica: The Rugrats Book of MannersSchoberle, Cecile2.40.5
7349 ENWatch Out, Ronald Morgan!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.40.5
18648 ENWhen Will It Be Spring?Walters, Catherine2.40.5
16397 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Lost ToothAdler, David A.2.40.5
64111 ENAdventures of Super Diaper Baby, ThePilkey, Dav2.50.5
18602 ENAmanda Pig, SchoolgirlVan Leeuwen, Jean2.50.5
5453 ENAmelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.50.5
34872 ENAmelia Bedelia 4 MayorParish, Herman2.50.5
112130 ENAnd the Winner Is...Miglis, Jenny2.50.5
116267 ENArthur's Classroom FibBrown, Marc2.50.5
10454 ENArthur's ValentineBrown, Marc2.50.5
43022 ENBaby Beebee Bird, TheMassie, Diane Redfield2.50.5
5000 ENBest Mistake Ever! and Other Stories, TheScarry, Richard2.50.5
3999 ENBonesKrensky, Stephen2.50.5
86805 ENBones and the Cupcake MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
82418 ENBones and the Dog Gone MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
6255 ENBravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto, TheStandiford, Natalie2.50.5
34620 ENBravo, Amelia Bedelia!Parish, Herman2.50.5
49400 ENBreakout at the Bug LabHorowitz, Ruth2.50.5
659 ENBrutus the Wonder PoodleGondosch, Linda2.51.0
5211 ENCandy Corn Contest, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
43690 ENCase of the Climbing Cat, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
87694 ENCase of the Desperate Duck, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
65955 ENCase of the Fidgety Fox, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
106457 ENCat Came Back, ThePenner, Fred2.50.5
5462 ENChita's Christmas TreeHoward, Elizabeth2.50.5
14612 ENClifford's Birthday PartyBridwell, Norman2.50.5
6259 ENClue at the Zoo, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
5114 ENCowboysMartini, Teri2.50.5
53532 END.W.'s Library CardBrown, Marc2.50.5
6061 ENDays with Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold2.50.5
79465 ENDirt BikesDoeden, Matt2.50.5
111019 ENDon't Feed the Babysitter...Boa Constrictor (I'm Going to Read!)Zemke, Deborah2.50.5
112358 ENDouble TroubleNickel, Scott2.50.5
32130 ENElliot Bakes a CakeBeck, Andrea2.50.5
55984 ENElliot Gets StuckBeck, Andrea2.50.5
61285 ENElliot's Noisy NightBeck, Andrea2.50.5
36451 ENFluffy Saves ChristmasMcMullan, Kate2.50.5
112987 ENFoxBanks, Kate2.50.5
45579 ENFranklin and HarrietBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
24969 ENFranklin and the ThunderstormBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
77355 ENFranklin ForgivesJennings, Sharon2.50.5
18616 ENFranklin in the DarkBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
16956 ENFranklin's Bad DayBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
30709 ENFranklin's Class TripBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
25327 ENFreddy's Train RideLeslie, Rick2.50.5
113913 ENFriends ForeverGrindley, Sally2.50.5
53911 ENFroggy Eats OutLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
25321 ENGift to Share, ABurt, Barbara Swett2.50.5
14669 ENGirl Named Helen Keller, ALundell, Margo2.50.5
89127 ENGreat Blue House, TheBanks, Kate2.50.5
81723 ENHappy Haunting, Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.50.5
107040 ENHenry and Mudge and the Big SleepoverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
14999 ENHenry and Mudge and the Forever SeaRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
17530 ENHenry and Mudge and the Sneaky CrackersRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
32441 ENHenry and Mudge and the Snowman PlanRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
7320 ENHenry and Mudge in Puddle TroubleRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
65734 ENHerbie's Secret SantaMathers, Petra2.50.5
104501 ENHoedown ShowdownChipponeri, Kelli2.50.5
25320 ENHot Air BalloonsMyers, Anne2.50.5
115336 ENI'm Really Ever So Not WellChild, Lauren2.50.5
7574 ENI Took My Frog to the LibraryKimmel, Eric A.2.50.5
20232 ENIn a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary StoriesSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
5225 ENIn the Dinosaur's PawGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
101395 ENIndy CarsBraulick, Carrie A.2.50.5
25332 ENInside a Rain ForestThompson, Gare2.50.5
87521 ENJoe Lion's Big BootsMay, Kara2.50.5
7230 ENJust Me and My Little BrotherMayer, Mercer2.50.5
101396 ENKickboxingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.50.5
29303 ENLottie's New FriendMathers, Petra2.50.5
58136 ENLouie the HeroOliver, Lin2.50.5
105803 ENMagic School Bus Has a Heart, TheCapeci, Anne2.50.5
16395 ENMarigold and Grandma on the TownCalmenson, Stephanie2.50.5
21374 ENMimi and the PicnicWaddell, Martin2.50.5
79468 ENMonster Trucks (Horsepower)Doeden, Matt2.50.5
68289 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Stir the SoupRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
73270 ENMummies at the MallHerman, Gail2.50.5
19236 ENOnce There Were GiantsWaddell, Martin2.50.5
679 ENOne in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy2.50.5
51262 ENOswaldYaccarino, Dan2.50.5
5531 ENOwl and the Pussycat, TheLear, Edward2.50.5
12039 ENPickle ThingsBrown, Marc2.50.5
21691 ENPiggybookBrowne, Anthony2.50.5
25093 ENPoppleton ForeverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
115965 ENRaising the FlagSuen, Anastasia2.50.5
43524 ENRattletrap CarRoot, Phyllis2.50.5
49857 ENRotten Ralph's Trick or Treat!Gantos, Jack2.50.5
76156 ENShow Me the Bunny!Banks, Steven2.50.5
13888 ENShow Time at Polk Street SchoolGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
29401 ENSilly Tilly's ValentineHoban, Lillian2.50.5
25319 ENSky HighMyers, Anne2.50.5
6092 ENSnowy Day, TheKeats, Ezra Jack2.50.5
6241 ENSpectacular Stone SoupGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
25330 ENStorms!Leslie, Rick2.50.5
102944 ENTrust Me, Mom!McAllister, Angela2.50.5
5246 ENValentine Star, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
13897 ENWake Up, Emily, It's Mother's DayGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
110552 ENWhat Is a Liquid?Boothroyd, Jennifer2.50.5
59802 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Double Beach MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
29423 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Ice Skate MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
78927 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the New Girl MysteryAdler, David A.2.50.5
15250 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Dinosaur GameAdler, David A.2.50.5
14650 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Missing CookieAdler, David A.2.50.5
11151 ENAbe Lincoln's HatBrenner, Martha2.60.5
14651 ENAfternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
112899 ENAlligator BoyRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
43508 ENAnd the Dish Ran Away with the SpoonStevens/Crummel2.60.5
11156 ENArthur's Christmas CookiesHoban, Lillian2.60.5
7302 ENArthur's Halloween CostumeHoban, Lillian2.60.5
16972 ENArthur's TV TroubleBrown, Marc2.60.5
16974 ENArthur Writes a StoryBrown, Marc2.60.5
7463 ENB. Bears and the Missing Honey, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.60.5
109630 ENB. Bears Down on the Farm, TheBerenstain, Stan2.60.5
48047 ENBaby Bird's First NestAsch, Frank2.60.5
65184 ENBad Bug BluesBrouwer, Sigmund2.60.5
86750 ENBeetle McGrady Eats Bugs!McDonald, Megan2.60.5
110470 ENBeware, Take Care: Fun and Spooky PoemsMoore, Lilian2.60.5
105434 ENBone: Eyes of the StormSmith, Jeff2.61.0
404 ENBoy Who Ate Dog Biscuits, TheSachs, Betsy2.61.0
78584 ENBrown Bear Gets in ShapeDurant, Alan2.60.5
100574 ENBut, Excuse Me, That Is My BookChild, Lauren2.60.5
5509 ENCurious GeorgeRey, H.A.2.60.5
7213 ENCurious George Visits the ZooRey, Margret2.60.5
5510 ENDaniel's DogBogart, Jo Ellen2.60.5
102943 ENDevil You Know, TheHale, Nathan2.60.5
6311 ENDinosaurs before DarkOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
25333 ENDog's Best Friend, AThompson, Gare2.60.5
21419 ENDogs in SpaceCoffelt, Nancy2.60.5
45494 ENDr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeStevenson/McMullan2.61.0
75988 ENEaster Egg DisasterRuelle, Karen Gray2.60.5
9263 ENEmily Arrow Promises to Do Better This YearGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
84967 ENExtreme SurfingPeterson, Christine2.60.5
110994 ENFirePluckrose, Henry2.60.5
73310 ENFluffy Meets the Tooth FairyMcMullan, Kate2.60.5
112365 ENFortune Cookies of Weevil, TheReynolds, Aaron2.60.5
6361 ENFourth Grade RatsSpinelli, Jerry2.62.0
18612 ENFranklin and the Tooth FairyBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
18615 ENFranklin Has a SleepoverBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
18618 ENFranklin Is LostBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
16877 ENFranklin Rides a BikeBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
50232 ENFranklin Says SorryJennings, Sharon2.60.5
5512 ENFrog and Toad All YearLobel, Arnold2.60.5
5469 ENGiving Tree, TheSilverstein, Shel2.60.5
82321 ENGus and Grandpa and the Piano LessonMills, Claudia2.60.5
53488 ENGus and Grandpa at BasketballMills, Claudia2.60.5
72210 ENGus and Grandpa Go FishingMills, Claudia2.60.5
105287 ENGus Beezer with Spider-ManSimone, Gail2.60.5
105289 ENGus Beezer with the HulkSimone, Gail2.60.5
105290 ENGus Beezer with the X-Men: "X" Marks the MutantSimone, Gail2.60.5
5515 ENHappy Birthday MoonAsch, Frank2.60.5
48642 ENHappy Birthday Rotten RalphGantos, Jack2.60.5
6070 ENHenry and Mudge and the Bedtime ThumpsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
17529 ENHenry and Mudge and the Best Day of AllRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
87210 ENHenry and Mudge and the Great GrandpasRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
17532 ENHenry and Mudge in the Family TreesRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
108682 ENHerbie Jones Sails into Second GradeKline, Suzy2.60.5
112298 ENHot RodsSchuette, Sarah L.2.60.5
1451 ENHow Much Is that Doggie in the Window?Trapani, Iza2.60.5
30630 ENHow Will the Easter Bunny Know?Winters, Kay2.60.5
54439 ENI Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to BedChild, Lauren2.60.5
104758 ENI Know What We Did That SummerSumerak, Marc2.60.5
5517 ENImogene's AntlersSmall, David2.60.5
29240 ENIra Says GoodbyeWaber, Bernard2.60.5
25342 ENJenny and the CornstalkThompson, Gare2.60.5
57153 ENJunie B., First Grader (at last!)Park, Barbara2.61.0
28323 ENJunie B. Jones Smells Something FishyPark, Barbara2.61.0
9422 ENKaren's Kittycat ClubMartin, Ann M.2.61.0
107653 ENLet's Recycle!Mackenzie, Anne L.2.60.5
65191 ENLong ShotBrouwer, Sigmund2.60.5
82337 ENLost in the Woods: A Photographic FantasySams, Carl R.2.60.5
109414 ENMax's WordsBanks, Kate2.60.5
107765 ENMercy Watson Fights CrimeDiCamillo, Kate2.60.5
115410 ENMonster of Lake Lobo, TheNickel, Scott2.60.5
84970 ENMountain BikingSchuette, Sarah L.2.60.5
78591 ENMr. CoolWilson, Jacqueline2.60.5
19232 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Toot the HornRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
13881 ENNate the Great Goes Down In the DumpsSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
7629 ENNate the Great...Lost ListSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
5487 ENNo Fighting, No Biting!Minarik, Else2.60.5
4998 ENNo Howling in the HouseFarber, Erica2.60.5
34556 ENOliver and Amanda's ChristmasLeeuwen, Jean Van2.60.5
3446 ENOpt: An Illusionary TaleBaum, Arline/Joseph2.60.5
2455 ENParakeet Girl, TheSadler, Marilyn2.60.5
25092 ENPoppleton and FriendsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
25311 ENSand Castle Contest, TheSmith, Michael K.2.60.5
34858 ENScary, Scary HalloweenBunting, Eve2.60.5
56806 ENSea of Animals, AScott, Janine2.60.5
51676 ENSilly SallyWood, Audrey2.60.5
58146 ENSilly Tilly's Thanksgiving DinnerHoban, Lillian2.60.5
448 ENSnaggle DoodlesGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
20045 ENSpace Dog and RoyStandiford, Natalie2.61.0
106763 ENSpongeBob Rocks!Chipponeri, Kelli2.60.5
85543 ENSpongeBob's Easter ParadeBanks, Steven2.60.5
79473 ENSports CarsDoeden, Matt2.60.5
48283 ENTedDiTerlizzi, Tony2.60.5
9141 ENThank You, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.60.5
44221 ENThanksgiving Beast Feast, TheRuelle, Karen Gray2.60.5
109060 ENTiger Moth, Insect NinjaReynolds, Aaron2.60.5
13895 ENTurkey TroubleGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
105273 ENVacation of Doom!Sumerak, Marc2.60.5
88735 ENWelcome to Fifth Grade!Banks, Steven2.60.5
51936 ENWhat a Trip, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.60.5
110551 ENWhat Is a Gas?Boothroyd, Jennifer2.60.5
110553 ENWhat Is a Solid?Boothroyd, Jennifer2.60.5
100021 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Substitute MysteryAdler, David A.2.60.5
71108 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Zoo Note MysteryAdler, David A.2.60.5
73204 EN100th Day of School, TheHaugen, Brenda2.70.5
28085 EN18 Penny Goose, TheWalker, Sally M.2.70.5
112133 ENAmazing SpongeBobini, TheBanks, Steven2.70.5
5341 ENArrow to the SunMcDermott, Gerald2.70.5
10451 ENArthur's April FoolBrown, Marc2.70.5
27485 ENArthur's Back to School DayHoban, Lillian2.70.5
9051 ENArthur's Family VacationBrown, Marc2.70.5
12759 ENArthur's First SleepoverBrown, Marc2.70.5
11157 ENArthur's New PuppyBrown, Marc2.70.5
13948 ENArthur's Teacher TroubleBrown, Marc2.70.5
24075 ENAuto Mechanics (Community Helpers)Boraas, Tracey2.70.5
82602 ENBear Stays Up for ChristmasWilson, Karma2.70.5
13854 ENBeast and the Halloween HorrorGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
14935 ENBeast From the East, TheStine, R.L.2.72.0
68249 ENBig Worry in WonderlandKeene, Carolyn2.71.0
18705 ENBlue Ribbon BluesSpinelli, Jerry2.71.0
14606 ENBuffalo Bill and the Pony ExpressCoerr, Eleanor2.70.5
88501 ENBuster and the Giant PumpkinBrown, Marc2.70.5
101392 ENChoppersMarx, Mandy2.70.5
73192 ENChristmasHaugen, Brenda2.70.5
6258 ENChristopher ColumbusKrensky, Stephen2.70.5
83796 ENCity of Light, City of DarkAvi2.71.0
36461 ENClass Trip to the Cave of DoomMcMullan, K.H.2.71.0
5465 ENCream of Creature from the School CafeteriaThaler, Mike2.70.5
409 ENCurious George Flies a KiteRey, Margret2.70.5
76219 END.W.'s Guide to PreschoolBrown, Marc2.70.5
5217 ENDecember SecretsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
107264 ENDog Den MysteryOdgers, Darrel2.71.0
14942 ENDon't Go to Sleep!Stine, R.L.2.72.0
29964 ENElliot's EmergencyBeck, Andrea2.70.5
41714 ENElliot's ShipwreckBeck, Andrea2.70.5
5219 ENFish FaceGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
107563 ENFormula One CarsSchuette, Sarah L.2.70.5
82851 ENFranklin Makes a DealJennings, Sharon2.70.5
41717 ENFranklin's Baby SisterBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
18623 ENFranklin's HalloweenBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
18624 ENFranklin's New FriendBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
82853 ENFranklin's NicknameJennings, Sharon2.70.5
52395 ENFrog Went A-Courtin'Langstaff, John2.70.5
34586 ENFroggy's HalloweenLondon, Jonathan2.70.5
5468 ENGeorge and MarthaMarshall, James2.70.5
44199 ENGhosts! Ghostly Tales from FolkloreSchwartz, Alvin2.70.5
111307 ENGod Gave Us ChristmasBergren, Lisa Tawn2.70.5
14618 ENGolly Sisters Ride Again, TheByars, Betsy2.70.5
61743 ENGood Night, DinosaursSierra, Judy2.70.5
85544 ENGreat Snail Race, TheOstrow, Kim2.70.5
19849 ENGus and Grandpa Ride the TrainMills, Claudia2.70.5
13865 ENHappy Birthday, Anna, Sorpresa!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
77594 ENHenry and Mudge and the Funny LunchRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
6119 ENHenry and Mudge and the Happy CatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
17531 ENHenry and Mudge Get the Cold ShiversRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
7572 ENHenry and Mudge, The First BookRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
112136 ENHere Comes Santa!Wigand, Molly2.70.5
25337 ENHow Spiders Got Eight LegsMead, Katherine2.70.5
23294 ENI'm out of My Body, Please Leave a MessageGreenburg, Dan2.71.0
43542 ENI Will Never Not Ever Eat a TomatoChild, Lauren2.70.5
49683 ENJason Mason Middleton-TappBennett, John Roy2.70.5
7375 ENJimmy's Boa and the Big Splash Birthday BashNoble, Trinka Hakes2.70.5
21356 ENJimmy's Boa Bounces BackNoble, Trinka Hakes2.70.5
14678 ENJunie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky FruitcakePark, Barbara2.71.0
17570 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Monster under Her BedPark, Barbara2.71.0
31061 ENJunie B. Jones Is Almost a Flower GirlPark, Barbara2.71.0
12775 ENJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome WarrenPark, Barbara2.71.0
21792 ENKaren's BabyMartin, Ann M.2.71.0
9424 ENKaren's Little WitchMartin, Ann M.2.71.0
9434 ENKaren's Roller SkatesMartin, Ann M.2.71.0
9449 ENKaren's WitchMartin, Ann M.2.71.0
9450 ENKaren's Worst DayMartin, Ann M.2.71.0
19080 ENKatherine Dunham: Black DancerGreene, Carol2.70.5
103468 ENKiller SharksCullimore, Stan2.70.5
157 ENLazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
14627 ENLighthouse Children, TheHoff, Syd2.70.5
21784 ENLizzie Logan Gets MarriedSpinelli, Eileen2.71.0
21783 ENLizzie Logan Wears Purple SunglassesSpinelli, Eileen2.72.0
13762 ENLostJohnson/Lewis,2.70.5
8681 ENMagic School Bus Hops Home, TheRelf, Patricia2.70.5
6332 ENMarvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?Sachar, Louis2.71.0
13873 ENMary Marony and the SnakeKline, Suzy2.70.5
5525 ENMay I Bring a Friend?DeRegniers, Beatrice2.70.5
106376 ENMercy Watson Goes for a RideDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
88160 ENMercy Watson to the RescueDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
83264 ENMiss Malarkey's Field TripFinchler/O'Malley2.70.5
6130 ENMiss Nelson Is BackAllard, Harry2.70.5
5234 ENMiss Nelson Is Missing!Allard, Harry2.70.5
8727 ENMoney Game, TheEricson, David2.71.0
82032 ENMonster Trap, TheMorrissey, Dean2.70.5
68680 ENMoses Goes to the CircusMillman, Isaac2.70.5
14428 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pick the PearsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
14429 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Row the BoatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
109968 ENMr. Strike OutMaddox, Jake2.71.0
10644 ENMummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
109418 ENMy Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall OutChild, Lauren2.70.5
430 ENNate the Great and the Boring Beach BagSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
10680 ENNight of the NinjasOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
50089 ENNobody Knew What to Do: A Story About BullyingMcCain, Becky Ray2.70.5
101326 ENOrange You Glad It's Halloween, Amber Brown?Danziger, Paula2.70.5
7387 ENOwl at HomeLobel, Arnold2.70.5
111999 ENPoison PagesDahl, Michael2.70.5
25094 ENPoppletonRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
17545 ENPrincess and the Pea-ano, TheThaler, Mike2.70.5
7292 ENRunaway Bunny, TheBrown, Margaret Wise2.70.5
88639 ENSanta Claus: The World's Number One Toy ExpertFrazee, Marla2.70.5
83087 ENScooby-Doo and the WerewolfMcCann, Jesse Leon2.70.5
80079 ENSecond Grade Rules, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.70.5
24973 ENSeven Treasure Hunts, TheByars, Betsy2.71.0
340 ENShoeshine GirlBulla, Clyde Robert2.71.0
79387 ENSlimy Story, AKnudsen, Michelle2.70.5
10491 ENSt. Patrick's Day in the MorningBunting, Eve2.70.5
84939 ENStock Cars (Horsepower)Doeden, Matt2.70.5
19244 ENStupids Have a Ball, TheAllard/Marshall,2.70.5
112367 ENSuper-Powered Sneeze, TheNickel, Scott2.70.5
50995 ENThanksgivingSchuh, Mari C.2.70.5
88783 ENThat New AnimalJenkins, Emily2.70.5
691 ENThird Grade is TerribleBaker, Barbara2.71.0
109059 ENTiger Moth and the Dragon Kite ContestReynolds, Aaron2.70.5
59838 ENToday Was a Terrible DayGiff, Patricia Reilly2.70.5
18383 ENTortilla Factory, ThePaulsen, Gary2.70.5
9585 ENTrue Story of Pocahontas, ThePenner, Lucille Recht2.70.5
101449 ENU.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, TheBraulick, Carrie A.2.70.5
5549 ENWhen I Am Old With YouJohnson, Angela2.70.5
6447 ENWho Was That Masked Man, Anyway?Avi2.73.0
107360 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Spotted Cat MysteryAdler, David A.2.70.5
103463 EN5010 CallingPowell, Jillian2.80.5
110992 ENAirPluckrose, Henry2.80.5
36245 ENAlligator Tails and Crocodile CakesMoon, Nicola2.80.5
25328 ENAmazing TrainsBarnes, Alan2.80.5
89521 ENAmelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist?Parish, Herman2.80.5
5455 ENAngel Child, Dragon ChildSurat, Michele2.80.5
85664 ENAnnie Oakley, Sharp Shooter...Retelling of the Classic Tall TaleBlair, Eric2.80.5
66524 ENArthur, It's Only Rock 'n' RollBrown, Marc2.80.5
16969 ENArthur's HalloweenBrown, Marc2.80.5
5502 ENArthur's ToothBrown, Marc2.80.5
46479 ENB. Bear Scouts and the White Water Mystery, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.80.5
7460 ENB. Bears and the Ghost of the Forest, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.80.5
66063 ENB. Bears and the Missing Watermelon Money, TheBerenstain, Stan2.80.5
43603 ENBack to School for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack2.80.5
6252 ENBargain for Frances, AHoban, Russell2.80.5
36243 ENBarn PartyO'Brien, Claire2.80.5
87414 ENBecause Your Daddy Loves YouClements, Andrew2.80.5
35994 ENBig Old Bones: A Dinosaur TaleCarrick, Carol2.80.5
87220 ENBig Surprise in the Bug TankHorowitz, Ruth2.80.5
19208 ENBill and PeteDePaola, Tomie2.80.5
5505 ENBionic Bunny Show, TheBrown, Marc2.80.5
102206 ENBones and the Dinosaur MysteryAdler, David A.2.80.5
19210 ENBoomer's Big DayMcGeorge, Constance W.2.80.5
81652 ENBy My Brother's SideBarber, Tiki2.80.5
53075 ENCase of the Class Clown, ThePreller, James2.81.0
53078 ENCase of the Marshmallow Monster, ThePreller, James2.81.0
62263 ENCase of the Sneaker Sneak, ThePreller, James2.81.0
34923 ENCase of the Spooky Sleepover, ThePreller, James2.81.0
105142 ENCheck It Out!Walker, Nan2.80.5
21410 ENClovis Crawfish and Fedora Field MouseFontenot, Mary Allice2.80.5
6909 ENCoverupBennett, Jay2.83.0
25335 ENCrane Wife, TheKeo, Ena2.80.5
80725 ENDaffodilJenkins, Emily2.80.5
6160 ENDangerous FishBroekel, Ray2.80.5
72276 ENDiary of a WormCronin, Doreen2.80.5
57925 ENDoll BabyBunting, Eve2.80.5
18610 ENFinders Keepers for FranklinBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
18619 ENFranklin Is MessyBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
18620 ENFranklin Plays the GameBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
109967 ENFree ThrowMaddox, Jake2.81.0
5513 ENFrog Prince, TheTarcov, Edith2.80.5
88861 ENGreat Smelling Bee, TheStine, R.L.2.81.0
5514 ENGrouchy Ladybug, TheCarle, Eric2.80.5
108565 ENGrow Up, Dad!Dhami, Narinder2.81.0
32431 ENGumdrop Ghost, TheKeene, Carolyn2.81.0
112131 ENHands Off!Lewman, David2.80.5
65084 ENHappy Birthday, AmericaOsborne, Mary Pope2.80.5
88872 ENHappy Thanksgiving, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.80.5
68254 ENHenry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's HouseRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
12752 ENHenry and Mudge in the Sparkle DaysRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
108681 ENHerbie Jones and the Second Grade SlippersKline, Suzy2.80.5
20023 ENHorrible Harry and the Drop of DoomKline, Suzy2.81.0
6273 ENHorrible Harry's SecretKline, Suzy2.80.5
6275 ENHungry, Hungry SharksCole, Joanna2.80.5
18628 ENHurry Up, FranklinBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
665 ENI Speak English For My MomStanek, Muriel2.80.5
55323 ENIt's a Fair Day, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.80.5
13868 ENIt's a Fiesta, BenjaminGiff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
49411 ENIt's Justin Time, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula2.80.5
25336 ENJapanKeo, Ena2.80.5
74302 ENJimmy's Boa and the Bungee Jump Slam DunkNoble, Trinka Hakes2.80.5
17180 ENJungle JennyCowen, Eve2.81.0
107304 ENJunie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!Park, Barbara2.81.0
61519 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boss of LunchPark, Barbara2.81.0
112907 ENJunie B., First Grader: Dumb BunnyPark, Barbara2.81.0
64031 ENJunie B., First Grader: Toothless WonderPark, Barbara2.81.0
100621 ENJunie B...Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May)Park, Barbara2.81.0
14677 ENJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's BirthdayPark, Barbara2.81.0
24936 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop GuyPark, Barbara2.81.0
17571 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Party AnimalPark, Barbara2.81.0
44908 ENJunie B. Jones Is Captain Field DayPark, Barbara2.81.0
9406 ENKaren's BrothersMartin, Ann M.2.81.0
9408 ENKaren's CarnivalMartin, Ann M.2.81.0
19259 ENKaren's LeprechaunMartin, Ann M.2.81.0
670 ENKnots on a Counting RopeMartin, Bill2.80.5
27507 ENLemonade for SaleMurphy, Stuart J.2.80.5
108319 ENLibrary LionKnudsen, Michelle2.80.5
31139 ENLittle Witch Goes to SchoolHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
108884 ENLittle Witch Learns to ReadHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
24960 ENLizzie Logan, Second BananaSpinelli, Eileen2.81.0
13871 ENLook Out, Washington, D.C.!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
40734 ENLucy on the LooseCooper, Ilene2.81.0
9270 ENMarvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6331 ENMarvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
17578 ENMidnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
13877 ENMonster Rabbit Runs Amuck!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
78590 ENMoose and MouseWest, Colin2.80.5
14426 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Bake the CakeRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
35325 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Paint the PorchRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
11647 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pour the TeaRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
12481 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Walk the DogRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14954 ENMy Best Friend Is InvisibleStine, R.L.2.82.0
5530 ENNapping House, TheWood, Audrey2.80.5
7190 ENNew Shoes for SilviaHurwitz, Johanna2.80.5
63327 ENNew York's BravestOsborne, Mary Pope2.80.5
58964 ENNight in the CountryRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14639 ENNutcracker Ballet, TheHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
41674 ENOcean Alphabet Book, ThePallotta, Jerry2.80.5
25324 ENPet for You, AMead, Katherine2.80.5
88698 ENPickles Passover, AChevat, Richie2.80.5
11386 ENPigstyTeague, Mark2.80.5
9291 ENPirates Past NoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
112300 ENRally CarsBraulick, Carrie A.2.80.5
49855 ENRotten Ralph's Rotten RomanceGantos, Jack2.80.5
114861 ENRottenest Angel, TheStine, R.L.2.82.0
16964 ENShortcutMacaulay, David2.80.5
5140 ENSnakesBroekel, Ray2.80.5
30632 ENSong Lee and the Leech ManKline, Suzy2.81.0
11189 ENSpooky Halloween Party, ThePrager, Annabelle2.80.5
103164 ENStop the Presses!Banks, Steven2.80.5
52161 ENStrega Nona's Magic LessonsPaola, Tomie De2.80.5
101397 ENSuperbikesMarx, Mandy2.80.5
111742 ENTea with Mr. TumnusFrantz, Jennifer2.80.5
26994 ENTenth Good Thing about Barney, TheViorst, Judith2.80.5
5495 ENThree Ducks Went WanderingRoy, Ron2.80.5
41591 ENTracy's MessPetersen, Elise2.80.5
14597 ENTrain to SomewhereBunting, Eve2.80.5
104142 ENTuner CarsSchuette, Sarah L.2.80.5
65709 ENTurk and RuntWheeler, Lisa2.80.5
101452 ENU.S. Marine Expeditionary UnitsBraulick, Carrie A.2.80.5
85546 ENUFO: Unidentified Floating ObjectBeechen, Adam2.80.5
10495 ENValentine BearsBunting, Eve2.80.5
36598 ENVelcomeO'Malley, Kevin2.80.5
40013 ENWe're off to Thunder MountainPhinney, Margaret Yatsevitch2.80.5
6383 ENWhales: The Gentle GiantsMilton, Joyce2.80.5
61151 ENWho Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?Silverstein, Shel2.80.5
45455 ENWonderful Happens, TheRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
43700 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Pizza Shop MysteryAdler, David A.2.80.5
100780 ENZiggy's Blue-Ribbon DayMills, Claudia2.80.5
46056 ENAlice and the Birthday GiantGreen, John2.90.5
115858 ENAmelia Bedelia's MasterpieceParish, Herman2.90.5
103427 ENArf and the Three DogsWooderson, Philip2.90.5
16966 ENArthur Goes to CampBrown, Marc2.90.5
20005 ENArthur Makes the TeamBrown, Marc2.91.0
9105 ENArthur's Camp-OutHoban, Lillian2.90.5
9106 ENArthur's Chicken PoxBrown, Marc2.90.5
7303 ENArthur's Honey BearHoban, Lillian2.90.5
7304 ENArthur's Loose ToothHoban, Lillian2.90.5
7305 ENArthur's Prize ReaderHoban, Lillian2.90.5
115328 ENAwful Pawful, TheOdgers, Darrel2.91.0
112134 ENBack Off, Bully Boys!Richards, Kitty2.90.5
77555 ENBad Bears in the Big CityPinkwater, Daniel2.90.5
14933 ENBad Hare DayStine, R.L.2.93.0
70237 ENBad Hare DayMoss, Miriam2.90.5
14934 ENBarking Ghost, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
5207 ENBeast in Ms. Rooney's Room, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
19930 ENBee My Valentine!Cohen, Miriam2.90.5
111014 ENBig Beaked, Big Bellied Bird Named Bill, AWatkins, Greg2.90.5
30899 ENBirthday PresentsRylant, Cynthia2.90.5
84940 ENBlue Angels, TheBraulick, Carrie A.2.90.5
5306 ENBlue Bay MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.92.0
103333 ENBrave BenStein, Mathilde2.90.5
13857 ENBumps in the NightAllard, Harry2.90.5
72560 ENCalculating Area: Space Rocket!Burstein, John2.90.5
53784 ENCaleb's StoryMacLachlan, Patricia2.92.0
68493 ENCamp CrazinessBrouwer, Sigmund2.90.5
88489 ENCarl the ComplainerKnudsen, Michelle2.90.5
34924 ENCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, ThePreller, James2.91.0
53074 ENCase of the Bicycle Bandit, ThePreller, James2.91.0
100623 ENCase of the Food Fight, ThePreller, James2.91.0
53077 ENCase of the Ghostwriter, ThePreller, James2.91.0
34920 ENCase of the Great Sled Race, ThePreller, James2.91.0
34922 ENCase of the Secret Valentine, ThePreller, James2.91.0
35389 ENCase of the Stinky Science Project, ThePreller, James2.91.0
102136 ENChristmas Tale, AStilton, Geronimo2.90.5
14974 ENClovis Crawfish & Bidon Box TurtleFontenot, Mary Alice2.90.5
28338 ENCrazy Key Clue, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
9603 ENCuckoo Clock of Doom, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
14940 ENCurse of Camp Cold Lake, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
107551 END.W. 's Guide to Perfect MannersBrown, Marc2.90.5
16977 END.W. the Picky EaterBrown, Marc2.90.5
106611 ENDaddies Give You Horsey RidesLevine, Abby2.90.5
28348 ENDare at the FairKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
115402 ENDay of the Field Trip ZombiesNickel, Scott2.90.5
19535 ENDecemberBunting, Eve2.90.5
14941 ENDeep Trouble IIStine, R.L.2.92.0
104136 ENDemolition Derby CarsMarx, Mandy R.2.90.5
112294 ENDisgusting FoodsMiller, Connie Colwell2.90.5
76491 ENDollhouse Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
48832 ENDon't Open the Door!Charles, Veronika Martenova2.90.5
32497 ENDr. Jekyll, OrthodontistGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
101272 ENDream HopDurango, Julia2.90.5
109318 ENDudes, the School Is Haunted!Stine, R.L.2.91.0
53351 ENElliot Digs for TreasureBeck, Andrea2.90.5
19113 ENEnergy from the SunFowler, Allan2.90.5
68494 ENFly TrapBrouwer, Sigmund2.90.5
18614 ENFranklin Goes to SchoolBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
32132 ENFranklin's NeighborhoodBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
30710 ENFranklin's ValentinesBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
6116 ENFrog and Toad Are FriendsLobel, Arnold2.90.5
5467 ENFrog and Toad TogetherLobel, Arnold2.90.5
18870 ENFrom Caterpillar to ButterflyHeiligman, Deborah2.90.5
25322 ENGifts to MakeBurt, Barbara Swett2.90.5
65664 ENGirls Don't Have CootiesKrulik, Nancy2.91.0
44903 ENGus and Grandpa and the Two-Wheeled BikeMills, Claudia2.90.5
105288 ENGus Beezer with Spider-Man: Along Came a Spidey!Simone, Gail2.90.5
85697 ENHappy Valentine's Day, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.90.5
82322 ENHenry and Mudge and a Very Merry ChristmasRylant, Cynthia2.90.5
39829 ENHidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, TheAbbott, Tony2.91.0
21726 ENHide and ShriekStine, R.L.2.93.0
6271 ENHorrible Harry and the Christmas SurpriseKline, Suzy2.90.5
20024 ENHorrible Harry and the Kickball WeddingKline, Suzy2.90.5
18725 ENHorrible Harry and the Purple PeopleKline, Suzy2.90.5
44204 ENHorrible Harry Goes to the MoonKline, Suzy2.91.0
14950 ENHow I Learned to FlyStine, R.L.2.93.0
5516 ENHow My Parents Learned to EatFreidman, Ina2.90.5
14951 ENHow to Kill a MonsterStine, R.L.2.92.0
107565 ENHydroplanesDieker, Wendy Strobel2.90.5
25431 ENI Live in Your Basement!Stine, R.L.2.92.0
11420 ENIt Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!Gilson, Jamie2.91.0
36005 ENJennie's HatKeats, Ezra Jack2.90.5
54506 ENJimmy Zangwow's Out-of-This-World Moon Pie AdventureDiTerlizzi, Tony2.90.5
667 ENJulian, Dream DoctorCameron, Ann2.91.0
9218 ENJungle Book (Pacemaker)Kipling/Nelan2.92.0
80959 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boo...and I Mean It!Park, Barbara2.91.0
6323 ENJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey BusinessPark, Barbara2.91.0
14676 ENJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky SpyingPark, Barbara2.91.0
32900 ENJunie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy ValentimePark, Barbara2.91.0
6324 ENJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusPark, Barbara2.91.0
44907 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her PocketPark, Barbara2.91.0
9402 ENKaren's Big JokeMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9410 ENKaren's DollMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9418 ENKaren's Home RunMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9432 ENKaren's PrizeMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9437 ENKaren's School TripMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9439 ENKaren's SleepoverMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9446 ENKaren's TwinMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
9447 ENKaren's Two FamiliesMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
6327 ENKnight at Dawn, TheOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
75648 ENLemonade with a TwistBanks, Steven2.90.5
672 ENLion to Guard Us, ABulla, Clyde Robert2.92.0
25326 ENLionsBurt, Barbara Swett2.90.5
82336 ENLittle Horse on His OwnByars, Betsy2.90.5
14629 ENLittle Witch's Big NightHautzig, Deborah2.90.5
25942 ENLost Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
673 ENLucky Dog DaysDelton, Judy2.91.0
17677 ENLucky StarsAdler, David A.2.91.0
17678 ENMagic MoneyAdler, David A.2.91.0
9269 ENMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's HouseSachar, Louis2.91.0
14633 ENMo and His FriendsOsborne, Mary Pope2.90.5
105141 ENMoldy Mystery, AKnudsen, Michelle2.90.5
6231 ENMore Stories Julian TellsCameron, Ann2.91.0
42118 ENMy Baseball BookGibbons, Gail2.90.5
32499 ENMy Son, the Time TravelerGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
5237 ENNate the Great and the Missing KeySharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
678 ENNate the Great and the Musical NoteSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
9287 ENNate the Great and the Stolen BaseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
7628 ENNate the Great...Halloween HuntSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
45515 ENNext Stop, New York City!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
46097 ENNight Ride to Nanna'sKoralek, Jenny2.90.5
51673 ENOliver Button Is a SissyPaola, Tomie De2.90.5
32476 ENPinky and Rex and the Mean Old WitchHowe, James2.90.5
80814 ENPlayground Snake, TheMoses, Brian2.90.5
28335 ENPuppy Problem, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
14957 ENRevenge of the Lawn GnomesStine, R.L.2.93.0
107004 ENRewindLerangis, Peter2.92.0
59518 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) RobotPilkey, Dav2.90.5
78592 ENRicky's Rat GangMasters, Anthony2.90.5
29506 ENRocking Horse ChristmasOsborne, Mary Pope2.90.5
49854 ENRotten Ralph's Rotten ChristmasGantos, Jack2.90.5
112137 ENRugrats Blast Off!St. Pierre, Stephanie2.90.5
29749 ENSam the MinutemanBenchley, Nathaniel2.90.5
9294 ENSchoolyard Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth2.90.5
106250 ENShake, Rattle, and Hurl!Stine, R.L.2.91.0
25941 ENSlumber Party Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
11188 ENSmall WolfBenchley, Nathaniel2.90.5
14694 ENSnack Attack Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth2.90.5
58151 ENSnow Queen's Surprise, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
20044 ENSomething Queer Is Going OnLevy, Elizabeth2.90.5
14695 ENSong Lee and the Hamster HuntKline, Suzy2.90.5
29269 ENSounds All AroundPfeffer, Wendy2.90.5
112301 ENSpeedboatsSautter, Aaron2.90.5
103474 ENSplitzaroniWhite, Kathryn2.90.5
112994 ENSpongeBob and the PrincessLewman, David2.90.5
14439 ENSummer WheelsBunting, Eve2.90.5
109775 ENTeacher from Heck, TheStine, R.L.2.91.0
10693 ENTooter PepperdaySpinelli, Jerry2.91.0
41405 ENTrouble with Cats, TheFreeman, Martha2.91.0
79486 ENU.S. Air Force, TheDoeden, Matt2.90.5
101451 ENU.S. Army Rangers, TheBraulick, Carrie A.2.90.5
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
5496 ENVery Hungry Caterpillar, TheCarle, Eric2.90.5
56943 ENWalkie-Talkie Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
24955 ENWar of the Worlds, TheWells/Evans,2.91.0
28336 ENWedding Gift Goof, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
9150 ENYou Can't Smell a Flower with Your Ear!Cole, Joanna2.90.5
64194 ENYou're a Good Sport, Miss MalarkeyFinchler/O'Malley2.90.5
49431 ENYoung Cam Jansen and the Library MysteryAdler, David A.2.90.5
103423 ENAargh, It's an Alien!Wallace, Karen3.00.5
14931 ENAbominable Snowman of Pasadena, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
101390 ENAggressive In-Line SkatingKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.00.5
115156 ENAhoy, Ghost Ship Ahead!James, Brian3.01.0
103426 ENArf and the Greedy GrabberWooderson, Philip3.00.5
20003 ENArthur and the Crunch Cereal ContestBrown/Krensky,3.01.0
83285 ENArthur and the Nerves of StealKrensky, Stephen3.01.0
10452 ENArthur's ChristmasBrown, Marc3.00.5
6253 ENBaseball PalsChristopher, Matt3.01.0
5206 ENBathwater Gang, TheSpinelli, Jerry3.01.0
100771 ENBest in Show for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack3.00.5
88859 ENBig Blueberry Barf-Off!, TheStine, R.L.3.01.0
14937 ENBlob That Ate Everyone, TheStine, R.L.3.02.0
116109 ENBMX ParkMiller, Connie Colwell3.00.5
52916 ENBorderland HorseFrancis, Dorothy3.02.0
23849 ENBride of the Living DummyStine, R.L.3.03.0
84656 ENBubble Blowers, Beware!Lewman, David3.00.5
78816 ENCamp SpongeBobReisner/Ostrow3.00.5
34921 ENCase of the Christmas Snowman, ThePreller, James3.01.0
54817 ENCase of the Haunted Scarecrow, ThePreller, James3.01.0
78216 ENCase of the Missing Falcon, ThePreller, James3.01.0
76490 ENCase of the Rainy Day Mystery, ThePreller, James3.01.0
26724 ENCat HeavenRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
73492 ENChristmas for a KittenPulver, Robin3.00.5
54900 ENChristmas Story, AWildsmith, Brian3.00.5
54508 ENCircus ActKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
408 ENCookies and CrutchesDelton, Judy3.01.0
59785 ENCorduroy's Easter PartyFreeman, Don3.00.5
61048 ENCrazy Carnival Case, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
87975 ENCreepy CustomersHay, Samantha3.00.5
410 ENCurse of the Squirrel, TheYep, Laurence3.01.0
6357 ENDay Before Christmas, TheBunting, Eve3.00.5
106010 ENDead Guys Talk: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.01.0
17171 ENDiamonds in the DirtCampbell, Archie3.01.0
106544 ENDog WalkerSpafford-Fitz, Karen3.02.0
105758 ENDon't Close Your Eyes!Stine, R.L.3.03.0
7558 ENDon't You Know There's a War On?Stevenson, James3.00.5
82320 ENDoughnut DangerMasters, Anthony3.00.5
54510 ENDude Ranch DetectiveKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
112364 ENDung Beetle Bandits, TheReynolds, Aaron3.00.5
110993 ENEarthPluckrose, Henry3.00.5
14943 ENEgg Monsters from MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
73415 ENElliot's Christmas SurpriseBeck, Andrea3.00.5
61149 ENErie Canal Pirates, TheKimmel, Eric A.3.00.5
82538 ENFlo the Lyin' FlyLucado, Max3.00.5
100794 ENForce & MotionTwist, Clint3.00.5
50231 ENFranklin Helps OutBourgeois, Paulette3.00.5
18622 ENFranklin's BlanketBourgeois, Paulette3.00.5
18625 ENFranklin's School PlayBourgeois, Paulette3.00.5
73416 ENFranklin Wants a BadgeJennings, Sharon3.00.5
100577 ENFreaks and ShrieksStine, R.L.3.03.0
61515 ENGet Ready for Second Grade, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.00.5
17566 ENGhost Town at SundownOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
87179 ENGhouls Gone WildStine, R.L.3.03.0
66891 ENGirl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine InningsHopkinson, Deborah3.00.5
18719 ENGlass Slipper for Rosie, AGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
28362 ENGorgo Meets Her MatchPrice, Hugh3.00.5
115805 ENGot Cake?Stine, R.L.3.01.0
85408 ENGreat Easter Egg Hunt, TheGarland, Michael3.00.5
39828 ENGreat Ice Battle, TheAbbott, Tony3.01.0
13864 ENGreen Thumbs, EveryoneGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
6219 ENGrowing-Up Feet, TheCleary, Beverly3.00.5
32178 ENGus and Grandpa at the HospitalMills, Claudia3.00.5
17527 ENHanzel and PretzelThaler, Mike3.00.5
7318 ENHarold and the Purple CrayonJohnson, Crockett3.00.5
14946 ENHaunted School, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
88159 ENHorrible Harry and The GoogKline, Suzy3.01.0
109524 ENHorrible Harry and the Triple RevengeKline, Suzy3.01.0
9025 ENHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasSeuss, Dr.3.00.5
25339 ENHow the Rattlesnake Got Its RattleStoodt, Jeffrey3.00.5
68538 ENIf You're Happy and You Know It!Ormerod, Jan3.00.5
36241 ENJ.J. Rabbit and the MonsterMoon, Nicola3.00.5
75456 ENJaguarundiHamilton, Virginia3.00.5
107566 ENJetsBraulick, Carrie A.3.00.5
7576 ENJuliusJohnson, Angela3.00.5
5518 ENJulius, The Baby of the WorldHenkes, Kevin3.00.5
73514 ENJunie B., First Grader: One-Man BandPark, Barbara3.01.0
9266 ENJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat MouthPark, Barbara3.01.0
49412 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Graduation GirlPark, Barbara3.01.0
17572 ENJunie B. Jones Is Not a CrookPark, Barbara3.01.0
9405 ENKaren's BirthdayMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
9423 ENKaren's Little SisterMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
19266 ENKaren's MonstersMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
19262 ENKaren's New BikeMartin, Ann M.3.02.0
9427 ENKaren's New TeacherMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
9430 ENKaren's Pen PalMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
19261 ENKaren's TattletaleMartin, Ann M.3.02.0
9448 ENKaren's WeddingMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
44166 ENLiar LiarStine, R.L.3.03.0
18727 ENLions at LunchtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
70295 ENLisa's Baby SisterGutman, Anne3.00.5
34587 ENLittle Red Hen Makes a Pizza, TheSturges, Philemon3.00.5
25334 ENLook at Dogs, AHalpern, Monica3.00.5
43751 ENLosers Fight Back, TheJoosse, Barbara M.3.01.0
110082 ENMatty MouseNimmo, Jenny3.00.5
5305 ENMike's MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.02.0
109929 ENMind Over MatterSumerak, Marc3.00.5
21393 ENMiss Nelson Has a Field DayAllard, Harry3.00.5
5029 ENMolly's PilgrimCohen, Barbara3.00.5
107766 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Spin the YarnRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
32205 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Take the TrainRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
42119 ENMy Soccer BookGibbons, Gail3.00.5
39831 ENMysterious Island, TheAbbott, Tony3.01.0
14685 ENMystery of the Missing Dog, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.00.5
32500 ENNever Trust a Cat Who Wears EarringsGreenburg, Dan3.01.0
21729 ENNightmare in 3-DStine, R.L.3.03.0
25086 ENNobody's DogGraeber, Charlotte3.00.5
80410 ENNoisy NeighborsMoon, Nicola3.00.5
49852 ENNot So Rotten RalphGantos, Jack3.00.5
74428 ENOh, Baby!Krulik, Nancy3.01.0
13885 ENPet ParadeGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
18741 ENPleasing the GhostCreech, Sharon3.02.0
58778 ENPractice Makes Perfect for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack3.00.5
36246 ENPrincess Rosa's WinterHindley, Judy3.00.5
109058 ENRace of a Lifetime, TheNorman, Tony3.00.5
110382 ENRoman Mythology: Romulus and RemusDaning, Tom3.00.5
19495 ENRotten RalphGantos, Jack3.00.5
55327 ENRotten Ralph Helps OutGantos, Jack3.00.5
115329 ENSausage Situation, TheOdgers, Darrel3.01.0
115631 ENScratching's Catching!Clarke, Jane3.00.5
25943 ENSecret Santa, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
36464 ENSir Lancelot, Where are You?McMullan, K.H.3.01.0
103472 ENSkateboard PowerZucker, Jonny3.00.5
39832 ENSleeping Giant of Goll, TheAbbott, Tony3.01.0
65071 ENSnowmen at NightBuehner, Caralyn3.00.5
25945 ENSoccer Shoe Clue, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
20041 ENSomething Queer at the LibraryLevy, Elizabeth3.00.5
9296 ENSong Lee in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.01.0
31137 ENSpeedboatMarshall, James3.00.5
5542 ENStar Maiden, TheEsbensen, Barbara Juster3.00.5
86218 ENStink: The Incredible Shrinking KidMcDonald, Megan3.01.0
7696 ENSub, ThePetersen, P.J.3.01.0
14885 ENSunset of the SabertoothOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
31073 ENTigers at TwilightOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
83773 ENTime to See the DoctorMaisner, Heather3.00.5
8444 ENTitanic: Lost...and Found, TheDonnelly, Judy3.00.5
7594 ENTreasure, TheShulevitz, Uri3.00.5
59394 ENTrouble with Babies, TheFreeman, Martha3.02.0
9506 ENTrue Story of the 3 Little PigsScieszka, Jon3.00.5
73325 ENTurkey TroubleKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
79487 ENU.S. Army, TheDoeden, Matt3.00.5
84943 ENU.S. Coast Guard, TheBraulick, Carrie A.3.00.5
79489 ENU.S. Navy, TheDoeden, Matt3.00.5
109678 ENWarLerangis, Peter3.02.0
5148 ENWeather ExperimentsWebster, Vera R.3.00.5
110434 ENWhen Mindy Saved HanukkahKimmel, Eric A.3.00.5
32918 ENWho's in Love with Arthur?Brown/Krensky3.01.0
70887 ENWho's That Girl?Montes, Marisa3.01.0
111093 ENWhoops! But It Wasn't MeChild, Lauren3.00.5
32502 ENZap! I'm a Mind ReaderGreenburg, Dan3.01.0
43728 ENAlien Brain Fryout: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.11.0
109655 ENArf and the Metal DetectorWooderson, Philip3.10.5
20002 ENArthur Accused!Brown/Krensky,3.11.0
34560 ENArthur and the Cootie-CatcherBrown, Marc3.11.0
20004 ENArthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off ClubBrown/Krensky3.11.0
78019 ENArthur Loses His MarblesKrensky, Stephen3.11.0
28221 ENArthur's Funny MoneyHoban, Lillian3.10.5
29967 ENArthur's Pen PalHoban, Lillian3.10.5
10453 ENArthur's ThanksgivingBrown, Marc3.10.5
44046 ENB. Bears and the Big Blooper, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.10.5
7457 ENB. Bears and the Double Dare, TheBerenstain, Stan3.10.5
66064 ENB. Bears and the Tic-Tac-Toe Mystery, TheBerenstain, Stan3.10.5
114853 ENBattle of the Dum DiddysStine, R.L.3.11.0
28331 ENBest Detective, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
108497 ENBiker CityMasters, Anthony3.11.0
17172 ENBlack BeachHiller, Doris3.11.0
658 ENBlue Skies, French FriesDelton, Judy3.11.0
63508 ENBones of Fred McFee, TheBunting, Eve3.10.5
32501 ENBozo the CloneGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
31085 ENBunny BungalowRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
85560 ENBunny-Hop Hoax, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
88500 ENBuster and the Dance ContestBrown, Marc3.10.5
35271 ENBuster Baxter, Cat SaverKrensky, Stephen3.11.0
405 ENCamp Ghost-AwayDelton, Judy3.11.0
5461 ENCaps For SaleSlobodkina, Esphyr3.10.5
78585 ENCaptain Pepper's PetsGrindley, Sally3.10.5
78386 ENCase of the Dog Show Mystery, TheMetz, Melinda3.11.0
89013 ENCase of the Frog-jumping Contest, ThePreller, James3.11.0
84400 ENCase of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost, ThePreller, James3.11.0
34926 ENCase of the Mummy Mystery, ThePreller, James3.11.0
75653 ENCase of the Race Against Time, ThePreller, James3.11.0
34925 ENCase of the Runaway Dog, ThePreller, James3.11.0
114751 ENCase of the Spoiled Rotten Spy, ThePreller, James3.11.0
5908 ENCase of the Stolen Baseball Cards, ThePreller, James3.11.0
71613 ENCase of Vampire Vivian, TheKnudsen, Michelle3.10.5
86804 ENCheese-Colored Camper, AStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
116130 ENChevrolet CorvetteBullard, Lisa3.10.5
6308 ENChocolate-Covered AntsManes, Stephen3.13.0
73491 ENChristmas at the Top of the WorldCoffey, Tim3.10.5
19942 ENCommander Toad and the Big Black HoleYolen, Jane3.10.5
19938 ENCommander Toad and the Dis-asteroidYolen, Jane3.10.5
23848 ENCry of the CatStine, R.L.3.12.0
13404 ENDanger CanyonSorenson, Margo3.12.0
111652 ENDashing Through the SnowKirk, David3.10.5
48006 ENDave's Down-to-Earth Rock ShopMurphy, Stuart J.3.10.5
112292 ENDisgusting AnimalsMiller, Connie Colwell3.10.5
112295 ENDisgusting JobsMiller, Connie Colwell3.10.5
49838 ENDodo Gets MarriedMathers, Petra3.10.5
17563 ENDolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
44157 ENDon't Forget Me!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
55282 ENDumb Bunnies' Easter, TheDenim, Sue3.10.5
107562 ENDune BuggiesMarks, Jennifer L.3.10.5
76013 ENEnergy: Heat, Light, and FuelStille, Darlene R.3.10.5
32507 ENEvil Queen Tut and the Great Ant PyramidsGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
112002 ENEye in the Graveyard, TheDahl, Michael3.10.5
115229 ENFashion Kitty Versus the Fashion QueenHarper, Charise Mericle3.11.0
77124 ENFour Mice Deep in the JungleStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
103150 ENFranklin CelebratesJennings, Sharon3.10.5
30704 ENFranklin's Christmas GiftBourgeois, Paulette3.10.5
262 ENFreckle JuiceBlume, Judy3.10.5
6064 ENFrederickLionni, Leo3.10.5
28337 ENFunny Face Fight, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
14944 ENGhost CampStine, R.L.3.13.0
53635 ENGhost Dance, TheMcLerran, Alice3.10.5
48635 ENGift from the Sea, ABanks, Kate3.10.5
54492 ENGolden Wasp, TheAbbott, Tony3.11.0
13862 ENGood Dog, BonitaGiff, Patricia Reilly3.11.0
111737 ENGood Neighbor NicholasKroll, Virginia3.10.5
101639 ENGood, the Bad, and the Very Slimy, TheStine, R.L.3.11.0
49862 ENGreat Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog!, TheRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
41005 ENGrizz!Kimmel, Eric A.3.10.5
7613 ENGrumpy PumpkinsDelton, Judy3.11.0
65205 ENGus and Grandpa and the Halloween CostumeMills, Claudia3.10.5
107042 ENHeinie Prize, TheStine, R.L.3.12.0
6270 ENHorrible Harry and the Ant InvasionKline, Suzy3.11.0
15298 ENHorrible Harry and the DungeonKline, Suzy3.11.0
105753 ENHorrible Harry Takes the CakeKline, Suzy3.11.0
5472 ENHorton Hatches the EggSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
71622 ENHow I Became a PirateLong, Melinda3.10.5
17989 ENHow to Make an Apple Pie and See the WorldPriceman, Marjorie3.10.5
46323 ENHowler, TheStine, R.L.3.13.0
84662 ENIce-Cream DreamsKrulik, Nancy3.10.5
9611 ENIt Came from beneath the Sink!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
87211 ENIt's a Baby, Andy RussellAdler, David A.3.12.0
9175 ENJamie's TurnDeWitt, Jamie3.10.5
71100 ENJimmy on IceBeechen, Adam3.10.5
103439 ENJokerMasters, Anthony3.10.5
39812 ENJourney to the Volcano PalaceAbbott, Tony3.11.0
70047 ENJudy Moody Predicts the FutureMcDonald, Megan3.11.0
423 ENJulian, Secret AgentCameron, Ann3.11.0
68705 ENJunie B., First Grader: Cheater PantsPark, Barbara3.11.0
80075 ENJunie B., First Grader: ShipwreckedPark, Barbara3.11.0
19296 ENKaren's Big MoveMartin, Ann M.3.12.0
19269 ENKaren's Big SisterMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9404 ENKaren's Big WeekendMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9413 ENKaren's GhostMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
19263 ENKaren's MovieMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9429 ENKaren's NewspaperMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9433 ENKaren's Pumpkin PatchMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9436 ENKaren's School PictureMartin, Ann M.3.12.0
19282 ENKaren's Secret ValentineMartin, Ann M.3.12.0
9445 ENKaren's TubaMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
14953 ENLegend of the Lost LegendStine, R.L.3.13.0
100579 ENLet's Get This Party Haunted!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
671 ENLila on the LandingAlexander, Sue3.11.0
48702 ENLittle Bunny's Easter SurpriseModesitt, Jeanne3.10.5
108449 ENLittle Red Hen, ThePinkney, Jerry3.10.5
71623 ENLittle Whistle's ChristmasRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
25212 ENLocked in the Library!Brown, Marc3.11.0
106248 ENLose, Team, Lose!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
5478 ENMadelineBemelmans, Ludwig3.10.5
9268 ENMagic Finger, TheDahl, Roald3.10.5
14631 ENMagic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants, TheCole/Beech3.10.5
11381 ENMagic School Bus Plants Seeds, TheCole/Relf3.10.5
21659 ENMagic School Bus Spins a Web, TheCole/West3.10.5
54496 ENMagic School Bus Taking Flight, TheCole, Joanna3.10.5
15113 ENMagic School Bus Wet All Over, TheCole/Relf3.10.5
111258 ENManga Claus: The Blade of KringleMarunas, Nathaniel3.10.5
43661 ENMarvin Redpost: A Magic Crystal?Sachar, Louis3.11.0
13872 ENMary Marony and the Chocolate SurpriseKline, Suzy3.11.0
13874 ENMary Marony Hides OutKline, Suzy3.11.0
13875 ENMary Marony, Mummy GirlKline, Suzy3.11.0
15761 ENMatterAnsary, Mir Tamim3.10.5
105642 ENMatter MattersBodach, Vijaya Khisty3.10.5
110634 ENMichael's Golden RulesJordan, Deloris3.10.5
104606 ENMotocrossMezzanotte, Jim3.10.5
78747 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Write the BookRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
7684 ENMrs. Katz and TushPolacco, Patricia3.10.5
28027 ENMy Mama Says There Aren't Any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires...Viorst, Judith3.10.5
25214 ENMystery of the Stolen Bike, TheBrown/Krensky3.11.0
70595 ENMystery of Too Many Elvises, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.11.0
74240 ENNaughty Little MonkeysAylesworth, Jim3.10.5
104992 ENNight Before Thanksgiving, TheWing, Natasha3.10.5
14955 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIStine, R.L.3.13.0
28333 ENNot Nice on IceKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
56815 ENOut in SpaceConrad, David3.10.5
5533 ENPain and The Great One, TheBlume, Judy3.10.5
104139 ENPaintballMarx, Mandy R.3.10.5
111660 ENParty PoopersStine, R.L.3.12.0
11385 ENPea Patch Jig, TheHurd, Thacher3.10.5
7638 ENPee Wee Christmas, ADelton, Judy3.11.0
83438 ENPerfect Date, TheStine, R.L.3.13.0
20656 ENPinky and RexHowe, James3.10.5
29504 ENPsssst! It's Me the BogeymanPark, Barbara3.10.5
114859 ENPunk'd and SkunkedStine, R.L.3.12.0
36460 ENRevenge of the Dragon LadyMcMullan, K.H.3.11.0
49856 ENRotten Ralph's Show and TellGantos, Jack3.10.5
4202 ENScare Yourself to SleepImpey, Rose3.10.5
80456 ENSealed with a KissKatschke, Judy3.12.0
101387 ENSecret of Cacklefur Castle, TheStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
89945 ENSinging Suspects, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
86216 ENSlippers at HomeClements, Andrew3.10.5
28320 ENSpace Dog the HeroStandiford, Natalie3.11.0
107567 ENSprint CarsSchuette, Sarah L.3.10.5
21730 ENStay Away from the Tree HouseStine, R.L.3.12.0
67829 ENThree Samurai CatsKimmel, Eric A.3.10.5
10494 ENThree Ships for ColumbusSpencer, Eve3.10.5
13444 ENTime TrapSorenson, Margo3.12.0
112139 ENTommy's New PlaymateDavid, Luke3.10.5
31065 ENTonight on the TitanicOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
54499 ENTower of the Elf King, TheAbbott, Tony3.11.0
25947 ENTrouble at Camp TreehouseKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
104169 ENU.S. Air Force BombersBraulick, Carrie A.3.10.5
101450 ENU.S. Army Golden Knights, TheBraulick, Carrie A.3.10.5
79488 ENU.S. Marine Corps, TheDoeden, Matt3.10.5
84944 ENU.S. Navy SEALs, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.10.5
36462 ENWedding for Wiglaf?, AMcMullan, K.H.3.11.0
41456 ENWhere Is Grandpa?Barron, T.A.3.10.5
81587 ENWho Let the Ghosts Out?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
21727 ENWho's Been Sleeping in My Grave?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
28340 ENWhose Pet Is Best?Keene, Carolyn3.11.0
27964 ENWild Kid, TheMazer, Harry3.12.0
75507 ENWilly the ScrubMcEwan, Jamie3.11.0
35675 ENWorksongPaulsen, Gary3.10.5
32508 ENYikes! Grandma's a TeenagerGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
109051 ENAlien AbductionZucker, Jonny3.20.5
28346 ENAlien in the ClassroomKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
402 ENAliens for BreakfastEtra, Jonathan3.21.0
114148 ENAnansi and the Box of StoriesKrensky, Stephen3.20.5
75221 ENAnimals SleepingPerkins, Wendy3.20.5
43111 ENAnna, Grandpa, and the Big StormStevens, Carla3.21.0
32080 ENArthur and the Lost DiaryBrown/Krensky3.21.0
6051 ENArthur Meets the PresidentBrown, Marc3.20.5
44152 ENAttack of the Graveyard GhoulsStine, R.L.3.22.0
46478 ENB.Bear Scouts and the Stinky Milk Mystery, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.20.5
7453 ENB. Bears and the Bad Dream, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.20.5
66062 ENB. Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.20.5
17508 ENB. Bears Count Their Blessings, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.20.5
66065 ENB. Bears' Funny Valentine, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.20.5
7487 ENB. Bears Go to School, TheBerenstain, Stan3.20.5
7488 ENB. Bears Go to the Doctor, TheBerenstain, Stan3.20.5
29938 ENBabe and I, TheAdler, David A.3.20.5
7602 ENBad Bad BunniesDelton, Judy3.21.0
25944 ENBad Day for BalletKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
17657 ENBald Bandit, TheRoy, Ron3.21.0
77153 ENBatman: The Mad HatterAugustyn, Brian3.20.5
14604 ENBear at the BeachCarmichael, Clay3.20.5
14936 ENBeware, the SnowmanStine, R.L.3.22.0
5315 ENBicycle MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
36539 ENBig Orange Splot, ThePinkwater, Daniel3.20.5
86009 ENBilly and the RebelHopkinson, Deborah3.20.5
41657 ENBird Alphabet Book, ThePallotta, Jerry3.20.5
85112 ENBlackout!Peterson, Scott3.20.5
17510 ENBlaze and the Gray Spotted PonyAnderson, C.W.3.20.5
41621 ENBluishHamilton, Virginia3.23.0
109965 ENBMX BullyMaddox, Jake3.21.0
55316 ENBoo! Ghosts in the School!Lerangis, Peter3.21.0
112001 ENBook That Dripped Blood, TheDahl, Michael3.20.5
54491 ENBoy Who Cried Bigfoot, TheGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
13400 ENBub or the Very Best ThingBabbitt, Natalie3.20.5
5311 ENCaboose MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
308 ENCam Jansen...Mystery...Stolen DiamondsAdler, David A.3.21.0
76489 ENCase of the Best Pet Ever, ThePreller, James3.21.0
62261 ENCase of the Buried Treasure, ThePreller, James3.21.0
53076 ENCase of the Detective in Disguise, ThePreller, James3.21.0
62262 ENCase of the Disappearing Dinosaur, ThePreller, James3.21.0
86636 ENCase of the Double Trouble Detectives, ThePreller, James3.21.0
112707 ENCase of the Kidnapped Candy, ThePreller, James3.21.0
78987 ENCase of the Perfect Prank, ThePreller, James3.21.0
104780 ENCase of the Snowboarding Superstar, ThePreller, James3.21.0
84401 ENCase of the Vanishing Painting, ThePreller, James3.21.0
14939 ENChicken ChickenStine, R.L.3.22.0
9973 ENChristmas at Long PondGeorge, William3.20.5
39800 ENCity in the CloudsAbbott, Tony3.21.0
28878 ENClarice Bean, That's MeChild, Lauren3.20.5
83155 ENClass Trip from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
108037 ENClayAlmond, David3.26.0
77279 ENCollege WeekendStine, R.L.3.23.0
116081 ENDance Trap: The Complicated Life of Claudia Cristina CortezGallagher, Diana G.3.21.0
35832 ENDingoes at DinnertimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
112293 ENDisgusting BugsMiller, Connie Colwell3.20.5
61739 ENDogteamPaulsen, Gary3.20.5
53065 ENDragon's Merry ChristmasPilkey, Dav3.20.5
116131 ENDrift CarsSchuette, Sarah L.3.20.5
7854 ENDrylongsoHamilton, Virginia3.21.0
15681 ENDucks (Naturebooks)McDonald, Mary Ann3.20.5
44158 ENEarth Geeks Must Go!Stine, R.L.3.22.0
112700 ENEaster ShowersEding, June3.20.5
110379 ENEgyptian Mythology: Osiris and IsisDaning, Tom3.20.5
25696 ENElizabeth's Broken ArmPascal/Stewart3.21.0
42105 ENEsmeralda and the Children Next DoorNimmo, Jenny3.20.5
109966 ENFace-OffMaddox, Jake3.21.0
101534 ENFinster Who Stole Christmas, TheWax, Wendy3.20.5
8716 ENFlight to FearBelina, Tom3.21.0
24968 ENFranklin's Secret ClubBourgeois, Paulette3.20.5
53353 ENFranklin's ThanksgivingJennings, Sharon3.20.5
55985 ENFranklin Says I Love YouBourgeois, Paulette3.20.5
6065 ENFrog Prince Continued, TheScieszka, Jon3.20.5
53563 ENFull Moon HalloweenStine, R.L.3.23.0
32158 ENGhost Trap: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.21.0
13861 ENGift for Tia Rosa, ATaha, Karen T.3.20.5
37036 ENGingerbread Boy, TheGaldone, Paul3.20.5
19850 ENGus and Grandpa and the Christmas CookiesMills, Claudia3.20.5
13785 ENHallo-wiener, ThePilkey, Dav3.20.5
32510 ENHang a Left at VenusGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
104177 ENHappy Valentine's Day, DoloresSamuels, Barbara3.20.5
81577 ENHave You Met My Ghoulfriend?Stine, R.L.3.23.0
14947 ENHeadless Ghost, TheStine, R.L.3.22.0
39899 ENHenny PennyGaldone, Paul3.20.5
104603 ENHillclimbMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
44905 ENHorrible Harry at HalloweenKline, Suzy3.21.0
487 ENHorrible Harry in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.20.5
20665 ENHorrible Harry Moves up to Third GradeKline, Suzy3.21.0
14948 ENHorror at Camp Jellyjam, TheStine, R.L.3.23.0
112299 ENHovercraftsSautter, Aaron3.20.5
14949 ENHow I Got My Shrunken HeadStine, R.L.3.23.0
78847 ENI Am Too Absolutely Small for SchoolChild, Lauren3.20.5
18875 ENIn 1492Marzollo, Jean3.20.5
6223 ENJanet's ThingamajigsCleary, Beverly3.20.5
80135 ENJudy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor Is In!McDonald, Megan3.22.0
75659 ENJust Like Josh GibsonJohnson, Angela3.20.5
107052 ENKaren's Black CatMartin, Ann M.3.21.0
9416 ENKaren's GrandmothersMartin, Ann M.3.21.0
9431 ENKaren's Pizza PartyMartin, Ann M.3.22.0
9442 ENKaren's SurpriseMartin, Ann M.3.21.0
5226 ENKey to the TreasureParish, Peggy3.22.0
43758 ENKiss the Cow!Root, Phyllis3.20.5
81287 ENLean, Green Smackdown Machine!Murphy, Steve3.20.5
36620 ENLiar, Liar, Pants on FireKorman, Gordon3.21.0
18635 ENLibrarian from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
58772 ENLittle HorseByars, Betsy3.20.5
17278 ENLivingstone MouseEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.20.5
25338 ENLook at Spiders, AHalpern, Jerald3.20.5
80451 ENLove-Set-MatchDubowski, Cathy3.22.0
5233 ENLucky Baseball Bat, TheChristopher, Matt3.21.0
109876 ENLushFriend, Natasha3.25.0
7578 ENMadeline in LondonBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
7283 ENMadeline's ChristmasBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
21259 ENMadeline's RescueBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
21658 ENMagic School Bus Gets Cold Feet: A Book About Warm and..., TheCole/West3.20.5
15109 ENMagic School Bus Gets Eaten, TheCole/Relf3.20.5
31069 ENMarvin Redpost: A Flying Birthday Cake?Sachar, Louis3.21.0
83801 ENMerry Christmas, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
116911 ENMiss Wire's Christmas SurpriseWhybrow, Ian3.20.5
64187 ENMissing Piece, TheSilverstein, Shel3.20.5
9615 ENMonster Blood IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
104138 ENMotocross RacingMarx, Mandy R.3.20.5
111777 ENMugged Pug, TheOdgers, Sally3.21.0
107540 ENMummiesBesel, Jennifer M.3.20.5
45247 ENMy Basketball BookGibbons, Gail3.20.5
45248 ENMy Football BookGibbons, Gail3.20.5
44169 ENMy Name Is EvilStine, R.L.3.24.0
73830 ENMy Name Is Stilton, Geronimo StiltonStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
5528 ENMy Visit to the DinosaursAliki3.20.5
103469 ENNervousNorman, Tony3.20.5
105340 ENNew Year's Party, TheStine, R.L.3.24.0
14956 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
82527 ENOn Your Mark, Get Set, Laugh!Krulik, Nancy3.21.0
29236 ENOnce a Mouse...Brown, Marcia3.20.5
65964 ENOut of Sight, out of MindMazer, Anne3.22.0
5532 ENOwl MoonYolen, Jane3.20.5
7637 ENPeanut-Butter PilgrimsDelton, Judy3.21.0
7639 ENPee Wee Jubilee, TheDelton, Judy3.21.0
17686 ENPinky and Rex and the BullyHowe, James3.20.5
28477 ENPinky and Rex and the New BabyHowe, James3.20.5
83507 ENPocketful of Cricket, ACaudill, Rebecca3.20.5
28344 ENPrincess on ParadeKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
64058 ENPuppy PuzzleBaglio, Ben M.3.22.0
16726 ENPuppy Sister, TheHinton, S.E.3.22.0
102112 ENQueen BeeClugston, Chynna3.21.0
75365 ENQuiet on the Set!Krulik, Nancy3.21.0
6237 ENReal Hole, TheCleary, Beverly3.20.5
10488 ENReindeer Christmas, ThePrice, Moe3.20.5
5591 ENRodeosFain, James3.20.5
18745 ENRosie's Nutcracker DreamsGiff, Patricia Reilly3.21.0
82420 ENRotten Ralph Feels RottenGantos, Jack3.20.5
73317 ENSandy's RocketBanks, Steven3.21.0
25899 ENSave the ManateeFriesinger, Alison3.21.0
14958 ENSay Cheese and Die - Again!Stine, R.L.3.23.0
54617 ENScare SchoolStine, R.L.3.23.0
114582 ENScooby-Doo! and the Rock 'N' Roll ZombieMcCann, Jesse Leon3.20.5
39903 ENSecond CousinsHamilton, Virginia3.25.0
45882 ENShadowCendrars/Brown3.20.5
49125 ENShadow GirlStine, R.L.3.23.0
14959 ENShocker on Shock Street, AStine, R.L.3.23.0
116111 ENSkateboarding Big AirMiller, Connie Colwell3.20.5
116112 ENSkateboarding VertMiller, Connie Colwell3.20.5
104141 ENSkydivingMarx, Mandy R.3.20.5
10209 ENSkylarkMacLachlan, Patricia3.21.0
78594 ENSmall Bad WolfTaylor, Sean3.20.5
440 ENSnot StewWallace, Bill3.22.0
78497 ENSome Things Never ChangeMazer, Anne3.22.0
103436 ENSpace WreckOrme, David3.20.5
111879 ENSpin OffZucker, Jonny3.20.5
103475 ENSteel EyesZucker, Jonny3.20.5
107295 ENStink and the Incredible Super-Galactic JawbreakerMcDonald, Megan3.21.0
70793 ENStinky Cheese Surprise, TheKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
5543 ENStorm in the NightStolz, Mary3.20.5
104608 ENSuperbikeMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
104609 ENSupercrossMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
104610 ENSupermotoMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
46326 ENSword in the Tree, TheBulla, Clyde Robert3.22.0
82424 ENTalent Show from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
32503 ENThrough the Medicine CabinetGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
11397 ENTops & BottomsStevens, Janet3.20.5
14598 ENTornadoByars, Betsy3.21.0
47830 ENTwister on TuesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
6247 ENTwo Dog BiscuitsCleary, Beverly3.20.5
104170 ENU.S. Air Force FightersBraulick, Carrie A.3.20.5
104171 ENU.S. Army HelicoptersBraulick, Carrie A.3.20.5
107568 ENU.S. Army HumveesKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.20.5
84942 ENU.S. Army Special Operations, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.20.5
104172 ENU.S. Army TanksBraulick, Carrie A.3.20.5
107571 ENU.S. Marine Corps Combat JetsRustad, Martha E.H.3.20.5
115415 ENUp the President's NoseNickel, Scott3.20.5
14960 ENVampire BreathStine, R.L.3.22.0
54857 ENVisitorsStine, R.L.3.23.0
86809 ENWatch Your Whiskers, Stilton!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
14952 ENWerewolf SkinStine, R.L.3.23.0
101899 ENWhitewater ScrubsMcEwan, Jamie3.21.0
13549 ENWhy Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots OnKnowlton, Laurie Lazzaro3.20.5
49868 ENWorse Than Rotten, RalphGantos, Jack3.20.5
5303 ENYellow House Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.23.0
6150 ENYou Hold Me and I'll Hold YouCarson, Jo3.20.5
101334 ENZ Is for ZombieKutner, Merrily3.20.5
76205 EN97 Ways to Train a DragonMcMullan, Kate3.32.0
401 ENAdventures of Ratman, TheWeiss, Ellen3.31.0
82316 ENAlbert's RaccoonWallace, Karen3.30.5
88935 ENAmber the Orange FairyMeadows, Daisy3.31.0
67009 ENAngelina and the ButterflyHolabird, Katharine3.30.5
74421 ENArthur and the Bad-Luck BrainKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
51891 ENArthur and the Best Coach EverBrown/Krensky3.31.0
39789 ENArthur and the Big Blow-UpBrown/Krensky3.31.0
49523 ENArthur and the Seventh-Inning StretcherBrown/Krensky3.31.0
86480 ENArthur and the World RecordKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
74422 ENArthur Plays the BluesKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
116129 ENAston MartinHill, Randal C.3.30.5
14932 ENAttack of the Jack-O'-LanternsStine, R.L.3.32.0
7169 ENB. Bears and the Big Election, TheBerenstain, Stan3.30.5
17505 ENB. Bears and the Blame Game, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.30.5
7173 ENB. Bears and the Wild, Wild Honey, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.30.5
88784 ENB. Bears Go Back to School, TheBerenstain, Stan3.30.5
82770 ENBabySitter IV, TheStine, R.L.3.33.0
77278 ENBad MoonlightStine, R.L.3.34.0
86212 ENBad RapKrulik, Nancy3.31.0
5108 ENBaseballBroekel, Ray3.30.5
12596 ENBeaks and NosesGreenaway, Theresa3.30.5
85620 ENBeware! It's Friday the 13thMcMullan, Kate3.31.0
51655 ENBig Anthony and the Magic RingPaola, Tomie De3.30.5
77956 ENBike Race Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.31.0
102169 ENBridge to AmericaGlaser, Linda3.35.0
31058 ENBuffalo Before BreakfastOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
34561 ENBuster Makes the GradeBrown/Krensky3.31.0
44892 ENBuster's New FriendKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
106326 ENBuster's SugartimeBrown, Marc3.30.5
14938 ENCalling All Creeps!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
64472 ENCam Jansen and the First Day of School MysteryAdler, David A.3.31.0
74656 ENCam Jansen and the Tennis Trophy MysteryAdler, David A.3.31.0
5327 ENCamp-Out Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
110432 ENCase of the Santa Claus Mystery, ThePreller, James3.31.0
109395 ENChristmas for the SnowmenHänel, Wolfram3.30.5
6109 ENChrysanthemumHenkes, Kevin3.30.5
19877 ENClaudia Makes Up Her MindMartin, Ann M.3.33.0
19941 ENCommander Toad in SpaceYolen, Jane3.30.5
59784 ENCorduroy's Christmas SurpriseFreeman, Don3.30.5
25341 ENCorn: An American Indian GiftThompson, Gare3.30.5
17176 ENCounterfeit!Wheeler, W.H.3.31.0
112092 ENCreature Was Stirring, AMoore, Clement C.3.30.5
55670 ENCreepy Computer Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.30.5
25871 ENDancing Man, TheBornstein, Ruth Lercher3.30.5
20015 ENDay of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
112297 ENDisgusting PlantsMiller, Connie Colwell3.30.5
25275 ENDog That Called the Pitch, TheChristopher, Matt3.30.5
75986 ENDoggone It!Krulik, Nancy3.31.0
73398 ENDragon of Doom, TheCoville, Bruce3.31.0
80459 ENDream Date Debate, TheStine, Megan3.32.0
6714 ENDunc and Amos and the Red TattoosPaulsen, Gary3.31.0
51896 ENEarthquake in the Early MorningOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
32506 ENElvis the Turnip and MeGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
21731 ENEye of the FortunetellerStine, R.L.3.32.0
25211 ENFalcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
53195 ENFine, Fine School, ACreech, Sharon3.30.5
41742 ENFireflies in the NightHawes, Judy3.30.5
13813 ENFlash, Crash, Rumble, and RollBranley, Franklyn M.3.30.5
104601 ENFlat TrackMezzanotte, Jim3.30.5
21732 ENFright KnightStine, R.L.3.33.0
5220 ENFudge-A-ManiaBlume, Judy3.33.0
21328 ENGabriella's SongFleming, Candace3.30.5
69040 ENGet Lost!Krulik, Nancy3.31.0
103467 ENGet That Ghost to Go!MacPhail, Catherine3.31.0
415 ENGhost in Tent 19, TheO'Connor, Jim & Jane3.31.0
61516 ENGood Morning, GorillasOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
83006 ENGoodnight Kiss 2Stine, R.L.3.34.0
28321 ENGoose's Gold, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
50635 ENGrapes of Math: Mind-Stretching Math Riddles, TheTang, Greg3.30.5
105246 ENGreat Chicago Fire of 1871, TheOlson, Kay Melchisedech3.30.5
54805 ENGreenish Eggs and DinosaursGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
25948 ENGross Ghost Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.3.31.0
14945 ENHaunted Mask II, TheStine, R.L.3.33.0
54514 ENHe's My Pony!Betancourt, Jeanne3.31.0
80449 ENHeart to HeartKatschke, Judy3.32.0
28347 ENHidden Treasures, TheKeene, Carolyn3.31.0
59788 ENHorrible Harry and the Dragon WarKline, Suzy3.31.0
6272 ENHorrible Harry and the Green SlimeKline, Suzy3.31.0
115047 ENHorrible Harry Cracks the CodeKline, Suzy3.31.0
54479 ENHorrible Harry Goes to SeaKline, Suzy3.31.0
25835 ENHour of the OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
67288 ENI Hate Rules!Krulik, Nancy3.31.0
5473 ENI Have a Sister My Sister Is DeafPeterson, Jeanne3.30.5
9478 ENI Spy FunhouseMarzollo, Jean3.30.5
111875 ENInside the GameZucker, Jonny3.30.5
54481 ENInto the Land of the LostAbbott, Tony3.31.0
14672 ENInvisible StanleyBrown, Jeff3.31.0
21354 ENIrish Night Before Christmas, AnBlazek, Sarah Kirwan3.30.5
108424 ENJudy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 DaysMcDonald, Megan3.32.0
10642 ENJunkyard Dog, TheTamar, Erika3.34.0
104963 ENKarate KatieKrulik, Nancy3.31.0
19289 ENKaren's UnicornMartin, Ann M.3.32.0
111916 ENKiller's KissStine, R.L.3.33.0
9612 ENLet's Get Invisible!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
5231 ENLittles, ThePeterson, John3.31.0
44168 ENLocker 13Stine, R.L.3.33.0
25340 ENLook at Snakes, AHalpern, Jerald3.30.5
28349 ENLucky Horseshoes, TheKeene, Carolyn3.31.0
89000 ENLucky StarsFrank, Lucy3.38.0
11380 ENMagic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad, TheCole/Beech3.30.5
54495 ENMagic School Bus Sees Stars, TheCole/White3.30.5
15112 ENMagic School Bus Ups and Downs, TheCole/Mason3.31.0
5373 ENMake-Believe Ball PlayerSlote, Alfred3.32.0
14919 ENMary WolfGrant, Cynthia D.3.36.0
106334 ENMean, Green, Mystery MachineGelsey, James3.30.5
71855 ENMeow Means MischiefNagda, Ann Whitehead3.32.0
77703 ENMid-Semester Night's Dream, AMeacham, Margaret3.33.0
32505 ENMisfortune Cookie, TheGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
25430 ENMonster Blood IVStine, R.L.3.33.0
61016 ENMore, the Merrier, TheMazer, Anne3.32.0
45225 ENMoses Goes to SchoolMillman, Isaac3.30.5
116110 ENMoto X FreestyleMiller, Connie Colwell3.30.5
34562 ENMuffy's Secret AdmirerKrensky, Stephen3.31.0
11383 ENMy Rotten Redheaded Older BrotherPolacco, Patricia3.30.5
5304 ENMystery RanchWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
10789 ENNasty, Stinky SneakersBunting, Eve3.32.0
73313 ENNaughty Nautical NeighborsAuerbach, Annie3.30.5
36459 ENNew Kid at School, TheMcMullan, K.H.3.31.0
77953 ENNo Bones About ItKrulik, Nancy3.31.0
74609 ENNo Ponies in the House!Betancourt, Jeanne3.31.0
87566 ENOcean of Osyria, TheLobdell, Scott3.31.0
70246 ENOctavius Bloom and the House of DoomBrooks, Erik3.30.5
9039 ENOh, the Places You'll Go!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
112003 ENOmen and the Ghost, TheTownsend, John3.31.0
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
14690 ENOnion SundaesAdler, David A.3.31.0
82327 ENOoh La La, Lottie!Wallace, Karen3.30.5
7636 ENParents in the Pigpen, Pigs in the TubEhrlich, Amy3.30.5
5489 ENPatrick's DinosaursCarrick, Carol3.30.5
74457 ENPetey's Bedtime StoryCleary, Beverly3.30.5
18742 ENPolar Bears Past BedtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
54519 ENPony-4-SaleBetancourt, Jeanne3.31.0
19914 ENPony-SittersBetancourt, Jeanne3.31.0
54487 ENQuest for the QueenAbbott, Tony3.31.0
5379 ENRabbit EarsSlote, Alfred3.32.0
112890 ENRich Girl, TheStine, R.L.3.33.0
21367 ENRosie and MichaelViorst, Judith3.30.5
88939 ENRuby the Red FairyMeadows, Daisy3.31.0
61475 ENSand Castle Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.31.0
32568 ENScarecrowRylant, Cynthia3.30.5
5310 ENSchoolhouse MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.33.0
101082 ENScooby-Doo! and the Samurai GhostMcCann, Jesse Leon3.30.5
75663 ENSecret IdentityVan Draanen, Wendelin3.32.0
42593 ENSeparation, TheApplegate, K.A.3.33.0
5243 ENSideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis3.33.0
109970 ENSkate Park ChallengeMaddox, Jake3.31.0
112004 ENSmashing Scroll, TheDahl, Michael3.30.5
30631 ENSong Lee and the "I Hate You" NotesKline, Suzy3.30.5
58030 ENStage Fright on a Summer NightOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
68258 ENStanley, Flat Again!Brown, Jeff3.31.0
5491 ENStone SoupBrown, Marcia3.30.5
103165 ENSuper Slam Turtles!Thomas, Jim3.30.5
2398 ENSurvival at Big Shark KeyFrancis, Dorothy3.32.0
294 ENTales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy3.33.0
690 ENTen-Speed Babysitter, TheHerzig, Alison3.34.0
64034 ENThanksgiving on ThursdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
5546 ENThere's No Such Thing as a DragonKent, Jack3.30.5
46300 ENThey Call Me CreatureStine, R.L.3.33.0
30523 ENThree Little Pigs, TheMarshall, James3.30.5
51295 ENTool BookGibbons, Gail3.30.5
11449 ENTouchdown for TommyChristopher, Matt3.32.0
5393 ENTrading Game, TheSlote, Alfred3.35.0
57582 ENTrapped in the Museum of Unnatural HistoryGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
5314 ENTree House MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
105249 ENTriangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, TheGunderson, Jessica Sarah3.30.5
76708 ENTruth or DareStine, R.L.3.34.0
86589 ENTumble BunniesLasky, Kathryn3.30.5
6016 ENTwenty Ways to Lose Your Best FriendSinger, Marilyn3.32.0
107570 ENU.S. Marine Corps Assault VehiclesKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.30.5
104173 ENU.S. Navy Aircraft CarriersBraulick, Carrie A.3.30.5
104174 ENU.S. Navy SubmarinesAdamson, Thomas K.3.30.5
104282 ENUnder the BedBright, Paul3.30.5
20050 ENVacation Under the VolcanoOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
24935 ENViking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
16989 ENWagon Train 911Gilson, Jamie3.33.0
80463 ENWar of the WardrobesStine, Megan3.32.0
11497 ENWayside School Gets a Little StrangerSachar, Louis3.33.0
54601 ENWedding Bells for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack3.30.5
107544 ENWerewolvesSautter, Aaron3.30.5
299 ENWhat's the Matter with Herbie Jones?Kline, Suzy3.32.0
102147 ENWild, Wild West, TheStilton, Geronimo3.31.0
78108 ENWizard or Witch?Abbott, Tony3.32.0
2847 ENWolf ChristmasPinkwater, Daniel3.30.5
13899 ENWrite up a Storm with the Polk Street SchoolGiff, Patricia Reilly3.31.0
17651 ENAbsent Author, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
43626 ENAdventures of Marco and Polo, TheWiesmüller/Peter3.40.5
7301 ENAlexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last SundayViorst, Judith3.40.5
16899 ENAmos and the Chameleon CaperPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
34563 ENArthur and the Poetry ContestBrown, Marc3.41.0
49397 ENArthur and the Race to ReadBrown/Krensky3.41.0
79889 ENAttack of the TaggerVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
7456 ENB. Bears and the Bully, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
17506 ENB. Bears and the Homework Hassle, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
7469 ENB. Bears and the Sitter, TheBerenstain, Stan3.40.5
17507 ENB. Bears and Too Much Teasing, TheBerenstain, Stan3.40.5
6054 ENB. Bears' New Baby, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
6103 ENBaby Sister for Frances, AHoban, Russell3.40.5
112000 ENBeast Beneath the Stairs, TheDahl, Michael3.40.5
7355 ENBest FriendsKellogg, Steven3.40.5
5458 ENBest Friends for FrancesHoban, Russell3.40.5
5504 ENBeware the Dragons!Wilson, Sarah3.40.5
44136 ENBlack and WhiteMacaulay, David3.40.5
41416 ENBlaze and the Lost QuarryAnderson, C.W.3.40.5
41419 ENBlaze Shows the WayAnderson, C.W.3.40.5
68987 ENBlizzard, TheWright, Betty Ren3.40.5
17558 ENBogeymen Don't Play FootballDadey/Jones3.41.0
54237 ENBus of Our Own, AEvans, Freddi Williams3.40.5
83533 ENCam Jansen and the Snowy Day MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
103356 ENCam Jansen and the Valentine Baby MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
20777 ENCam Jansen...Catnapping MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
14660 ENCam Jansen...Ghostly MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
18707 ENCam Jansen...Mystery of Flight 54Adler, David A.3.41.0
18708 ENCam Jansen...Mystery...Television DogAdler, David A.3.41.0
14661 ENCam Jansen...Mystery...U.F.O.Adler, David A.3.41.0
54476 ENCam Jansen ...School Play MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
20014 ENCanary Caper, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
77123 ENCat and Mouse in a Haunted HouseStilton, Geronimo3.41.0
5508 ENChinese Mirror, TheGinsburg, Mirra3.40.5
110433 ENChristmas Angel, TheWilhelm, Hans3.40.5
44894 ENCivil War on SundayOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
6309 ENClues in the WoodsParish, Peggy3.42.0
84907 ENCold Snap! Frosty Poems, ABaird, Audrey B.3.40.5
19937 ENCommander Toad and the Intergalactic SpyYolen, Jane3.40.5
74664 ENCool Ghoul Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.41.0
18661 ENCranberry EasterDevlin, Wende/Harry3.40.5
8707 ENCrash DiveFrederick, Lee3.41.0
30043 ENCrictorUngerer, Tomi3.40.5
18665 ENCurious George Goes to the HospitalRey, Margret/H.A.3.40.5
18713 ENDance with RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
78841 ENDanger! Wizard at WorkMcMullan, Kate3.41.0
89417 ENDarkest DawnStine, R.L.3.43.0
76703 ENDead Lifeguard, TheStine, R.L.3.44.0
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
45119 ENDear Diary, I'm DeadStine, R.L.3.43.0
19917 ENDetective PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
21744 ENDevil's RaceAvi3.44.0
46322 ENDiversion, TheApplegate, K.A.3.44.0
14985 ENDog HeavenRylant, Cynthia3.40.5
54478 ENDon't Count on DraculaGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
104043 ENDouble Dragon TroubleMcMullan, Kate3.42.0
75987 ENDrat! You Copycat!Krulik, Nancy3.41.0
12770 ENDunc and Amos Go to the DogsPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
6716 ENDunc and the Flaming GhostPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
6720 ENDunc's DollPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
88907 ENDuncan and the PiratesUtton, Peter3.40.5
89730 ENEnergyLilly, Melinda3.40.5
104137 ENExtreme SnowmobilingMarx, Mandy R.3.40.5
13063 ENFarm Dogs (Barnyard Friends)Cooper, Jason3.40.5
116132 ENFerrariBullard, Lisa3.40.5
43015 ENFishing in the AirCreech, Sharon3.40.5
7723 ENFrankenstein Moved in on the Fourth FloorLevy, Elizabeth3.41.0
32902 ENFranklin Goes to the HospitalJennings, Sharon3.40.5
44160 ENFull Moon FeverStine, R.L.3.43.0
101235 ENGame DayBarber, Tiki3.40.5
9606 ENGhost BeachStine, R.L.3.43.0
82273 ENGhost of Sir Herbert Dungeonstone, TheMcMullan, Kate3.41.0
10669 ENGhosts Don't Eat Potato ChipsDadey/Jones3.41.0
111887 ENGo-Kart RushMaddox, Jake3.41.0
19908 ENGood-bye PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
36244 ENGrandad's Dinosaur/Granddad's DinosuarGirling, Brough3.40.5
110380 ENGreek Mythology: Jason and the Golden FleeceHerdling, Glenn3.40.5
44902 ENGus and Grandpa and Show-and-TellMills, Claudia3.40.5
107850 ENHail! Hail! Camp Dragononka!McMullan, Kate3.43.0
73312 ENHall MonitorAuerbach, Annie3.40.5
109838 ENHarriet Tubman and the Underground RailroadAbnett, Dan3.40.5
31059 ENHaunted Hotel, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
109972 ENHaunted Surfboard, TheMasters, Anthony3.41.0
53437 ENHaunting Hour, TheStine, R.L.3.45.0
88393 ENHello, Goodbye Window, TheJuster, Norton3.40.5
28296 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Sister's BodyStrasser, Todd3.43.0
18724 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in Santa's BodyStrasser, Todd3.43.0
31539 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in the First Day of SchoolStrasser, Todd3.43.0
32513 ENHerbie Jones and Hamburger HeadKline, Suzy3.42.0
319 ENHerbie Jones and the Class GiftKline, Suzy3.41.0
70495 ENHerbie Jones Moves OnKline, Suzy3.41.0
20349 ENHere Come the Bridesmaids!Martin, Ann M.3.44.0
68287 ENHigh Tide in HawaiiOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
82270 ENHorrible Harry and the Locked ClosetKline, Suzy3.41.0
109656 ENHot AirMasters, Anthony3.40.5
108504 ENHouse With No Name, TheGoodhart, Pippa3.41.0
5312 ENHouseboat MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.43.0
23293 ENHow to Speak Dolphin in Three Easy LessonsGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
78754 ENHumphrey, Albert, and the Flying MachineLasky, Kathryn3.40.5
111998 ENHunter's MoonTownsend, John3.41.0
21256 ENI Love You the PurplestJoosse, Barbara M.3.40.5
84326 ENIn Search of ReptarBanks, Steven3.41.0
5274 ENIt's Not the End of the WorldBlume, Judy3.44.0
60714 ENJake Drake, Class ClownClements, Andrew3.41.0
89010 ENJudy Moody Declares IndependenceMcDonald, Megan3.42.0
19292 ENKaren's Sleigh RideMartin, Ann M.3.42.0
19294 ENKaren's Snow PrincessMartin, Ann M.3.41.0
19912 ENKeep Out, PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
44931 ENKidnapped King, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
108390 ENKids Talk About BullyingFinn, Carrie3.40.5
103615 ENKissing Brendan CallahanAmessé, Susan3.44.0
36463 ENKnight for a DayMcMullan, K.H.3.42.0
116135 ENLamborghiniHill, Randal C.3.40.5
75362 ENLisa in the JungleGutman, Anne3.40.5
57724 ENLittle Whistle's MedicineRylant, Cynthia3.40.5
8019 ENLove You ForeverMunsch, Robert N.3.40.5
6280 ENLove You, SoldierHest, Amy3.41.0
111168 ENLucia and the LightRoot, Phyllis3.40.5
15108 ENMagic School Bus Butterfly and the Bog Beast, TheCole/Krulik3.41.0
54494 ENMagic School Bus Kicks up a Storm, TheCole, Joanna3.40.5
68615 ENMalted Falcon, TheHale, Bruce3.42.0
42810 ENMarvin and the Meanest GirlKline, Suzy3.41.0
28330 ENMarvin Redpost: Class PresidentSachar, Louis3.41.0
19329 ENMary Anne Breaks the RulesMartin, Ann M.3.43.0
49512 ENMatthew and the Midnight WreckerMorgan, Allen3.40.5
68259 ENMeanest Hound Around, TheWallace, Carol3.43.0
84287 ENMeet the GeckoVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
88808 ENMidnight GamesStine, R.L.3.44.0
816 ENMolly Pitcher: Young PatriotStevenson, Augusta3.43.0
32168 ENMolly's in a MessKline, Suzy3.41.0
17783 ENMusic of Dolphins, TheHesse, Karen3.43.0
56929 ENMy Grandma, Major League SluggerGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
65003 ENMy Teacher Ate My HomeworkGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
51926 ENMystery of the Hairy Tomatoes, TheStanley, George Edward3.41.0
5529 ENNana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsDePaola, Tomie3.40.5
111087 ENNever Trust a Troll!McMullan, Kate3.42.0
113583 ENNo Biz Like Show BizKrulik, Nancy3.41.0
32504 ENNow You See Me...Now You Don'tGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
14431 ENOld Woman Who Named Things, TheRylant, Cynthia3.40.5
15878 ENOle BlueSargent, Dave3.40.5
9619 ENOne Day at HorrorLandStine, R.L.3.43.0
77129 ENPaws Off, Cheddarface!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
87983 ENPerfect Monster, TheGrindley, Sally3.40.5
107272 ENPhantom Mudder, TheOdgers, Darrel3.41.0
9620 ENPhantom of the AuditoriumStine, R.L.3.43.0
89126 ENPig Latin: Not Just for Pigs!McMullan, Kate3.42.0
103470 ENPitt Street PiratesDeary, Terry3.41.0
25244 ENPlanets in Our Solar System, TheBranley, Franklyn M.3.40.5
109664 ENPoison PlateSpirn, M. Sobel3.41.0
54518 ENPonies from the PastBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
54810 ENPoof! Rabbits Everywhere!Lerangis, Peter3.41.0
68260 ENPrincipal's on the Roof, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.41.0
54849 ENQuiet! You're InvisibleMeacham, Margaret3.42.0
5038 ENRed Sails to CapriWeil, Ann3.44.0
109657 ENSam's GoalHardcastle, Michael3.40.5
29247 ENSarah Morton's DayWaters, Kate3.40.5
137 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
110967 ENScaredy Dog!Ellis, Andy3.40.5
73222 ENScooby-Doo! and the Carnival CreeperGelsey, James3.41.0
73229 ENScooby-Doo! and the Haunted CastleGelsey, James3.41.0
73242 ENScooby-Doo! and the Zombie's TreasureGelsey, James3.41.0
107541 ENSea MonstersSautter, Aaron3.40.5
103377 ENSecret AdmirerStine, R.L.3.44.0
289 ENSeven Kisses in a RowMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
60345 ENShut-Out!Rivers, Camilla Reghelini3.44.0
785 ENSilverMazer, Norma Fox3.47.0
28339 ENSki Slope Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.41.0
21385 ENSleepless BeautyMinters, Frances3.40.5
77707 ENSnarf Attack, Underfoodle...The Riot Brothers Tell AllAmato, Mary3.42.0
65819 ENSoccer BattleSorenson, Margo3.42.0
109137 ENSpace GamesOrme, David3.40.5
18747 ENStarring RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
7165 ENStinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, TheScieszka, Jon3.40.5
109138 ENSummer TroubleZucker, Jonny3.40.5
89943 ENSunny the Yellow FairyMeadows, Daisy3.41.0
443 ENSuperfudgeBlume, Judy3.44.0
86940 ENSurf's Up, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
83431 ENSwitchedStine, R.L.3.43.0
65433 ENTake Two, They're SmallLevy, Elizabeth3.42.0
349 ENThere's a Boy in the Girls' BathroomSachar, Louis3.45.0
13893 ENTrash BashDelton, Judy3.41.0
20623 ENTurkey That Ate My Father, TheMarney, Dean3.43.0
107569 ENU.S. Army Infantry Fighting VehiclesRustad, Martha E.H.3.40.5
20298 ENUpchuck and the Rotten Willy: The Great EscapeWallace, Bill3.43.0
14443 ENVerdiCannon, Janell3.40.5
23298 ENVolcano Goddess Will See You Now, TheGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
5247 ENWayside School Is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
24596 ENWhat's the Trick?Walsh, Caroline E.3.42.0
5499 ENWhere the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice3.40.5
104772 ENWrit in StonePetrucha, Stefan3.41.0
6996 ENYear of the Panda, TheSchlein, Miriam3.41.0
75371 ENYeeps! Secret in the Statue!Lerangis, Peter3.41.0
75372 ENYikes! It's Alive!Lerangis, Peter3.41.0
75373 ENZap! Science Fair Surprise!Lerangis, Peter3.41.0
74909 ENAl Capone Does My ShirtsCholdenko, Gennifer3.57.0
5452 ENAmazing GraceHoffman, Mary3.50.5
12761 ENAmos Goes BananasPaulsen, Gary3.51.0
59779 ENAnyone but MeKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
9601 ENAttack of the MutantStine, R.L.3.53.0
42382 ENAuntie ClausPrimavera, Elise3.50.5
66060 ENB. Bears and Baby Makes Five, TheBerenstain, Stan3.50.5
66061 ENB. Bears and the Excuse Note, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.50.5
74871 ENB. Bears and the Papa's Day Surprise, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.50.5
7471 ENB. Bears and the Trouble with Friends, TheBerenstain, Stan3.50.5
109421 ENB. Bears Go on Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan3.50.5
25955 ENB. Bears Lend a Helping Hand, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.50.5
103499 ENBamboozlers, Thede Guzman, Michael3.54.0
77893 ENBeach Patrol, TheO'Brien/Bilkins3.50.5
6403 ENBells of Christmas, TheHamilton, Virginia3.51.0
109053 ENBig Brother at SchoolPowell, Jillian3.50.5
48665 ENBig Trouble in Little TwinsvilleLevy, Elizabeth3.52.0
19915 ENBlind Pony, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
80955 ENBoy No More, AMazer, Harry3.54.0
45036 ENBright Christmas: An Angel RemembersClements, Andrew3.50.5
106324 ENBuster Changes His LuckBrown, Marc3.50.5
88502 ENBuster Hits the TrailBrown, Marc3.50.5
68252 ENCabin in the SnowHopkinson, Deborah3.51.0
80395 ENCactus SoupKimmel, Eric A.3.50.5
34553 ENCam Jansen...Barking Treasure MysteryAdler, David A.3.51.0
17663 ENCam Jansen...Haunted HouseAdler, David A.3.51.0
18709 ENCam Jansen...Scary Snake MysteryAdler, David A.3.51.0
31078 ENCanoe DaysPaulsen, Gary3.50.5
78215 ENCase of the Million-Dollar Mystery, ThePreller, James3.51.0
41250 ENChameleon Wore Chartreuse, TheHale, Bruce3.52.0
103721 ENChinese New YearHeinrichs, Ann3.50.5
109836 ENChristopher Columbus and the Voyage of 1492Abnett, Dan3.50.5
19335 ENClaudia Kishi, Live from WSTO!Martin, Ann M.3.53.0
46481 ENClue of the Left-Handed Envelope, TheStanley, George Edward3.51.0
51921 ENCobweb Confession, TheStanley, George Edward3.51.0
19940 ENCommander Toad and the Space PiratesYolen, Jane3.50.5
5464 ENCorduroyFreeman, Don3.50.5
41243 ENCountdown to the Year 1000McMullan, K.H.3.52.0
59528 ENCrook Who Took the Book, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
106009 ENDancing LarryPinkwater, Daniel3.50.5
73108 ENDangerous GirlsStine, R.L.3.56.0
56938 ENDashing Dog Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
76698 ENDead EndStine, R.L.3.54.0
9605 ENDeep TroubleStine, R.L.3.53.0
112296 ENDisgusting PlacesMiller, Connie Colwell3.50.5
40153 ENDo Bears Give Bear Hugs?Editors, Time-Life3.50.5
105245 ENDonner Party, TheWelvaert, Scott R.3.50.5
6719 ENDunc Gets TweakedPaulsen, Gary3.52.0
19562 ENEliPeet, Bill3.50.5
105224 ENEmily Dickinson's Letters to the WorldWinter, Jeanette3.50.5
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
87374 ENEnemy SpyVan Draanen, Wendelin3.53.0
75292 ENEverything New Under the SunMazer, Anne3.52.0
105177 ENField Trip to Niagara FallsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
5361 ENFinding Buck McHenrySlote, Alfred3.56.0
32172 ENFlying Flea, Callie, and Me, TheWallace, Bill/Carol3.52.0
17282 ENFor the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and MeGreenfield, Eloise3.50.5
116133 ENFord MustangBullard, Lisa3.50.5
109632 ENFriendly Four, TheGreenfield, Eloise3.50.5
84539 ENFriends for NeverKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
10668 ENGhost of Popcorn Hill, TheWright, Betty Ren3.51.0
34613 ENGingerbread BabyBrett, Jan3.50.5
19913 ENGirl Who Hated Ponies, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
1969 ENGood Night, MamanMazer, Norma Fox3.54.0
75293 ENGood Things Come in Small PackagesMazer, Anne3.52.0
64604 ENGoosed!Wallace, Bill3.52.0
28343 ENHannah's SecretKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
5017 ENHappy Birthday, Molly!Tripp, Valerie3.51.0
54493 ENHawk Bandits of Tarkoom, TheAbbott, Tony3.52.0
76209 ENHelp! It's Parents Day at DSAMcMullan, Kate3.52.0
49743 ENHenry's First-Moon BirthdayLook, Lenore3.50.5
318 ENHerbie JonesKline, Suzy3.52.0
74425 ENHorrible Harry and the HolidazeKline, Suzy3.51.0
69043 ENHorrible Harry and the Mud GremlinsKline, Suzy3.51.0
8230 ENHow I Broke Up With ErnieStine, R.L.3.54.0
32509 ENHow I Fixed the Year 1000 ProblemGreenburg, Dan3.51.0
174 ENHow to Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
87236 ENHow to Lose Your Cookie MoneyWesley, Valerie Wilson3.51.0
57213 ENI Love You, Stupid!Mazer, Harry3.56.0
109156 ENI'm Game!Krulik, Nancy3.51.0
77126 ENI'm Too Fond of My Fur!Stilton, Geronimo3.51.0
25946 ENIce Cream Scoop, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
5022 ENIggie's HouseBlume, Judy3.53.0
76341 ENIn the Ice Caves of KrogAbbott, Tony3.52.0
105792 ENInky the Indigo FairyMeadows, Daisy3.51.0
10781 ENInvisible Dog, TheKing-Smith, Dick3.51.0
5475 ENIsland of the Skog, TheKellogg, Steven3.50.5
111309 ENIt's Snow Joke!Krulik, Nancy3.51.0
105146 ENIt's the Easter Beagle, Charlie BrownSchulz, Charles M.3.50.5
44930 ENJaguar's Jewel, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
50946 ENJake Drake, Bully BusterClements, Andrew3.51.0
19879 ENJessi's Big BreakMartin, Ann M.3.53.0
44574 ENJourney, TheApplegate, K.A.3.53.0
56498 ENJudy Moody Gets Famous!McDonald, Megan3.51.0
48375 ENJudy Moody Was in a Mood. Not a Good Mood. A Bad Mood.McDonald, Megan3.51.0
14150 ENJunebugMead, Alice3.53.0
106999 ENKaren's NannyMartin, Ann M.3.52.0
7150 ENKeep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth GradeLevy, Elizabeth3.52.0
32020 ENKidnap at the Catfish CafeGiff, Patricia Reilly3.52.0
618 ENKidnapping Kevin KowalskiAuch, Mary Jane3.53.0
19339 ENKristy and the Dirty DiapersMartin, Ann M.3.53.0
19345 ENKristy + Bart = ?Martin, Ann M.3.53.0
87298 ENLace Dowry, TheCheng, Andrea3.53.0
7376 ENLast Little Duckling, TheKennedy, Fiona3.50.5
15082 ENLegend of Red Horse Cavern, ThePaulsen, Gary3.51.0
28342 ENLemonade Raid, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
5477 ENLittle Engine That Could, ThePiper, Watty3.50.5
6428 ENLittle LeftyChristopher, Matt3.52.0
7738 ENLittles Go Exploring, ThePeterson, John3.51.0
5523 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood StoryYoung, Ed3.50.5
6476 ENLong Stretch at First BaseChristopher, Matt3.52.0
104923 ENLost in Time: A Medieval AdventureBanks, Steven3.50.5
84760 ENLove Stinks!Krulik, Nancy3.51.0
61041 ENMagic PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
11378 ENMagic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake, TheBeech, Linda3.50.5
15110 ENMagic School Bus Going Batty, TheCole/Krulik3.51.0
32288 ENMagic School Bus in the Rain Forest, TheCole, Joanna3.50.5
11379 ENMagic School Bus Inside Ralphie, TheCole/Nadler3.50.5
103789 ENMary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Graphic NovelReed, Gary3.51.0
110465 ENMatterMurray, Julie3.50.5
58775 ENMe and My MummyGreenburg, Dan3.51.0
6128 ENMillions of CatsGa'g, Wanda3.50.5
86064 ENMona Mousa Code, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
5582 ENMountainsStone, Lynn M.3.50.5
14427 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Fly the PlaneRylant, Cynthia3.50.5
66057 ENMrs. Claus Doesn't Climb Telephone PolesDadey/Jones3.51.0
101364 ENMrs. Cooney Is Loony!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
9616 ENMy Hairiest AdventureStine, R.L.3.53.0
10639 ENMystery of the Hot Air Balloon, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
9288 ENNight BirdKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
9617 ENNight in Terror Tower, AStine, R.L.3.53.0
2501 ENNightmare HourStine, R.L.3.54.0
76154 ENNo Messin' with My LessonKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
18736 ENNot-So-Perfect RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.51.0
78115 ENNothing to LoseFlinn, Alex3.57.0
109969 ENOn the LineMaddox, Jake3.51.0
5488 ENOne Fine DayHogrogian, Nonny3.50.5
112703 ENOpen WideKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
488 ENOtherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy3.54.0
62266 ENPanda Puzzle, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
10683 ENPee Wees on FirstDelton, Judy3.51.0
13883 ENPee Wees on ParadeDelton, Judy3.51.0
88858 ENPerfectFriend, Natasha3.55.0
83802 ENPhantom of the Subway, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
9621 ENPiano Lessons Can Be MurderStine, R.L.3.53.0
9290 ENPiles of PetsDelton, Judy3.51.0
49418 ENPinky and Rex and the Just-Right PetHowe, James3.50.5
64119 ENPony and the Haunted Barn, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
14529 ENPrivate Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11, TheHest, Amy3.51.0
14435 ENPumpkinsRay, Mary Lyn3.50.5
101242 ENPuppies on ParadeJones, Marcia Thornton3.51.0
64059 ENRabbit RaceBaglio, Ben M.3.52.0
44723 ENReturn, TheApplegate, K.A.3.53.0
43682 ENRevolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.51.0
59519 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) Robot vs...Mosquitoes...MercuryPilkey, Dav3.50.5
5137 ENRocks and MineralsPodendorf, Illa3.50.5
111212 ENRufus the Scrub Does Not Wear a TutuMcEwan, Jamie3.51.0
32922 ENSaddest Pony, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
9624 ENScarecrow Walks at Midnight, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
17691 ENSchool DaysWilder, Laura Ingalls3.51.0
89031 ENScooby-Doo and the Ghastly GiantMcCann, Jesse Leon3.50.5
73230 ENScooby-Doo! and the Howling WolfmanGelsey, James3.51.0
73238 ENScooby-Doo! and the Spooky StrikeoutGelsey, James3.51.0
44173 ENScream SchoolStine, R.L.3.53.0
110021 ENSee No EvilYoung, Diane3.52.0
86948 ENSeven Wheels of PowerBarnes, Dawn3.52.0
106553 ENSewer RatsBrouwer, Sigmund3.52.0
17275 ENShark in SchoolGiff, Patricia Reilly3.52.0
100081 ENShipwreck on the Pirate IslandsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
106337 ENSky the Blue FairyMeadows, Daisy3.51.0
111877 ENSoccer ShowdownZucker, Jonny3.50.5
103435 ENSpace PiratesOrme, David3.50.5
102523 ENSpoiled RottenGaetz, Dayle Campbell3.52.0
19333 ENStacey vs. the BSCMartin, Ann M.3.53.0
442 ENStage FrightMartin, Ann M.3.53.0
54446 ENStand Tall, Molly Lou MelonLovell, Patty3.50.5
114236 ENStink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky SneakersMcDonald, Megan3.51.0
193 ENStriped Ice CreamLexau, Joan3.52.0
50953 ENSummer PartyRylant, Cynthia3.50.5
80458 ENSurprise, Surprise!Stine, Megan3.52.0
66059 ENSwamp Monster in Third GradeDadey, Debbie3.51.0
88519 ENSwimming to AmericaMead, Alice3.55.0
65006 ENTattle TailsJones, Marcia Thornton3.51.0
13891 ENTeeny Weeny ZucchinisDelton, Judy3.51.0
84207 ENTemple of the Ruby of Fire, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
6945 ENThere's a Girl in My HammerlockSpinelli, Jerry3.55.0
54501 ENThis Body's Not Big Enough for Both of UsGreenburg, Dan3.51.0
6014 ENThunder CakePolacco, Patricia3.50.5
75302 ENToo Close for ComfortMazer, Anne3.52.0
13894 ENTricks and TreatsDelton, Judy3.51.0
9577 ENTruck Book, TheMcNaught, Harry3.50.5
8797 ENTwo Different GirlsBunting, Eve3.51.0
107573 ENU.S. Navy DestroyersRustad, Martha E.H.3.50.5
77275 ENUnwilling Umpire, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
105174 ENValentine's Day DisasterStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
80082 ENVampire's Vacation, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
76774 ENWerewolf Club Meets Oliver Twit, ThePinkwater, Daniel3.51.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
36465 ENWheel of MisfortuneMcMullan, K.H.3.52.0
5497 ENWhen Bluebell SangErnst, Lisa3.50.5
89431 ENWhere the Great Hawk FliesKetchum, Liza3.58.0
89120 ENWhirlwind Vacation, AKrulik, Nancy3.52.0
49426 ENWho Cloned the President?Roy, Ron3.51.0
73526 ENWho Is Stealing the Twelve Days of Christmas?Freeman, Martha3.54.0
5298 ENWho Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?Spinelli, Jerry3.57.0
80190 ENWho's Afraid of Fourth Grade?Krulik, Nancy3.52.0
9629 ENWhy I'm Afraid of BeesStine, R.L.3.53.0
39907 ENWish, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.55.0
71275 ENWolfman SamLevy, Elizabeth3.51.0
73324 ENWorld's Greatest Valentine, TheCollins, Terry3.51.0
87484 ENWrite On!Krulik, Nancy3.51.0
14880 ENYou Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.51.0
14700 ENZombies Don't Play SoccerDadey/Jones3.51.0
14911 EN3 NBs of Julian DrewDeem, James M.3.65.0
21626 ENAcquaintance with Darkness, AnRinaldi, Ann3.610.0
67281 ENAll Keyed UpChristopher/Peters3.61.0
66145 ENAmerican Flag, TheYanuck, Debbie L.3.60.5
5454 ENAmigoBaylor, Byrd3.60.5
16900 ENAmos and the VampirePaulsen, Gary3.61.0
16896 ENAmos Binder, Secret AgentPaulsen, Gary3.61.0
18952 ENAndalites Gift, TheApplegate, K.A.3.65.0
14841 ENAngels Don't Know KarateDadey/Jones3.61.0
15668 ENAnimal Builders (Naturebooks)McDonnell, Janet3.60.5
15670 ENAnimal Communication (Naturebooks)McDonnell, Janet3.60.5
74418 ENAny Way You Slice ItKrulik, Nancy3.61.0
5055 ENAre You There God? It's Me, MargaretBlume, Judy3.64.0
47730 ENArt Lesson, ThePaola, Tomie De3.60.5
7473 ENB. Bears and the Truth, TheBerenstain, Stan3.60.5
7476 ENB. Bears and Too Much Birthday, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.60.5
18659 ENB. Bears' Christmas Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.60.5
7484 ENB. Bears Get the Gimmies, TheBerenstain, Stan3.60.5
7491 ENB. Bears Learn About Strangers, TheBerenstain, Stan3.60.5
7499 ENB. Bears' Trouble with Pets, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.60.5
7500 ENB. Bears Visit the Dentist, TheBerenstain, Stan3.60.5
10652 ENBaseball FlyhawkChristopher, Matt3.62.0
85023 ENBattle of the Alamo, TheDoeden, Matt3.60.5
8207 ENBest Friend, TheStine, R.L.3.64.0
25020 ENBest FriendsSargent, Dave3.60.5
32295 ENBest WishesRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
654 ENBetsy's Little StarHaywood, Carolyn3.62.0
656 ENBlackberries in the DarkJukes, Mavis3.61.0
32494 ENBlackwaterBunting, Eve3.63.0
5506 ENBlow Me a Kiss, Miss LillyCarlstrom, Nancy3.60.5
61033 ENBlue-Ribbon BluesJones, Marcia Thornton3.61.0
111886 ENBoard RebelMaddox, Jake3.61.0
13856 ENBookworm BuddiesDelton, Judy3.61.0
6659 ENBorrowed ChildrenLyon, George Ella3.64.0
80474 ENBoy CrazyStine, Megan3.63.0
751 ENBoy Who Drank Too Much, TheGreene, Shep3.65.0
21372 ENBrave Little Parrot, TheMartin, Rafe3.60.5
5318 ENBus Station MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
109523 ENCam Jansen and the Secret Service MysteryAdler, David A.3.61.0
46454 ENCam Jansen...Birthday MysteryAdler, David A.3.61.0
114762 ENCamp Rules!Krulik, Nancy3.62.0
18956 ENCapture, TheApplegate, K.A.3.64.0
77840 ENCat Who Walked Across France, TheBanks, Kate3.60.5
108312 ENChristmas Tree FarmPurmell, Ann3.60.5
48762 ENClarice Bean, Guess Who's Babysitting?Child, Lauren3.60.5
19377 ENClaudia and the Lighthouse GhostMartin, Ann M.3.64.0
19870 ENClaudia, Queen of the Seventh GradeMartin, Ann M.3.63.0
28345 ENClue in the Glue, TheKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
28482 ENCommander Toad and the Voyage HomeYolen, Jane3.60.5
14993 ENCrashSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
10659 ENCupid Doesn't Flip HamburgersDadey/Jones,3.61.0
14865 ENDakota SpringLove, Dorothy Anne3.62.0
72216 ENDay Camp Disaster, TheKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
63613 ENDear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience SchoolTeague, Mark3.60.5
41465 ENDefine "Normal"Peters, Julie Anne3.66.0
104770 ENDemon of River Heights, ThePetrucha, Stefan3.61.0
5511 ENDoctor De SotoSteig, William3.60.5
103466 ENDon't Go in the CellarStrong, Jeremy3.61.0
19910 ENDon't Hurt My PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
5263 ENDon't Rent My Room!Angell, Judie3.65.0
48324 ENDon't You Know There's a War On?Avi3.64.0
61267 ENDouble FudgeBlume, Judy3.65.0
20210 ENDown with Queen JanetPascal/Suzanne3.64.0
10689 ENDracula Doesn't Drink LemonadeDadey/Jones,3.61.0
12769 ENDragons Don't Cook PizzaDadey/Jones,3.61.0
27727 ENDrive-ByEwing, Lynne3.62.0
16898 ENDunc and Amos on Thin IcePaulsen, Gary3.61.0
114833 ENEggsSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
51660 ENElbert's Bad WordWood, Audrey3.60.5
14665 ENElves Don't Wear Hard HatsDadey/Jones3.61.0
44898 ENEscape North! The Story of Harriet TubmanKulling, Monica3.60.5
41409 ENFarmer Boy Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
20017 ENFarmer Boy DaysWilder/Peterson3.61.0
102996 ENFashion KittyHarper, Charise Mericle3.60.5
21606 ENFat Man, TheGee, Maurice3.66.0
88937 ENFern the Green FairyMeadows, Daisy3.61.0
79071 ENFire-Eaters, TheAlmond, David3.65.0
85778 ENFirst Horror, TheStine, R.L.3.64.0
76338 ENFlight of the GenieAbbott, Tony3.62.0
101546 ENFrom Charlie's Point of ViewScrimger, Richard3.68.0
7568 ENFunny Little Woman, TheMosel, Arlene3.60.5
14668 ENGargoyles Don't Drive School BusesDadey/Jones3.61.0
108571 ENGenie, TheHooper, Mary3.61.0
10667 ENGenies Don't Ride BicyclesDadey/Jones3.61.0
7727 ENGhost on the Hill, TheMaccarone, Grace3.61.0
9608 ENGirl Who Cried Monster, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
19904 ENGive Me Back My PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
41423 ENGoing WestWilder/MacBride3.60.5
16952 ENGood Grief...Third GradeMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy3.63.0
105752 ENGotcha! Gotcha Back!Krulik, Nancy3.61.0
7570 ENGrandfather's JourneySay, Allen3.60.5
108600 ENGreatest Shepherd of All: A Really Woolly Christmas Story, TheGerth, Holley3.60.5
13863 ENGreedy GroundhogsDelton, Judy3.61.0
74667 ENHaunted Castle on Hallows EveOsborne, Mary Pope3.61.0
173 ENHave You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?Giff, Patricia Reilly3.63.0
13793 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Teacher's BodyStrasser, Todd3.63.0
110964 ENHocus Pocus HoundHay, Samantha3.60.5
103432 ENHorror of the HeightsMasters, Anthony3.60.5
19133 ENIf It Weren't for FarmersFowler, Allan3.60.5
42587 ENIllusion, TheApplegate, K.A.3.63.0
31060 ENInvisible Island, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
53540 ENIrving and Muktuk: Two Bad BearsPinkwater, Daniel3.60.5
76221 ENIt's Itchcraft!Greenburg, Dan3.62.0
86758 ENIt's Music to My EarsMazer, Anne3.62.0
6644 ENIt's Only Goodbye: An Immigrant StoryGross, Virginia T.3.61.0
62253 ENJudy Moody Saves the WorldMcDonald, Megan3.61.0
107051 ENKaren's Big City MysteryMartin, Ann M.3.62.0
106996 ENKaren's Figure EightMartin, Ann M.3.62.0
44754 ENKate and the BeanstalkOsborne, Mary Pope3.60.5
274 ENKevin Corbett Eats FliesHermes, Patricia3.65.0
18774 ENKidnap KidsStrasser, Todd3.64.0
103086 ENKitten Caper, TheKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
6531 ENKristy's Great IdeaMartin, Ann M.3.64.0
35291 ENLamb in the LaundryBaglio, Ben M.3.63.0
20026 ENLaura & NellieWilder/Peterson3.61.0
7677 ENLily and Miss LibertyStevens, Carla3.61.0
41410 ENLittle House Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
1968 ENLittle House FriendsWilder/Henson3.61.0
20030 ENLittles to the Rescue, ThePeterson, John3.61.0
15600 ENLoup Garou, TheAmoss, Berthe3.60.5
34825 ENLove as Strong as GingerLook, Lenore3.60.5
80485 ENLove Factor, TheNoonan, Rosalind3.63.0
11377 ENMadeline and the Bad HatBemelmans, Ludwig3.60.5
14630 ENMagic School Bus Gets All Dried Up, TheCole/Weyn3.60.5
18373 ENMagic School Bus Goes Upstream, TheCole/Krulik3.61.0
5480 ENMagic School Bus Inside the Earth, TheCole, Joanna3.60.5
20671 ENMailing MayTunnell, Michael O.3.60.5
7680 ENMan out at FirstChristopher, Matt3.61.0
14681 ENMartians Don't Take TemperaturesDadey/Jones3.61.0
44914 ENMarvin Redpost: Super Fast, Out of Control!Sachar, Louis3.61.0
8021 ENMatthew and the Midnight Tow TruckMorgan, Allen3.60.5
35825 ENMatthew and the Midnight WrestlersMorgan, Allen3.60.5
106856 ENMax's RulesPhilipson, Sandra3.60.5
32171 ENMcBroom the RainmakerFleischman, Sid3.60.5
71260 ENMe Oh MayaScieszka, Jon3.61.0
71828 ENMilkweedSpinelli, Jerry3.67.0
6335 ENMirette on the High WireMcCully, Emily Arnold3.60.5
84980 ENMiss Small Is off the Wall!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
675 ENMolly's SurpriseTripp, Valerie3.61.0
9614 ENMonster Blood IIStine, R.L.3.63.0
10676 ENMonsters Don't Scuba DiveDadey/Jones3.61.0
88137 ENMoonlight SecretsStine, R.L.3.64.0
20732 ENMost WantedCray, Jordan3.65.0
103837 ENMr. Docker Is off His Rocker!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
71281 ENMs. Frizzle's Adventures: Medieval CastleCole, Joanna3.60.5
83938 ENMs. Hannah Is Bananas!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
44179 ENMummy Walks, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
28793 ENMy Life as a Fifth-Grade ComedianLevy, Elizabeth3.65.0
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
78562 ENNever Mind! A Twin NovelAvi3.65.0
6676 ENNobodies & SomebodiesOrgel, Doris3.64.0
20479 ENNose from Jupiter, TheScrimger, Richard3.65.0
7014 ENNothing but the TruthAvi3.64.0
14881 ENNothing but Trouble, Trouble, TroubleHermes, Patricia3.64.0
55663 ENOff the WallRivers, Camilla Reghelini3.64.0
78025 ENOne Smooth MovePeters, Stephanie True3.61.0
62265 ENOrange Outlaw, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
6434 ENOrp and the Chop Suey BurgersKline, Suzy3.62.0
59793 ENOut to LunchKrulik, Nancy3.61.0
45880 ENOutside Over ThereSendak, Maurice3.60.5
110019 ENPigboyGrant, Vicki3.62.0
13082 ENPigs (Farm Animal Discovery)Stone, Lynn M.3.60.5
17687 ENPinky and Rex and the Double-Dad WeekendHowe, James3.60.5
76514 ENPonies on ParadeBetancourt, Jeanne3.62.0
32409 ENPony on the PorchBaglio, Ben M.3.63.0
76515 ENPony ProblemBetancourt, Jeanne3.62.0
116137 ENPorscheBullard, Lisa3.60.5
106295 ENPossum Always Rings Twice, TheHale, Bruce3.62.0
18983 ENPredator, TheApplegate, K.A.3.64.0
86364 ENReal Slam Dunk, TheRichardson, Charisse K.3.61.0
69213 ENRecipe for TroubleKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
77130 ENRed Pizzas for a Blue CountStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
65004 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot...Jurassic Jackrabbits from JupiterPilkey, Dav3.60.5
59521 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monkeys from MarsPilkey, Dav3.60.5
68261 ENRiddle of the Stolen Sand, TheStanley, George Edward3.61.0
14038 ENRisky FriendsPeters, Julie Anne3.63.0
20038 ENRosie's Big City BalletGiff, Patricia Reilly3.61.0
19907 ENRunaway PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
65673 ENRunaway Racehorse, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
337 ENS.O.R. LosersAvi3.62.0
106874 ENSafe at HomeRobinson, Sharon3.63.0
686 ENSam, Bangs and MoonshineNess, Evaline3.60.5
17591 ENSanta Claus Doesn't Mop FloorsDadey/Jones3.61.0
17547 ENSchmoe White and the Seven DorfsThaler, Mike3.60.5
73224 ENScooby-Doo! and the Fairground PhantomGelsey, James3.61.0
73226 ENScooby-Doo! and the Frankenstein MonsterGelsey, James3.61.0
73228 ENScooby-Doo! and the Groovy GhostGelsey, James3.61.0
19400 ENSea City, Here We Come!Martin, Ann M.3.65.0
106866 ENSearch for Sunken Treasure, TheStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
44174 ENSlappy's NightmareStine, R.L.3.62.0
84224 ENSnowman Surprise, TheKeene, Carolyn3.61.0
8676 ENSomething Queer in Outer SpaceLevy, Elizabeth3.60.5
115563 ENSpace StationsKortenkamp, Steve3.60.5
103619 ENSpacer and RatBechard, Margaret3.66.0
72913 ENSpongeBob Airpants: The Lost EpisodeRichards, Kitty3.61.0
19320 ENStacey and the CheerleadersMartin, Ann M.3.63.0
19315 ENStacey's Big CrushMartin, Ann M.3.64.0
19301 ENStacey's Ex-Best FriendMartin, Ann M.3.63.0
101052 ENStar Wars, Journey Through SpaceWindham, Ryder3.60.5
108570 ENStarship RescueBreslin, Theresa3.61.0
32926 ENStolen PoniesBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
84983 ENStory of the Easter Bunny, TheTegen, Katherine Brown3.60.5
114774 ENStuck in the 70'sGarfinkle, Debra3.65.0
16897 ENSuper AmosPaulsen, Gary3.61.0
8248 ENSurprise Party, TheStine, R.L.3.65.0
445 ENTalk About a FamilyGreenfield, Eloise3.61.0
59570 ENTesting Miss MalarkeyFinchler, Judy3.60.5
16734 ENThen Again, Maybe I Won'tBlume, Judy3.65.0
64325 ENThis Gum for HireHale, Bruce3.62.0
16940 ENTiki Doll of DoomHaynes, Betsy3.63.0
2456 ENTwisters!Penner, Lucille Recht3.60.5
59073 ENTwo Heads Are Better Than OneMazer, Anne3.62.0
107847 ENU.S. Coast Guard CuttersBraulick, Carrie A.3.60.5
107572 ENU.S. Navy CruisersRustad, Martha E.H.3.60.5
54503 ENUnder the Serpent SeaAbbott, Tony3.62.0
44727 ENUnexpected, TheApplegate, K.A.3.63.0
18749 ENUnicorns Don't Give Sleigh RidesDadey/Jones,3.61.0
5498 ENWhen I Was Young in the MountainsRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
83391 ENWhite Wolf, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
446 ENWho Stole the Wizard of Oz?Avi,3.62.0
19909 ENWild Pony, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
5500 ENWilliam's DollZolotow, Charlotte3.60.5
697 ENWinning StreakHughes, Dean3.61.0
109164 ENWitch SwitchKrulik, Nancy3.62.0
14698 ENWizards Don't Need ComputersDadey/Jones3.61.0
16645 ENWolf Rider: A Tale of TerrorAvi,3.65.0
9630 ENYou Can't Scare MeStine, R.L.3.63.0
46317 ENAbsolute, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
352 ENAfter the RainMazer, Norma Fox3.78.0
5451 ENAlexander and the...Very Bad DayViorst, Judith3.70.5
111872 ENAlien AttackZucker, Jonny3.70.5
18951 ENAlien, TheApplegate, K.A.3.74.0
10651 ENAliens Don't Wear BracesDadey/Jones3.71.0
5203 ENAliens for LunchEtra, Jonathan3.71.0
16728 ENAmber Brown Goes FourthDanziger, Paula3.71.0
11145 ENAmber Brown Is Not a CrayonDanziger, Paula3.71.0
20253 ENAmber Brown Sees RedDanziger, Paula3.72.0
12760 ENAmber Brown Wants Extra CreditDanziger, Paula3.72.0
102511 ENApple Bandit, TheKeene, Carolyn3.71.0
85022 ENAssassination of Abraham Lincoln, TheOlson, Kay Melchisedech3.70.5
115865 ENAsteroids, Comets, and MeteoritesKortenkamp, Steve3.70.5
7451 ENB. Bears Accept No Substitutes, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.71.0
7482 ENB. Bears Get in a Fight, TheBerenstain, Stan3.70.5
7493 ENB. Bears' Moving Day, TheBerenstain, Stan3.70.5
7494 ENB. Bears: No Girls Allowed, TheBerenstain, Stan3.70.5
19398 ENBaby-sitters at Shadow LakeMartin, Ann M.3.75.0
7002 ENBabyfaceMazer, Norma Fox3.75.0
8203 ENBabysitter III, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
50402 ENBack to BeforeApplegate, K.A.3.74.0
5205 ENBack to School with BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.72.0
25282 ENBallot Box Battle, TheMcCully, Emily Arnold3.70.5
41291 ENBaseball CrazyGodfrey, Martyn3.73.0
9602 ENBe Careful What You Wish For...Stine, R.L.3.73.0
107350 ENBe Nice to Mice!Krulik, Nancy3.71.0
6053 ENBearSchoenherr, John3.70.5
39584 ENBengal TigerTheodorou, Rod3.70.5
57545 ENBenji Martin Is BashfulWilliams, Tara3.70.5
84317 ENBest Is Yet to Come, TheMazer, Anne3.72.0
458 ENBetsy and the BoysHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
459 ENBetsy's Busy SummerHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
16909 ENBigfoot Doesn't Square DanceDadey/Jones3.71.0
7604 ENBilly and BlazeAnderson, C.W.3.70.5
655 ENBlack Snowman, TheMendez, Phil3.70.5
5460 ENBoy of the Three-Year Nap, TheSnyder, Dianne3.70.5
8210 ENBoyfriend, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
9708 ENBuried TreasurePascal/Suzanne3.73.0
79026 ENCall WaitingStine, R.L.3.74.0
17661 ENCam Jansen...Carnival PrizeAdler, David A.3.71.0
17659 ENCam Jansen...Chocolate Fudge MysteryAdler, David A.3.71.0
17662 ENCam Jansen...Gold CoinsAdler, David A.3.71.0
5210 ENCam Jansen...Mystery...Monkey HouseAdler, David A.3.71.0
17666 ENCam Jansen...Triceratops Pops MysteryAdler, David A.3.71.0
7132 ENCan You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?Danziger, Paula3.75.0
61037 ENCandy Is DandyKeene, Carolyn3.71.0
15078 ENCaptive!Paulsen, Gary3.71.0
75367 ENCarousel Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.71.0
6607 ENCarverRadin, Ruth Yaffe3.71.0
88165 ENCatch a Tiger by the ToeLevine, Ellen3.75.0
11406 ENCatcher with a Glass ArmChristopher, Matt3.72.0
7148 ENCenterfield BallhawkChristopher, Matt3.71.0
20779 ENCereal Box Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
5408 ENChanges for MollyTripp, Valerie3.71.0
10909 ENCheater, CheaterLevy, Elizabeth3.74.0
58025 ENChristmas in CamelotOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
43747 ENChristmas Rat, TheAvi3.73.0
19911 ENCircus PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.71.0
27466 ENCloud Book, TheDePaola, Tomie3.70.5
27492 ENClown of God, TheDePaola, Tomie3.70.5
7665 ENCoffin on a CaseBunting, Eve3.72.0
71273 ENCoiled Viper, TheAbbott, Tony3.72.0
79954 ENConfetti: Poems for ChildrenMora, Pat3.70.5
6663 ENCousinsHamilton, Virginia3.74.0
18663 ENCranberry ThanksgivingDevlin, Wende/Harry3.70.5
48533 ENCrinkleroot's Guide to Walking in Wild PlacesArnosky, Jim3.70.5
6711 ENCulpepper's CannonPaulsen, Gary3.72.0
77131 ENCurse of the Cheese Pyramid, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
12768 ENCyclops Doesn't Roller-SkateDadey/Jones,3.71.0
11166 ENDance at Grandpa'sWilder, Laura Ingalls3.70.5
15079 ENDanger on Midnight RiverPaulsen, Gary3.71.0
19348 ENDawn and Too Many SittersMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
19317 ENDawn's Big MoveMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
8220 ENDead Girlfriend, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
42805 ENDear God, HELP!!! Love, EarlPark, Barbara3.73.0
15817 ENDeath's Door: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.73.0
4949 ENDeer (Naturebooks)Berendes, Mary3.70.5
5321 ENDeserted Library MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
9121 ENDog That Pitched a No-Hitter, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
14615 ENDog That Stole Home, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
111997 ENDoorway to DarknessBanks, John3.71.0
102422 ENDowntown BoyHerrera, Juan Felipe3.74.0
84677 ENDuke Ellington: Jazz ComposerMonroe, Judy3.70.5
6717 ENDunc and the Scam ArtistsPaulsen, Gary3.71.0
112146 ENElle Woods: Blonde LoveBrown, Amanda3.75.0
33628 ENExposed, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
76699 ENFinal GradeStine, R.L.3.74.0
76704 ENFirst Scream, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
48073 ENFloodlandSedgwick, Marcus3.74.0
102518 ENFlower PowerWalsh, Ann3.72.0
49782 ENFollowing Fake ManHolmes, Barbara Ware3.76.0
10666 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Plant PetuniasDadey/Jones3.71.0
414 ENFudgeGraeber, Charlotte3.73.0
106097 ENGender BlenderNelson, Blake3.75.0
83696 ENGhost GameJones, Marcia Thornton3.71.0
9607 ENGhost Next Door, TheStine, R.L.3.73.0
13394 ENGhost of Whispering Rock, TheRobinson, Nancy3.71.0
20018 ENGhouls Don't Scoop Ice CreamDadey/Jones,3.71.0
77559 ENGive My Regrets to BroadwayHale, Bruce3.72.0
19567 ENGnats of Knotty Pine, ThePeet, Bill3.70.5
9609 ENGo Eat Worms!Stine, R.L.3.73.0
11173 ENGoing to TownWilder, Laura Ingalls3.70.5
52623 ENGood Dog, TheAvi3.75.0
56405 ENGood Morning, Sweetie Pie: And Other Poems for Little ChildrenRylant, Cynthia3.70.5
10670 ENGremlins Don't Chew Bubble GumDadey/Jones,3.71.0
5367 ENHang Tough, Paul MatherSlote, Alfred3.75.0
5018 ENHappy Birthday, Samantha!Tripp, Valerie3.71.0
19867 ENHappy Holidays, JessiMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
30619 ENHard Times on the PrairieWilder/Peterson3.71.0
85017 ENHarriet Tubman and the Underground RailroadMartin, Michael3.70.5
18723 ENHelen Keller: Courage in the DarkHurwitz, Johanna3.70.5
6518 ENHello, MalloryMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
32157 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Gym Teacher's BodyStrasser, Todd3.73.0
20022 ENHercules Doesn't Pull TeethDadey/Jones,3.71.0
8068 ENHey World, Here I Am!Little, Jean3.71.0
8229 ENHitchhiker, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
101895 ENHorse for Mandy, AMcDaniel, Lurlene3.71.0
108038 ENHouse of the Red FishSalisbury, Graham3.78.0
25065 ENHow I Created My Perfect Prom DateStrasser, Todd3.75.0
112099 ENHow the Easter Bunny Saved ChristmasAnderson, Derek3.70.5
32746 ENI, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.72.0
321 ENI'm Going to Be FamousBirdseye, Tom3.74.0
27967 ENIf You Were a WriterNixon, Joan Lowery3.70.5
27610 ENInvasion of the UFOsMyers, Bill3.73.0
16650 ENInvasion, TheApplegate, K.A.3.75.0
2122 ENIt's All Greek to MeScieszka, Jon3.71.0
20272 ENJo Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth3.72.0
115323 ENJoy the Summer Vacation FairyMeadows, Daisy3.72.0
68459 ENJust Add Water...and Scream!Greenburg, Dan3.71.0
771 ENJust as Long as We're TogetherBlume, Judy3.77.0
83036 ENJust Plain CatRobinson, Nancy K.3.73.0
102726 ENKatie Kazoo Christmas, AKrulik, Nancy3.73.0
109045 ENKey LardoHale, Bruce3.72.0
74289 ENKick It!Christopher/Peters3.71.0
74863 ENKidnapped at the CapitalRoy, Ron3.71.0
5227 ENKirsten Saves the DayShaw, Janet3.71.0
36754 ENKit's WildernessAlmond, David3.76.0
103124 ENKnowledge Is PowerMazer, Anne3.72.0
101200 ENLambkins, TheBunting, Eve3.74.0
73768 ENLeprechauns Don't Play FetchDadey/Jones3.71.0
7281 ENLittle Rabbit, TheDunn, Judy3.70.5
50495 ENLittle Whistle's Dinner PartyRylant, Cynthia3.70.5
108567 ENLiving with VampiresStrong, Jeremy3.71.0
14843 ENLone Star: A Story of the Texas RangersKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.71.0
59055 ENLook Before You Leap!Mazer, Anne3.73.0
25477 ENLost Mind, ThePike, Christopher3.76.0
77127 ENLost Treasure of the Emerald EyeStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
89613 ENMadam C.J. Walker: Pioneer BusinesswomanKrohn, Katherine3.70.5
65672 ENMagic Escapes, TheAbbott, Tony3.72.0
6228 ENMagic Fan, TheBaker, Keith3.70.5
113818 ENMagic's ChildLarbalestier, Justine3.79.0
5479 ENMagic School Bus at the WaterworksCole, Joanna3.70.5
15107 ENMagic School Bus Blows Its Top, TheHerman, Gail3.70.5
5482 ENMagic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemCole, Joanna3.70.5
64629 ENMartyn PigBrooks, Kevin3.78.0
6539 ENMary Anne and the Search for TiggerMartin, Ann M.3.74.0
6542 ENMary Anne Saves the DayMartin, Ann M.3.74.0
54497 ENMask of Maliban, TheAbbott, Tony3.72.0
12474 ENMath CurseScieszka, Jon3.70.5
67728 ENMatthew and the Midnight MovieMorgan, Allen3.70.5
372 ENMe, My Goat, and My Sister's WeddingPevsner, Stella3.76.0
47815 ENMeet Abraham LincolnCary, Barbara3.71.0
8233 ENMissingStine, R.L.3.75.0
68472 ENMissingMacPhail, Catherine3.74.0
13774 ENMissing PiecesMazer, Norma Fox3.75.0
66069 ENMixed-Up Mask Mystery, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.71.0
485 ENMolly Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie3.71.0
5235 ENMolly Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.71.0
62264 ENMoon Scroll, TheAbbott, Tony3.72.0
7581 ENMop TopFreeman, Don3.70.5
115376 ENMotocross Double-CrossMaddox, Jake3.71.0
53459 ENMr. Lincoln's WayPolacco, Patricia3.70.5
112348 ENMr. Macky Is Wacky!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
5527 ENMud Pony, TheCohen, Caron3.70.5
108289 ENMummy with No Name, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
82187 ENMurder, My TweetHale, Bruce3.72.0
7685 ENMy Mother Got MarriedPark, Barbara3.74.0
82084 ENMy Penguin OsbertKimmel, Elizabeth Cody3.70.5
11428 ENMystery at the Ballpark, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
5316 ENMystery in the SandWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.73.0
14829 ENMystery of Drear House, TheHamilton, Virginia3.76.0
43420 ENMystery of Mr. Nice, TheHale, Bruce3.72.0
60513 ENMystery of the Melodies from MarsMyers, Bill3.72.0
9281 ENMystery of the Missing Cat, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
10678 ENMystery of the Stolen Music, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
8234 ENNew Boy, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
9618 ENNight of the Living DummyStine, R.L.3.73.0
53082 ENNinth Nugget, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
78892 ENNo Dogs Allowed!Wallace, Bill3.75.0
53429 ENNo SurvivorsStine, R.L.3.73.0
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
432 ENO'DiddyStevenson, Jocelyn3.71.0
433 ENOh Honestly, Angela!Robinson, Nancy K.3.72.0
21175 ENOn Rosh Hashanah and Yom KippurFishman, Cathy Goldberg3.70.5
17585 ENOuter Space Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
85295 ENPatchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom, TheStroud, Bettye3.70.5
681 ENPatchwork Quilt, TheFlournoy, Valerie3.70.5
13884 ENPee Wees on SkisDelton, Judy3.71.0
117740 ENPicture for Marc, AKimmel, Eric A.3.71.0
107356 ENPirate BobLasky, Kathryn3.70.5
5534 ENPocket For Corduroy, AFreeman, Don3.70.5
42591 ENProposal, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
87347 ENQueen of the Toilet BowlWishinsky, Frieda3.72.0
61526 ENQuicksand Question, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
44724 ENRevelation, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
69219 ENSchool Skeleton, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
73178 ENScooby-Doo! and the Mummy's CurseGelsey, James3.71.0
73237 ENScooby-Doo! and the Snow MonsterGelsey, James3.71.0
386 ENScorpionsMyers, Walter Dean3.76.0
438 ENSecret Life of the Underwear Champ, TheMiles, Betty3.72.0
77273 ENSecret of the Wooden Witness, TheStanley, George Edward3.71.0
31262 ENSelena (Real-Life Reader Biography)Marvis, Barbara3.70.5
7140 ENSeventh-Grade WeirdoWardlaw, Lee3.74.0
8584 ENSharing SusanBunting, Eve3.73.0
42594 ENSickness, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
5086 ENSixth Grade SecretsSachar, Louis3.75.0
79472 ENSnowboardingPreszler, Eric3.70.5
441 ENSnowbound With BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
31142 ENSome Good NewsRylant, Cynthia3.70.5
7691 ENSpace BratCoville, Bruce3.71.0
84081 ENSpartacus: The Life of a Roman GladiatorShone, Rob3.71.0
19869 ENStacey the Math WhizMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
14696 ENStanley and the Magic LampBrown, Jeff3.71.0
105622 ENStatic: A NovelizationSorrells, Walter3.76.0
31557 ENStella Louella's Runaway BookErnst, Lisa Campbell3.70.5
5493 ENStory of Ferdinand, TheLeaf, Munro3.70.5
18991 ENStranger, TheApplegate, K.A.3.74.0
70790 ENStuart Goes to SchoolPennypacker, Sara3.71.0
13890 ENSuper Duper Pee Wee!Delton, Judy3.72.0
115271 ENSurvivalSorrells, Walter3.76.0
110022 ENSwipedBossley, Michele Martin3.72.0
13828 ENSwitch On, Switch OffBerger, Melvin3.70.5
102338 ENTackling DadLevy, Elizabeth3.74.0
10145 ENTaking Terri MuellerMazer, Norma Fox3.77.0
66574 ENTell a Lie and Your Butt Will GrowGreenburg, Dan3.71.0
16941 ENTerminal Case of the Uglies, AHaynes, Betsy3.72.0
25638 ENToo Cool for the UnicornsPascal/Johansson3.74.0
11540 ENTotally Disgusting!Wallace, Bill3.72.0
112343 ENTrouble at the TreasuryRoy, Ron3.71.0
36391 ENTrue BluePascal/Suzanne3.74.0
106094 ENTrue Story of Stellina, ThePericoli, Matteo3.70.5
53509 ENTruth About Bats, TheMoore, Eva3.71.0
107846 ENU.S. Air Force Spy PlanesBraulick, Carrie A.3.70.5
46328 ENUltimate, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
20297 ENUpchuck and the Rotten WillyWallace, Bill3.73.0
18996 ENVisitor, TheApplegate, K.A.3.74.0
16875 ENWatchdog and the CoyotesWallace, Bill3.72.0
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
30524 ENWhat Mary Jo SharedUdry, Janice May3.70.5
20146 ENWhen She Was GoodMazer, Norma Fox3.75.0
114695 ENWhere's Gary?Lewman, David3.71.0
30110 ENWildlife Refuge: A Classroom AdventureWard, Lorraine3.70.5
650 ENWinter Worm Business, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly3.74.0
102528 ENWiredBrouwer, Sigmund3.72.0
21541 ENWitch's Face: A Mexican Tale, TheKimmel, Eric A.3.70.5
10700 ENWitches Don't Do BackflipsDadey/Jones3.71.0
104968 ENWorld's Oldest Living DragonMcMullan, Kate3.72.0
9643 ENYour Mother was a NeanderthalScieszka, Jon3.71.0
11592 EN2095Scieszka, Jon3.81.0
110212 ENAbbie in StitchesCotten, Cynthia3.80.5
351 ENAfter the Dancing DaysRostkowski, Margaret I.3.88.0
73762 ENAliens Don't Carve Jack-o'-lanternsDadey, Debbie3.81.0
13853 ENAll Dads on DeckDelton, Judy3.81.0
251 ENAll New Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.83.0
74452 ENAlmost Late to School and More School PoemsShields, Carol Diggory3.80.5
102167 ENAmazing GraceShull, Megan3.86.0
6903 ENAmazing GracieCannon, A.E.3.86.0
5325 ENAmusement Park Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
57732 ENAnimals and the Ark, TheKuskin, Karla3.80.5
54674 ENAnna Casey's Place in the WorldFogelin, Adrian3.89.0
9754 ENAppelemando's DreamsPolacco, Patricia3.80.5
5104 ENAstronautsGreene, Carol3.80.5
21728 ENAttack of the Aqua Apes, TheStine, R.L.3.83.0
83793 ENAttack of the Bandit CatsStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
9852 ENAttic, TheRue, T.S.3.84.0
63610 ENAuntie Claus and the Key to ChristmasPrimavera, Elise3.80.5
28494 ENAuthor: A True StoryLester, Helen3.80.5
7474 ENB. Bears and the Week at Grandma's, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.80.5
7475 ENB. Bears and the Wheelchair Commando, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.81.0
653 ENB. Bears and Too Much TV, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.80.5
7478 ENB. Bears and Too Much Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan3.80.5
7483 ENB. Bears Get Stage Fright, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.80.5
66066 ENB. Bears' Report Card Trouble, TheBerenstain, Stan3.80.5
19391 ENBaby-sitters on Board!Martin, Ann M.3.85.0
18753 ENBackward Bird Dog, TheWallace, Bill3.83.0
27685 ENBad Case of Stripes, AShannon, David3.80.5
8204 ENBad DreamsStine, R.L.3.84.0
103464 ENBasketball WarZucker, Jonny3.80.5
5319 ENBenny Uncovers a MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
820 ENBetsy Ross: Designer of Our FlagWeil, Ann3.83.0
53791 ENBig Nap, TheHale, Bruce3.82.0
84360 ENBlack and WhiteBetancourt, Jeanne3.85.0
41417 ENBlaze and the Mountain LionAnderson, C.W.3.80.5
6453 ENBlubberBlume, Judy3.84.0
79463 ENBMX RacingWeil, Ann3.80.5
48513 ENBoy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor, AMazer, Harry3.83.0
29298 ENBubba the Cowboy PrinceKetteman, Helen3.80.5
18706 ENBuddy: The First Seeing Eye DogMoore, Eva3.80.5
7606 ENCam Jansen and the...Dinosaur BonesAdler, David A.3.81.0
17660 ENCam Jansen...Babe Ruth BaseballAdler, David A.3.81.0
17665 ENCam Jansen...Stolen Corn PopperAdler, David A.3.81.0
6709 ENCase of the Dirty Bird, ThePaulsen, Gary3.81.0
11407 ENChallenge at Second BaseChristopher, Matt3.82.0
18958 ENChange, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
8214 ENCheater, TheStine, R.L.3.84.0
56937 ENChinese New Year Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.81.0
15860 ENChip ChipmunkSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
117600 ENChristmas in MouselandHolabird, Katharine3.80.5
11163 ENChristmas in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls3.80.5
71256 ENChristmas in the CountryRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
54242 ENChristmas MagicGarland, Michael3.80.5
6502 ENClaudia and Mean JanineMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
6508 ENClaudia and the Phantom Phone CallsMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
19347 ENClaudia and the World's Cutest BabyMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
7866 ENCoaching Ms. ParkerHeymsfeld, Carla3.82.0
7888 ENCoast to CoastByars, Betsy3.84.0
19939 ENCommander Toad and the Planet of the GrapesYolen, Jane3.80.5
311 ENComputer Nut, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
29552 ENCool Crowd, ThePascal/Suzanne3.84.0
12211 ENCopperheadsEthan, Eric3.80.5
8513 ENCrazy Lady!Conly, Jane Leslie3.85.0
34777 ENCrusaderBloor, Edward3.820.0
75826 ENCrushing on a Capulet: Romeo and JulietAbbott, Tony3.84.0
112061 ENCupid Chronicles, TheParatore, Coleen Murtagh3.85.0
20063 ENCurse of the RuinsPaulsen, Gary3.81.0
111874 ENCut-Throat PiratesZucker, Jonny3.80.5
25566 ENDavid's SearchNixon, Joan Lowery3.82.0
6514 ENDawn's Big DateMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
100084 ENDay Joanie Frankenhauser Became a Boy, TheLantz, Francess Lin3.84.0
15816 ENDead Letter: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.83.0
15008 ENDealing with BullyingJohnston, Marianne3.80.5
78244 ENDear Mother, Dear Daughter: Poems for Young PeopleYolen, Jane3.80.5
20384 ENDeparture, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
112805 ENDeserts: Thirsty WonderlandsSalas, Laura Purdie3.80.5
20069 ENDisappearing ActsByars, Betsy3.83.0
9261 ENDisappearing Friend Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
89975 ENDiscover the PlanetsNicolson, Cynthia Pratt3.80.5
26641 ENDiscovery, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
102988 ENDo You Know the Monkey Man?Butler, Dori Hillestad3.87.0
18761 ENDogs Don't Tell JokesSachar, Louis3.85.0
11583 ENDon't Make Me SmilePark, Barbara3.83.0
27497 ENDouble Trouble in Walla WallaClements, Andrew3.80.5
34928 ENDracula Doesn't Rock and RollDadey/Jones3.81.0
16643 ENDragon That Ate Summer, TheSeabrooke, Brenda3.82.0
105750 ENDragons Don't Throw SnowballsDadey, Debbie3.81.0
71266 ENDream ThiefAbbott, Tony3.82.0
6718 ENDunc Breaks the RecordPaulsen, Gary3.82.0
7713 ENEddie's MenagerieHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
13859 ENEggs With LegsDelton, Judy3.81.0
106984 ENElle Woods: Blonde at HeartStandiford, Natalie3.86.0
18964 ENEncounter, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
84222 ENEvil Elves, TheCoville, Bruce3.81.0
84363 ENExposedBetancourt, Jeanne3.85.0
111411 ENFace-OffAlfonsi, Alice3.82.0
50383 ENFear GamesStine, R.L.3.83.0
13860 ENFishy WishesDelton, Judy3.81.0
57133 ENFoals in the FieldBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
27724 ENForever Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.81.0
18967 ENForgotten, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
109837 ENGeorge Washington and the American RevolutionAbnett, Dan3.80.5
105199 ENGeorgie's MoonWoodworth, Chris3.85.0
6516 ENGhost at Dawn's House, TheMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
34931 ENGiants Don't Go SnowboardingDadey/Jones3.81.0
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
29363 ENGirl Death Left Behind, TheMcDaniel, Lurlene3.84.0
48376 ENGirl with 500 Middle Names, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson3.82.0
70160 ENGod Went to Beauty SchoolRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
114247 ENGood Sports: Rhymes about Running...and MorePrelutsky, Jack3.80.5
8524 ENGood, the Bad, and the Goofy, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
78001 ENGoon SquadBossley, Michele Martin3.83.0
86756 ENGracie and the EmperorBroome, Errol3.84.0
6216 ENGreat Kapok Tree, TheCherry, Lynne3.80.5
83697 ENHappy Boo-Day to You!Jones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
8227 ENHauntedStine, R.L.3.85.0
9610 ENHaunted Mask, TheStine, R.L.3.83.0
317 ENHaunting of Grade Three, TheMaccarone, Grace3.81.0
62184 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in a Professional Wrestler's BodyStrasser, Todd3.83.0
8228 ENHit and RunStine, R.L.3.84.0
5223 ENHit-Away Kid, TheChristopher, Matt3.81.0
31666 ENHorrible Homemade Halloween Costume, TheMasters, Nancy Robinson3.80.5
19569 ENHouse on East 88th Street, TheWaber, Bernard3.80.5
83692 ENIsle of Mists, TheAbbott, Tony3.82.0
7732 ENIt's an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle WorldDanziger, Paula3.83.0
108566 ENJames and the Alien ExperimentPrue, Sally3.81.0
9723 ENJessica's New LookPascal/Suzanne3.83.0
101370 ENJohn Brown's Raid on Harpers FerryGlaser, Jason3.80.5
80706 ENJolly Roger and the Pirates of Captain AbdulMcNaughton, Colin3.81.0
6672 ENJourneyMacLachlan, Patricia3.82.0
7853 ENJumping the NailBunting, Eve3.85.0
30692 ENJust JuiceHesse, Karen3.83.0
34558 ENKing ArthurBrown/Krensky3.81.0
70162 ENKing of the KootiesDadey, Debbie3.81.0
32410 ENKittens in the KitchenBaglio, Ben M.3.84.0
65670 ENKnights of Silversnow, TheAbbott, Tony3.82.0
8532 ENKnights of the Kitchen TableScieszka, Jon3.81.0
75368 ENLast Fairy-Apple Tree, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
10672 ENLeprechauns Don't Play BasketballDadey/Jones3.81.0
79566 ENLighthouse Family: The Eagle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
86246 ENLighthouse Family: The Turtle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
72357 ENLighthouse Family: The Whale, TheRylant, Cynthia3.81.0
6534 ENLogan Likes Mary AnneMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
810 ENLou Gehrig: One of Baseball's GreatestVanRiper, Guernsey3.83.0
19579 ENLovable LyleWaber, Bernard3.80.5
84513 ENLove PotionBanks, Steven3.80.5
115987 ENLove, StargirlSpinelli, Jerry3.88.0
44932 ENLucky Lottery, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
25563 ENLucy's WishNixon, Joan Lowery3.82.0
7378 ENMadeline and the GypsiesBemelmans, Ludwig3.80.5
42129 ENMagic Kerchief, TheLarson, Kirby3.80.5
77942 ENMagic Key, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
43131 ENMagic Pretzel, ThePinkwater, Daniel3.81.0
108889 ENMagic School Bus and the Science Fair Expedition, TheCole, Joanna3.81.0
9597 ENMagic School Bus in the Time of DinosaursCole, Joanna3.80.5
19342 ENMallory's Christmas WishMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
14824 ENMariah Keeps CoolWalter, Mildred Pitts3.82.0
19229 ENMartha Blah BlahMeddaugh, Susan3.80.5
19866 ENMary Anne and the Little PrincessMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
19310 ENMary Anne's MakeoverMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
19873 ENMary Anne to the RescueMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
6429 ENMaxie, Rosie and Earl: Partners in GrimePark, Barbara3.82.0
425 ENMeet KirstenShaw, Janet3.81.0
427 ENMeet SamanthaAdler, Susan S.3.81.0
16910 ENMermaids Don't Run TrackDadey/Jones,3.81.0
115564 ENMilky Way, TheKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
105954 ENMillion Dollar Putt, TheGutman, Dan3.84.0
85774 ENMisconductScudamore, Beverly3.83.0
102956 ENMiss Lazar Is Bizarre!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
117089 ENMiss Suki Is Kooky!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
60572 ENMississippi River Blues: The Adventures of Tom SawyerAbbott, Tony3.83.0
116912 ENMonday with a Mad GeniusOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
105793 ENMother Knows BestWillson, Sarah3.81.0
87383 ENMr. Hynde Is out of His MindGutman, Dan3.81.0
102957 ENMrs. Jeepers' Scariest Halloween EverDadey, Debbie3.81.0
105639 ENMrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109528 ENMrs. Patty Is Batty!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
101365 ENMs. LaGrange Is Strange!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
14683 ENMummies Don't Coach SoftballDadey/Jones3.81.0
62756 ENMy Brother's HeroFogelin, Adrian3.89.0
115338 ENMystery at the Washington MonumentRoy, Ron3.81.0
115561 ENNASAKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
83700 ENNew Ghoul in SchoolJones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
72910 ENNew Student StarfishMiglis, Jenny3.81.0
19396 ENNew York, New York!Martin, Ann M.3.85.0
53492 ENNight of the Living GerbilLevy, Elizabeth3.81.0
9993 ENNightjohnPaulsen, Gary3.81.0
82280 ENNo Time Like Show Time: A Hermux Tantamoq AdventureHoeye, Michael3.88.0
8542 ENNot-So-Jolly Roger, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
48680 ENNotes from a Liar and Her DogCholdenko, Gennifer3.87.0
46313 ENOy, Joy!Frank, Lucy3.88.0
13882 ENPee Wee Pool PartyDelton, Judy3.81.0
59068 ENPen Is Mightier Than the Sword, TheMazer, Anne3.82.0
55251 ENPenguin PuzzleStamper, Judith Bauer3.81.0
105755 ENPeter Rabbit's Happy EasterMaccarone, Grace3.80.5
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
8685 ENPink and SayPolacco, Patricia3.81.0
5282 ENPistachio Prescription, TheDanziger, Paula3.85.0
5240 ENPolar Express, TheVanAllsburg, Chris3.80.5
68613 ENPony in a PackageBaglio, Ben M.3.84.0
19905 ENPony to the RescueBetancourt, Jeanne3.81.0
8239 ENProm Queen, TheStine, R.L.3.84.0
32411 ENPuppies in the PantryBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
434 ENRabbit SpringMichels, Tilde3.81.0
18984 ENReaction, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
435 ENRed Ribbon RosieMarzollo, Jean3.81.0
9622 ENReturn of the MummyStine, R.L.3.83.0
59520 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) Robot vs. the Voodoo...from VenusPilkey, Dav3.80.5
17689 ENRip-Roaring RussellHurwitz, Johanna3.81.0
115617 ENRip Van Winkle's ReturnKimmel, Eric A.3.80.5
15083 ENRock Jockeys, ThePaulsen, Gary3.81.0
66648 ENRoom with a BooMyers, Bill3.82.0
685 ENRosy's RomanceGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
9138 ENRoy RaccoonSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
106093 ENRuby Lu, Empress of EverythingLook, Lenore3.82.0
12454 ENSableHesse, Karen3.81.0
9648 ENSadakoCoerr, Eleanor3.80.5
54443 ENSam SamuraiScieszka, Jon3.81.0
5241 ENSamantha Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.81.0
102105 ENScooby-Doo! and the Cactus CreatureGelsey, James3.81.0
84422 ENScooby-Doo and the Loch Ness MonsterMcCann, Jesse Leon3.80.5
73235 ENScooby-Doo! and the Runaway RobotGelsey, James3.81.0
101501 ENScooby-Doo! and the Sinister SorcererGelsey, James3.81.0
73239 ENScooby-Doo! and the Sunken ShipGelsey, James3.81.0
71272 ENSearch for the Dragon ShipAbbott, Tony3.82.0
30751 ENSearching for David's HeartBennett, Cherie3.86.0
86538 ENSecret AgentSpizman, Robyn Freedman3.87.0
25208 ENShadow over SecondChristopher, Matt3.81.0
57143 ENShetland in the ShedBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
54571 ENShiverCray, Jordan3.84.0
46193 ENShowdown, TheJenkins/LaHaye3.83.0
85027 ENSinking of the Titanic, TheDoeden, Matt3.80.5
341 ENSisterGreenfield, Eloise3.82.0
10690 ENSkeletons Don't Play TubasDadey/Jones3.81.0
16929 ENSkydive!Paulsen, Gary3.81.0
100082 ENSleeping Freshmen Never LieLubar, David3.89.0
8244 ENSleepwalker, TheStine, R.L.3.85.0
115379 ENSnowboard DuelMaddox, Jake3.81.0
19397 ENSnowboundMartin, Ann M.3.85.0
77850 ENSOS File, TheByars, Betsy3.81.0
19596 ENSpooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, ThePeet, Bill3.80.5
6242 ENSpy on Third Base, TheChristopher, Matt3.81.0
28016 ENSquids Will Be SquidsScieszka, Jon3.80.5
19337 ENStacey and the Bad GirlsMartin, Ann M.3.83.0
5924 ENSuch Nice KidsBunting, Eve3.83.0
76983 ENSummer of the Sea SerpentOsborne, Mary Pope3.81.0
111419 ENSuper SneakMcElroy, Laurie3.82.0
74702 ENTalking T. Rex, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
80689 ENTaste of Night, TheStine, R.L.3.86.0
82421 ENTerrier in the TinselBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
103301 ENThat's the Way the Cookie CrumblesMazer, Anne3.82.0
5090 ENThere's a Bat in Bunk FiveDanziger, Paula3.84.0
69262 ENThird Wish, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
11447 ENToo Hot to HandleChristopher, Matt3.82.0
19906 ENToo Many PoniesBetancourt, Jeanne3.81.0
60582 ENTrapped in Transylvania: DraculaAbbott, Tony3.84.0
14046 ENTriple Trouble In HollywoodPellowski, Michael J.3.82.0
36472 ENTrolls Don't Ride Roller CoastersDadey/Jones3.81.0
197 ENTrouble for LucyStevens, Carla3.81.0
6549 ENTruth about Stacey, TheMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
78926 ENUnicorn, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
64126 ENVampire State BuildingLevy, Elizabeth3.82.0
5444 ENVampires Don't Wear Polka DotsDadey/Jones3.81.0
62267 ENVoyage of the Jaffa Wind, TheAbbott, Tony3.82.0
10697 ENWerewolves Don't Go to Summer CampDadey/Jones3.81.0
696 ENWhat a Catch!Hughes, Dean3.82.0
56707 ENWhat Planet Are You from Clarice Bean?Child, Lauren3.80.5
51869 ENWhat Scares You the Most?Stine, R.L.3.83.0
87623 ENWhen Charlie McButton Lost PowerCollins, Suzanne3.80.5
60584 ENWhen Good Ghouls Go BadStine, R.L.3.83.0
25455 ENWhisper of DeathPike, Christopher3.86.0
82243 ENWinter of the Ice WizardOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
59539 ENWizards Don't Wear Graduation GownsDadey/Jones3.81.0
85882 ENX'ed-Out X-Ray, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
67291 ENYou Lucky DogChristopher/Peters3.81.0
449 ENYours Turly, ShirleyMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
87386 ENZombie Zone, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
18751 EN101 Ways to Bug Your ParentsWardlaw, Lee3.95.0
7651 ENAddy Learns a LessonPorter, Connie3.91.0
87326 ENAgnes Parker...Happy Camper?O'Dell, Kathleen3.94.0
11351 ENAll the Places to LoveMacLachlan, Patricia3.90.5
70012 ENAlmost HomeBaskin, Nora Raleigh3.95.0
6701 ENAmos Gets FamousPaulsen, Gary3.92.0
62129 ENAncient RomeRaatma, Lucia3.90.5
25635 ENAngels Keep OutPascal/Johansson3.94.0
15671 ENAnimal Migration (Naturebooks)McDonnell, Janet3.90.5
5105 ENAstronomyFradin, Dennis B.3.90.5
12764 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Sci-Fi Pizza, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.91.0
7452 ENB. Bears and Mama's New Job, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
7454 ENB. Bears and the Bad Habit, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
9255 ENB. Bears and the Giddy Grandma, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.91.0
7464 ENB. Bears and the Nerdy Nephew, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.91.0
68084 ENB. Bears and the Real Easter Eggs, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
7472 ENB. Bears and the Trouble with Grownups, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
7477 ENB. Bears and Too Much Pressure, TheBerenstain, Stan3.90.5
47825 ENB. Bears Dollars and Sense, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
40209 ENB. Bears Think of Those in Need, TheBerenstain, Stan3.90.5
101526 ENBaby Born in Bethlehem, AHickman, Martha Whitmore3.90.5
19394 ENBaby-sitters' Island AdventureMartin, Ann M.3.95.0
105274 ENBallet of the ElephantsSchubert, Leda3.90.5
10894 ENBarn, TheAvi3.92.0
17706 ENBaseball Saved UsMochizuki, Ken3.90.5
8206 ENBeach PartyStine, R.L.3.95.0
16332 ENBeagle, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
14803 ENBeat the Story-Drum, Pum-PumBryan, Ashley3.91.0
39557 ENBecause of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate3.93.0
107692 ENBest (Boy)friend ForeverMorgan, Melissa J.3.94.0
29774 ENBiggest Bear, TheWard, Lynd3.90.5
79379 ENBlack Brothers, TheTetzner, Lisa3.92.0
109158 ENBlack Tower, TheByars, Betsy Cromer3.93.0
75652 ENBlack Widow Spider Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
109522 ENBlizzard of the Blue MoonOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
6657 ENBobby BaseballSmith, Robert Kimmel3.95.0
9110 ENBobby BobcatSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
9572 ENBook About Your Skeleton, AGross, Ruth B.3.90.5
5301 ENBoxcar Children, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
6501 ENBoy-Crazy StaceyMartin, Ann M.3.93.0
19856 ENBreakfast of EnemiesPascal/Suzanne3.94.0
8211 ENBroken DateStine, R.L.3.94.0
8212 ENBroken HeartsStine, R.L.3.96.0
46558 ENButternut Hollow PondHeinz, Brian J.3.90.5
7605 ENCam Jansen and the...Circus ClownAdler, David A.3.91.0
17664 ENCam Jansen...Monster MovieAdler, David A.3.91.0
76336 ENCan't Get There from HereStrasser, Todd3.96.0
34555 ENCaptain Contest, TheChristopher, Matt3.91.0
86191 ENCarnival at CandlelightOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
74663 ENCase of the Dirty Clue, TheStanley, George Edward3.91.0
9259 ENCastle Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
213 ENCat Ate My Gymsuit, TheDanziger, Paula3.94.0
5357 ENCatch That Pass!Christopher, Matt3.92.0
12690 ENCattail MoonThesman, Jean3.96.0
35163 ENCenter Court StingChristopher, Matt3.93.0
5407 ENChanges for KirstenShaw, Janet3.91.0
6503 ENClaudia and the Bad JokeMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
82422 ENClue in the Corn Maze, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
69924 ENColor Me a Rhyme: Nature Poems for Young PeopleYolen, Jane3.90.5
42583 ENConspiracy, TheApplegate, K.A.3.93.0
12212 ENCottonmouthsEthan, Eric3.90.5
11409 ENCounterfeit Tackle, TheChristopher, Matt3.92.0
41420 ENCounty FairWilder/MacBride3.90.5
21 ENCourage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice3.91.0
12552 ENCrabsBailey, Donna3.90.5
13941 ENCrackerjack HalfbackChristopher, Matt3.92.0
8218 ENCurtainsStine, R.L.3.94.0
12773 END.J. and the Zulu ParadeMcConduit, Denise Walter3.90.5
9118 ENDancing with ManateesMcNulty, Faith3.90.5
108271 ENDangerHarris, Christine3.93.0
69545 ENDanger ZoneBossley, Michele Martin3.93.0
25440 ENDangerous Quest, ThePike, Christopher3.93.0
8219 ENDare, TheStine, R.L.3.94.0
10203 ENDark Stairs, TheByars, Betsy3.93.0
19357 ENDawn and the Disappearing DogsMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
6511 ENDawn and the Impossible ThreeMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
88592 ENDeadly DrivePatneaude, David3.96.0
30318 ENDeer, Moose, Elk & CaribouHodge, Deborah3.90.5
9970 ENDefenders of the UniverseKelleher, D.V.3.92.0
103016 ENDelaying the GameNicholson, Lorna Schultz3.94.0
108515 ENDial L for Loser: A Clique NovelHarrison, Lisi3.98.0
312 ENDid You Carry the Flag Today, Charley?Caudill, Rebecca3.92.0
59503 ENDinosaur DetectivesStamper, Judith Bauer3.91.0
100298 ENDisappearance: A Premonitions MysteryWatson, Jude3.96.0
114743 ENDog Diaries: Secret Writings of the Woof SocietyByars, Betsy3.91.0
101528 ENDora's Starry ChristmasRicci, Christine3.90.5
84392 ENDracula Doesn't Play KickballDadey, Debbie3.91.0
50943 ENDracula Is a Pain in the NeckLevy, Elizabeth3.91.0
113579 ENDragon of the Red DawnOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
105850 ENDrita, My HomegirlLombard, Jenny3.94.0
10465 ENEaster Bunny That Overslept, TheFriedrich, Priscilla/Otto3.90.5
42575 ENElfangor's SecretApplegate, K.A.3.95.0
109175 ENElle Woods: Vote BlondeBrown, Amanda3.95.0
18717 ENEncy. Brown Saves the DaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
115224 ENEscape from Jabar-LooAbbott, Tony3.92.0
25456 ENExecution of InnocencePike, Christopher3.95.0
47409 ENFarewell, My LunchbagHale, Bruce3.92.0
85212 ENFast CompanyWallace, Rich3.92.0
20729 ENFirestormCray, Jordan3.95.0
107301 ENFireworks at the FBIRoy, Ron3.91.0
115874 ENFirst Moon Landing, TheKortenkamp, Steve3.90.5
54511 ENFlower PowerKeene, Carolyn3.91.0
32047 ENFlying SoloFletcher, Ralph3.93.0
83691 ENFortress of the Treasure Queen, TheAbbott, Tony3.92.0
100061 ENFoul PlayScudamore, Beverly3.94.0
18674 ENGardener, TheStewart, Sarah3.90.5
108564 ENGhosts AwayPurkiss, Sue3.91.0
763 ENGoats, TheCole, Brock3.96.0
7759 ENGrandpa's Stolen TreasureJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
9126 ENGreta GroundhogSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
78561 ENHalfback AttackChristopher, Matt3.92.0
8225 ENHalloween NightStine, R.L.3.94.0
11415 ENHard Drive to ShortChristopher, Matt3.92.0
104771 ENHaunted Dollhouse, ThePetrucha, Stefan3.91.0
105791 ENHeather the Violet FairyMeadows, Daisy3.91.0
34861 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Lunch Lady's BodyStrasser, Todd3.93.0
56434 ENHey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
89009 ENHide-and-SpookJones, Marcia Thornton3.91.0
107473 ENHome Is Where the Heart IsMazer, Anne3.92.0
36468 ENHome Run Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5973 ENHow Could You Do It, Diane?Pevsner, Stella3.96.0
66628 ENHumbug Holiday: A Christmas CarolAbbott, Tony3.94.0
320 ENHundred Penny Box, TheMathis, Sharon Bell3.91.0
36618 ENI Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PieJackson, Alison3.90.5
8696 ENIn-Between Days, TheBunting, Eve3.93.0
109464 ENIngoDunmore, Helen3.910.0
25434 ENInvasion of the No-OnesPike, Christopher3.93.0
102436 ENInvasion of the Road Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy TalesLubar, David3.95.0
100035 ENInvisible Mistakecase, TheHarper, Charise Mericle3.90.5
769 ENIs Anybody There?Bunting, Eve3.94.0
78010 ENJanuary 1905Boling, Katharine3.93.0
15549 ENJenny Giraffe and the Streetcar PartyDartez, Cecilia Casrill3.90.5
9721 ENJessica the Rock StarPascal/Suzanne3.92.0
104752 ENJulia's KitchenFerber, Brenda A.3.94.0
5519 ENJumanjiVanAllsburg, Chris3.90.5
107865 ENKaren's ReindeerMartin, Ann M.3.92.0
111413 ENKeeping SecretsBeechwood, Beth3.92.0
178 ENKid in the Red Jacket, ThePark, Barbara3.93.0
11423 ENKid Who Only Hit Homers, TheChristopher, Matt3.92.0
669 ENKirsten's SurpriseShaw, Janet3.91.0
20025 ENKnights Don't Teach PianoDadey/Jones,3.91.0
6526 ENKristy and the Mother's Day SurpriseMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
6529 ENKristy and the Walking DisasterMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
106546 ENLaggan Lard ButtsWalters, Eric3.92.0
47811 ENLance Armstrong: The Race of His LifeArmstrong, Kristin3.91.0
105652 ENLast DanceMcDaniel, Lurlene3.93.0
30620 ENLaura & Mr. EdwardsWilder/Henson3.91.0
10783 ENLittle Pet Shop of HorrorsHaynes, Betsy3.93.0
11425 ENLook Who's Playing First BaseChristopher, Matt3.92.0
9129 ENLooking For AtlantisThompson, Colin3.90.5
14745 ENLost in CyberspacePeck, Richard3.94.0
73555 ENLucinda's SecretDiTerlizzi/Black3.91.0
65031 ENLucky ChuckCleary, Beverly3.90.5
115154 ENMadame PresidentKrulik, Nancy3.93.0
106151 ENMagic LessonsLarbalestier, Justine3.99.0
15114 ENMagic School Bus Inside a Beehive, TheCole, Joanna3.90.5
7679 ENMama, Let's DanceHermes, Patricia3.95.0
60950 ENMardi Gras: Parades, Costumes, and PartiesLandau, Elaine3.90.5
19302 ENMary Anne + 2 Many BabiesMartin, Ann M.3.93.0
32014 ENMary Moon Is MissingGiff, Patricia Reilly3.92.0
43693 ENMath Wiz, TheDuffey, Betsy3.91.0
101373 ENMatthew Henson: Arctic AdventurerHoena, B.A.3.90.5
674 ENMe, Mop, and the Moondance KidMyers, Walter Dean3.95.0
20204 ENMeg's StoryPfeffer, Susan Beth3.91.0
18976 ENMessage, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
10482 ENMiss Suzy's Easter SurpriseYoung, Miriam3.90.5
6131 ENMitten, TheBrett, Jan3.90.5
5947 ENMonster's Ring, TheCoville, Bruce3.92.0
104782 ENMoon Dragon, TheAbbott, Tony3.92.0
83937 ENMrs. Roopy Is Loopy!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
118271 ENMrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
115027 ENMs. Coco Is Loco!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
54904 ENMs. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient EgyptCole, Joanna3.90.5
109319 ENMs. Todd Is Odd!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
103017 ENMud HappensSwan, Bill3.94.0
5329 ENMystery Cruise, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
9285 ENMystery on the Ice, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
17584 ENMystery on the Train, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
70066 ENName Quilt, TheRoot, Phyllis3.90.5
48277 ENNick Plays BaseballIsadora, Rachel3.90.5
9638 ENNight Without Stars, AHowe, James3.95.0
89049 ENNow You See It, Now You Don'tMazer, Anne3.92.0
78005 ENOff TrackSwan, Bill3.93.0
58659 ENOnly You Can Save MankindPratchett, Terry3.95.0
11586 ENOperation: Dump the ChumpPark, Barbara3.93.0
6007 ENOur Sixth-Grade Sugar BabiesBunting, Eve3.94.0
8236 ENOvernight, TheStine, R.L.3.95.0
111888 ENPaintball BlastMaddox, Jake3.91.0
15879 ENPansy PackratSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
20035 ENPedal PowerDelton, Judy3.91.0
27609 ENPhantom of the Haunted ChurchMyers, Bill3.92.0
10685 ENPirates Don't Wear Pink SunglassesDadey/Jones3.91.0
112566 ENPirates of the Purple DawnAbbott, Tony3.92.0
20037 ENPlanet Pee WeeDelton, Judy3.91.0
69963 ENPolar Bear PatrolStamper, Judith Bauer3.91.0
19903 ENPony in Trouble, ABetancourt, Jeanne3.92.0
104733 ENPrincess for a WeekWright, Betty Ren3.92.0
110723 ENReady to RunScudamore, Beverly3.93.0
69554 ENRed-Line BluesRivers, Camilla Reghelini3.94.0
20700 ENReluctant Pitcher, TheChristopher, Matt3.92.0
102628 ENRighteous Smuggler, TheSpring, Debbie3.94.0
83290 ENRock OnPeters, Stephanie True3.91.0
79348 ENRoller Hockey RumblePeters, Stephanie True3.91.0
62573 ENRope Trick, TheAlexander, Lloyd3.96.0
109723 ENRudolph's Second Christmas/Rudolph to the RescueMay, Robert Lewis3.90.5
106154 ENRulesLord, Cynthia3.94.0
54919 ENRunaway Valentine, TheCasey, Tina3.90.5
687 ENSamantha's SurpriseSchur, Maxine Rose3.91.0
15886 ENSamone the SiameseSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
9623 ENSay Cheese and Die!Stine, R.L.3.93.0
74292 ENScooby-Doo! and the Headless HorsemanGelsey, James3.91.0
73232 ENScooby-Doo! and the Masked MagicianGelsey, James3.91.0
73240 ENScooby-Doo! and the Toy Store TerrorGelsey, James3.91.0
73559 ENScooby-Doo! and the Vampire's RevengeGelsey, James3.91.0
33116 ENScrew LoosePrince, Alison3.91.0
66058 ENSea Serpents Don't Juggle Water BalloonsDadey/Jones3.91.0
70597 ENSecret of the Green Skin, TheStanley, George Edward3.91.0
18986 ENSecret, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
16930 ENSeventh Crystal, ThePaulsen, Gary3.91.0
11442 ENShortstop from TokyoChristopher, Matt3.92.0
786 ENSister of the QuintsPevsner, Stella3.96.0
115378 ENSlam Dunk ShoesMaddox, Jake3.91.0
105995 ENSniffer's Golden NoseAbbott, Roger3.90.5
8245 ENSnowman, TheStine, R.L.3.95.0
89619 ENSojourner Truth: Freedom FighterKrohn, Katherine3.90.5
26663 ENSolution, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
102133 ENSouth by Southeast: A Diamond Brothers MysteryHorowitz, Anthony3.95.0
30570 ENSpecial GiftsRylant, Cynthia3.91.0
83072 ENSpecter, TheNixon, Joan Lowery3.96.0
25054 ENSpider BoyFletcher, Ralph3.95.0
73320 ENSpongeBob SuperstarAuerbach, Annie3.91.0
80956 ENSpy in the White House, ARoy, Ron3.91.0
84518 ENSpy Who Was Me, TheTeitelbaum, Michael3.90.5
82284 ENSpy X: The CodeLerangis, Peter3.93.0
87260 ENSpy X: Tunnel VisionLerangis, Peter3.93.0
19308 ENStacey's ChoiceMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
61275 ENStand TallBauer, Joan3.95.0
23559 ENStanley in SpaceBrown, Jeff3.91.0
7896 ENStardustFerguson, Alane3.94.0
9625 ENStay Out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
8547 ENStiff CompetitionRagz, M.M.3.94.0
7695 ENStory of Johnny Appleseed, TheAliki,3.90.5
6093 ENStrega NonaDePaola, Tomie3.90.5
102524 ENSudden ImpactChoyce, Lesley3.92.0
24950 ENSummer Reading Is Killing Me!Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
52328 ENSusanna of the AlamoJakes, John3.91.0
55331 ENSwamp Monsters Don't Chase Wild TurkeysDadey/Jones3.91.0
74153 ENTale of the Swamp Rat, TheCrocker, Carter3.97.0
102554 ENTalisa's SongSmith, Linda3.99.0
13790 ENTarot Says Beware: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.93.0
73322 ENTea at the TreedomeCollins, Terry3.91.0
110903 ENTen Rules: A NovelizationSorrells, Walter3.97.0
13829 ENTornado AlertBranley, Franklyn M.3.90.5
83060 ENTrapped!Bossley, Michele Martin3.94.0
112005 ENTrapped in SpaceJohnson, David3.91.0
71760 ENTrouble Is My BeeswaxHale, Bruce3.92.0
11193 ENTub People, TheConrad, Pam3.90.5
11743 ENTwice TakenPfeffer, Susan Beth3.97.0
53512 ENTwister TroubleSchreiber, Ann3.91.0
18994 ENUnderground, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
107384 ENVery First Thanksgiving Day, TheGreene, Rhonda Gowler3.90.5
59610 ENViking It and Liking ItScieszka, Jon3.91.0
18998 ENWarning, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
78776 ENWeeping Werewolf, TheCoville, Bruce3.91.0
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
11794 ENWhat's It Like to Be a Fish?Pfeffer, Wendy3.90.5
81405 ENWhat's the Matter in Mr. Whiskers' Room?Ross, Michael Elsohn3.90.5
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
25139 ENWhite WaterPetersen, P.J.3.93.0
103254 ENWho Broke Lincoln's Thumb?Roy, Ron3.91.0
25443 ENWicked Cat, ThePike, Christopher3.93.0
25564 ENWill's ChoiceNixon, Joan Lowery3.92.0
21153 ENWolf and the Seven Little Kids, TheGrimm, Brothers3.90.5
10946 ENWrecker, TheSkinner, David3.93.0
104632 ENWright Brothers, TheO'Hern, Kerri3.90.5
86483 ENYellow Yacht, TheRoy, Ron3.91.0
700 ENZucchiniDana, Barbara3.94.0
107287 EN15 MinutesYoung, Steve4.04.0
9001 EN500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, TheSeuss, Dr.4.01.0
86635 ENAbominable Snowman Doesn't Roast Marshmallows, TheDadey, Debbie4.01.0
110839 ENAcross the AlleyMichelson, Richard4.00.5
88887 ENActor, the Rebel, and the Wrinkled Queen, TheDeary, Terry4.00.5
7652 ENAddy Saves the DayPorter, Connie4.01.0
107667 ENAdventures of Pelican Pete: Annie the River Otter, TheKeiser, Frances4.00.5
84082 ENAlexander the Great: The Life of a King and ConquerorShone, Rob4.01.0
106023 ENAliens Are Coming! The True Account...Worlds Radio BroadcastMcCarthy, Meghan4.00.5
302 ENAll about SamLowry, Lois4.03.0
453 ENAlmost Starring SkinnybonesPark, Barbara4.03.0
83603 ENAmanda's StoryTamar, Erika4.05.0
25848 ENAmber Brown Is Feeling BlueDanziger, Paula4.02.0
20254 ENAmy Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.02.0
18953 ENAndroid, TheApplegate, K.A.4.04.0
5204 ENAngel's Mother's BabyDelton, Judy4.03.0
52207 ENAnimals of the SavannaMattern, Joanne4.00.5
102986 ENAnna's BlizzardHart, Alison4.04.0
16329 ENArmadillo, ThePotts, Steve4.00.5
105243 ENAttack on Pearl Harbor, TheSutcliffe, Jane4.00.5
14654 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Humongous Pumpkin, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.01.0
19206 ENB. Bears Get Their Kicks, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
7485 ENB. Bears Go Out for the Team, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
7486 ENB. Bears Go to Camp, TheBerenstain, Stan4.00.5
7496 ENB. Bears Trick or Treat, TheBerenstain, Stan4.00.5
7497 ENB. Bears' Trouble at School, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
7498 ENB. Bears' Trouble with Money, TheBerenstain, Stan4.00.5
8506 ENBabyMacLachlan, Patricia4.02.0
23470 ENBad GirlsWilson, Jacqueline4.04.0
42615 ENBeautiful Christmas Tree, TheZolotow, Charlotte4.00.5
552 ENBeautyWallace, Bill4.05.0
72260 ENBenny and OmarColfer, Eoin4.08.0
5503 ENBerenstain Bears and...Junk FoodBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
105218 ENBest Christmas Ever, TheChen, Chih-Yuan4.00.5
20256 ENBeth Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.02.0
86169 ENBeware of the Blabbermouth!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
10756 ENBeware the Shopping MallHaynes, Betsy4.03.0
102441 ENBicycle Man, TheDudley, David L.4.08.0
15853 ENBill BuffaloSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
8209 ENBlind DateStine, R.L.4.06.0
8511 ENBlue HeronAvi4.05.0
59146 ENBrave Little Seamstress, TheOsborne, Mary Pope4.00.5
115153 ENCan You Get an F in Lunch?Krulik, Nancy4.03.0
109306 ENCase of the Chocolate Snatcher, TheMasters, M.4.01.0
159 ENCase of the Elevator Duck, TheBerends, Polly4.01.0
660 ENCelery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James4.02.0
5213 ENCertain Small Shepherd, ACaudill, Rebecca4.01.0
309 ENCircle of GoldBoyd, Candy Dawson4.03.0
87221 ENClass Trip to the Haunted HouseJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
84362 ENClose-UpBetancourt, Jeanne4.05.0
108494 ENCoat of Many Colors, TheKoralek, Jenny4.00.5
19559 ENCock-a-doodle DudleyPeet, Bill4.00.5
16333 ENCocker Spaniel, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
86645 ENColor of Fire, TheRinaldi, Ann4.05.0
20062 ENCreature of Black Water Lake, ThePaulsen, Gary4.01.0
9604 ENCurse of the Mummy's Tomb, TheStine, R.L.4.03.0
35358 ENDark Garden, TheBuffie, Margaret4.07.0
6513 ENDawn on the CoastMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
18714 ENDay of the BlizzardMoskin, Marietta4.01.0
100506 ENDefianceHobbs, Valerie4.03.0
107300 ENDetective CampRoy, Ron4.02.0
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
41789 ENDoll People, TheMartin/Godwin4.05.0
51127 ENDragstersDeady, Kathleen W.4.00.5
41389 ENE Is for ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.01.0
11585 ENEat Your Poison, DearHowe, James4.03.0
25978 ENEdward and the PiratesMcPhail, David4.00.5
15866 ENEli the ElkSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
21330 ENElves and the Shoemaker, TheGrimm, Brothers4.00.5
14666 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
23330 ENEnormous Crocodile, TheDahl, Roald4.00.5
18965 ENEscape, TheApplegate, K.A.4.04.0
111771 ENEvie the Mist FairyMeadows, Daisy4.01.0
7720 ENEyeballs for BreakfastRagz, M.M.4.04.0
25478 ENFall into DarknessPike, Christopher4.07.0
42584 ENFamiliar, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
100050 ENFashion Disaster That Changed My Life!, TheMyracle, Lauren4.05.0
14667 ENFinding the TitanicBallard, Robert D.4.00.5
8222 ENFirst DateStine, R.L.4.04.0
13392 ENFlat StanleyBrown, Jeff4.01.0
36489 ENFourth Grade WeirdoFreeman, Martha4.03.0
35401 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Slam Hockey PucksDadey/Jones4.01.0
75644 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Start Food FightsDadey/Jones4.01.0
107241 ENFrankenstein Makes a SandwichRex, Adam4.00.5
8065 ENFrom AnnaLittle, Jean4.05.0
10776 ENGeorge's Marvelous MedicineDahl, Roald4.02.0
110147 ENGet RealHicks, Betty4.06.0
83695 ENGhost ClassJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
28295 ENGhost in Room 11, TheWright, Betty Ren4.02.0
108563 ENGhost SchoolPurkiss, Sue4.01.0
86633 ENGhosts Be Gone!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
662 ENGolden Bird, TheStolp, Hans4.01.0
10253 ENGrab Hands and RunTemple, Frances4.04.0
112474 ENGrasslands: Fields of Green and GoldSalas, Laura Purdie4.00.5
17775 ENGreat Interactive Dream Machine, ThePeck, Richard4.05.0
53501 ENGreat Shark Escape, TheJohnston, Jennifer4.01.0
44203 ENGus & Gertie and the Missing PearlNixon, Joan Lowery4.00.5
27577 ENHail to the ChumpBuchanan/Randall,4.03.0
20021 ENHalloween HelpersDelton, Judy4.02.0
57604 ENHamster of the Baskervilles, TheHale, Bruce4.03.0
83698 ENHappy Haunting!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
84680 ENHarriet Tubman: Conductor to FreedomHealy, Nick4.00.5
416 ENHarry Kitten and Tucker MouseSelden, George4.01.0
5320 ENHaunted Cabin MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
47411 ENHave Wheels, Will TravelMazer, Anne4.03.0
114468 ENHayley the Rain FairyMeadows, Daisy4.01.0
53153 ENHeads UpChristopher/Peters4.01.0
265 ENHello, My Name Is Scrambled EggsGilson, Jamie4.04.0
88487 ENHeroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific WarMazer, Harry4.03.0
85773 ENHome IceVandervelde, Beatrice4.04.0
107308 ENHomefrontGwaltney, Doris4.010.0
63660 ENHorse in the HouseBaglio, Ben M.4.04.0
13867 ENHow Big Is a Foot?Myller, Rolf4.00.5
10947 ENHow I Changed My LifeStrasser, Todd4.04.0
5021 ENHowliday InnHowe, James4.04.0
84313 ENHunted: A Clone Wars NovelHand, Elizabeth4.04.0
28214 ENHunting (Outdoor Adventures)Armentrout, David4.00.5
116754 ENI Heard a RumorKrulik, Nancy4.03.0
78002 ENIce DreamsScudamore, Beverly4.04.0
25181 ENIf You Come SoftlyWoodson, Jacqueline4.04.0
25299 ENIn Aunt Lucy's KitchenRylant, Cynthia4.01.0
18974 ENIn the Time of DinosaursApplegate, K.A.4.06.0
82184 ENInterferenceSchultz Nicholson, Lorna4.03.0
62512 ENInventions of Thomas Alva Edison, TheCefrey, Holly4.00.5
15776 ENIt's Funny How Things ChangeMire, Betty4.05.0
16644 ENJack MooseSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
101424 ENJames Stewart: Motocross GreatSievert, Terri4.00.5
84682 ENJesse Owens: Track-and-Field ChampionMonroe, Judy4.00.5
6521 ENJessi Ramsey, Pet-SitterMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
6524 ENJessi's WishMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
25652 ENJessica: Next Stop, Jr. HighPascal/Suzanne4.06.0
66173 ENJohn GlennStreissguth, Thomas4.00.5
477 ENJohnny Long LegsChristopher, Matt4.02.0
422 ENJoke War, TheNamovicz, Gene4.03.0
17573 ENKid Coach, TheBowen, Fred4.02.0
25632 ENKimberly Rides AgainPascal/Johansson4.04.0
35289 ENKitten in the ColdBaglio, Ben M.4.03.0
15869 ENKitty CougarSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
6530 ENKristy's Big DayMartin, Ann M4.04.0
25474 ENLast ActPike, Christopher4.09.0
14596 ENLater, GatorYep, Laurence4.03.0
27729 ENLegend of Sleepy Hollow, TheJablonski, Carla4.05.0
9580 ENLester's DogHesse, Karen4.00.5
8072 ENLiarsPetersen, P.J.4.06.0
7864 ENLife in the DesertSeymour, Tres4.02.0
102070 ENLighthouse Family: The Octopus, TheRylant, Cynthia4.00.5
30625 ENLittle House PartiesWilder/Henson4.01.0
6533 ENLittle Miss Stoneybrook...and DawnMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
11475 ENLive from the Fifth GradeMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.03.0
13731 ENLlama PajamasClymer, Susan4.02.0
109673 ENLondon CallingBloor, Edward4.010.0
5372 ENLong Shot for PaulChristopher, Matt4.02.0
52614 ENLord of the DeepSalisbury, Graham4.05.0
110631 ENLoveFredericks, Mariah4.08.0
6477 ENLove FluteGoble, Paul4.00.5
35045 ENLuba and the WrenPolacco, Patricia4.00.5
6076 ENMagic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, TheCole, Joanna4.00.5
54099 ENMan from the SkyAvi4.02.0
6543 ENMary Anne vs. LoganMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
115950 ENMatilda's HumdingerDowney, Lynn4.00.5
17033 ENMatthew and the Midnight TurkeysMorgan, Allen4.00.5
7682 ENMeet AddyPorter, Connie4.01.0
103409 ENMesoamerican MythsWest, David4.01.0
16872 ENMessage from the Match Girl, ALisle, Janet Taylor4.03.0
76199 ENMighty Jackie: The Strike-Out QueenMoss, Marissa4.00.5
6334 ENMillion Fish...More or Less, AMcKissack, Patricia C4.00.5
110169 ENMiss Holly Is Too Jolly!Gutman, Dan4.01.0
46482 ENMissing Mummy, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
109416 ENMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomWeatherford, Carole Boston4.00.5
25861 ENMrs. MackPolacco, Patricia4.01.0
11924 ENMy Life as a Broken Bungee CordMyers, Bill4.03.0
15396 ENMy Visit to the AquariumAliki,4.00.5
10914 ENMystery Bookstore, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
109312 ENMystery of the Haunted House, TheMasters, M.4.01.0
9283 ENMystery of the Purple Pool, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
87586 ENNaughts and CrossesBlackman, Malorie4.013.0
105864 ENNight of the New MagiciansOsborne, Mary Pope4.02.0
78679 ENNorthNapoli, Donna Jo4.09.0
112808 ENOceans: Underwater WorldsSalas, Laura Purdie4.00.5
15877 ENOdi OtterSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
5323 ENOld Motel Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
68986 ENOr Give Me Death: A Novel of Patrick Henry's FamilyRinaldi, Ann4.06.0
15100 ENOther Side of Dark, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.06.0
8578 ENOut of ControlMazer, Norma Fox4.05.0
108040 ENPenny from HeavenHolm, Jennifer L.4.07.0
31075 ENPhantoms Don't Drive Sports CarsDadey/Jones4.01.0
11733 ENPhoenix RisingHesse, Karen4.06.0
13532 ENPickup TrucksKoons, James4.00.5
109214 ENPlaying Dad's SongFriedman, D. Dina4.04.0
64057 ENPony ParadeBaglio, Ben M.4.02.0
6545 ENPoor MalloryMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
70 ENPrairie SchoolLenski, Lois4.07.0
15881 ENPrater the Prairie DogSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
29500 ENPretender, TheApplegate, K.A.4.04.0
20285 ENPrince and the Pooch, TheLeavitt, Caroline4.04.0
41124 ENPrincess Test, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
5535 ENPromise is a Promise, AMunsch, Robert4.00.5
19420 ENPsychic SistersPascal/Suzanne4.04.0
14878 ENQuake!Cottonwood, Joe4.04.0
108568 ENQuirky Times at Quagmire CastleWallace, Karen4.01.0
109988 ENRaven's RevengeMasters, Anthony4.01.0
9790 ENRechenka's EggsPolacco, Patricia4.00.5
8640 ENRed Balloon, TheLamorisse, Albert4.00.5
44722 ENResistance, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
42592 ENReunion, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
87185 ENRiddle of Zorfendorf Castle, TheAbbott, Tony4.02.0
87350 ENRiddles of Epsilon, TheMorton-Shaw, Christine4.010.0
15884 ENRobbie RazorbackSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
5539 ENRoxaboxenMcLerran, Alice4.00.5
6141 ENRumpelstiltskinZelinsky, Paul4.00.5
67174 ENRun for ItChristopher/Hirschfeld4.03.0
9649 ENSanta CallsJoyce, William4.00.5
73221 ENScooby-Doo! and the Bowling BoogeymanGelsey, James4.01.0
73223 ENScooby-Doo! and the Caveman CaperGelsey, James4.01.0
84398 ENScooby-Doo! and the Gruesome GoblinGelsey, James4.01.0
73233 ENScooby-Doo! and the Phony Fortune TellerGelsey, James4.01.0
41398 ENSea Monsters Don't Ride MotorcyclesDadey/Jones4.01.0
25452 ENSecret Path, ThePike, Christopher4.03.0
8240 ENSecret, TheStine, R.L.4.04.0
25471 ENSee You LaterPike, Christopher4.07.0
70129 ENSeeing Stone, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.01.0
101237 ENShakespeare's SecretBroach, Elise4.06.0
10636 ENShape-ChangerBrittain, Bill4.03.0
13089 ENSheep (Farm Animal Discovery)Stone, Lynn M.4.00.5
32414 ENSheepdog in the SnowBaglio, Ben M.4.04.0
106224 ENShugHan, Jenny4.07.0
19861 ENSisters at WarPascal/Suzanne4.04.0
79471 ENSkateboardingPreszler, Eric4.00.5
8243 ENSki WeekendStine, R.L.4.05.0
7894 ENSoccer CircusGilson, Jamie4.04.0
115380 ENSoccer ShootoutMaddox, Jake4.01.0
5490 ENSong and Dance ManAckerman, Karen4.00.5
34588 ENSophie SkatesIsadora, Rachel4.00.5
109865 ENSorcererAbbott, Tony4.03.0
5045 ENSoup for PresidentPeck, Robert Newton4.03.0
111889 ENSpeedway SwitchMaddox, Jake4.01.0
86695 ENSpy X: Proof PositiveLerangis, Peter4.03.0
6547 ENStacey's EmergencyMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
83703 ENStage FrightJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
19399 ENStarring the Baby-sitters Club!Martin, Ann M.4.05.0
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John Reynolds4.01.0
8589 ENSudden Silence, ABunting, Eve4.04.0
87606 ENSummer on the RunBelgue, Nancy4.03.0
40641 ENSummer with ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.02.0
6694 ENSusanna Siegelbaum Gives Up GuysFoley, June4.05.0
5494 ENSylvester and the Magic PebbleSteig, William4.00.5
113967 ENTalented Clementine, ThePennypacker, Sara4.02.0
295 ENTaste of Blackberries, ASmith, Doris Buchanan4.02.0
44726 ENTest, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
25432 ENThing in the Closet, ThePike, Christopher4.03.0
109095 ENThrowing StonesCollier, Kristi4.06.0
45130 ENTiger Rising, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.03.0
109141 ENTime and AgainChilds, Rob4.01.0
25433 ENTime TerrorPike, Christopher4.02.0
118020 ENTime To Smell the Roses: A Hermux Tantamoq AdventureHoeye, Michael4.08.0
196 ENTop SecretGardiner, John Reynolds4.02.0
103142 ENTouch It! Materials, Matter and YouMason, Adrienne4.00.5
11398 ENTown Mouse, Country MouseBrett, Jan4.00.5
108832 ENToys Go OutJenkins, Emily4.02.0
87385 ENTreasure Haunt, TheJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
58920 ENTree Castle IslandGeorge, Jean Craighead4.07.0
42133 ENTroll TeacherVande Velde, Vivian4.00.5
11744 ENUnder the Blood-Red SunSalisbury, Graham4.08.0
18995 ENUnknown, TheApplegate, K.A.4.04.0
20647 ENUntil Angels Close My EyesMcDaniel, Lurlene4.05.0
35643 ENWanderLindquist, Susan Hart4.04.0
42595 ENWeakness, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
28092 ENWetlands (Biomes)Stone, Lynn M.4.00.5
55042 ENWhen Mack Came BackStrickland, Brad4.03.0
109869 ENWhen Santa Fell to EarthFunke, Cornelia4.04.0
78610 ENWho Am I Without Him...Girls and the Boys in Their LivesFlake, Sharon G.4.05.0
101901 ENWhy Did She Have to Die?McDaniel, Lurlene4.03.0
16931 ENWhy I Quit the Baby-Sitter's ClubHaynes, Betsy4.02.0
5550 ENWhy Mosquitoes Buzz...EarsAardema, Verna4.00.5
53511 ENWild Whale Watch, TheMoore, Eva4.01.0
25827 ENWin One for SandraPascal/Carmen4.04.0
5099 ENWindcatcherAvi4.03.0
72358 ENWish List, TheColfer, Eoin4.07.0
5250 ENWonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch SnatcherDuncan, Lois4.01.0
66637 ENX Marks the Spot: Treasure IslandAbbott, Tony4.04.0
447 ENYear Mom Won the Pennant, TheChristopher, Matt4.02.0
109834 ENAbraham Lincoln and the Civil WarAbnett, Dan4.10.5
100059 ENAgainst the BoardsSchultz Nicholson, Lorna4.14.0
109348 ENAlabama MoonKey, Watt4.111.0
73777 ENAmber Brown Is Green with EnvyDanziger, Paula4.13.0
20206 ENAmy's StoryPfeffer, Susan Beth4.11.0
44938 ENAngel Bites the BulletDelton, Judy4.12.0
20403 ENAnnabel LeePoe, Edgar Allan4.10.5
19551 ENAnt and the Elephant, ThePeet, Bill4.10.5
6402 ENAunt Morbelia and the Screaming SkullsCarris, Joan4.14.0
14655 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Terrible Talking Termite, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.11.0
77271 ENB. Bears and the Mama's Day Surprise, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.10.5
7462 ENB. Bears and the Messy Room, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.10.5
7492 ENB. Bears Meet Santa Bear, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.10.5
20348 ENBaby-sitters Remember, TheMartin, Ann M.4.16.0
85619 ENBasketball (or Something Like It)Baskin, Nora Raleigh4.14.0
8205 ENBeach HouseStine, R.L.4.15.0
252 ENBears' House, TheSachs, Marilyn4.12.0
19449 ENBeast Must Die, ThePascal/Suzanne4.14.0
109373 ENBehind the Curtain: An Echo Falls MysteryAbrahams, Peter4.19.0
113223 ENBeing Teddy RooseveltMills, Claudia4.12.0
22663 ENBeware the Gingerbread HouseRodda, Emily4.14.0
8509 ENBig Lie, TheLeitner, Isabella4.11.0
12993 ENBig RigsSchleifer, Jay4.10.5
32379 ENBiggest Klutz in Fifth Grade, TheWallace, Bill4.14.0
20778 ENBlack Pearl Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
105165 ENBlackbeard's Last FightKimmel, Eric A.4.10.5
41415 ENBlaze and the Forest FireAnderson, C.W.4.10.5
41418 ENBlaze and ThunderboltAnderson, C.W.4.10.5
461 ENBlossom Promise, AByars, Betsy4.14.0
5459 ENBlueberries For SalMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
89610 ENBooker T. Washington: Educator and LeaderKeller, Kristin Thoennes4.10.5
16994 ENBookshop Dog, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
19864 ENBoyfriend Mess, ThePascal/Suzanne4.14.0
36877 ENBrett FavreNelson, Sharlene4.10.5
57127 ENBunnies in the BathroomBaglio, Ben M.4.14.0
43023 ENBunny Who Found Easter, TheZolotow, Charlotte4.10.5
211 ENBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, TheByars, Betsy4.14.0
484 ENBusybody NoraHurwitz, Johanna4.11.0
58147 ENCandy Factory Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
104424 ENCanyon CatastrophePerlman, Rhea4.11.0
16 ENCarry on, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean4.18.0
109311 ENCase of the Video Game Smugglers, TheMasters, M.4.11.0
112401 ENCasey Back at BatGutman, Dan4.10.5
51277 ENCatsGibbons, Gail4.10.5
15355 ENChameleonsMara, W.P.4.10.5
7662 ENChanges for AddyPorter, Connie4.11.0
6408 ENChanges for FelicityTripp, Valerie4.11.0
8216 ENCheerleaders, The Second EvilStine, R.L.4.15.0
44704 ENCherokee SisterDadey, Debbie4.14.0
10763 ENChevrolet SaturdaysBoyd, Candy Dawson4.17.0
13057 ENChickens (Farm Animal Discovery)Stone, Lynn M.4.10.5
105822 ENChopsticksBerkeley, Jon4.10.5
257 ENChristina's GhostWright, Betty Ren4.13.0
45416 ENChristmas Cat, TheHolmes, Efner Tudor4.10.5
6504 ENClaudia and the Genius of Elm StreetMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
6507 ENClaudia and the New GirlMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
64500 ENCon-fidenceStrasser, Todd4.14.0
74143 ENCool Moonlight, AJohnson, Angela4.12.0
19440 ENCousin War, ThePascal/Suzanne4.14.0
43729 ENCoyote AutumnWallace, Bill4.15.0
7611 ENCurious George Gets a MedalRey, H.A.4.10.5
18666 ENCurious George Rides a BikeRey, H.A.4.10.5
79110 ENDaddy PoemsMicklos Jr., John4.10.5
84933 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr.Schaefer, A.R.4.10.5
74145 ENDay of the IguanaWinkler, Henry4.14.0
108562 ENDead CoolClover, Peter4.11.0
47845 ENDiscover the DestroyerApplegate, K.A.4.15.0
6035 ENDixie StormsHall, Barbara4.16.0
117033 ENDrama QueenBergen, Lara4.14.0
6412 ENEarth to MatthewDanziger, Paula4.14.0
45043 ENEarthquake!Jenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
26564 ENEarthworms (Naturebooks)Merrick, Patrick4.10.5
84679 ENElla Fitzgerald: First Lady of JazzSchoeneberger, Megan4.10.5
111407 ENElle Woods: Beach BlondeBrown, Amanda4.15.0
5415 ENEncy. Brown Boy DetectiveSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
18715 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of Pablo's NoseSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
13000 ENEscape from Fire MountainPaulsen, Gary4.11.0
33627 ENExperiment, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
26642 ENExtreme, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
20109 ENEye of the BeholderHayes, Daniel4.17.0
109084 ENFairestLevine, Gail Carson4.18.0
5011 ENFantastic Mr. FoxDahl, Roald4.11.0
25775 ENFinal Friends 3: The GraduationPike, Christopher4.19.0
87157 ENFire Within, Thed'Lacey, Chris4.17.0
106747 ENFiregirlAbbott, Tony4.14.0
23252 ENForeverBlume, Judy4.15.0
105751 ENFrights! Camera! Action!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.11.0
101382 ENFugitiveHarris, Christine4.13.0
89612 ENGeorge Washington Carver: Scientist and InventorMonroe, Judy4.10.5
5418 ENGeorge Washington's BreakfastFritz, Jean4.10.5
80840 ENGet Rich Quick Club, TheGutman, Dan4.12.0
116583 ENGetting AirGutman, Dan4.15.0
101892 ENGhost of Raven Hill/The Sorcerer's Apprentice, TheRodda, Emily4.17.0
58130 ENGhosts Don't Ride Wild HorsesDadey/Jones4.11.0
5221 ENGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, TheGoble, Paul4.10.5
8223 ENGirlfriend, TheStine, R.L.4.15.0
17567 ENGolden Glove, TheBowen, Fred4.12.0
25487 ENGood-Bye, Middle School!Pascal/Suzanne4.15.0
6517 ENGood-bye Stacey, Good-byeMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
77356 ENGrasshopper Pie and Other PoemsSteinberg, David4.10.5
27758 ENHamsters and Gerbils (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.10.5
10671 ENHarriet's HareKing-Smith, Dick4.12.0
41393 ENHat TrickChristopher, Matt4.11.0
43119 ENHere We All AreDe Paola, Tomie4.11.0
25436 ENHidden Beast, ThePike, Christopher4.13.0
108078 ENHow Animals Use Their SensesHickman, Pamela4.10.5
115599 ENHow To Be a Girly Girl in Just Ten DaysPapademetriou, Lisa4.14.0
8530 ENI Am the UniverseCorcoran, Barbara4.14.0
31570 ENIce Bear and Little FoxLondon, Jonathan4.10.5
15362 ENIguanasMara, W.P.4.10.5
20117 ENIn the Stone CircleKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.16.0
84540 ENInto the Danger ZonePeters, Stephanie True4.11.0
105784 ENInvisible Moose, TheHaseley, Dennis4.10.5
12693 ENIron JohnKimmel, Eric A.4.10.5
85680 ENIs Kissing a Girl Who Smokes Like Licking an Ashtray?Powell, Randy4.16.0
26384 ENIsland of One, TheBunting, Eve4.11.0
60720 ENJacket, TheClements, Andrew4.11.0
51897 ENJake Drake, Know-It-AllClements, Andrew4.12.0
272 ENJelly BellySmith, Robert Kimmel4.14.0
6520 ENJessi and the SuperbratMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
6522 ENJessi's Baby-sitterMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
19305 ENJessi's Gold MedalMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
19429 ENJessica's Blind DatePascal/Suzanne4.14.0
26426 ENJoe Montana (Sports Superstars)Rothaus, James R.4.10.5
11472 ENJoshua T. Bates Takes ChargeShreve, Susan4.12.0
43614 ENKat KongPilkey, Dav4.10.5
79467 ENKickboxingSievert, Terri4.10.5
7676 ENKid PowerPfeffer, Susan Beth4.14.0
6528 ENKristy and the SnobsMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
6532 ENKristy's Mystery AdmirerMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
69250 ENLast Treasure, TheAnderson, Janet S.4.19.0
104428 ENLittle DivasBoles, Philana Marie4.15.0
25445 ENLittle People, ThePike, Christopher4.13.0
32285 ENMagic School Bus in the Arctic, TheCole, Joanna4.10.5
5524 ENMake Way for DucklingsMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
89614 ENMalcolm X: Force for ChangeKeller, Kristin Thoennes4.10.5
19353 ENMallory and the Ghost CatMartin, Ann M.4.15.0
19309 ENMallory Hates Boys (and Gym)Martin, Ann M.4.14.0
6544 ENMary Anne's Bad-Luck MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
26394 ENMask, TheBunting, Eve4.11.0
49511 ENMatthew and the Midnight BankMorgan, Allen4.10.5
17032 ENMatthew and the Midnight Money VanMorgan, Allen4.10.5
116909 ENMayflower Treasure HuntRoy, Ron4.12.0
17632 ENMeet JosefinaTripp, Valeria4.12.0
14029 ENMegan the KlutzYoung, Alida E.4.13.0
68926 ENMillions to MeasureSchwartz, David M.4.10.5
11427 ENMiracle at the PlateChristopher, Matt4.12.0
27955 ENMissing GirlsMetzger, Lois4.15.0
25216 ENMister and MeHolt, Kimberly Willis4.12.0
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
76342 ENMoses Sees a PlayMillman, Isaac4.10.5
6481 ENMountain MiracleTedrow, T.L.4.18.0
34933 ENMrs. Jeepers in Outer SpaceDadey/Jones4.12.0
42588 ENMutation, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
17878 ENMy Life as a Bigfoot Breath MintMyers, Bill4.13.0
103281 ENMy Nights at the ImprovSiebold, Jan4.12.0
79131 ENMy Secret BoyfriendMcDaniel, Lurlene4.13.0
9280 ENMystery of the Lost Village, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
13760 ENNight Room, TheGoldman, E.M.4.17.0
34930 ENNinjas Don't Bake Pumpkin PiesDadey/Jones4.11.0
109225 ENNorthern StarNicholson, Lorna Schultz4.14.0
79469 ENPaintballSievert, Terri4.10.5
25503 ENParent Plot, ThePascal/William4.13.0
13080 ENPelicans (Bird Discovery)Stone, Lynn M.4.10.5
116166 ENPirates of Bikini BottomLewman, David4.11.0
10790 ENPlace Called Ugly, AAvi4.15.0
5435 ENPlant That Ate Dirty Socks, TheMcArthur, Nancy4.14.0
85775 ENPlay OnDiersch, Sandra4.13.0
19902 ENPony for Keeps, ABetancourt, Jeanne4.12.0
60339 ENPool PrincessBossley, Michele Martin4.13.0
6026 ENPotato Kid, TheCorcoran, Barbara4.16.0
108554 ENPrizefighter en mi casa (English)Charlton-Trujillo, e.E.4.15.0
82282 ENPublic Enemy Number TwoHorowitz, Anthony4.16.0
73257 ENPuppy in a PuddleBaglio, Ben M.4.13.0
85877 ENRace to Doobesh, TheAbbott, Tony4.12.0
84936 ENRacing with the Pit CrewSchaefer, A.R.4.10.5
6677 ENRats, Spiders and LovePryor, Bonnie4.13.0
47420 ENReach for the StarsMazer, Anne4.12.0
5537 ENRelatives Came, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
25459 ENRemember Me 2: The ReturnPike, Christopher4.17.0
31531 ENRewindSleator, William4.13.0
11489 ENRichest Kids in Town, TheKehret, Peg4.12.0
71506 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs...Stupid Stinkbugs from SaturnPilkey, Dav4.10.5
101198 ENRicky Ricotta's...Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from UranusPilkey, Dav4.10.5
110724 ENRoad RageSwan, Bill4.13.0
84289 ENRocky Road TripStamper, Judith Bauer4.11.0
77364 ENRuby Lu, Brave and TrueLook, Lenore4.12.0
782 ENRumble FishHinton, S.E.4.13.0
20762 ENRumor about Julia, TheSinclair, Stephanie4.16.0
14500 ENRun for Your LifeLevy, Marilyn4.16.0
436 ENSadako and the Thousand Paper CranesCoerr, Eleanor4.11.0
9139 ENSammy SkunkSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
63100 ENSands of Time: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure, TheHoeye, Michael4.18.0
103588 ENSatch & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.15.0
74595 ENSay What?Haddix, Margaret Peterson4.11.0
18788 ENScary Stories to Tell in the DarkSchwartz, Alvin4.11.0
6289 ENSchool's OutHurwitz, Johanna4.12.0
73225 ENScooby-Doo! and the Farmyard FrightGelsey, James4.11.0
86654 ENScooby-Doo! and the Hoopster HorrorGelsey, James4.11.0
73236 ENScooby-Doo! and the Seashore SlimerGelsey, James4.11.0
76345 ENScooby-Doo! and the Witch DoctorGelsey, James4.11.0
111518 ENScratch: A NovelizationSorrells, Walter4.16.0
105135 ENSecret Garden: Retold...Frances Hodgson Burnett Original, TheHailey, Martha4.13.0
637 ENSecret Language, TheNordstrom, Urusula4.14.0
109314 ENSecret of the Long-Lost Cousin, TheMasters, M.4.11.0
109316 ENSecret of the Software Spy, TheMasters, M.4.11.0
45574 ENSecret Under My Skin, TheMcNaughton, Janet4.110.0
60577 ENSecrets of New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
5541 ENSilver Cow, TheCooper, Susan4.10.5
31561 ENSilver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas StoryRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
74872 ENSkeleton in the Smithsonian, TheRoy, Ron4.11.0
32275 ENSkin I'm In, TheFlake, Sharon G.4.14.0
342 ENSkinnybonesPark, Barbara4.13.0
80745 ENSkull Talks Back: And Other Haunting Tales, TheHurston, Zora Neale4.10.5
85684 ENSmoking Mirror: An Encounter with Paul GauguinRees, Douglas4.16.0
9535 ENSomeday I'll Laugh About ThisCrew, Linda4.15.0
788 ENSomeone Is Hiding on Alcatraz IslandBunting, Eve4.14.0
11050 ENSomeone to Count OnHermes, Patricia4.16.0
60398 ENSong of the CircusDuncan, Lois4.10.5
115562 ENSpace ProbesKortenkamp, Steve4.10.5
31072 ENSpider Kane and the Mystery Under the May-AppleOsborne, Mary Pope4.12.0
73319 ENSpongeBob NaturepantsCollins, Terry4.11.0
25465 ENStar Group, ThePike, Christopher4.16.0
50388 ENStarting SchoolHurwitz, Johanna4.12.0
76592 ENStealing HomeChristopher, Matt4.13.0
689 ENStepbrother SabotageWittman, Sally4.11.0
8246 ENStepsister, TheStine, R.L.4.15.0
28282 ENStrays Like UsPeck, Richard4.15.0
8247 ENSunburnStine, R.L.4.14.0
79696 ENSurvivalApplegate, K.A.4.14.0
15894 ENSuzie SquirrelSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
74294 ENSwitch Play!Peters, Stephanie True4.11.0
791 ENTackle Without a TeamChristopher, Matt4.13.0
5337 ENTall, Thin, and BlondeSheldon, Dyan4.15.0
20699 ENTeam That Couldn't Lose, TheChristopher, Matt4.12.0
82254 ENTechnical FoulWallace, Rich4.12.0
11541 ENThames Doesn't Rhyme with JamesDanziger, Paula4.14.0
27677 ENThank You, Mr. FalkerPolacco, Patricia4.10.5
806 ENThomas A. Edison: Young InventorGuthridge, Sue4.13.0
26646 ENThreat, TheApplegate, K.A.4.14.0
5547 ENThree NamesMacLachlan, Patricia4.10.5
106505 ENThree of Diamonds: A Diamond Brothers MysteryHorowitz, Anthony4.17.0
63336 ENTicky-Tacky Doll, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
794 ENTiger EyesBlume, Judy4.16.0
100758 ENTom BradySavage, Jeff4.10.5
79893 ENTony's BreadDe Paola, Tomie4.10.5
77565 ENToo Big a StormQualey, Marsha4.110.0
25631 ENToo Close for ComfortPascal/Johansson4.14.0
114839 ENTop Job, TheKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.10.5
34935 ENTornadoes!Hopping, Lorraine Jean4.10.5
114412 ENTruth or DareKing, M.C.4.12.0
67732 ENTwilight FairiesHundal, Nancy4.10.5
64466 ENUncle Andy'sWarhola, James4.10.5
11450 ENUndercover TailbackChristopher, Matt4.13.0
42247 ENUnderground, TheJenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
48161 ENUp Goes the Skyscraper!Gibbons, Gail4.10.5
73119 ENVampire KissesSchreiber, Ellen4.16.0
53089 ENVikings Don't Wear Wrestling BeltsDadey/Jones4.11.0
25480 ENVisitor, ThePike, Christopher4.15.0
89665 ENVoyagers of the Silver SandAbbott, Tony4.13.0
58155 ENWedding FlowersRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
44771 ENWhere the River BeginsLocker, Thomas4.10.5
82035 ENWild About BooksSierra, Judy4.10.5
78476 ENWild CatsBatten, Mary4.10.5
25447 ENWitch's Revenge, ThePike, Christopher4.13.0
797 ENWith You and Without YouMartin, Ann M.4.15.0
34927 ENWolfmen Don't Hula DanceDadey/Jones4.11.0
42043 ENWood Between the Worlds, TheLewis, C.S.4.10.5
41634 ENZinkBennett, Cherie4.16.0
116108 ENZombie Nite Café, TheKutner, Merrily4.10.5
35631 ENZooman SamLowry, Lois4.14.0
8252 EN4X4's and PickupsDonahue, A.K.4.21.0
19868 ENAbby's TwinMartin, Ann M.4.23.0
86479 ENAbner & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.25.0
25565 ENAggie's HomeNixon, Joan Lowery4.22.0
71680 ENAlice in BlunderlandNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.26.0
31128 ENAll-Star FeverChristopher, Matt4.21.0
77380 ENAll That GlittersRoberts, Rachel4.24.0
88934 ENAloha, Scooby-Doo!Weyn, Suzanne4.21.0
116115 ENAlone in the Wilderness! Brennan Hawkins' Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.20.5
31176 ENAmah, TheYep, Laurence4.25.0
9103 ENAmy ArmadilloSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
5001 ENAnastasia, Ask Your AnalystLowry, Lois4.23.0
5322 ENAnimal Shelter Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
53951 ENAntarctica: Escape from DisasterLerangis, Peter4.25.0
53783 ENAntarctica: Journey to the PoleLerangis, Peter4.25.0
42582 ENArrival, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
82290 ENArthur: King of the Middle MarchCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.212.0
19838 ENAshleigh's HopeCampbell/Bentley4.26.0
33626 ENAttack, TheApplegate, K.A.4.24.0
18703 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Magic Crystal Caper, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.21.0
20009 ENB. Bears and the Big Date, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.21.0
10653 ENB. Bears and the Dress Code, TheBerenstain, Stan4.21.0
17555 ENB. Bears and the Ghost of the Auto Graveyard, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.21.0
7466 ENB. Bears and the Prize Pumpkin, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.20.5
7470 ENB. Bears and the Slumber Party, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.20.5
9257 ENB. Bears at Camp Crush, TheBerenstain, Stan4.21.0
17557 ENB. Bears at the Teen Rock Cafe, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.22.0
110138 ENBackyard Animal Show, TheDraper, Sharon M.4.22.0
19445 ENBattle of the Cheerleaders, ThePascal/Suzanne4.24.0
54955 ENBattling the CommanderJenkins/LaHaye4.23.0
153 ENBe a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!Manes, Stephen4.21.0
20205 ENBeth's StoryPfeffer, Susan Beth4.21.0
43112 ENBetsy and BillyHaywood, Carolyn4.22.0
19352 ENBeware, Dawn!Martin, Ann M.4.24.0
6605 ENBingo Brown's Guide to RomanceByars, Betsy4.23.0
79148 ENBirdJohnson, Angela4.23.0
11150 ENBlackwater SwampWallace, Bill4.25.0
13504 ENBMX BicyclesKnox, Barbara4.20.5
43398 ENBoots and the Seven Leaguers: A Rock-and-Troll NovelYolen, Jane4.24.0
85024 ENBoston Tea Party, TheDoeden, Matt4.20.5
6907 ENBrave, TheLipsyte, Robert4.25.0
40376 ENBreathing Not RequiredBossley, Michele Martin4.23.0
44925 ENBride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies, TheDadey/Jones4.21.0
107728 ENBristol Motor SpeedwaySchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
357 ENBuilding BlocksVoigt, Cynthia4.25.0
108498 ENBungee HeroBertagna, Julie4.21.0
254 ENBunniculaHowe, Deborah/James4.22.0
19395 ENCalifornia Girls!Martin, Ann M.4.25.0
15106 ENCartoonist, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
11044 ENCase of the Black-Hooded Hangmans, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
109308 ENCase of the Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, TheMasters, M.4.21.0
109309 ENCase of the Mysterious Dognapper, TheMasters, M.4.21.0
19666 ENCase of the Twin Teddy Bears, TheKeene, Carolyn4.24.0
106845 ENCasey JonesKrensky, Stephen4.20.5
25209 ENCatcher's Mask, TheChristopher, Matt4.21.0
25772 ENChain Letter 2: The Ancient EvilPike, Christopher4.27.0
87461 ENChain Letter, TheSchumacher, Julie4.26.0
106543 ENChat RoomButcher, Kristin4.22.0
68144 ENCheat, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
5215 ENChocolate FeverSmith, Robert Kimmel4.21.0
108085 ENChristmas Eve MagicPapineau, Lucie4.20.5
13507 ENChristmas: Why We Celebrate It the Way We DoHintz, Martin/Kate4.20.5
15861 ENCody CoyoteSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
109033 ENComeback of the Home Run KidChristopher, Matt4.22.0
14006 ENCorey's FireWardlaw, Lee4.25.0
215 ENCracker JacksonByars, Betsy4.24.0
25438 ENCreepy Creature, ThePike, Christopher4.23.0
118773 ENCrush-tastic!Beechwood, Beth4.22.0
25658 ENCurse of the Golden Heart, ThePascal/Suzanne4.25.0
10110 ENCute is a Four-Letter WordPevsner, Stella4.26.0
411 ENCybil War, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
110017 ENDaredevil ClubWithers, Pam4.22.0
18760 ENDaring to Be AbigailVail, Rachel4.23.0
6512 ENDawn and the Older BoyMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
75412 ENDaytona 500, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
18808 ENDeenieBlume, Judy4.25.0
44334 ENDerek Jeter (Sports Heroes)Covert, Kim4.20.5
54907 ENDeShawn DaysMedina, Tony4.20.5
21788 ENDifferent Beat, ABoyd, Candy Dawson4.26.0
10660 ENDinosaur Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
51126 ENDirt Bikes (Wild Rides!)Parr, Danny4.20.5
6459 ENDo Bananas Chew Gum?Gilson, Jamie4.25.0
607 ENDog Called Kitty, AWallace, Bill4.24.0
83521 ENDoggie in the WindowArsenault, Elaine4.20.5
57132 ENDolphin in the DeepBaglio, Ben M.4.24.0
78532 ENDon Quixote and the WindmillsKimmel, Eric A.4.20.5
19872 ENDon't Give Up, MalloryMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
103102 ENDoor to Time, TheBaccalario, Pierdomenico4.25.0
86798 ENDouble FakeWallace, Rich4.23.0
14663 ENDragon in the Family, AKoller, Jackie French4.21.0
6722 ENDunc's HalloweenPaulsen, Gary4.22.0
7670 ENEleven Kids, One SummerMartin, Ann M.4.25.0
7717 ENEncy. Brown Keeps the PeaceSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
7719 ENEncy. Brown Solves Them AllSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
10663 ENEncy. Brown Takes the CaseSobol, Donald4.21.0
18716 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight VisitorSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
20264 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Sleeping DogSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
101423 ENEnduro RacingHealy, Nick4.20.5
41391 ENEver-Clever ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
5267 ENFace at the Edge of the WorldBunting, Eve4.26.0
113333 ENFair to Remember, AMorgan, Melissa J.4.24.0
565 ENFairy Rebel, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.23.0
11716 ENFallen AngelsMyers, Walter Dean4.211.0
40382 ENFast FinishSwan, William4.24.0
71913 ENFawn to DeerCooper, Jason4.20.5
70127 ENField Guide, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.21.0
84319 ENFight to Survive, TheBisson, Terry4.24.0
566 ENFighting Ground, TheAvi4.24.0
6999 ENFine White Dust, ARylant, Cynthia4.23.0
30638 ENFire in the SkyRansom, Candice F.4.21.0
13410 ENFire! Raging DestructionBondar, Barbara4.21.0
106409 ENFirst ImpressionsSachs, Marilyn4.24.0
110354 ENFlight of the Fire ThiefDeary, Terry4.26.0
2221 ENFloods! Rising, Raging WatersDuden, Jane4.21.0
69075 ENFlower Fairies, TheRodda, Emily4.22.0
104908 ENFreddy AduSavage, Jeff4.20.5
7033 ENFront Porch Stories at the One-Room SchoolTate, Eleanora E.4.22.0
76900 ENGhosts of Now, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.26.0
9768 ENGift of the Sacred Dog, TheGoble, Paul4.20.5
5939 ENGlory Girl, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
67165 ENGoalkeeper in ChargeChristopher/Hirschfeld4.23.0
34929 ENGoblins Don't Play Video GamesDadey/Jones4.21.0
71135 ENGranny Torrelli Makes SoupCreech, Sharon4.22.0
11414 ENGreat Quarterback Switch, TheChristopher, Matt4.22.0
105928 ENHalf-Moon InvestigationsColfer, Eoin4.29.0
6422 ENHappy Birthday, Felicity!Tripp, Valerie4.21.0
25450 ENHaunted Cave, ThePike, Christopher4.23.0
8571 ENHeart of a ChampionDeuker, Carl4.28.0
110709 ENHearts of StoneErnst, Kathleen4.29.0
80289 ENHeck SuperheroLeavitt, Martine4.25.0
114223 ENHide and ShriekMorgan, Melissa J.4.28.0
67225 ENHigh HeatDeuker, Carl4.210.0
419 ENHooples' Horrible Holiday, TheManes, Stephen4.24.0
267 ENHot and Cold Summer, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.23.0
25451 ENHowling Ghost, ThePike, Christopher4.23.0
19901 ENI Want a PonyBetancourt, Jeanne4.22.0
13995 ENIn-Line Skating BasicsSavage, Jeff4.20.5
66056 ENInsect InvadersCapeci, Anne4.21.0
19332 ENJessi and the TroublemakerMartin, Ann M.4.23.0
20696 ENJosefina Saves the DayTripp, Valerie4.21.0
13397 ENJourney into TerrorWallace, Bill4.25.0
106221 ENJust Another Day in My Insanely Real LifeDee, Barbara4.26.0
45826 ENKangaroos and Other MarsupialsFenton, Julie A.4.20.5
50 ENKatie JohnCalhoun, Mary4.24.0
107309 ENKing of the CreepsBanks, Steven4.26.0
100601 ENKingdom Keepers, ThePearson, Ridley4.29.0
14023 ENKlutz Is Back, TheYoung, Alida E.4.24.0
19324 ENKristy and the CopycatMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
19354 ENKristy and the Missing ChildMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
6527 ENKristy and the Secret of SusanMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
19303 ENKristy for PresidentMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
25779 ENLast Vampire 4: Phantom, ThePike, Christopher4.26.0
30622 ENLaura's PaWilder/Henson4.21.0
116116 ENLeft for Dead! Lincoln Hall's Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.20.5
5476 ENLegend of the Bluebonnet, TheDePaola, Tomie4.20.5
8533 ENLetters from RifkaHesse, Karen4.24.0
9595 ENLittle House on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea4.28.0
25300 ENLittle Shopping, ARylant, Cynthia4.20.5
7736 ENLittles and the Lost Children, ThePeterson, John4.22.0
18500 ENLone WolfFranklin, Kristine L.4.26.0
47412 ENLove, Ruby LavenderWiles, Deborah4.24.0
86537 ENMagic or MadnessLarbalestier, Justine4.29.0
21657 ENMagic School Bus in a Pickle, TheCole, Joanna4.21.0
15111 ENMagic School Bus out of This World, TheCole/Posner4.20.5
13263 ENMagnets (Science Secrets)Cooper, Jason4.20.5
6535 ENMallory and the Mystery DiaryMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
6536 ENMallory and the Trouble with TwinsMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
10130 ENMan Who Was Poe, TheAvi4.26.0
36494 ENManiac Monkeys on Magnolia StreetJohnson, Angela4.22.0
15870 ENMarty MuleSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
11479 ENMcMummyByars, Betsy4.24.0
625 ENMe and the Terrible TwoConford, Ellen4.23.0
6430 ENMeet FelicityTripp, Valerie4.21.0
426 ENMeet MollyTripp, Valerie4.21.0
20277 ENMeg Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.22.0
19583 ENMerle the High Flying SquirrelPeet, Bill4.20.5
428 ENMinstrel in the Tower, TheSkurzynski, Gloria4.21.0
5431 ENMississippi BridgeTaylor, Mildred D.4.21.0
13876 ENMoans and Groans and Dinosaur BonesDelton, Judy4.22.0
57597 ENMoney HungryFlake, Sharon G.4.24.0
51138 ENMonster TrucksSchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
73945 ENMoses Basket, TheKoralek, Jenny4.20.5
6337 ENMoss GownHooks, William4.20.5
676 ENMost Beautiful Place in the World, TheCameron, Ann4.21.0
84971 ENMountainboardingPreszler, Eric4.20.5
71250 ENMud RunSwan, Bill4.23.0
10647 ENMystery of Pony Hollow, TheHall, Lynn4.21.0
27603 ENMystery of the Invisible Knight, TheMyers, Bill4.23.0
109313 ENMystery of the Star Ship Movie, TheMasters, M.4.21.0
84935 ENNASCAR's Wildest WrecksDoeden, Matt4.20.5
78556 ENNight I Flunked My Field Trip, TheWinkler, Henry4.24.0
31240 ENNo Easy OutHughes, Dean4.23.0
11431 ENNothing but TroubleWright, Betty Ren4.22.0
59767 ENNumbering All the BonesRinaldi, Ann4.25.0
25215 ENOff the RimBowen, Fred4.22.0
82156 ENOld Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.27.0
50090 ENOn HanukkahFishman, Cathy Goldberg4.20.5
80739 ENOn Thin IcePeters, Stephanie True4.21.0
36386 ENOne 2 ManyPascal/Suzanne4.23.0
776 ENOne Fat SummerLipsyte, Robert4.26.0
109088 ENOne-Handed CatchAuch, MJ4.28.0
382 ENPark's QuestPaterson, Katherine4.25.0
7018 ENParty's Over, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.26.0
106336 ENPearl the Cloud FairyMeadows, Daisy4.21.0
60346 ENPerfect Gymnast, TheBossley, Michele Martin4.23.0
25693 ENPhone FearPike, Christopher4.23.0
1534 ENPicassoVenezia, Mike4.20.5
88162 ENPick of the LitterWallace, Bill4.24.0
17588 ENPlayoff DreamsBowen, Fred4.22.0
60340 ENPower PlayBossley, Michele Martin4.23.0
42590 ENProphecy, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
117016 ENQueen of ShadowthornAbbott, Tony4.22.0
16932 ENQueen of the Gargoyles, TheHaynes, Betsy4.22.0
6008 ENR-T, Margaret & the Rats of NIMHConly, Jane Leslie4.27.0
6394 ENRed-Dirt JessieMyers, Anna4.23.0
684 ENRed-Hot HightopsChristopher, Matt4.23.0
1538 ENRembrandtVenezia, Mike4.20.5
25458 ENRemember MePike, Christopher4.210.0
25460 ENRemember Me 3: The Last StoryPike, Christopher4.28.0
101800 ENReplayCreech, Sharon4.24.0
6376 ENRisk N' RosesSlepian, Jan4.26.0
58218 ENRoad to Balinor, TheStanton, Mary4.24.0
80499 ENRoar of the Crowd, TheWallace, Rich4.22.0
53070 ENRobots Don't Catch Chicken PoxDadey/Jones4.21.0
79406 ENRoller CoastersSchaefer, A. R.4.20.5
85776 ENRoughingNicholson, Lorna Schultz4.24.0
86417 ENRudolph Shines AgainMay, Robert Lewis4.20.5
43124 ENRussell and ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
44921 ENRussell SproutsHurwitz, Johanna4.21.0
70099 ENSahara SpecialCodell, Esmé Raji4.24.0
85026 ENSalem Witch Trials, TheMartin, Michael4.20.5
54255 ENSanta Comes to Little House: From Little House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.20.5
19412 ENSarah's Dad and Sophia's MomPascal/Suzanne4.24.0
74291 ENScooby-Doo! and the Deep-Sea DiverGelsey, James4.21.0
73231 ENScooby-Doo! and the Karate CaperGelsey, James4.21.0
73234 ENScooby-Doo! and the Rowdy RodeoGelsey, James4.21.0
44955 ENSee You Later, GladiatorScieszka, Jon4.22.0
43411 ENSend One Angel DownSchwartz, Virginia F.4.25.0
105241 ENShackleton and the Lost Antarctic ExpeditionHoena, B.A.4.20.5
6040 ENShadow BrothersCannon, A.E.4.26.0
58066 ENShattering GlassGiles, Gail4.26.0
581 ENSixth-Grade SleepoverBunting, Eve4.24.0
70883 ENSkinny-Dipping at Monster LakeWallace, Bill4.26.0
25977 ENSlumber PartyPike, Christopher4.25.0
102722 ENSmall StepsSachar, Louis4.27.0
25644 ENSnow BunniesPascal/Johansson4.24.0
34974 ENSnowboard ShowdownChristopher, Matt4.23.0
52245 ENSolid, Liquid, Gas: What Is Matter?Smith, Erica4.20.5
76520 ENSooner or LaterBrooke, Lauren4.24.0
53495 ENSpace ExplorersMoore, Eva4.21.0
7895 ENSparrow Hawk RedMikaelsen, Ben4.26.0
57146 ENSquirrels in the SchoolBaglio, Ben M.4.23.0
19351 ENStacey and the Missing RingMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
19326 ENStacey's LieMartin, Ann M.4.25.0
41562 ENStargirlSpinelli, Jerry4.26.0
42977 ENStarry, Starry NightMcDaniel, Lurlene4.26.0
20291 ENStolen Trophy, TheFriedman, Michael Jan4.23.0
18837 ENStones in WaterNapoli, Donna Jo4.27.0
30634 ENStory, A Story, AHaley, Gail E.4.20.5
11492 ENStrandedMikaelsen, Ben4.28.0
11589 ENStrange BrewHaynes, Betsy4.23.0
79485 ENStreet Skating: Grinds and GrabsSavage, Jeff4.20.5
54102 ENStrike TwoKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
5544 ENSunken TreasureGibbons, Gail4.20.5
12994 ENSuper Sports CarsJay, Jackson4.20.5
101425 ENSupercross RacingO'Shei, Tim4.20.5
26645 ENSuspicion, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
47422 ENTaking ChancesBrooke, Lauren4.25.0
9743 ENTaking ChargePascal/Suzanne4.23.0
34635 ENTale of Willie Monroe, TheSchroeder, Alan4.20.5
7038 ENTaste of SaltTemple, Frances4.25.0
107834 ENThief in the House of Memory, AWynne-Jones, Tim4.26.0
14850 ENThunder CaveSmith, Roland4.29.0
78526 ENThunder from the SeaHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.25.0
6095 ENTikki Tikki TemboMosel, Arlene4.20.5
14873 ENTime for Dancing, AHurwin, Davida Wills4.29.0
18841 ENTime of Angels, AHesse, Karen4.29.0
6345 ENTo the TopKramer, S.A.4.20.5
75413 ENTony StewartLeebrick, Kristal4.20.5
693 ENTough to TackleChristopher, Matt4.22.0
18251 ENTracks in the SnowBledsoe, Lucy Jane4.23.0
5091 ENTrapped in Death CaveWallace, Bill4.25.0
101430 ENTravis Pastrana: Motocross LegendSievert, Terri4.20.5
18698 ENTrees of the Dancing Goats, ThePolacco, Patricia4.20.5
67638 ENTunnels of BloodShan, Darren4.26.0
15076 ENTut, TutScieszka, Jon4.22.0
7891 ENTwelve Days in AugustMurrow, Liza Ketchum4.27.0
8249 ENTwistedStine, R.L.4.25.0
104187 ENUncle Peter's Amazing Chinese WeddingLook, Lenore4.20.5
67637 ENVampire's Assistant, TheShan, Darren4.26.0
79492 ENVert Skating: Mastering the RampSavage, Jeff4.20.5
5095 ENWanted: Mud BlossomByars, Betsy4.24.0
6550 ENWelcome Back, Stacey!Martin, Ann M.4.24.0
112480 ENWetlands: Soggy HabitatSalas, Laura Purdie4.20.5
60583 ENWhat a Trip! Around the World in Eighty DaysAbbott, Tony4.24.0
62339 ENWhat Lives on a Prairie?Levy, Janey4.20.5
31175 ENWho Are You?Nixon, Joan Lowery4.26.0
89072 ENWho Stole Halloween?Freeman, Martha4.25.0
100996 ENWillow RunGiff, Patricia Reilly4.24.0
78085 ENWingsPratchett, Terry4.25.0
25461 ENWitchPike, Christopher4.28.0
77182 ENWorld According to Humphrey, TheBirney, Betty G.4.24.0
20150 ENWreckers, TheLawrence, Iain4.26.0
699 ENYear of the Perfect Christmas Tree, TheHouston, Gloria4.20.5
42832 ENYellow Blue JayHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
102505 ENYou Come to YokumHurst, Carol Otis4.24.0
43701 ENZero's SliderChristopher, Matt4.21.0
88942 ENZoo Day DisasterLewman, David4.21.0
57142 EN7 x 9 = Trouble!Mills, Claudia4.31.0
112581 ENAccidental Cheerleader, TheMcCoy, Mimi4.34.0
20251 ENAdventures of Captain Underpants, ThePilkey, Dav4.31.0
47402 ENAfter the StormBrooke, Lauren4.35.0
79462 ENAggressive In-Line SkatingWeil, Ann4.30.5
102835 ENAlberta AlibiGaetz, Dayle Campbell4.35.0
111536 ENAlmost EdenHorrocks, Anita4.39.0
27477 ENAlways Room for One MoreLeodhas, Sorche Nic4.30.5
55308 ENAmazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, ThePratchett, Terry4.39.0
43030 ENAmerica's Civil WarOwens, L.L.4.30.5
454 ENAnastasia at Your ServiceLowry, Lois4.35.0
16744 ENAngels Watching over MeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
101426 ENAppaloosa Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.30.5
25442 ENAttack of the Killer CrabsPike, Christopher4.32.0
17553 ENB. Bears and Queenie's Crazy Crush, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.31.0
7461 ENB. Bears and the In-Crowd, TheBerenstain, Stan4.30.5
7481 ENB. Bears Forget Their Manners, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.30.5
5 ENB Is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
36037 ENBabe & MeGutman, Dan4.34.0
19679 ENBaby-Sitter Burglaries, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
19388 ENBaby-sitters BewareMartin, Ann M.4.36.0
19392 ENBaby-sitters' Summer VacationMartin, Ann M.4.35.0
10751 ENBack to SchoolHaynes, Betsy4.33.0
152 ENBack Yard AngelDelton, Judy4.32.0
108939 ENBackstage PassWilcox, Mary4.36.0
17756 ENBad GirlsVoigt, Cynthia4.38.0
44888 ENBaseball's Greatest HittersKramer, S.A.4.31.0
5354 ENBasket Counts, TheChristopher, Matt4.32.0
51859 ENBattlefield Ghost, TheCuyler, Margery4.32.0
5002 ENBingo Brown and the Language of LoveByars, Betsy4.34.0
555 ENBlack Star, Bright DawnO'Dell, Scott4.34.0
110625 ENBlind MountainThomas, Jane Resh4.32.0
307 ENBlossoms Meet the Vulture Lady, TheByars, Betsy4.34.0
108963 ENBoyfriend Rules of Good Behavior, TheBateson, Catherine4.35.0
25640 ENBoyfriends for EveryonePascal/Johansson4.34.0
111255 ENBriana's GiftMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
75411 ENBrickyard 400, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
88676 ENBrotherhood of Rotten Baby-Sitters, TheDanko, Dan4.33.0
104034 ENBuried Bones Mystery, TheDraper, Sharon M.4.32.0
25468 ENBury Me DeepPike, Christopher4.37.0
58346 ENCardinals and Other SongbirdsGoldish, Meish4.31.0
113354 ENCase of the Booby-Trapped Pickup, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
109307 ENCase of the Clever Computer Crooks, TheMasters, M.4.32.0
43144 ENCase of the Raging Rottweiler, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
5212 ENCatwingsLeGuin, Ursula K.4.30.5
104627 ENCésar ChávezHudson-Goff, Elizabeth4.30.5
20698 ENChanges for JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.31.0
105855 ENChariot of Queen Zara, TheAbbott, Tony4.32.0
69074 ENCharm Bracelet, TheRodda, Emily4.32.0
8217 ENCheerleaders, The Third EvilStine, R.L.4.34.0
13733 ENChelsey and the Green-Haired KidGorman, Carol4.33.0
32350 ENChocolate-Covered Contest, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
10640 ENChocolate Sundae Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
7664 ENChristmas Day Kitten, TheHerriot, James4.30.5
406 ENClass PresidentHurwitz, Johanna4.32.0
19328 ENClaudia and Crazy PeachesMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
6506 ENClaudia and the Middle School MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
5463 ENCloudy With a Chance of MeatballsBarrett, Judi4.30.5
25448 ENCold People, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
114830 ENCome JuneteenthRinaldi, Ann4.37.0
43733 ENComing HomeBrooke, Lauren4.34.0
18959 ENCompetition, TheLowell, Melissa4.33.0
105493 ENConstellation of Sylvie: A Novel, TheTownley, Roderick4.35.0
13110 ENCopperheads (Snake Discovery)Bargar/Johnson4.30.5
82180 ENCorner KickSwan, Bill4.34.0
105478 ENCrossing the WireHobbs, Will4.38.0
25657 ENCurse of the Ruby Necklace, ThePascal/Suzanne4.35.0
107729 ENDale EarnhardtSchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
5916 ENDanger in Quicksand SwampWallace, Bill4.35.0
25446 ENDark Corner, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
14137 ENDarnell Rock ReportingMyers, Walter Dean4.34.0
6510 ENDawn and the Big SleepoverMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
19327 ENDawn and Whitney, Friends ForeverMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
6515 ENDawn's Wicked StepsisterMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
45858 ENDeadly Game of Magic, ANixon, Joan Lowery4.36.0
44718 ENDeception, TheApplegate, K.A.4.33.0
43415 ENDeclaration of Independence, TheMazer, Anne4.32.0
6665 ENDeDe Takes Charge!Hurwitz, Johanna4.33.0
85772 ENDeflection!Swan, Bill4.34.0
25457 ENDie SoftlyPike, Christopher4.38.0
112829 ENDisaster in the Mountains! Colby Coombs' Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.30.5
104196 ENDiscover Space RocksNicolson, Cynthia Pratt4.30.5
31532 ENDisoriented ExpressStrickland/Fuller4.35.0
7710 ENDivorce Express, TheDanziger, Paula4.34.0
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
17101 ENDouble LovePascal/William4.35.0
86936 ENDown the Rabbit HoleAbrahams, Peter4.310.0
24999 ENDowntownMazer, Norma Fox4.37.0
6813 ENDungeon of DoomDixon, Franklin W.4.34.0
102017 ENElsewhereZevin, Gabrielle4.39.0
7716 ENEncy. Brown Finds the CluesSobol, Donald J.4.32.0
10661 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead EaglesSobol, Donald J.4.31.0
74692 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Jumping FrogsSobol, Donald J.4.31.0
60563 ENEscape from New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.34.0
6610 ENEveryone Else's Parents Said YesDanziger, Paula4.33.0
25783 ENEvil House, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
5349 ENFace-OffChristopher, Matt4.32.0
73833 ENFairway PhenomChristopher/Mantell4.33.0
82417 ENFalcon's Malteser, TheHorowitz, Anthony4.36.0
110145 ENFalling in LikeMorgan, Melissa J.4.35.0
100060 ENFalse StartDiersch, Sandra4.33.0
6414 ENFelicity Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.31.0
29424 ENFinal Cut, TheBowen, Fred4.32.0
25773 ENFinal Friends: The PartyPike, Christopher4.38.0
54958 ENFire from HeavenJenkins/LaHaye4.33.0
8221 ENFire Game, TheStine, R.L.4.34.0
102202 ENFire Thief, TheDeary, Terry4.36.0
32303 ENFiretalkingPolacco, Patricia4.30.5
20071 ENFlight of the HawkPaulsen, Gary4.32.0
73254 ENFoal in the FogBaglio, Ben M.4.33.0
26735 ENFor Your Eyes OnlyRocklin, Joanne4.32.0
45820 ENFur Seals and Other PinnipedsPiasetsky, Lome4.31.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
10896 ENGhost Comes Calling, TheWright, Betty Ren4.32.0
27602 ENGhost of KRZY, TheMyers, Bill4.33.0
109667 ENGhost's Revenge, ThePeschke, M.4.31.0
58348 ENGiraffes and Other Hoofed MammalsGoldish, Meish4.31.0
48673 ENGirlheartsMazer, Norma Fox4.38.0
19632 ENGold Medal RiderBryant, Bonnie4.34.0
52317 ENGolemWisniewski, David4.30.5
89144 ENGrace's TwistMorgan, Melissa J.4.35.0
78928 ENGrandparent PoemsMicklos Jr., John4.30.5
24910 ENGreater Than AngelsMatas, Carol4.35.0
57137 ENHamster in a HandbasketBaglio, Ben M.4.34.0
20697 ENHappy Birthday, Josefina!Tripp, Valerie4.31.0
20504 ENHawaii Volcanoes National ParkNelson, Sharlene/Ted4.30.5
110566 ENHearts of IronDuble, Kathleen Benner4.36.0
6268 ENHer Seven BrothersGoble, Paul4.30.5
10119 ENHere's to You, Rachel RobinsonBlume, Judy4.36.0
68982 ENHitler's DaughterFrench, Jackie4.33.0
26738 ENHonus and Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.33.0
420 ENHooples on the HighwayManes, Stephen4.33.0
26643 ENHork-Bajir Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
14861 ENHouse across the Cove, TheHall, Barbara4.36.0
13537 ENI'll Be Seeing YouMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
17277 ENI Love You, I Hate You, Get LostConford, Ellen4.33.0
102376 ENIncredible Birds (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.31.0
77859 ENIronwood Tree, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.31.0
47236 ENJack's New PowerGantos, Jack4.38.0
40653 ENJackie and Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
54845 ENJake Drake, Teacher's PetClements, Andrew4.32.0
75407 ENJeff GordonLeebrick, Kristal4.30.5
6523 ENJessi's Secret LanguageMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
25939 ENJessica Goes for the GoldPascal/Carmen4.34.0
25492 ENJessica's Dream DatePascal/Johansson4.34.0
6321 ENJim UglyFleischman, Sid4.33.0
23466 ENJohnny and the BombPratchett, Terry4.37.0
46173 ENJudgment DayJenkins/LaHaye4.33.0
105852 ENKing of MurderByars, Betsy4.33.0
8231 ENKnife, TheStine, R.L.4.34.0
19331 ENKristy and Mr. MomMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
19359 ENKristy and the Haunted MansionMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
79404 ENKurt CobainMartin, Michael4.30.5
19577 ENKweeks of Kookatumdee, ThePeet, Bill4.30.5
42577 ENLand of LossApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
67367 ENLast Dog on Earth, TheEhrenhaft, Daniel4.38.0
25776 ENLast Vampire, ThePike, Christopher4.37.0
108039 ENLetting Go of LisaMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
24962 ENLibrary Card, TheSpinelli, Jerry4.34.0
17822 ENLifted Up by AngelsMcDaniel, Lurlene4.36.0
71854 ENLily's GhostsRuby, Laura4.38.0
11722 ENListen for RachelKassem, Lou4.36.0
30623 ENLittle House Farm DaysWilder/Peterson4.31.0
25439 ENLiving Dead, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
59382 ENLoserSpinelli, Jerry4.35.0
55816 ENLost in the EvergladesKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
15728 ENLouisiana (One Nation)Capstone-Geography-Dept.4.30.5
43130 ENLunchroom of Doom, ThePinkwater, Daniel4.31.0
32287 ENMagic School Bus Explores the Senses, TheCole, Joanna4.31.0
34856 ENMagic School Bus Gets Programmed, TheCole/White4.30.5
10880 ENMagic School Bus Inside a Hurricane, TheCole, Joanna4.30.5
21656 ENMagic School Bus Makes a Rainbow, TheCole, Joanna4.31.0
18372 ENMagic School Bus Shows and Tells, TheCole/Posner4.31.0
7766 ENMandie and the Cherokee LegendLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
25634 ENMandy in the MiddlePascal/Johansson4.34.0
19323 ENMary Anne and Miss PrissMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
6541 ENMary Anne Misses LoganMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
41153 ENMelanie's Last RideCampbell/Leonhardt4.35.0
68470 ENMickey & Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
41559 ENMiracle's BoysWoodson, Jacqueline4.33.0
79640 ENMiss Daisy Is Crazy!Gutman, Dan4.31.0
114516 ENMiss PopularitySedita, Francesco4.33.0
5277 ENMissing Since MondayMartin, Ann M.4.35.0
100596 ENMonkeyStone, Jeff4.35.0
8270 ENMonster VehiclesAtkinson, E.J.4.31.0
16911 ENMopwater Files, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
17580 ENMr. Potter's PetKing-Smith, Dick4.31.0
45352 ENMusic Festival Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
40138 ENMy Brother's Keeper: Virginia's DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.32.0
109800 ENMy Life As a Haunted Hamburger, Hold the PicklesMyers, Bill4.32.0
9956 ENMy Name Is Brain BrianBetancourt, Jeanne4.34.0
44933 ENMystery at the Crooked House, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
79512 ENMystery at the Kentucky Derby, TheMarsh, Carole4.33.0
83389 ENMystery of the Stolen Statue, TheStanley, George E.4.31.0
28316 ENMystery of the Stolen Sword, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
70566 ENNiagara Falls, or Does It?Winkler, Henry4.33.0
45419 ENNight Before Christmas/'Twas the Night Before Christmas, TheMoore, Clement Clarke4.30.5
60418 ENNight I Disappeared, TheDeaver, Julie Reece4.37.0
378 ENNight Swimmers, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
11430 ENNo Arm in Left FieldChristopher, Matt4.32.0
31876 ENNobody Else Has to KnowTomey, Ingrid4.38.0
36700 ENNory Ryan's SongGiff, Patricia Reilly4.35.0
32240 ENOn the LineBowen, Fred4.32.0
42589 ENOther, TheApplegate, K.A.4.33.0
102721 ENOut Standing in My FieldJennings, Patrick4.35.0
7160 ENOverkillFerguson, Alane4.35.0
8237 ENParty SummerStine, R.L.4.36.0
9135 ENPeggy PorcupineSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
116249 ENPilgrims of Rayne, TheMacHale, D.J.4.322.0
27474 ENPopcorn Book, TheDePaola, Tomie4.30.5
11435 ENPressure PlayChristopher, Matt4.34.0
87375 ENProject MulberryPark, Linda Sue4.36.0
6784 ENPuzzle at Pineview School, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
58912 ENRed MidnightMikaelsen, Ben4.37.0
9137 ENRedi FoxSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
493 ENRemember Me to Harold SquareDanziger, Paula4.34.0
7744 ENRent a Third GraderHiller, B.B.4.33.0
107734 ENRichard PettySchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
41300 ENRiding ScaredCrook, Marion4.34.0
25476 ENRoad to NowherePike, Christopher4.38.0
110129 ENRoad to Paris, TheGrimes, Nikki4.34.0
25219 ENRoller Hockey RadicalsChristopher, Matt4.33.0
19434 ENRomeo and 2 JulietsPascal/Suzanne4.34.0
58208 ENRuby HollerCreech, Sharon4.36.0
17294 ENRumpelstiltskin's DaughterStanley, Diane4.30.5
109083 ENRunaway Princess, TheCoombs, Kate4.38.0
87367 ENRunnerDeuker, Carl4.36.0
31198 ENSafe at SecondJohnson, Scott4.38.0
495 ENSamantha Learns a LessonAdler, Susan S.4.31.0
61474 ENSame Stuff as Stars, ThePaterson, Katherine4.38.0
32780 ENSanta PawsEdwards, Nicholas4.35.0
18787 ENScary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your BonesSchwartz, Alvin4.32.0
107365 ENSea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the SeaButterworth, Chris4.30.5
13135 ENSea Shells (Sea Discovery)Cooper, Jason4.30.5
45070 ENSearch, TheJenkins/LaHaye4.34.0
116565 ENSecond-String CenterWallace, Rich4.32.0
67499 ENSecond Summer of the Sisterhood, TheBrashares, Ann4.311.0
19684 ENSecret of the Forgotten Cave, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
56401 ENSeeing Stone, TheCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.310.0
106727 ENShadows of Caesar's CreekDraper, Sharon M.4.32.0
110426 ENShamer's War, TheKaaberbol, Lene4.313.0
57144 ENShoeless Joe and MeGutman, Dan4.34.0
11441 ENShoot for the HoopChristopher, Matt4.32.0
102631 ENSilver Penny, TheWright, Randall4.35.0
245 ENSixth Grade Can Really Kill YouDeClements, Barthe4.34.0
44958 ENSkateboard RenegadeMantell, Paul4.33.0
189 ENSkates of Uncle Richard, TheFenner, Carol4.31.0
17148 ENSlam Book FeverPascal/William4.34.0
19595 ENSmokeyPeet, Bill4.30.5
111476 ENSnow-walkerFisher, Catherine4.318.0
292 ENSoup and MePeck, Robert Newton4.33.0
105853 ENSouthpawWallace, Rich4.32.0
58360 ENSpiders and Other ArachnidsOtfinoski, Steven4.31.0
79409 ENSprint CarsSchaefer, A. R.4.30.5
6548 ENStacey's MistakeMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
102365 ENStates of Matter (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol4.31.0
15096 ENSticksBauer, Joan4.35.0
5492 ENStory About Ping, TheFlack, Marjorie4.30.5
11443 ENSubmarine Pitch, TheChristopher, Matt4.32.0
58362 ENSwans and Other Swimming BirdsHorak, Steven A.4.31.0
17597 ENT.J.'s Secret PitchBowen, Fred4.31.0
12983 ENTakedownChristopher, Matt4.33.0
108322 ENTakedownWallace, Rich4.32.0
107736 ENTalladega SuperspeedwaySchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
21573 ENTangerineBloor, Edward4.313.0
18795 ENTarantula ShoesBirdseye, Tom4.34.0
12489 ENTears of a TigerDraper, Sharon M.4.34.0
61391 ENTelling Christina GoodbyeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
10641 ENThere's an Owl in the ShowerGeorge, Jean Craighead4.33.0
64324 ENThicker Than WaterBrooke, Lauren4.35.0
588 ENThis Place Has No AtmosphereDanziger, Paula4.34.0
84955 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheDiedrich, John4.30.5
115886 ENThoroughbred HorsesStone, Lynn M.4.30.5
114798 ENThrowing Like a GirlMackey, Weezie Kerr4.39.0
498 ENTight EndChristopher, Matt4.34.0
77253 ENTime Capsule, TheMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
14854 ENTitanic CrossingWilliams, Barbara4.35.0
64514 ENTomorrow's PromiseBrooke, Lauren4.35.0
10745 ENToo Many SecretsRushford, Patricia4.36.0
104736 ENToo Many SecretsWright, Betty Ren4.33.0
11448 ENTop WingChristopher, Matt4.34.0
109804 ENToxic Taffy TakeoverPerlman, Rhea4.31.0
20142 ENTransall Saga, ThePaulsen, Gary4.38.0
5715 ENTrial by FireKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
105519 ENTroll MillLangrish, Katherine4.39.0
11495 ENTruth About Sixth Grade, TheMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.35.0
199 ENTV Kid, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
5708 ENTwo Points to MurderKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
25629 ENUnicorns in LovePascal/Johansson4.34.0
6635 ENVoices after MidnightPeck, Richard4.36.0
106831 ENWater Balloon DoomPerlman, Rhea4.31.0
19340 ENWelcome to the BSC, AbbyMartin, Ann M.4.33.0
10937 ENWell: David's Story, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.33.0
83754 ENWerewolves Don't Run for PresidentDadey, Debbie4.31.0
100513 ENWhat Erika WantsClements, Bruce4.37.0
44965 ENWheel WizardsChristopher/Hirschfeld4.33.0
8682 ENWingman on IceChristopher, Matt4.32.0
9968 ENWinners and LosersHoffius, Stephen4.35.0
43757 ENWinners Take AllBowen, Fred4.32.0
44729 ENWish Master, TheWright, Betty Ren4.33.0
106362 ENWish You Weren't HereMorgan, Melissa J.4.35.0
5972 ENWolf by the EarsRinaldi, Ann4.39.0
5307 ENWoodshed Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.35.0
24942 ENYear My Parents Ruined My Life, TheFreeman, Martha4.35.0
400 ENYear without Michael, ThePfeffer, Susan Beth4.37.0
106044 ENYellow StarRoy, Jennifer Rozines4.33.0
25294 ENYesterday's ChildLevitin, Sonia4.310.0
57152 ENZach's LieSmith, Roland4.37.0
11144 ENZlata's DiaryFilipovic, Zlata4.35.0
80179 EN101 Ways to Bug Your TeacherWardlaw, Lee4.48.0
14796 EN13th Floor: A Ghost Story, TheFleischman, Sid4.44.0
69149 EN7th Knot, TheKarr, Kathleen4.46.0
7653 ENAddy's SurprisePorter, Connie4.41.0
8551 ENAfter the BombMiklowitz, Gloria D.4.45.0
79685 ENAftermathApplegate, K.A.4.44.0
102137 ENAirball: My Life in BriefsHarkrader, Lisa4.46.0
19738 ENAlaskan Adventure, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.44.0
57661 ENAlex RodriguezCovert, Kim4.40.5
74442 ENAlmost to FreedomNelson, Vaunda Micheaux4.40.5
11146 ENAlvin's Famous No-HorseHarding, William Harry4.42.0
83146 ENAmazing MagnetismCarmi, Rebecca4.41.0
6302 ENAnastasia on Her OwnLowry, Lois4.44.0
80071 ENAncient Greece and the Olympics...Nonfiction Companion..OlympicsOsborne/Boyce4.41.0
112418 ENAncient RomeBenduhn, Tea4.40.5
652 ENAnnie and the Old OneMiles, Miska4.40.5
66886 ENAt the Crossing PlacesCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.412.0
57188 ENAttack of ApollyonJenkins/LaHaye4.44.0
75415 ENATVsSavage, Jeff4.40.5
21841 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Ice Monster, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
14656 ENB. Bear Scouts in Giant Bat Cave, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
14657 ENB. Bear Scouts Meet Bigpaw, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
9254 ENB. Bears and the Galloping Ghost, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
7468 ENB. Bears and the School Scandal Sheet, TheBerenstain, Stan4.41.0
58344 ENBaboons and Other Old World MonkeysHorak, Steven A.4.41.0
5343 ENBabushka Baba YagaPolacco, Patricia4.40.5
19387 ENBaby-sitters' Haunted HouseMartin, Ann M.4.47.0
8003 ENBaseball Bats for ChristmasKusugak, Michael Arvaarluk4.40.5
58345 ENBeavers and Other RodentsGoldish, Meish4.41.0
79686 ENBegin AgainApplegate, K.A.4.44.0
18754 ENBehind the Bedroom WallWilliams, Laura E.4.44.0
15791 ENBelle Prater's BoyWhite, Ruth4.45.0
72259 ENBenny and BabeColfer, Eoin4.48.0
115543 ENBigfoot Backpacking BonanzaScroggs, Kirk4.41.0
88384 ENBook Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic, TheAvi4.45.0
70572 ENBoy Who Saved Baseball, TheRitter, John H.4.47.0
89141 ENBreaking TrailBell, Joanne4.44.0
6406 ENBrother Eagle, Sister SkyJeffers, Susan4.40.5
52940 ENBusiness as UsualHaynes, David4.43.0
42215 ENBusted!Jenkins/LaHaye4.43.0
34629 ENCaptain Underpants...Invasion...Cafeteria Ladies from Outer SpacePilkey, Dav4.41.0
54477 ENCaptain Underpants...Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanPilkey, Dav4.41.0
27942 ENCase of the Captured Queen, TheKeene, Carolyn4.44.0
18759 ENCase of the Kidnapped Collie, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
28733 ENCase of the Measled Cowboy, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
12767 ENCase of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
43145 ENCase of the Saddle House Robbery, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
113027 ENCat Lady, TheGraves, Damien4.44.0
84361 ENCats at the CampgroundBaglio, Ben M.4.44.0
5063 ENCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDahl, Roald4.45.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
8215 ENCheerleaders, The First EvilStine, R.L.4.44.0
61268 ENChild XWeatherly, Lee4.47.0
19527 ENChristina's CourageCampbell/Leonhardt4.45.0
45857 ENChristmas Sonata, APaulsen, Gary4.41.0
6505 ENClaudia and the Great SearchMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
86514 ENClick Here: (To Find out How I Survived Seventh Grade)Vega, Denise4.48.0
407 ENCold and Hot Winter, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
48321 ENCool as IceChristopher/Mantell4.44.0
58347 ENCottontails and Their RelativesGoldish, Meish4.41.0
25435 ENCreature in the TeacherPike, Christopher4.43.0
40379 ENCutting It CloseCrook, Marion4.44.0
359 ENDay No Pigs Would Die, APeck, Robert Newton4.44.0
41146 ENDead HeatCampbell/Leonhardt4.45.0
106871 ENDemon ThiefShan, Darren4.49.0
32368 ENDesert DangerKehret, Peg4.43.0
114693 ENDevilish Donut, TheGelsey, James4.41.0
78073 ENDiggersPratchett, Terry4.45.0
102989 ENDog SenseCollard III, Sneed B.4.46.0
2652 ENDrag Cars (Off to the Races)Sessler, Peter/Nilda4.40.5
41466 ENDrawing LessonsMack, Tracy4.43.0
63456 ENEcosystem of a Fallen Tree, ThePascoe, Elaine4.40.5
83149 ENElectric StormCapeci, Anne4.41.0
102129 ENEmergency QuarterbackWallace, Rich4.42.0
32268 ENEmperor's Old Clothes, TheLasky, Kathryn4.40.5
83504 ENEmpty Mirror, TheCollier, James Lincoln4.45.0
10662 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret PitchSobol, Donald J.4.42.0
40626 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Treasure HuntSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
36379 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Two SpiesSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
104893 ENEscaping into the NightFriedman, D. Dina4.46.0
10772 ENEsio TrotDahl, Roald4.41.0
43404 ENEvery Cloud Has a Silver LiningMazer, Anne4.42.0
69960 ENExpedition down UnderCarmi, Rebecca4.41.0
19338 ENFarewell, DawnMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
62753 ENFat Camp Commandos Go WestPinkwater, Daniel4.41.0
79623 ENFearPascal, Francine4.46.0
47848 ENFear the FantasticApplegate, K.A.4.45.0
113352 ENFeathersWoodson, Jacqueline4.44.0
261 ENFerret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the FridgeWallace, Bill4.44.0
42961 ENFever, 1793Anderson, Laurie Halse4.47.0
44195 ENFive Brave ExplorersHudson, Wade4.40.5
7564 ENFive Chinese Brothers, TheBishop, Claire4.40.5
15723 ENFlorida (One Nation)Capstone-Geography-Dept.4.40.5
83150 ENFood Chain FrenzyCapeci, Anne4.42.0
112353 ENForever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann4.411.0
79400 ENFormula One CarsSchaefer, A. R.4.40.5
5067 ENFreaky FridayRodgers, Mary4.44.0
102519 ENFriends of the Heart: Amici del CuoreBanks, Kate4.44.0
7724 ENFurther Adventures of Hank the CowdogErickson, John R.4.43.0
43585 ENGhost BoyLawrence, Iain4.411.0
6611 ENGhosts Beneath Our FeetWright, Betty Ren4.44.0
51160 ENGoldberg: Pro Wrestler Bill GoldbergBurgan, Michael4.40.5
113660 ENGoldie the Sunshine FairyMeadows, Daisy4.41.0
39897 ENGoldilocks and the Three BearsBrett, Jan4.40.5
6466 ENGood-bye, Chicken LittleByars, Betsy4.43.0
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
105737 ENGossamerLowry, Lois4.44.0
58349 ENGrasshoppers and Their RelativesBrennan, Patricia4.41.0
51863 ENGreat Good Thing, TheTownley, Roderick4.44.0
58350 ENGrizzlies and Other BearsPetersen, Shirley A.4.41.0
18722 ENGrizzlyPaulsen, Gary4.41.0
64503 ENGuy WireWeeks, Sarah4.43.0
172 ENHarvey's Horrible Snake DisasterClifford, Eth4.43.0
109096 ENHattie Big SkyLarson, Kirby4.410.0
26866 ENHeat Waves and DroughtsBurby, Liza N.4.40.5
108065 ENHeights, the Depths, and Everything in Between, TheNemeth, Sally4.49.0
569 ENHere at the Scenic-Vu MotelWyss, Thelma Hatch4.44.0
84941 ENHistory of NASCAR, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.40.5
110403 ENHome, and Other Big, Fat LiesWolfson, Jill4.48.0
41140 ENHome for Melanie, ACampbell/Leonhardt4.45.0
368 ENHomecomingVoigt, Cynthia4.416.0
16217 ENHorses (Crabapples)Everts/Kalman4.40.5
10578 ENHorses of Central Park, TheSlade, Michael4.43.0
58060 ENHow Do I Love TheeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.46.0
20271 ENHunchdog of Notre DameFriedman, Michael Jan4.43.0
86692 ENHusky in a HutBaglio, Ben M.4.43.0
87986 ENI Am the WallpaperHughes, Mark Peter4.48.0
74147 ENI Got a "D" in SalamiWinkler, Henry4.44.0
111442 ENI'll Sing You One-OGregory, Nan4.47.0
20115 ENI Want to LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.43.0
69549 ENIce AttackVandervelde, Beatrice4.44.0
117001 ENIce to Steam: Changing States of MatterJohnson, Penny4.40.5
25643 ENIn Love with MandyPascal/Johansson4.44.0
108287 ENIn the Shadow of GollAbbott, Tony4.42.0
102374 ENIncredible Amphibians (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.41.0
42414 ENInnocent Polly McDoodle, TheWoodbury, Mary4.46.0
102289 ENInvasion of the Boy SnatchersHarrison, Lisi4.48.0
476 ENInvisible LissaHoneycutt, Natalie4.45.0
114459 ENIs That a Sick Cat in Your Backpack?Strasser, Todd4.43.0
113800 ENIt's Not Easy Being Mean: A Clique NovelHarrison, Lisi4.45.0
19311 ENJessi and the Awful SecretMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
6519 ENJessi and the Dance School PhantomMartin, Ann M.4.45.0
104427 ENJohnny and the DeadPratchett, Terry4.46.0
6073 ENJohnny AppleseedKellogg, Steven4.40.5
84079 ENJulius Caesar: The Life of a Roman GeneralJeffrey, Gary4.41.0
80429 ENKathleen, Please Come HomeO'Dell, Scott4.46.0
20677 ENKeeping Quilt, ThePolacco, Patricia4.40.5
10885 ENKid Next Door, TheSmith, Janice Lee4.41.0
20767 ENKissing CarolineZach, Cheryl4.46.0
28514 ENKissing DoorknobsHesser, Terry Spencer4.45.0
37033 ENKit's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.42.0
52598 ENKit Saves the Day: A Summer StoryTripp, Valerie4.41.0
236 ENKneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.42.0
29227 ENKoya DeLaney and the Good Girl BluesGreenfield, Eloise4.43.0
15365 ENLabrador Retriever, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.40.5
84683 ENLangston Hughes: Great American WriterHoena, B.A.4.40.5
620 ENLast of the Really Great Whangdoodles, TheEdwards, Julie4.48.0
10933 ENLast Safe Place on Earth, ThePeck, Richard4.45.0
109336 ENLast Siege, TheStroud, Jonathan4.48.0
30621 ENLaura's MaWilder/Henson4.41.0
106052 ENLector = the Reader, ElDurbin, William4.46.0
5521 ENLegend of the Indian Paintbrush, TheDePaola, Tomie4.40.5
424 ENLily and the Runaway BabyShreve, Susan4.41.0
107477 ENLong-Lost Map, TheBaccalario, Pierdomenico4.46.0
78842 ENLooking for Bobowicz: A Hoboken Chicken StoryPinkwater, Daniel4.43.0
104031 ENLost in the Tunnel of TimeDraper, Sharon M.4.42.0
125 ENM.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
32286 ENMagic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip, TheCole, Joanna4.40.5
32284 ENMagic School Bus Takes a Dive, TheCole, Joanna4.40.5
7763 ENMandie and the Abandoned MineLeppard, Lois Gladys4.45.0
36875 ENMark McGwirePowell, Phelan4.40.5
14800 ENMarrying Malcolm MurgatroydFarrell, Mame4.44.0
6538 ENMary Anne and the Great RomanceMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
19355 ENMary Anne and the Secret in the AtticMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
6540 ENMary Anne and Too Many BoysMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
107068 ENMaximum Ride: School's Out--ForeverPatterson, James4.411.0
102111 ENMegan Meade's Guide to the McGowan BoysBrian, Kate4.49.0
5484 ENMike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelBurton, Virginia4.40.5
20505 ENMount Rainier National ParkNelson, Sharlene/Ted4.40.5
79641 ENMr. Klutz Is Nuts!Gutman, Dan4.41.0
45513 ENMrs. Jeepers' Monster Class TripDadey, Debbie4.41.0
102538 ENMy 13th SeasonRoberts, Kristi4.44.0
42349 ENMy Life as a Human HairballMyers, Bill4.43.0
74556 ENMystery at Disney World, TheMarsh, Carole4.43.0
74562 ENMystery of Biltmore House, TheMarsh, Carole4.43.0
59766 ENMystery of the Island JewelsStengel, Joyce A.4.45.0
70165 ENNever War, TheMacHale, D.J.4.414.0
25441 ENNight of the VampirePike, Christopher4.43.0
88658 ENNobodies, TheBode, N.E.4.47.0
19660 ENNutcracker Ballet Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.45.0
109352 ENOdd Man OutEllis, Sarah4.45.0
60338 ENOffside!Diersch, Sandra4.44.0
7585 ENOne Morning in MaineMcCloskey, Robert4.40.5
43741 ENOne Small DogHurwitz, Johanna4.42.0
7879 ENOne Who Came Back, TheMazzio, Joann4.46.0
60574 ENOut of the DarknessBrooke, Lauren4.45.0
13796 ENOverdueCusick, Richie Tankersley4.47.0
11485 ENOzzie on His OwnHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
16980 ENPainting the BlackDeuker, Carl4.49.0
61467 ENPictures of Hollis WoodsGiff, Patricia Reilly4.45.0
55433 ENPopsicle Journal, TheTrembath, Don4.45.0
66786 ENPreyCrichton, Michael4.415.0
116558 ENPrincess Gusty Ox's Strange ChangeWallace, Karen4.41.0
51142 ENPro Stock CarsDubois, Muriel L.4.40.5
5036 ENRacing the SunPitts, Paul4.45.0
41629 ENRagweedAvi4.45.0
112475 ENRain Forests: Gardens of GreenSalas, Laura Purdie4.40.5
57676 ENRandy MossMolzahn, Arlene Bourgeois4.40.5
89053 ENRaven's GateHorowitz, Anthony4.410.0
58065 ENReach for TomorrowMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
42578 ENRealm of the ReaperApplegate, K.A.4.45.0
6375 ENRed DogWallace, Bill4.45.0
7199 ENRescue Josh McGuireMikaelsen, Ben4.49.0
105760 ENReturn to Gill ParkGordon, Amy4.48.0
75410 ENRicky Carmichael: Motocross ChampionMartin, Michael4.40.5
19431 ENRobbery at the MallPascal/Suzanne4.45.0
31255 ENRobert Rodriguez (Real-Life Reader Biography)Marvis, Barbara4.40.5
84684 ENRosa Parks: Civil Rights PioneerShores, Erika L.4.40.5
18591 ENRowan and the TravelersRodda, Emily4.44.0
102869 ENRSVPMorgan, Melissa J.4.45.0
21701 ENSabrina the Teenage WitchWeiss, David/Bobbi4.44.0
19839 ENSamantha's JourneyBentley, Karen4.46.0
5744 ENScent of DangerKeene, Carolyn4.44.0
73227 ENScooby-Doo! and the Ghostly GorillaGelsey, James4.41.0
79614 ENScooby-Doo! and the Monster of MexicoMarkas, Jenny4.42.0
105795 ENScooby-Doo! and the Scary SkateboarderGelsey, James4.41.0
83291 ENScooby-Doo! and the Virtual VillainGelsey, James4.41.0
9043 ENScrambled Eggs Super!Seuss, Dr.4.40.5
53508 ENSearch for the Missing Bones, TheMoore, Eva4.41.0
11580 ENSeason for Goodbye, AMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
339 ENSecret Life of Dilly McBean, TheHaas, Dorothy4.46.0
109315 ENSecret of the Loon Lake Monster, TheMasters, M.4.41.0
14991 ENSee You Around, Sam!Lowry, Lois4.43.0
105628 ENSeven: A Novelization, TheVornholt, John4.47.0
112833 ENShark Attack! Bethany Hamilton's Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.40.5
5440 ENShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.44.0
116117 ENShipwreck! Debbie Kiley's Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.40.5
89266 ENSilver Child, TheMcNish, Cliff4.46.0
105492 ENSkinVrettos, Adrienne Maria4.47.0
80137 ENSlam DunkHirschfeld, Robert4.43.0
110650 ENSlawterShan, Darren4.48.0
43474 ENSmoke ScreenKoss, Amy Goldman4.44.0
106099 ENSnakeStone, Jeff4.45.0
82206 ENSnowboard ChampChristopher, Matt4.44.0
116577 ENSoccer HeroChristopher, Matt4.42.0
24409 ENSoccer: The FundamentalsBonney, Barbara4.40.5
8587 ENSomewhere in the DarknessMyers, Walter Dean4.46.0
36365 ENSoulmatesPascal/Suzanne4.44.0
192 ENSoupPeck, Robert Newton4.42.0
496 ENSoup's HoopPeck, Robert Newton4.43.0
31063 ENSpider Kane and the Mystery at Jumbo Nightcrawler'sOsborne, Mary Pope4.42.0
20620 ENSpying EyesHolder, Nancy4.44.0
14530 ENSpying on Miss MullerBunting, Eve4.46.0
36529 ENStar in the StormHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.44.0
6381 ENStarring Sally J. Freedman as HerselfBlume, Judy4.48.0
86190 ENStonewolfSeabrooke, Brenda4.46.0
88656 ENStormwitchVaught, Susan4.46.0
112834 ENStranded in the Snow! Eric LeMarque's Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.40.5
6943 ENTaking SidesSoto, Gary4.44.0
7697 ENTalking Eggs, TheSanSouci, Robert D.4.40.5
71687 ENTangled Threads: A Hmong Girl's StoryShea, Pegi Deitz4.47.0
2058 ENTarantulasMcAuliffe, Emily4.40.5
585 ENTen Kids, No PetsMartin, Ann M.4.45.0
53576 ENTerror in the StadiumJenkins/LaHaye4.44.0
106867 ENThey Came from Center FieldGutman, Dan4.42.0
16745 ENTill Death Do Us PartMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
7746 ENToad for Tuesday, AErickson, Russell4.41.0
25826 ENTrapped in the MallPascal/Johansson4.44.0
9145 ENTunnel KingSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
9297 ENTwits, TheDahl, Roald4.41.0
41305 ENTwo Minutes for RoughingRomain, Joseph4.44.0
58223 ENValley of FearStanton, Mary4.44.0
117299 ENVampire Bats: Hunting for BloodSomervill, Barbara A.4.40.5
1556 ENVan GoghVenezia, Mike4.40.5
102633 ENWhat I Call LifeWolfson, Jill4.48.0
6995 ENWhispers from the DeadNixon, Joan Lowery4.46.0
57659 ENWho Was Ben Franklin?Fradin, Dennis Brindell4.41.0
47145 ENWhy Me? The Courage to LiveKent, Deborah4.45.0
102634 ENWing NutAuch, Mary Jane4.46.0
499 ENWish Giver, TheBrittain, Bill4.44.0
25444 ENWishing Stone, ThePike, Christopher4.43.0
107539 ENWitch CatcherHahn, Mary Downing4.48.0
104270 ENWorld's Deadliest Snakes, TheMartin, Michael4.40.5
104272 ENWorld's Most Dangerous Bugs, TheHealy, Nick4.40.5
81843 ENWrath of Mulgarath, TheDiTerlizzi, Tony4.42.0
75450 ENZippity Zinger, TheWinkler, Henry4.44.0
5251 ENAcceptable Time, AnL'Engle, Madeleine4.511.0
5201 ENAfter the Goat ManByars, Betsy4.53.0
20708 ENAlanna: The First AdventurePierce, Tamora4.57.0
53782 ENAll the Way HomeGiff, Patricia Reilly4.55.0
20252 ENAltogether, One at a TimeKonigsburg, E.L.4.52.0
84950 ENAmerican Paint Horse, TheDenniston, David4.50.5
15352 ENAmerican Saddlebred Horse, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.50.5
5053 ENAnastasia Again!Lowry, Lois4.55.0
202 ENAnastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois4.53.0
354 ENAnastasia's Chosen CareerLowry, Lois4.54.0
26640 ENAndalite Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.4.59.0
104626 ENAnne FrankHudson-Goff, Elizabeth4.50.5
45817 ENAnts and Other Social InsectsVenn, Cecilia4.51.0
87628 ENArtsy Smartsy Club, ThePinkwater, Daniel4.53.0
14653 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Coughing Catfish, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.52.0
20008 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Run-Amuck Robot, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.51.0
12765 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Sinister Smoke Ring, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.52.0
17556 ENB. Bears and the Haunted Hayride, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.51.0
19393 ENBaby-sitters' Winter VacationMartin, Ann M.4.56.0
109142 ENBe Water, My Friend: The Early Years of Bruce LeeMochizuki, Ken4.50.5
25627 ENBest Friend Game, ThePascal/Johansson4.54.0
8208 ENBetrayal, TheStine, R.L.4.54.0
15854 ENBilly GoatSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
5059 ENBingo Brown, Gypsy LoverByars, Betsy4.53.0
15855 ENBingo the Black PantherSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
15857 ENBlack Panther, TheSargent, Pat4.52.0
5803 ENBlue Hills RobberyKahrimanis, Leola4.55.0
75402 ENBMX GreatsFiske, Brian D.4.50.5
29763 ENBoat to Nowhere, AWartski, Maureen Crane4.56.0
104415 ENBook of Story Beginnings, TheKladstrup, Kristin4.510.0
27974 ENBoxes, TheSleator, William4.56.0
41702 ENBreadwinner, TheEllis, Deborah4.54.0
9112 ENBuddy BadgerSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
83147 ENButterfly BattleWhite, Nancy4.51.0
78020 ENCabin on Trouble CreekVan Leeuwen, Jean4.56.0
5914 ENCagesKehret, Peg4.55.0
20258 ENCase of the Haystack Kitties, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
88172 ENCase of the Prank That Stank, TheBurns, Laura J.4.56.0
78103 ENCase of the Twisted Kitty, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
20260 ENCase of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
115222 ENCharlie Bone and the BeastNimmo, Jenny4.59.0
6908 ENChecking on the MoonDavis, Jenny4.57.0
103448 ENChinese MythsShone, Rob4.50.5
81144 ENChocolate Lover, TheRabb, M.E.4.57.0
110363 ENChristmas Eve: The Joy of GivingJohnson, Lisa Sferlazza4.50.5
25653 ENChristmas Ghost, ThePascal/Suzanne4.54.0
19321 ENClaudia and the Perfect BoyMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
107510 ENClawsGreenburg, Dan4.55.0
108873 ENClementinePennypacker, Sara4.52.0
84953 ENClydesdale Horse, TheDiedrich, John4.50.5
25588 ENCollege CruisePascal/John4.56.0
49776 ENCome What MayBrooke, Lauren4.55.0
5262 ENContender, TheLipsyte, Robert4.55.0
63410 ENCorner of the Universe, AMartin, Ann M.4.56.0
7610 ENCountry Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, TheHeyward, DuBose4.50.5
19560 ENCowardly ClydePeet, Bill4.50.5
102555 ENCrazy Man, ThePorter, Pamela Paige4.53.0
47147 ENCrossing JordanFogelin, Adrian4.57.0
85025 ENCurse of King Tut's Tomb, TheBurgan, Michael4.50.5
60328 ENCurve BallDanakas, John4.57.0
78881 ENCut BackStrasser, Todd4.57.0
412 ENDaring Rescue...Swimming Pig, TheSaunders, Susan4.51.0
67001 ENDark and Deadly Pool, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.57.0
19307 ENDawn Saves the PlanetMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
25437 ENDeadly Past, ThePike, Christopher4.53.0
8056 ENDear Bruce SpringsteenMajor, Kevin4.54.0
42220 ENDeath StrikeJenkins/LaHaye4.53.0
18961 ENDecision, TheApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
6310 ENDiamond Champs, TheChristopher, Matt4.52.0
9512 ENDiane Goode's Book of American Folk Tales and SongsDurell, Ann4.51.0
10769 ENDinotopia: WindchaserCiencin, Scott4.54.0
9804 ENDirt Bikes (Motorcycles)Young, Jesse4.50.5
25551 ENDisappearing Dinosaurs, TheStrickland/Fuller4.55.0
63656 ENDog at the DoorBaglio, Ben M.4.54.0
8517 ENDoll's House, TheGodden, Rumer4.54.0
8961 ENDracula and Other Vampire StoriesKudalis, Eric4.50.5
18762 ENDreams in the Golden Country: The Diary of Zipporah Feldman... eLasky, Kathryn4.54.0
6721 ENDunc's DumpPaulsen, Gary4.51.0
105949 ENDunk Under PressureWallace, Rich4.52.0
116960 ENEclipseMeyer, Stephenie4.522.0
6210 ENEgyptian Cinderella, TheClimo, Shirley4.50.5
39805 ENElisa in the MiddleHurwitz, Johanna4.52.0
7715 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Mysterious HandprintsSobol, Donald J.4.51.0
42576 ENEnter the EnchantedApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
16185 ENEven StephenHurwitz, Johanna4.54.0
58444 ENEveryday Physical Science Experiments with Light and SoundMerrill, Amy French4.50.5
7721 ENFaded LoveErickson, John R.4.53.0
21745 ENFairy Tale: A True StoryKulling, Monica4.53.0
6416 ENFelicity's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.51.0
6415 ENFelicity Saves the DayTripp, Valerie4.51.0
70894 ENFire HorseSiamon, Sharon4.54.0
20111 ENFire, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.56.0
82182 ENFlip TurnPolak, Monique4.53.0
4809 ENFloodsMeister, Cari4.50.5
51130 ENFly FishingHopkins, Ellen4.50.5
5363 ENFootball FugitiveChristopher, Matt4.52.0
18812 ENFor Better, for Worse, ForeverMcDaniel, Lurlene4.55.0
5567 ENFossilsRoberts, Allan4.50.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
86243 ENFran That Time Forgot, TheBenton, Jim4.51.0
104072 ENFrederick Douglass: Voice for FreedomSpengler, Kremena4.50.5
102520 ENFull ServiceWeaver, Will4.57.0
46858 ENGadget, TheZindel, Paul4.54.0
11764 ENGeorge Washington: A Picture Book BiographyGiblin, James Cross4.51.0
27460 ENGet RealPascal/Suzanne4.54.0
110565 ENGetting BurnedKeene, Carolyn4.54.0
5938 ENGhost of Lost Island, TheMurrow, Liza4.55.0
85481 ENGiant Rat of Sumatra: Or Pirates Galore, TheFleischman, Sid4.54.0
85875 ENGirl Who Invented Romance, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.56.0
84371 ENGirls in Pants: The Third Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann4.510.0
29997 ENGoblins in the CastleCoville, Bruce4.55.0
42819 ENGraduation of Jake Moon, ThePark, Barbara4.54.0
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
109532 ENHaunted Toolshed, TheKeane, Dave4.52.0
101154 ENHeat Hazard: Droughts (Freestyle Express)Watts, Claire4.51.0
77280 ENHigh Risk (Nancy Drew Girl Detective)Keene, Carolyn4.54.0
5224 ENHobie Hanson, You're WeirdGilson, Jamie4.55.0
25482 ENHollow Skull, ThePike, Christopher4.57.0
102394 ENHolly's StoryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.56.0
19501 ENHorse Called Wonder, ACampbell, Joanna4.56.0
63438 ENHorsemen of TerrorJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
24905 ENHow to Get Fabulously RichRockwell, Thomas4.53.0
45825 ENHowlers and Other New World MonkeysReid, Mary E.4.51.0
19572 ENHuge HaroldPeet, Bill4.50.5
75418 ENHydroplane BoatsSavage, Jeff4.50.5
14517 ENI Am the Ice WormEasley, MaryAnn4.54.0
102360 ENIncredible Insects (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.51.0
102549 ENInterplanetary AvengerLuzzatto, Caroline4.53.0
45050 ENInto the StormJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
29482 ENIntrepid Polly McDoodle, TheWoodbury, Mary4.54.0
29345 ENInvisible Polly McDoodle, TheWoodbury, Mary4.55.0
7046 ENJacob's Rescue: A Holocaust StoryDrucker, Malka4.53.0
19546 ENJaguarSmith, Roland4.58.0
176 ENJennifer, Hecate, Macbeth,...and Me, ElizabethKonigsburg, E.L.4.53.0
109552 ENJeremy Fink and the Meaning of LifeMass, Wendy4.511.0
20203 ENJo's StoryPfeffer, Susan Beth4.51.0
79403 ENJohn LennonPreszler, June4.50.5
17625 ENJosefina Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.52.0
80492 ENJourney to JerichoO'Dell, Scott4.51.0
10246 ENJust Call Me StupidBirdseye, Tom4.55.0
74762 ENKidnapping of Christina Lattimore, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.58.0
58352 ENKiller Whales and Other Toothed WhalesFenton, Julie A.4.51.0
37032 ENKit Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.52.0
6525 ENKristy and the Baby ParadeMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
104352 ENLaila AliHorn, Geoffrey M.4.51.0
86826 ENLast Universe, TheSleator, William4.57.0
25778 ENLast Vampire 3: Red Dice, ThePike, Christopher4.56.0
25469 ENLast Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever, ThePike, Christopher4.57.0
41297 ENLeap of FaithBossley, Michele Martin4.54.0
7524 ENLeo the LopCosgrove, Stephen4.50.5
89128 ENLiberation of Gabriel King, TheGoing, K.L.4.55.0
25006 ENLittle HoboSargent, Dave4.52.0
100580 ENLord LossShan, Darren4.58.0
54164 ENLord of the Nutcracker MenLawrence, Iain4.58.0
106885 ENLost Treasure of the Golden Sun, TheAmato, Carol J.4.56.0
104629 ENLouis ArmstrongO'Hern, Kerri4.50.5
52616 ENLove That DogCreech, Sharon4.51.0
6281 ENMake Like a Tree and LeaveDanziger, Paula4.53.0
19330 ENMallory Pike, #1 FanMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
5275 ENMama's Going to Buy You a MockingbirdLittle, Jean4.58.0
5483 ENMany MoonsThurber, James4.50.5
25291 ENMarven of the Great North WoodsLasky, Kathryn4.51.0
19336 ENMary Anne and Camp BSCMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
41431 ENMatthew and the Midnight PiratesMorgan, Allen4.50.5
19732 ENMaximum ChallengeDixon, Franklin W.4.54.0
37031 ENMeet KitTripp, Valerie4.52.0
11480 ENMick Harte Was HerePark, Barbara4.52.0
7983 ENMike's Oil PatchWard, Dorys4.53.0
87183 ENMillion Dollar Strike, TheGutman, Dan4.54.0
78004 ENMiss Little's LosersRayner, Robert4.54.0
19695 ENMissing Horse Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.54.0
11280 ENModel Crime, AKeene, Carolyn4.54.0
7152 ENMolly by Any Other NameOkimoto, Jean Davies4.58.0
25479 ENMonsterPike, Christopher4.58.0
10677 ENMoonlight MadnessErickson, John R.4.53.0
114096 ENMore Horowitz Horror: More Stories You'll Wish You'd Never ReadHorowitz, Anthony4.56.0
51139 ENMotocross CyclesSchaefer, A.R.4.50.5
7012 ENMozart Season, TheWolff, Virginia Euwer4.510.0
429 ENMuggie MaggieCleary, Beverly4.51.0
20280 ENMutt in the Iron Muzzle, TheFriedman, Michael Jan4.54.0
60758 ENMy Life as a Skysurfing SkateboarderMyers, Bill4.53.0
7013 ENMy Name is Sus5an Smith. The 5 is Silent.Plummer, Louise4.59.0
53440 ENMysterious Matter of I.M. Fine, TheStanley, Diane4.56.0
87587 ENMzungu Boy, TheMwangi, Meja4.55.0
104631 ENNelson MandelaO'Hern, Kerri4.50.5
431 ENNext Spring an OrioleWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
40657 ENNight HoopsDeuker, Carl4.58.0
48259 ENNo More Dead DogsKorman, Gordon4.55.0
379 ENNumber the StarsLowry, Lois4.54.0
13427 ENOcean Diving: Traveling Through Inner SpaceRobinson, W. Wright4.51.0
8665 ENOf Mice and MenSteinbeck, John4.54.0
630 ENOn the Far Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.56.0
45056 ENOn the RunJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
53789 ENOne Day You'll KnowBrooke, Lauren4.56.0
68 ENOnion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.58.0
5222 ENOriginal Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
11728 ENOut of NowhereSebestyen, Ouida4.56.0
6084 ENOx-Cart ManHall, Donald4.50.5
20090 ENP.S. Longer Letter LaterDanziger/Martin4.55.0
103020 ENPersonal BestGunnery, Sylvia4.54.0
5726 ENPlaying with FireKeene, Carolyn4.54.0
32546 ENPlease Don't DieMcDaniel, Lurlene4.55.0
9136 ENPokey OpossumSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
14795 ENPoppyAvi4.54.0
9738 ENPrincess ElizabethPascal/Suzanne4.53.0
48846 ENQueen of the CourtBossley, Michele Martin4.54.0
57140 ENRaccoons on the RoofBaglio, Ben M.4.54.0
11387 ENRattlebang Picnic, TheMahy, Margaret4.50.5
28920 ENRead If You DareRead-Magazine-Editors4.54.0
72386 ENReality Bug, TheMacHale, D.J.4.515.0
40480 ENRebelPascal, Francine4.56.0
7198 ENRed Sky at MorningWyman, Andrea4.57.0
578 ENRemembering the Good TimesPeck, Richard4.56.0
63439 ENReport to the Principal's OfficeSpinelli, Jerry4.54.0
27747 ENRiding FreedomRyan, Pam Muñoz4.53.0
78513 ENRip Van WinkleIrving/Meyerowitz4.50.5
89886 ENRivers of Zadaa, TheMacHale, D.J.4.518.0
5953 ENRoad to Memphis, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.512.0
83612 ENRob&Sara.comPetersen, P.J.4.56.0
85937 ENRoberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh PiratesWinter, Jonah4.50.5
56487 ENRosemary Meets RosemarieRobertson, Barbara4.52.0
22372 ENRowan and the Keeper of the CrystalRodda, Emily4.55.0
74611 ENRunning Back to LudieJohnson, Angela4.50.5
58687 ENSaffy's AngelMcKay, Hilary4.56.0
100599 ENSammy Keyes and the Dead GiveawayVan Draanen, Wendelin4.59.0
34510 ENSasquatchSmith, Roland4.55.0
13991 ENSaving JessicaMcDaniel, Lurlene4.54.0
110902 ENScarlettCassidy, Cathy4.56.0
25470 ENScavenger HuntPike, Christopher4.58.0
108685 ENScooby-Doo! and the Monster MenaceGelsey, James4.51.0
73241 ENScooby-Doo! and the Vicious VikingGelsey, James4.51.0
2461 ENSea of Ice: The Wreck of the EnduranceKulling, Monica4.50.5
28542 ENSearching for Candlestick ParkKehret, Peg4.55.0
8241 ENSecret Bedroom, TheStine, R.L.4.55.0
109317 ENSecret of the Video Game Scores, TheMasters, M.4.51.0
106875 ENSecrets of My Hollywood Life: A NovelCalonita, Jen4.58.0
108861 ENSide EffectsKoss, Amy Goldman4.55.0
75835 ENSidekicksDanko/Mason4.52.0
8242 ENSilent NightStine, R.L.4.56.0
439 ENSilverWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
6041 ENSilver Kiss, TheKlause, Annette Curtis4.57.0
53483 ENSisterhood of the Traveling Pants, TheBrashares, Ann4.59.0
5385 ENSkateboard ToughChristopher, Matt4.53.0
71995 ENSkateboards (Wheels in Motion)Hughes, Morgan4.50.5
15087 ENSlam!Myers, Walter Dean4.58.0
19403 ENSlime That Ate Sweet Valley, ThePascal/Suzanne4.54.0
14492 ENSOS TitanicBunting, Eve4.56.0
113567 ENSound WavesMahaney, Ian F.4.50.5
32480 ENSpeakAnderson, Laurie Halse4.57.0
88772 ENSphere of Secrets, TheFisher, Catherine4.511.0
54130 ENStalker, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.56.0
50161 ENStealing South: A Story of the Underground RailroadAyres, Katherine4.56.0
109173 ENStorm: A Novelization, TheStrickland, Brad4.55.0
101157 ENStorm Warning: Tornadoes (Freestyle Express)Oxlade, Chris4.51.0
52024 ENStranger, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.55.0
16730 ENStray, TheKing-Smith, Dick4.53.0
5390 ENSupercharged InfieldChristopher, Matt4.53.0
41303 ENTaking a DiveBossley, Michele Martin4.53.0
11588 ENTeacher CreatureHaynes, Betsy4.53.0
111149 ENTerrierPierce, Tamora4.519.0
58220 ENThings Not SeenClements, Andrew4.59.0
57381 ENThree Girls and a GodHantman, Clea4.54.0
89620 ENThurgood Marshall: Civil Rights ChampionMonroe, Judy4.50.5
10206 ENTime for Andrew: A Ghost StoryHahn, Mary Downing4.56.0
26867 ENTornadoesBurby, Liza N.4.50.5
20295 ENTreasure of Skeleton Reef, TheStrickland/Fuller,4.55.0
15387 ENTriathlonLund, Bill4.50.5
108519 ENTroll Bridge: A Rock 'n' Roll Fairy TaleYolen, Jane4.57.0
102698 ENTTYLMorgan, Melissa J.4.55.0
79410 ENTupac ShakurOlson, Nathan4.50.5
47670 ENTwo Princesses of Bamarre, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.58.0
14047 ENUgly Duckling, TheAndersen, Hans Christian4.50.5
101894 ENUnexpected: 11 Mysterious StoriesWilliams, Laura E.4.59.0
63449 ENUplink from the UndergroundJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
14444 ENVisit to William Blake's Inn, AWillard, Nancy4.50.5
76495 ENVoyage to the VolcanoStamper, Judith Bauer4.51.0
106229 ENWater ShaperMcCaffrey, Laura Williams4.59.0
5966 ENWhat Daddy DidShusterman, Neal4.57.0
111709 ENWhat's the Big Idea? Forming HypothesesSomervill, Barbara A.4.50.5
34759 ENWhen Zachary Beaver Came to TownHolt, Kimberly Willis4.56.0
599 ENWho Knew There'd Be Ghosts?Brittain, Bill4.54.0
72751 ENWho's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?Child, Lauren4.50.5
25484 ENWicked Heart, ThePike, Christopher4.58.0
30641 ENWilliam TellBawden, Nina4.50.5
41075 ENWithout a DoubtGunn, Robin Jones4.55.0
63672 ENWolf at the WindowBaglio, Ben M.4.54.0
85992 ENWolf BrotherPaver, Michelle4.58.0
57200 ENWolf StarLee, Tanith4.58.0
19502 ENWonder's PromiseCampbell, Joanna4.56.0
48342 ENWord Eater, TheAmato, Mary4.54.0
104269 ENWorld's Deadliest Sharks, TheHealy, Nick4.50.5
32512 ENWright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, TheSobol, Donald J.4.53.0
17800 ENWringerSpinelli, Jerry4.55.0
44671 ENYear Down Yonder, APeck, Richard4.54.0
43754 ENYear of Miss Agnes, TheHill, Kirkpatrick4.53.0
77134 ENYoung Man and the Sea, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.55.0
54177 ENZazooMosher, Richard4.59.0
19600 ENZella, Zack, and ZodiacPeet, Bill4.50.5
166 EN4B Goes WildGilson, Jamie4.64.0
36046 ENAdaline Falling StarOsborne, Mary Pope4.64.0
451 ENAdventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
59348 ENAfter the Rain: Virginia's Civil War DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.62.0
16328 ENAmerican Alligator, ThePotts, Steve4.60.5
84951 ENAmerican Quarter Horse, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.60.5
61380 ENAmong FriendsCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
6602 ENAnastasia at This AddressLowry, Lois4.64.0
31158 ENAngel Spreads Her WingsDelton, Judy4.63.0
5403 ENAnimal, the Vegetable and John D. Jones, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
15851 ENAnnie AntelopeSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
6031 ENAnything to WinMiklowitz, Gloria D.4.65.0
19522 ENArabian ChallengeBentley, Karen4.66.0
106501 ENArcher's QuestPark, Linda Sue4.65.0
31199 ENAshwater Experiment, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.65.0
77251 ENAssassins of Rome, TheLawrence, Caroline4.66.0
6655 ENAttaboy, Sam!Lowry, Lois4.63.0
75825 ENAttack of the 50-Ft. CupidBenton, Jim4.61.0
74527 ENAttack of the Mutant UnderwearBirdseye, Tom4.65.0
73732 ENB. Bears Save Christmas, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.60.5
13393 ENBackstage FrightKehret, Peg4.63.0
46867 ENBaseball: Fielding Ground BallsFitzgerald, Ron4.61.0
105927 ENBattle DriftStrasser, Todd4.66.0
65076 ENBecause of AnyaHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.63.0
101427 ENBelgian Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
104067 ENBenjamin Banneker: Astronomer and MathematicianLassieur, Allison4.60.5
105123 ENBlack Beauty: Retold from the Anna Sewell OriginalChurch, Lisa4.63.0
106360 ENBlack Room, TheCross, Gillian4.69.0
80120 ENBlack WaterMacHale, D.J.4.617.0
65271 ENBlindPascal, Francine4.66.0
20257 ENBlizzard Disaster, TheKehret, Peg4.64.0
306 ENBlossoms and the Green Phantom, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
18704 ENBlue Hill Meadows, TheRylant, Cynthia4.61.0
75400 ENBMX Design and EquipmentFiske, Brian D.4.60.5
11205 ENBMX RacingGutman, Bill4.60.5
104710 ENBorn to DrivePerlman, Rhea4.61.0
12990 ENBox and the Bone, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley4.63.0
10248 ENBoys Start the War, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.64.0
110260 ENBraid, TheFrost, Helen4.63.0
47404 ENBreaking FreeBrooke, Lauren4.64.0
11 ENBridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
115166 ENBrink of Ex-stink-tion, ThePerlman, Rhea4.61.0
9111 ENBrutus the BearSargent, Dave/Pat4.61.0
64080 ENBuilding a MysteryGilmour, H. B.4.66.0
8213 ENBurning, TheStine, R.L.4.64.0
89804 ENCameron DiazHorn, Geoffrey M.4.60.5
43703 ENCaptain's CommandMyers, Anna4.64.0
7705 ENCase of the Halloween Ghost, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
116010 ENCase of the Most Ancient Bone, TheErickson, John R.4.66.0
10915 ENCase of the Swirling Killer Tornado, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
87482 ENCase of the Tricky Trap, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
27709 ENCase of the Vanishing Fishhook, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
10760 ENCat Burglar on the ProwlKehret, Peg4.63.0
107039 ENCharlie Bone and the Hidden KingNimmo, Jenny4.610.0
6409 ENChristmas Spurs, TheWallace, Bill4.64.0
7608 ENChristmas Witch, TheKellogg, Steven4.60.5
19523 ENCindy's HonorCampbell/Bentley4.65.0
19829 ENCircle of LoveNixon, Joan Lowery4.66.0
310 ENClass ClownHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
19361 ENClaudia and the Mystery at the MuseumMartin, Ann M.4.64.0
24565 ENClearing: A Mystery, TheMiller, Dorothy Reynolds4.64.0
27614 ENCome SundayGrimes, Nikki4.60.5
13113 ENCottonmouths (Snake Discovery)Bargar/Johnson4.60.5
15804 ENCountdownMikaelsen, Ben4.68.0
66888 ENCrandalls' CastleWright, Betty Ren4.65.0
10270 ENCrazy WeekendSoto, Gary4.64.0
9872 ENCrime for Christmas, AKeene, Carolyn4.66.0
83556 ENCrossfireBisson, Terry4.63.0
101150 ENCrumbling Earth: Erosion & Landslides (Freestyle Express)Colson, Mary4.60.5
7667 ENCyrus the Unsinkable Sea SerpentPeet, Bill4.60.5
71110 ENDanger on the Great LakesKeene, Carolyn4.64.0
53561 ENDarkening SkiesJenkins/LaHaye4.64.0
76510 ENDarkest HourBrooke, Lauren4.65.0
19334 ENDawn and the School Spirit WarMartin, Ann M.4.64.0
75117 ENDeadly OfferCooney, Caroline B.4.65.0
14898 ENDean DuffyPowell, Randy4.66.0
87991 ENDestiny of Linus Hoppe, TheBondoux, Anne-Laure4.65.0
41251 ENDevil and His Boy, TheHorowitz, Anthony4.66.0
6998 ENDevil's Arithmetic, TheYolen, Jane4.66.0
75405 ENDirt Bike HistorySievert, Terri4.60.5
89974 ENDiscover SpaceNicolson, Cynthia Pratt4.60.5
111654 ENDizzyWinter, Jonah4.60.5
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
562 ENDr. Dredd's Wagon of WondersBrittain, Bill4.64.0
107587 ENDracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck SpectacularScroggs, Kirk4.61.0
14879 ENDragonslayers, TheCoville, Bruce4.63.0
10893 ENDriver's EdCooney, Caroline B.4.67.0
6715 ENDunc and Amos Hit the Big TopPaulsen, Gary4.62.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
25130 ENEchohawkDurrant, Lynda4.65.0
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
7714 ENElmer and the DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles4.61.0
18718 ENEncy. Brown Sets the PaceSobol, Donald J.4.61.0
25782 ENEternal Enemy, ThePike, Christopher4.66.0
64316 ENEvery New DayBrooke, Lauren4.64.0
75118 ENEvil ReturnsCooney, Caroline B.4.65.0
15867 ENFancy FannieSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
25230 ENFaraway SummerHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
25774 ENFinal Friends: The DancePike, Christopher4.69.0
10259 ENFire Bug Connection, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.64.0
20314 ENFlash ForwardArcher, Chris4.64.0
10244 ENFlip-Flop GirlPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
6360 ENFortune-Tellers, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.60.5
6668 ENFreedom SongsMoore, Yvette4.66.0
51132 ENFreshwater FishingHopkins, Ellen4.60.5
15546 ENGaston the Green-Nosed AlligatorRice, James4.60.5
44277 ENGeorge W. BushRyan, Patrick4.60.5
64049 ENGerbil GeniusBaglio, Ben M.4.62.0
10778 ENGhost in the Big Brass Bed, TheCoville, Bruce4.66.0
19696 ENGhost of the Lantern Lady, TheKeene, Carolyn4.64.0
19516 ENGlory in DangerCampbell/Bentley4.66.0
58699 ENGoodbye Doesn't Mean ForeverMcDaniel, Lurlene4.65.0
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
109556 ENGreen Glass Sea, TheKlages, Ellen4.610.0
15852 ENGrizzly, TheSargent, Pat4.61.0
86057 ENHamster in the HollyBaglio, Ben M.4.63.0
109455 ENHarry the Poisonous Centipede Goes to SeaBanks, Lynne Reid4.63.0
20713 ENHe's the OneAlexander, Nina4.66.0
11469 ENHeads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth GradeGantos, Jack4.66.0
11418 ENHeather Takes the ReinsSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.61.0
85213 ENHelp! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade!Winkler, Henry4.64.0
266 ENHenry and BeezusCleary, Beverly4.64.0
417 ENHenry and RibsyCleary, Beverly4.63.0
14923 ENHer Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales...Hamilton, Virginia4.63.0
42586 ENHidden, TheApplegate, K.A.4.63.0
28081 ENHolesSachar, Louis4.67.0
81578 ENHoly Enchilada!Winkler, Henry4.64.0
766 ENHoopsMyers, Walter Dean4.67.0
73389 ENHope in My Heart: Sofia's Immigrant Diary: Book OneLasky, Kathryn4.62.0
108883 ENHorowitz HorrorHorowitz, Anthony4.66.0
106554 ENHorse Named Funny Cide, ATeam, Funny Cide4.60.5
13993 ENHorseback RidingStewart, Gail B.4.60.5
33342 ENHound at the HospitalBaglio, Ben M.4.64.0
664 ENHouse on Hackman's Hill, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.64.0
19570 ENHow Droofus the Dragon Lost His HeadPeet, Bill4.60.5
58682 ENHow to Disappear Completely and Never Be FoundNickerson, Sara4.69.0
16737 ENHow to Fight a GirlRockwell, Thomas4.62.0
29379 ENI'm Not Who You Think I AmKehret, Peg4.64.0
25462 ENImmortal, ThePike, Christopher4.67.0
229 ENIn the Year of the Boar and Jackie RobinsonLord, Bette Bao4.64.0
102359 ENIncredible Fish (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.61.0
102378 ENIncredible Reptiles (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.61.0
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.66.0
102728 ENIndigo BlueCassidy, Cathy4.65.0
87510 ENInvisibleHautman, Pete4.64.0
36369 ENInvisible MePascal, Francine4.64.0
58026 ENIsland Book One: ShipwreckKorman, Gordon4.63.0
478 ENJ. T.Wagner, Jane4.61.0
58351 ENJellyfish and Other StingersBrennan, Joseph K.4.61.0
5940 ENJennifer Murdley's ToadCoville, Bruce4.64.0
19574 ENJethro and Joel Were a TrollPeet, Bill4.60.5
79402 ENJim MorrisonBurgan, Michael4.60.5
17626 ENJosefina's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.61.0
6985 ENJourney Home, TheHolland, Isabelle4.66.0
6926 ENJourney of the SparrowsBuss, Fran Leeper4.67.0
72263 ENKaileyKoss, Amy Goldman4.63.0
84286 ENKathleen's StoryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.67.0
78799 ENKeeping the Promise: A Torah's JourneyLehman-Wilzig, Tami4.60.5
617 ENKid Power Strikes BackPfeffer, Susan Beth4.64.0
29335 ENKin: Mana's Story, TheDickinson, Peter4.66.0
85019 ENKing Tut's Tomb: Ancient Treasures UncoveredBurgan, Michael4.60.5
84969 ENKiteboardingPreszler, Eric4.60.5
20747 ENLanguage of Love, TheEmburg, Kate4.65.0
83234 ENLaugh Till You CryNixon, Joan Lowery4.64.0
77347 ENLetters from WolfieSherlock, Patti4.68.0
10901 ENLight on Hogback Hill, TheDeFelice, Cynthia4.64.0
8232 ENLights OutStine, R.L.4.65.0
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
7862 ENLizardCovington, Dennis4.68.0
11476 ENLlama in the Family, AHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
50377 ENLlama in the LibraryHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
15089 ENLook for Me by MoonlightHahn, Mary Downing4.67.0
59381 ENLooking for RedJohnson, Angela4.63.0
17782 ENLosers, Inc.Mills, Claudia4.65.0
112832 ENLost at Sea! Tami Oldham Ashcraft's Story of SurvivalDoeden, Matt4.60.5
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John R.4.63.0
108302 ENLoud Silence of Francine Green, TheCushman, Karen4.67.0
19580 ENLuckiest One of All, ThePeet, Bill4.60.5
20386 ENLyle, Lyle, CrocodileWaber, Bernard4.60.5
5481 ENMagic School Bus Inside the Human Body, TheCole, Joanna4.60.5
19370 ENMary Anne and the Zoo MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.65.0
88565 ENMaximum Ride: The Angel ExperimentPatterson, James4.611.0
39876 ENMe TarzanByars, Betsy4.62.0
71437 ENMeanest Doll in the World, TheMartin/Godwin4.65.0
19525 ENMelanie's TreasureCampbell/Estes4.65.0
15369 ENMilitary Motorcycles (Land and Sea)Green, Michael4.60.5
8539 ENMissing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.64.0
8974 ENMonster at Loch NessBerke, Sally4.61.0
110001 ENMonster Fish FrenzyScroggs, Kirk4.61.0
84954 ENMorgan Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
6232 ENMost Wonderful Doll in the World, TheMcGinley, Phyllis4.61.0
105653 ENMother, Please Don't DieMcDaniel, Lurlene4.63.0
75408 ENMotocross FreestyleSchwartz, Tina P.4.60.5
34970 ENMountain Bike ManiaChristopher, Matt4.64.0
32550 ENMourning SongMcDaniel, Lurlene4.64.0
74988 ENMum Hunt, TheRees, Gwyneth4.66.0
7743 ENMurder in the Middle PastureErickson, John R.4.63.0
20124 ENMurdered, My SweetNixon, Joan Lowery4.66.0
108132 ENMy Dog's a Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween TailWinkler, Henry4.64.0
105612 ENMy Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union SoldierDurrant, Lynda4.66.0
11925 ENMy Life as a Human Hockey PuckMyers, Bill4.63.0
82188 ENMy Life as a Prickly Porcupine from PlutoMyers, Bill4.62.0
42351 ENMy Life as a Screaming SkydiverMyers, Bill4.63.0
108264 ENMy Life Starring MumRayban, Chloë4.69.0
28086 ENMy Louisiana SkyHolt, Kimberly Willis4.65.0
102132 ENMy Secret Life as a Ping-Pong WizardWinkler, Henry4.64.0
45353 ENMystery in Tornado Alley, TheKeene, Carolyn4.64.0
31135 ENNew Girl, TheLeppard, Lois Gladys4.63.0
20127 ENNight Terrors: Stories of Shadow and SubstanceDuncan, Lois4.66.0
6989 ENNightmare MountainKehret, Peg4.65.0
32531 ENNo Man's LandBartoletti, Susan4.64.0
79109 ENNot for a Billion Gazillion DollarsDanziger, Paula4.63.0
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
67 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
114707 ENOn the Wings of HeroesPeck, Richard4.64.0
18781 ENOne Hundredth Thing about Caroline, TheLowry, Lois4.64.0
6482 ENOtis SpoffordCleary, Beverly4.64.0
25170 ENOutsider, TheMetz, Melinda4.66.0
45832 ENOwls and Other Birds of PreyReid, Mary E.4.61.0
77561 ENPerfectly ChelseaMills, Claudia4.63.0
109337 ENPeskie Spell, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
104076 ENPhillis Wheatley: Colonial American PoetSalas, Laura Purdie4.60.5
11782 ENPolar Bear: Master of the Ice, TheTracqui, Valerie4.60.5
104966 ENPretty Committee Strikes Back, TheHarrison, Lisi4.68.0
25218 ENPrime-Time PitcherChristopher, Matt4.63.0
10583 ENPurebredBryant, Bonnie4.64.0
58355 ENRaccoons and Their RelativesSullivan, Pat Harvey4.61.0
31106 ENRaggedy Ann's Wishing PebbleGruelle, Johnny4.60.5
109459 ENRainbow Wand, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
29284 ENRapunzelZelinsky, Paul O.4.60.5
100508 ENRebel AngelsBray, Libba4.619.0
29367 ENReef of DeathZindel, Paul4.64.0
383 ENReturn of the Indian, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.65.0
86283 ENRevenge of the Wannabes: A Clique NovelHarrison, Lisi4.610.0
20287 ENRiddle of the Wayward BooksStrickland/Fuller4.65.0
5381 ENRun, Billy, RunChristopher, Matt4.64.0
50419 ENSacrifice, TheApplegate, K.A.4.64.0
101765 ENSacrifice, TheDuble, Kathleen Benner4.65.0
28507 ENSammy Keyes and the Hotel ThiefvanDraanen, Wendelin4.66.0
106781 ENSand Dollar SummerJones, Kimberly K.4.66.0
25237 ENSarny: A Life RememberedPaulsen, Gary4.65.0
46853 ENScribbler of DreamsPearson, Mary E.4.68.0
105933 ENSea of Monsters, TheRiordan, Rick4.69.0
58357 ENSea Stars and Other EchinodermsSvancara, Theresa4.61.0
688 ENSeal Oil Lamp, TheDeArmond, Dale4.61.0
5043 ENSecret of Gumbo Grove, TheTate, Eleanora E.4.67.0
25660 ENSecret of the Magic Pen, ThePascal/Suzanne4.65.0
28438 ENShadow SpinnerFletcher, Susan4.68.0
32552 ENShe Died Too YoungMcDaniel, Lurlene4.65.0
15890 ENSherman the SheepSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
101428 ENShetland Pony, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.60.5
27954 ENShoebag ReturnsJames, Mary4.64.0
11594 ENSisters, Long AgoKehret, Peg4.65.0
18834 ENSix Months to LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.64.0
57696 ENSkateboards: Designs and EquipmentHoena, B.A.4.60.5
76146 ENSnow Spider, TheNimmo, Jenny4.64.0
65773 ENSnowboarding (X-Treme Sports)Hedlund, Stephanie F.4.60.5
5386 ENSoccer HalfbackChristopher, Matt4.64.0
6397 ENSpeaking to MirandaMacdonald, Caroline4.67.0
7200 ENSpirit House, TheSleator, William4.65.0
14776 ENSpirit SeekerNixon, Joan Lowery4.67.0
65431 ENSpy CatKehret, Peg4.65.0
88510 ENStar Cloak, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
116118 ENStranded! Amy Racina's Story of SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.60.5
106060 ENStrange BirdsGilliland, Judith Heide4.66.0
106062 ENSummer Sherman Loved Me, TheSt. Anthony, Jane4.64.0
112335 ENSuper Soccer Freak ShowScroggs, Kirk4.61.0
85777 ENSuspendedRayner, Robert4.63.0
104056 ENSwan's Child, TheKuyper, Sjoerd4.63.0
642 ENSwitcharoundLowry, Lois4.63.0
29342 ENSword of the Samurai: Adventure Stories From JapanKimmel, Eric A.4.62.0
25574 ENTales of Terror #2Pike, Christopher4.68.0
20139 ENTalking to DragonsWrede, Patricia C.4.610.0
583 ENTallahassee HigginsHahn, Mary Downing4.66.0
19675 ENTeen Model Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.65.0
112810 ENTemperate Deciduous Forests: Lands of Falling LeavesSalas, Laura Purdie4.60.5
8937 ENTerror at the ZooKehret, Peg4.65.0
792 ENThat Was Then, This Is NowHinton, S.E.4.65.0
11543 ENThief of HeartsYep, Laurence4.66.0
100022 ENThomas Edison: A Brilliant InventorKids, Editors of Time for4.61.0
9583 ENThree Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, TheTrivizas, Eugene4.60.5
7881 ENThunder Rolling in the MountainsO'Dell, Scott4.64.0
63101 ENTrail of the Jedi, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
26868 ENTropical Storms and HurricanesBurby, Liza N.4.60.5
76521 ENTrue EnoughBrooke, Lauren4.65.0
40644 ENTwo-Thousand-Pound Goldfish, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
7026 ENVandemark Mummy, TheVoigt, Cynthia4.68.0
13740 ENVoice on the Radio, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
112838 ENVolcanic Eruption! Susan Ruff and Bruce Nelson's...SurvivalO'Shei, Tim4.60.5
18997 ENVoltageRoyce, Easton4.63.0
596 ENWait Till Helen ComesHahn, Mary Downing4.65.0
41306 ENWater Fight!Bossley, Michele Martin4.63.0
15388 ENWeight LiftingLund, Bill4.60.5
7029 ENWeirdo, TheTaylor, Theodore4.68.0
597 ENWest against the WindMurrow, Liza Ketchum4.68.0
86253 ENWhales on Stilts!Anderson, M.T.4.63.0
100514 ENWhat I Believe: A NovelMazer, Norma Fox4.63.0
89148 ENWhat Mr. Mattero DidCummings, Priscilla4.67.0
101159 ENWhite-Out: Blizzards (Freestyle Express)Watts, Claire4.60.5
14497 ENWindow, TheIngold, Jeanette4.64.0
300 ENWinged Colt of Casa Mia, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
40414 ENWinning Edge, TheBossley, Michele Martin4.64.0
43530 ENWishes, Kisses, and PigsHearne, Betsy4.63.0
45845 ENWolves and Other Wild DogsReid, Mary E.4.61.0
6949 ENWonderVail, Rachel4.64.0
399 ENWords by HeartSebestyen, Ouida4.66.0
104273 ENWorld's Most Dangerous Stunts, TheO'Shei, Tim4.60.5
86478 ENWorlds ApartKarr, Kathleen4.66.0
7750 ENWounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
8550 ENYang the Youngest and His Terrible EarNamioka, Lensey4.63.0
14499 ENYoun Hee & MeAdler, C.S.4.65.0
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
114907 EN1,000 Reasons Never to Kiss a BoyFreeman, Martha4.79.0
53366 EN101 Facts About KittensHorton-Bussey, Claire4.70.5
661 EN18th Emergency, TheByars, Betsy4.74.0
413 EN89th Kitten, TheNilsson, Eleanor4.72.0
81642 ENAbduction!Kehret, Peg4.76.0
11577 ENAbsolutely Normal ChaosCreech, Sharon4.77.0
75289 ENAkiko and the Journey to ToogCrilley, Mark4.73.0
104345 ENAlbert PujolsHorn, Geoffrey M.4.71.0
651 ENAldo ApplesauceHurwitz, Johanna4.72.0
104165 ENAlien AbductionsMartin, Michael4.70.5
58343 ENAlligators and Other CrocodiliansFairweather, Gari D.4.71.0
55838 ENAmandineGriffin, Adele4.75.0
5501 ENAmos & BorisSteig, William4.70.5
16873 ENAnastasia, AbsolutelyLowry, Lois4.74.0
77669 ENAncient EgyptSteele, Philip4.70.5
7654 ENAngel for Solomon Singer, AnRylant, Cynthia4.70.5
403 ENAngel In ChargeDelton, Judy4.73.0
103788 ENAnna Sewell's Black Beauty: The Graphic NovelBrigman, June4.72.0
84952 ENArabian Horse, TheBraulick, Carrie A.4.70.5
19837 ENAshleigh's DiaryCampbell, Joanna4.78.0
62311 ENATV RidingMaurer, Tracy Nelson4.71.0
20666 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Really Big Disaster, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
12766 ENB. Bear Scouts Ghost versus Ghost, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.72.0
20667 ENB. Bear Scouts Scream Their Heads Off, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
41972 ENB. Bears and the Great Ant Attack, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
25834 ENB. Bears Go Platinum, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
32548 ENBaby Alicia Is DyingMcDaniel, Lurlene4.76.0
19389 ENBaby-sitters' Fright NightMartin, Ann M.4.76.0
60644 ENBad Girls in LoveVoigt, Cynthia4.77.0
154 ENBear Called Paddington, ABond, Michael4.74.0
49616 ENBeginning BaseballJensen/Geng4.71.0
8552 ENBel-Air Bambi and the Mall RatsPeck, Richard4.76.0
17757 ENBeyond the Western Sea: Lord Kirkle's MoneyAvi4.716.0
17758 ENBeyond the Western Sea: The Escape from HomeAvi4.713.0
19553 ENBig Bad BrucePeet, Bill4.70.5
13103 ENBlack Widow Spiders (Spiders Discovery)Martin, Louise4.70.5
82261 ENBook of Dead Days, TheSedgwick, Marcus4.79.0
558 ENBoy Who Reversed Himself, TheSleator, William4.77.0
86305 ENBoyfriend List: (15 Guys...and Me, Ruby Oliver), TheLockhart, E.4.77.0
58215 ENBoys Return, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
7179 ENBreak with Charity, ARinaldi, Ann4.78.0
25765 ENBruce's StoryPascal/William4.75.0
34624 ENCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
35816 ENCaptain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor PoopypantsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
104965 ENCase of the Tender Cheeping Chickies, TheErickson, John R.4.73.0
109310 ENCase of the Toilet Paper Decorator, TheMasters, M.4.72.0
41143 ENCassidy's SecretCampbell/Estes4.76.0
5978 ENCatcher in the RyeSalinger, J.D.4.711.0
42179 ENChampagne at RiskNixon/Brush4.75.0
71302 ENCharlie Bone and the Time TwisterNimmo, Jenny4.79.0
112333 ENCharlotte in New YorkKnight, Joan MacPhail4.71.0
256 ENChocolate Touch, TheCatling, Patrick4.72.0
6509 ENClaudia and the Sad Good-byeMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
162 ENCome Sing, Jimmy JoPaterson, Katherine4.78.0
86565 ENConvicts, TheLawrence, Iain4.78.0
26714 ENCook's Family, TheYep, Laurence4.76.0
20303 ENCorn Grows Ripe, TheRhoads, Dorothy4.72.0
28730 ENCure, TheLevitin, Sonia4.79.0
20106 ENDancing on the EdgeNolan, Han4.79.0
14798 ENDanger at the FairKehret, Peg4.75.0
57187 ENDangerous Plan, AJenkins/LaHaye4.74.0
5007 ENDanny, the Champion of the WorldDahl, Roald4.76.0
88571 ENDashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love, TheRushton, Rosie4.79.0
10111 ENDavid and JonathanVoigt, Cynthia4.78.0
5702 ENDeadly IntentKeene, Carolyn4.75.0
68571 ENDeath at the GalaJenkins/LaHaye4.74.0
8516 ENDevil's BridgeDeFelice, Cynthia4.73.0
9120 ENDike the WolfSargent, Dave/Pat4.71.0
64314 ENDive Right InChristopher/Hirschfeld4.73.0
63657 ENDog in the DungeonBaglio, Ben M.4.74.0
14760 ENDon't ScreamNixon, Joan Lowery4.75.0
119540 ENDrake Bell and Josh PeckMattern, Joanne4.70.5
20263 ENDrive-In of DoomStrickland/Fuller4.74.0
108647 ENDrowned Maiden's Hair: A Melodrama, ASchlitz, Laura Amy4.711.0
51787 ENDuplicate, TheSleator, William4.76.0
11713 ENEar, the Eye, and the Arm, TheFarmer, Nancy4.712.0
13547 ENEleanorCooney, Barbara4.70.5
26864 ENElectrical StormsBurby, Liza N.4.70.5
106419 ENEmil and KarlGlatshteyn, Yankev4.76.0
70853 ENEscaping the Giant WaveKehret, Peg4.74.0
106861 ENEvil StarHorowitz, Anthony4.713.0
84966 ENExtreme DivingCovert, Kim4.70.5
53562 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard4.74.0
467 ENFamily under the Bridge, TheCarlson, Natalie4.73.0
13942 ENFighting TackleChristopher, Matt4.73.0
70717 ENFirst Part Last, TheJohnson, Angela4.73.0
19624 ENFlying HorseBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
54512 ENFootball NightmareChristopher/Hirschfeld4.73.0
8522 ENForestLisle, Janet Taylor4.75.0
110741 ENForest in the Hallway, TheSmith, Gordon4.78.0
2114 ENFrightful's MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.78.0
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
102423 ENGetting to First Base with Danalda ChaseBeam, Matt4.77.0
42806 ENGhost Town: Seven Ghostly StoriesNixon, Joan Lowery4.74.0
20074 ENGhost Wore Gray, TheCoville, Bruce4.75.0
10250 ENGhosts Don't Get Goose BumpsWoodruff, Elvira4.74.0
53499 ENGiant Germ, TheCapeci, Anne4.71.0
25473 ENGimme a KissPike, Christopher4.76.0
9265 ENGiraffe and the Pelly and Me, TheDahl, Roald4.71.0
20703 ENGirl Named Summer, AGarwood, Julie4.75.0
5069 ENGirl Who Owned a City, TheNelson, O.T.4.77.0
41790 ENGirls, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.73.0
19515 ENGlory's TriumphCampbell/Bentley4.76.0
8224 ENGoodnight KissStine, R.L.4.76.0
62004 ENGreat Chicken Debacle, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.73.0
103477 ENGreen Men of Gressingham, TheArdagh, Philip4.71.0
82278 ENGregor and the Prophecy of BaneCollins, Suzanne4.78.0
71308 ENGriffin's CastleNimmo, Jenny4.76.0
8226 ENHalloween PartyStine, R.L.4.75.0
52593 ENHappy Birthday, Kit! A Springtime StoryTripp, Valerie4.71.0
9716 ENHaunted House, ThePascal/Suzanne4.73.0
25061 ENHaunting, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.77.0
113668 ENHeadless Mummy, TheKeane, Dave4.72.0
27949 ENHeavenJohnson, Angela4.73.0
57360 ENHeaven SentHantman, Clea4.75.0
34 ENHenry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.73.0
84968 ENHigh Mobility Vehicles: The HumveesHealy, Nick4.70.5
55661 ENHome Court AdvantageDiersch, Sandra4.74.0
19602 ENHorse ShyBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
60565 ENHotel for DogsDuncan, Lois4.75.0
36388 ENHow to Ruin a FriendshipPascal, Francine4.74.0
19571 ENHubert's Hair-Raising AdventurePeet, Bill4.70.5
767 ENI Know What You Did Last SummerDuncan, Lois4.77.0
32022 ENI Was a Sixth Grade AlienCoville, Bruce4.74.0
19687 ENIn Search of the Black RoseKeene, Carolyn4.75.0
41053 ENIn Your DreamsGunn, Robin Jones4.75.0
102361 ENIncredible Mammals (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.71.0
102377 ENIncredible Mollusks (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.71.0
6924 ENInvitation to the GameHughes, Monica4.76.0
29968 ENIsland of Dangerous Dreams, TheNixon, Joan Lowrey4.76.0
46 ENIt's Like This, CatNeville, Emily Cheney4.75.0
104628 ENJackie RobinsonO'Hern, Kerri4.70.5
104715 ENJenna's DilemmaMorgan, Melissa J.4.75.0
82185 ENJust for KicksRayner, Robert4.74.0
62889 ENKaya's Escape! A Survival StoryShaw, Janet4.72.0
68163 ENKensuke's KingdomMorpurgo, Michael4.75.0
17779 ENKid Who Ran for President, TheGutman, Dan4.73.0
74071 ENKira-KiraKadohata, Cynthia4.77.0
84364 ENKitten in the Candy CornBaglio, Ben M.4.74.0
14024 ENKlutz Strikes Again, TheYoung, Alida E.4.74.0
19375 ENKristy and the Middle School VandalMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
59108 ENLast Lobo, TheSmith, Roland4.75.0
25777 ENLast Vampire 2: Black Blood, ThePike, Christopher4.77.0
25780 ENLast Vampire 5: Evil Thirst, ThePike, Christopher4.76.0
7735 ENLet Sleeping Dogs LieErickson, John R.4.73.0
114645 ENLiarGraves, Damien4.74.0
109087 ENLife as We Knew ItPfeffer, Susan Beth4.714.0
89885 ENLightning Thief, TheRiordan, Rick4.713.0
104265 ENLipizzan Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.70.5
6125 ENLittle TootGramatky, Hardie4.70.5
43290 ENLiving LegendCampbell/Leonhardt4.75.0
34971 ENLong-Arm QuarterbackChristopher, Matt4.73.0
78143 ENLost and FoundSchraff, Anne4.74.0
59250 ENLovePascal, Francine4.76.0
5427 ENLove, from the Fifth Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly4.73.0
5428 ENMaggie, TooNixon, Joan Lowery4.74.0
32199 ENMagic or Not?Eager, Edward4.75.0
87583 ENMakeovers by MarciaMills, Claudia4.75.0
19304 ENMallory and the Dream HorseMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
6537 ENMallory on StrikeMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
5075 ENManiac MageeSpinelli, Jerry4.75.0
5945 ENMany WatersL'Engle, Madeleine4.710.0
19343 ENMary Anne and the Memory GardenMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
72349 ENMaxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in AmericaKorman, Gordon4.74.0
41788 ENMemories of SummerWhite, Ruth4.74.0
34516 ENMidnight MagicAvi4.76.0
57150 ENMillion Dollar Kick, TheGutman, Dan4.75.0
15833 ENMimi's First Mardi GrasCouvillon/Moore,4.70.5
110893 ENMiracle on 49th StreetLupica, Mike4.78.0
102363 ENMixtures, Compounds & Solutions (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol4.71.0
36031 ENMoonlight Man, TheWright, Betty Ren4.75.0
18776 ENMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkSchwartz, Alvin4.71.0
78509 ENMose the Fireman: The Legendary FirefighterMetaxas, Eric4.70.5
62701 ENMotocross in the X GamesBlomquist, Christopher4.70.5
9825 ENMotocross RacingYoung, Jesse4.70.5
75409 ENMotocross RacingSievert, Terri4.70.5
109046 ENMuch Ado About GrubstakeFerris, Jean4.78.0
53264 ENMy Life as a Cowboy CowpieMyers, Bill4.73.0
19654 ENMystery of the Jade Tiger, TheKeene, Carolyn4.75.0
42825 ENMystery of the Talking Skull, TheArthur, Robert4.74.0
108713 ENNew Moon: A NovelMeyer, Stephenie4.720.0
11551 ENNight of FearKehret, Peg4.75.0
26918 ENNightingale, TheAndersen, Hans Christian4.70.5
114461 ENNightriseHorowitz, Anthony4.715.0
18825 ENNo Time to CryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.74.0
80052 ENNormalPascal, Francine4.78.0
32553 ENNow I Lay Me Down to SleepMcDaniel, Lurlene4.75.0
71432 ENOlive's OceanHenkes, Kevin4.74.0
109979 ENOn Christmas EveMartin, Ann M.4.73.0
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
41058 ENOpen Your HeartGunn, Robin Jones4.75.0
83610 ENOrchard of the Crescent MoonNimmo, Jenny4.75.0
73488 ENOrville: A Dog StoryKimmel, Haven4.70.5
381 ENOutsiders, TheHinton, S.E.4.77.0
46704 ENOver the EdgeMcClintock, Norah4.77.0
110405 ENPart of Me: Stories of a Louisiana FamilyHolt, Kimberly Willis4.76.0
44209 ENPeeWee's TaleHurwitz, Johanna4.72.0
104266 ENPercheron Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.70.5
59058 ENPerfect ChallengeCampbell/Leonhardt4.75.0
20307 ENPerilous Road, TheSteele, William O.4.75.0
19589 ENPinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg, ThePeet, Bill4.70.5
109430 ENPolar BearsSquire, Ann O.4.70.5
106822 ENQuillan Games, TheMacHale, D.J.4.722.0
8273 ENRace CarsStephenson, Sallie4.70.5
87381 ENRaina's StoryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.76.0
111570 ENReturn of Death Eric, TheLlewellyn, Sam4.76.0
28475 ENReturn of Santa Paws, TheEdwards, Nicholas4.75.0
11437 ENReturn of the Home Run KidChristopher, Matt4.74.0
18252 ENRibbonsYep, Laurence4.76.0
71119 ENRiding Club Crime, TheKeene, Carolyn4.74.0
25057 ENRobber and Me, TheHolub, Josef4.77.0
15382 ENRottweiler, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.70.5
22373 ENRowan of RinRodda, Emily4.75.0
82660 ENRuling Class, ThePascal, Francine4.77.0
109202 ENRunawayVan Draanen, Wendelin4.79.0
13713 ENSacagawea: American PathfinderSeymour, Flora Warren4.74.0
75424 ENSaltwater FishingSalas, Laura Purdie4.70.5
83025 ENScarlet Macaw Scandal, TheKeene, Carolyn4.74.0
79551 ENScooby-Doo! and the Legend of the VampireMcCann, Jesse Leon4.70.5
15105 ENScreaming EaglesKehret, Peg4.73.0
81202 ENSea of Trolls, TheFarmer, Nancy4.716.0
58358 ENSea Turtles and Other Shelled ReptilesBrennan, Patricia4.71.0
783 ENSeance, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.75.0
103810 ENSearch and DestroyHughes, Dean4.77.0
42579 ENSearch for SennaApplegate, K.A.4.76.0
25890 ENSeason of Passage, ThePike, Christopher4.723.0
9739 ENSecond BestPascal/Suzanne4.73.0
6790 ENSecret of Shady Glen, TheKeene, Carolyn4.74.0
79 ENSecret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.75.0
11440 ENSecret of the Attic, TheSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.71.0
106218 ENSecret of the Three TreasuresSimner, Janni Lee4.74.0
53476 ENSeekFleischman, Paul4.74.0
106226 ENSerpent Gift, TheKaaberbol, Lene4.715.0
82164 ENShadowgateRodda, Emily4.76.0
5085 ENShoebagJames, Mary4.74.0
31635 ENShoot to ScoreRichmond, Sandra4.74.0
21734 ENSilverwingOppel, Kenneth4.79.0
32551 ENSixteen and DyingMcDaniel, Lurlene4.75.0
84972 ENSkeleton: High-Speed Ice SlidingCovert, Kim4.70.5
16732 ENSkull of Truth, TheCoville, Bruce4.76.0
10928 ENSlot MachineLynch, Chris4.78.0
86675 ENSmiler's BonesLerangis, Peter4.74.0
34885 ENSmugglers, TheLawrence, Iain4.76.0
787 ENSnow BoundMazer, Harry4.75.0
10593 ENSnow RideBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
110726 ENSoftwire: Virus on Orbis 1, TheHaarsma, PJ4.79.0
101555 ENSower of Tales, TheGilmore, Rachna4.710.0
25472 ENSpellboundPike, Christopher4.78.0
25557 ENSpring BreakHurwitz, Johanna4.73.0
19372 ENStacey and the Haunted MasqueradeMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
6546 ENStacey and the Mystery of StoneybrookMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
41161 ENStar in DangerLeonhardt, Alice4.75.0
25463 ENStarlight Crystal, ThePike, Christopher4.76.0
6629 ENStepping on the CracksHahn, Mary Downing4.78.0
58361 ENStink Bugs and Other True BugsGoldish, Meish4.71.0
6012 ENStonewords: A Ghost StoryConrad, Pam4.74.0
87553 ENStorky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the GirlGarfinkle, Debra4.77.0
112613 ENStorm the Lightning FairyMeadows, Daisy4.71.0
18792 ENStormy, Misty's FoalHenry, Marguerite4.76.0
16308 ENStory of Harriet Tubman: Conductor...Underground Railroad, TheMcMullan, Kate4.73.0
101634 ENStranded in BoringsvilleBateson, Catherine4.74.0
58530 ENStranger Next Door, TheKehret, Peg4.75.0
88010 ENSummer School! What Genius Thought That Up?Winkler, Henry4.74.0
70401 ENTale of Despereaux, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.75.0
584 ENTaming the Star RunnerHinton, S.E.4.76.0
83176 ENTeacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts, ThePeck, Richard4.76.0
346 ENTeacher's PetHurwitz, Johanna4.73.0
35563 ENTennis AceChristopher, Matt4.73.0
393 ENTexHinton, S.E.4.77.0
109163 ENThings Hoped ForClements, Andrew4.76.0
10597 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.4.70.5
17794 ENTime CatAlexander, Lloyd4.75.0
32554 ENTime to Die, AMcDaniel, Lurlene4.75.0
100511 ENToad HeavenGleitzman, Morris4.75.0
29971 ENToliver's SecretBrady, Esther Wood4.74.0
8593 ENToning the SweepJohnson, Angela4.73.0
86785 ENTrail of BonesWilliams, Mark London4.77.0
31156 ENTraitor Among the Boys, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
112836 ENTrapped in a Canyon! Aron Ralston's Story of SurvivalDoeden, Matt4.70.5
19678 ENTreasure in the Royal Tower, TheKeene, Carolyn4.75.0
18600 ENTuesday Cafe, TheTrembath, Don4.74.0
5548 ENTwo Bad AntsVanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
296 ENTwo Under ParHenkes, Kevin4.73.0
107175 ENUnder the Baseball MoonRitter, John H.4.79.0
102400 ENVampire Kisses 2: Kissing CoffinsSchreiber, Ellen4.75.0
595 ENVillage by the Sea, TheFox, Paula4.74.0
102515 ENWater Sprites, TheRodda, Emily4.72.0
19686 ENWedding Day Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.74.0
64312 ENWell-Timed Enchantment, AVande Velde, Vivian4.76.0
110374 ENWhat Do You Want to Prove? Planning InvestigationsSomervill, Barbara A.4.70.5
108830 ENWhat the Moon SawResau, Laura4.710.0
9996 ENWhatever Happened to Janie?Cooney, Caroline B.4.77.0
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDeJong, Meindert4.710.0
18845 ENWhen Happily Ever After EndsMcDaniel, Lurlene4.75.0
88045 ENWhispering Road, TheMichael, Livi4.716.0
65774 ENWindsurfing (X-Treme Sports)Hedlund, Stephanie F.4.70.5
6448 ENWitches, TheDahl, Roald4.75.0
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
59359 ENZellie BlakeDuey, Kathleen4.74.0
71316 EN38 Ways to Entertain Your GrandparentsHunter, Dette4.81.0
102718 ENAccidental LoveSoto, Gary4.85.0
79585 ENAction!Keene, Carolyn4.84.0
105130 ENAdventures of Robin Hood: Retold from...Howard Pyle Original, TheBurrows, John4.83.0
53929 ENAero and Officer Mike: Police PartnersRussell, Joan Plummer4.80.5
69010 ENAkiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000Crilley, Mark4.83.0
5401 ENAldo Ice CreamHurwitz, Johanna4.82.0
17751 ENAlice in LaceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
5339 ENAliens Ate My HomeworkCoville, Bruce4.85.0
34798 ENAll Alone in the UniversePerkins, Lynne Rae4.84.0
24951 ENAll the Days of Her LifeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
104263 ENAmerican Saddlebred Horse, TheColeman, Lori4.80.5
69053 ENAmong the BaronsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.86.0
29501 ENAmong the HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.85.0
303 ENAngel's Mother's BoyfriendDelton, Judy4.83.0
50417 ENAnswer, TheApplegate, K.A.4.84.0
19505 ENAshleigh's DreamCampbell, Joanna4.86.0
104089 ENAsk Me No QuestionsBudhos, Marina4.85.0
43303 ENBad Luck Filly, TheCampbell/Leonhardt4.85.0
116582 ENBarfing in the Backseat: How I Survived My Family Road TripWinkler, Henry4.84.0
18803 ENBeasties, TheSleator, William4.86.0
114704 ENBecShan, Darren4.89.0
10754 ENBed-Knob and BroomstickNorton, Mary4.86.0
304 ENBeezus and RamonaCleary, Beverly4.83.0
50418 ENBeginning, TheApplegate, K.A.4.84.0
54093 ENBelle TealMartin, Ann M.4.86.0
100999 ENBenjamin Franklin: A Man of Many TalentsKids, Editors of Time for4.81.0
78965 ENBeyond the SunriseBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
5058 ENBFG, TheDahl, Roald4.86.0
9108 ENBig JakeSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
79433 ENBigfootBurgan, Michael4.80.5
106281 ENBlack DuckLisle, Janet Taylor4.88.0
2408 ENBlizzards! Snowstorm FuryTurck, Mary C.4.81.0
65764 ENBMX Biking (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
75403 ENBMX HistoryFiske, Brian D.4.80.5
10757 ENBone Breath and the VandalsKehret, Peg4.83.0
19863 ENBoyfriend Game, ThePascal/Suzanne4.85.0
74690 ENBoys in ControlNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.84.0
106369 ENBreathe: A Ghost StoryMcNish, Cliff4.88.0
20653 ENBrookeAndrews, V.C.4.85.0
7147 ENBuffalo GalWallace, Bill4.86.0
109149 ENBuffalo Soldier, TheGarland, Sherry4.80.5
19528 ENCamp SaddlebrookCampbell/Gasque4.85.0
100088 ENCaptain Fact Space AdventurePacker, Knife &4.81.0
70101 ENCapture, TheLasky, Kathryn4.87.0
10290 ENCar, ThePaulsen, Gary4.86.0
19692 ENCase of Capital Intrigue, TheKeene, Carolyn4.84.0
7704 ENCase of the Car-Barkaholic Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
43460 ENCase of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
10656 ENCase of the Double Bumblebee Sting, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
7707 ENCase of the Missing Cat, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
42816 ENCase of the Missing Cutthroats, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.84.0
69073 ENCase of the Shipwrecked Tree, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
113020 ENCelebrate Easter: With Colored Eggs, Flowers, and PrayerHeiligman, Deborah4.80.5
84605 ENCelebrate! Stories of the Jewish HolidaysBerger, Gilda4.83.0
19520 ENChampion's SpiritCampbell/Bentley4.86.0
106586 ENChanging Weather: StormsMacAulay, Kelley4.80.5
20 ENCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.85.0
102358 ENChemical Reactions (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol4.81.0
17283 ENChicken Doesn't Skate, TheKorman, Gordon4.86.0
9115 ENChrissy CottontailSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
19519 ENCindy's HeartbreakCampbell/Bentley4.86.0
59118 ENCirque Du FreakShan, Darren4.87.0
5608 ENClue of the Black Keys, TheKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
45347 ENClue of the Gold Doubloons, TheKeene, Carolyn4.84.0
106751 ENClue of the Linoleum Lederhosen, TheAnderson, M.T.4.85.0
14756 ENCode of DeceptionOttley, Ted4.86.0
111292 ENConfessions from the Principal's ChairMyers, Anna4.88.0
108313 ENCrispin: At the Edge of the WorldAvi4.87.0
114759 ENCurtain Went up, My Pants Fell down, TheWinkler, Henry4.84.0
113797 ENCurveballWallace, Rich4.82.0
100575 ENDark SonsGrimes, Nikki4.82.0
1533 ENDaVinciVenezia, Mike4.80.5
9119 ENDawn the DeerSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
57585 ENDay for Vincent Chin and Me, ABanks, Jacqueline Turner4.84.0
86562 ENDay of Tears: A Novel in DialogueLester, Julius4.84.0
109342 ENDay of the ScarabFisher, Catherine4.812.0
20065 ENDeadly StrangerKehret, Peg4.85.0
8561 ENDinky Hocker Shoots SmackKerr, M.E.4.86.0
63211 ENDo Stars Have Points? Questions...About Stars and PlanetsBerger, Melvin4.81.0
77252 ENDolphins of Laurentum, TheLawrence, Caroline4.86.0
18809 ENDon't Die, My LoveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.87.0
58253 ENDon't Tell AnyoneKehret, Peg4.84.0
41048 ENDon't You WishGunn, Robin Jones4.85.0
29258 ENDragon Prince, TheYep, Laurence4.80.5
87560 ENDread LocksShusterman, Neal4.86.0
44283 ENDream SoulYep, Laurence4.89.0
19606 ENDude RanchBryant, Bonnie4.84.0
78918 ENDungeon of Doom, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
4810 ENEarthquakesMeister, Cari4.80.5
51862 ENEdison Mystery, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
19563 ENEllaPeet, Bill4.80.5
103556 ENEnemies of Jupiter, TheLawrence, Caroline4.86.0
71682 ENEscape from MemoryHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.88.0
76511 ENEverything ChangesBrooke, Lauren4.85.0
5268 ENFace on the Milk Carton, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
761 ENFast Sam, Cool Clyde, and StuffMyers, Walter Dean4.87.0
762 ENFather FigurePeck, Richard4.86.0
86063 ENFinal Showdown, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
32527 ENFind a Stranger, Say GoodbyeLowry, Lois4.87.0
54560 ENFleePascal, Francine4.86.0
82810 ENFleshmarketMorgan, Nicola4.88.0
53684 ENFlippedDraanen, Wendelin Van4.88.0
78506 ENFollow the Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground RailroadConnelly, Bernardine4.80.5
76512 ENFollowing the RainbowBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
41943 ENForging Freedom: A True Story of Heroism During the HolocaustTalbott, Hudson4.81.0
10565 ENForgotten Filly, TheDickerson, Karle4.86.0
19682 ENFox Hunt Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.84.0
6214 ENFox in a TrapThomas, Jane Resh4.82.0
103805 ENFrantastic VoyageBenton, Jim4.81.0
36696 ENFrozen SummerAuch, Mary Jane4.87.0
79624 ENGaia AbductedPascal, Francine4.811.0
47851 ENGateway to the GodsApplegate, K.A.4.85.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
15359 ENGerman Shepherd, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.80.5
16341 ENGetting Ready for a Career as a Video Game DesignerLund, Bill4.80.5
50392 ENGhost Sitter, TheGriffin, Peni R.4.84.0
8523 ENGhosts of Mercy Manor, TheWright, Betty Ren4.85.0
107948 ENGladiatorsMartin, Michael4.80.5
15360 ENGolden Retriever, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.80.5
83732 ENGonePascal, Francine4.88.0
107590 ENGrampa's Zombie BBQScroggs, Kirk4.81.0
88381 ENGregor and the Curse of the WarmbloodsCollins, Suzanne4.810.0
71754 ENGregor the OverlanderCollins, Suzanne4.88.0
47506 ENHank Aaron: Brave in Every WayGolenbock, Peter4.80.5
6421 ENHank the Cowdog and Monkey BusinessErickson, John R.4.83.0
107184 ENHannah West in the Belltown TowersJohns, Linda4.85.0
316 ENHappy Orpheline, TheCarlson, Natalie4.82.0
40472 ENHeatPascal, Francine4.86.0
113485 ENHeatMahaney, Ian F.4.80.5
50393 ENHideout, TheKehret, Peg4.84.0
11267 ENHigh RiskKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
5368 ENHockey Machine, TheChristopher, Matt4.83.0
73388 ENHome at Last: Sofia's Immigrant Diary: Book TwoLasky, Kathryn4.82.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
19601 ENHorse CrazyBryant, Bonnie4.84.0
18769 ENHouse at Pooh Corner, TheMilne, A.A.4.84.0
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
43515 ENHow Tia Lola Came to (Visit) StayAlvarez, Julia4.84.0
4807 ENHurricanesMeister, Cari4.80.5
109350 ENI Am a TaxiEllis, Deborah4.85.0
57668 ENIce FishingSalas, Laura Purdie4.81.0
421 ENIce MagicChristopher, Matt4.82.0
666 ENIda Early Comes Over the MountainBurch, Robert4.84.0
9810 ENIn-Line SkatingMartin, John4.80.5
47853 ENInside the IllusionApplegate, K.A.4.85.0
17776 ENIron Ring, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.810.0
110355 ENIs That a Dead Dog in Your Locker?Strasser, Todd4.83.0
58028 ENIsland Book Two: SurvivalKorman, Gordon4.84.0
6222 ENIt's a Dog's LifeErickson, John R.4.83.0
32319 ENJack London: A Life of AdventureBains, Rae4.81.0
27948 ENJack's Black BookGantos, Jack4.86.0
102231 ENJack's RunSmith, Roland4.87.0
112923 ENJackie ChanStone, Amy4.81.0
232 ENJames and the Giant PeachDahl, Roald4.84.0
17130 ENJealous LiesPascal\William4.83.0
9815 ENJet WatercraftMartin, John4.80.5
78507 ENJohn Henry: The Legendary Folk HeroKessler, Brad4.80.5
5072 ENJosie Gambit, TheShura, Mary Francis4.84.0
35833 ENJournal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner, TheYep, Laurence4.86.0
109465 ENJust for You to KnowHarness, Cheryl4.89.0
33006 ENKey to the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.88.0
20471 ENKidnapped in SwedenMacGregor, Roy4.83.0
772 ENKilling Mr. GriffinDuncan, Lois4.88.0
101890 ENKringleAbbott, Tony4.810.0
20678 ENLassie Come-HomeWells, Rosemary4.81.0
85215 ENLast Shot: A Final Four MysteryFeinstein, John4.89.0
108109 ENLearning About Plant Growth with Graphic OrganizersKravetz, Jonathan4.80.5
83016 ENLeaving the ShallowsBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
58706 ENLegacy: Making Wishes Come True, TheMcDaniel, Lurlene4.86.0
19688 ENLegend of the Lost Gold, TheKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
79106 ENLentilMcCloskey, Robert4.80.5
42779 ENLiarPascal, Francine4.86.0
113486 ENLightMahaney, Ian F.4.80.5
6390 ENLittle BrotherBaillie, Allan4.85.0
9130 ENMad JackSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
54065 ENMariah Carey (Celebrity Bios)Parker, Judy4.81.0
19363 ENMary Anne and the Library MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.84.0
25483 ENMaster of MurderPike, Christopher4.86.0
115173 ENMaximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsPatterson, James4.810.0
68471 ENMidnight for Charlie BoneNimmo, Jenny4.810.0
72355 ENMillion Dollar Goal, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
86101 ENMissing AbbyWeatherly, Lee4.87.0
51292 ENMoon Book, TheGibbons, Gail4.80.5
5485 ENMoses the KittenHerriot, James4.80.5
32547 ENMother, Help Me LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
66051 ENMountain BikesSavage, Jeff4.80.5
16947 ENMountain LightYep, Laurence4.88.0
677 ENMuch Ado About AldoHurwitz, Johanna4.81.0
106056 ENMy Lady, PocahontasKudlinski, Kathleen V.4.89.0
17879 ENMy Life as a Blundering BallerinaMyers, Bill4.83.0
5077 ENMy Name Is Not AngelicaO'Dell, Scott4.84.0
11483 ENMy Teacher Fried My BrainsCoville, Bruce4.84.0
6821 ENMysterious Caravan, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.85.0
74559 ENMystery in New York City, TheMarsh, Carole4.83.0
42231 ENNicolae HighJenkins/LaHaye4.83.0
5279 ENNightWiesel, Elie4.84.0
107733 ENNinjaGlaser, Jason4.80.5
18441 ENNo Easy Answers: Short Stories about Teenagers...Gallo, Donald R.4.811.0
102364 ENNonmetals (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol4.81.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
28549 ENNorth by Night: A Story of the Underground RailroadAyres, Katherine4.86.0
87856 ENObi-Wan's FoeMason, Jane B.4.80.5
63445 ENOne-Eyed Giant, TheOsborne, Mary Pope4.81.0
77523 ENOracle Betrayed, TheFisher, Catherine4.810.0
35294 ENOur Only May AmeliaHolm, Jennifer L.4.87.0
82191 ENOut of BoundsGunnery, Sylvia4.84.0
14996 ENOut of the DarkWright, Betty Ren4.84.0
15377 ENPalomino Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.4.80.5
5635 ENPassword to Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
78510 ENPaul BunyanGleeson, Brian4.80.5
58354 ENPenguins and Other Flightless BirdsBrennan, Patricia4.81.0
45301 ENPerfect ImageCampbell/Leonhardt4.85.0
56469 ENPerfume, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.85.0
34834 ENPeteyMikaelsen, Ben4.86.0
107992 ENPirate Hideouts: Secret Spots and SheltersLassieur, Allison4.80.5
16227 ENPirates (Crabapples)Kalman, Bobbie4.80.5
61389 ENPlaying for KeepsNixon, Joan Lowery4.86.0
59168 ENPoint BlankHorowitz, Anthony4.88.0
35288 ENPonies at the PointBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
48512 ENPower of UN, TheEtchemendy, Nancy4.85.0
577 ENPrincess AshleyPeck, Richard4.87.0
58501 ENProducers in the Food ChainMcGinty, Alice B.4.80.5
682 ENQuentin CornStolz, Mary4.84.0
54615 ENRacing ImageCampbell/Leonhardt4.85.0
73258 ENRacing the WindBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
61523 ENRain Forests: A Nonfiction Companion to Afternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Will/Mary4.81.0
30711 ENRainbow People, TheYep, Laurence4.86.0
491 ENRamona and Her MotherCleary, Beverly4.84.0
186 ENRamona ForeverCleary, Beverly4.84.0
32142 ENRamona's WorldCleary, Beverly4.84.0
13131 ENRat Snakes (Snake Discovery)Bargar/Johnson4.80.5
45835 ENRattlers and Other SnakesVenn, Cecilia4.81.0
102693 ENRed Rider's HoodShusterman, Neal4.87.0
107192 ENReturn: A Novelization, TheVornholt, John4.87.0
384 ENReturn to Bitter CreekSmith, Doris Buchanan4.86.0
19685 ENRiddle of the Ruby Gazelle, TheKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
7083 ENRide the RiverL'Amour, Louis4.88.0
25235 ENRiver DangerDygard, Thomas J.4.84.0
68142 ENRodzinaCushman, Karen4.86.0
62973 ENRose for Melinda, AMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
14531 ENRunning Out of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.87.0
68450 ENSchool of Fear, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
85477 ENSea LegsShearer, Alex4.810.0
6627 ENSea Star Orphan of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite4.84.0
117125 ENSealed with a Diss: A Clique NovelHarrison, Lisi4.88.0
42827 ENSecret of Skeleton Island, TheArthur, Robert4.85.0
8931 ENSecret of the Haunted Mirror, TheCarey, M.V.4.85.0
5921 ENSecret, Silent ScreamsNixon, Joan Lowery4.86.0
79437 ENSelf-Propelled Howitzers: The M109A6 PaladinsGreen, Michael4.80.5
86105 ENShackleton's StowawayMcKernan, Victoria4.812.0
70436 ENShelf Life: Stories by the BookPaulsen, Gary4.86.0
13758 ENShiloh SeasonNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
8585 ENShow Me the EvidenceFerguson, Alane4.85.0
65772 ENSkateboarding (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
52617 ENSkeleton ManBruchac, Joseph4.83.0
43770 ENSky RiderSpringer, Nancy4.83.0
19740 ENSlam Dunk SabotageDixon, Franklin W.4.84.0
36562 ENSnowboard MaverickChristopher, Matt4.84.0
84407 ENSold OutCarlson, Melody4.88.0
108569 ENSomething Slimy on Primrose DriveWallace, Karen4.82.0
113514 ENSoul EaterPaver, Michelle4.89.0
11490 ENSpace Station Seventh GradeSpinelli, Jerry4.88.0
101429 ENSpanish Mustang, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.80.5
105015 ENSpirit WalkerPaver, Michelle4.810.0
5960 ENSplit ImageFrench, Michael4.87.0
19526 ENSterling's Second ChanceCampbell/Estes4.85.0
2484 ENStop Pretending: What Happened When My...CrazySones, Sonya4.81.0
36026 ENStories to Solve: Folktales from Around the WorldShannon, George4.80.5
18431 ENStranger Is Watching, AClark, Mary Higgins4.810.0
86 ENStrawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.86.0
390 ENStreams to the River, River to the SeaO'Dell, Scott4.87.0
5442 ENStriderCleary, Beverly4.83.0
392 ENSummer of the MonkeysRawls, Wilson4.813.0
35652 ENSummer SistersBlume, Judy4.812.0
78565 ENSupernaturalist, TheColfer, Eoin4.89.0
104267 ENTennessee Walking Horse, TheColeman, Lori4.80.5
80053 ENTerrorPascal, Francine4.86.0
12500 ENThat Horse Whiskey!Adler, C.S.4.85.0
39908 ENThee, Hannah!deAngeli, Marguerite4.82.0
63446 ENThief Lord, TheFunke/Latsch4.813.0
35609 ENThimbleberry StoriesRylant, Cynthia4.81.0
6190 ENThirteen ColoniesFradin, Dennis B.4.80.5
18840 ENTime to Let GoMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
8548 ENTime WindowsReiss, Kathryn4.89.0
18797 ENTitanic: April 14, 1912Duey/Bale,4.84.0
694 ENTough-Luck KarenHurwitz, Johanna4.84.0
105173 ENTrading PlacesMills, Claudia4.85.0
64037 ENTrap, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.86.0
17147 ENTroublemakerPascal/William4.85.0
14146 ENTucket's RidePaulsen, Gary4.83.0
61397 ENTune in AnytimeCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
7166 ENTwinkie Squad, TheKorman, Gordon4.87.0
73016 ENTwisters and Other Terrible Storms...Twister on TuesdayOsborne, Will/Mary4.81.0
103025 ENTwo on OneForsyth, C.A.4.84.0
57123 ENUnder a War-Torn SkyElliott, L.M.4.810.0
68620 ENUnder the StarsBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
25630 ENUnicorns at War, ThePascal/Johansson4.85.0
85028 ENValley of the Kings: Egypt's Greatest Mummies, TheBurgan, Michael4.80.5
109483 ENVampire Kisses 3: VampirevilleSchreiber, Ellen4.85.0
108043 ENVanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. OpenFeinstein, John4.810.0
107739 ENVikings (Capstone Press), TheLassieur, Allison4.80.5
101158 ENViolent Skies: Hurricanes (Freestyle Express)Oxlade, Chris4.81.0
4811 ENVolcanoesMeister, Cari4.81.0
51504 ENWaiting for StardustCampbell, Joanna4.85.0
113574 ENWater PowerMahaney, Ian F.4.80.5
59072 ENWay of the Apprentice, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
104757 ENWeedflowerKadohata, Cynthia4.87.0
109176 ENWerewolf RisingLa Fevers, R. L.4.87.0
29941 ENWeslandiaFleischman, Paul4.80.5
42986 ENWhat Janie FoundCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
85630 ENWhere I Want To BeGriffin, Adele4.85.0
44728 ENWhite Fox Chronicles: Escape, Return, Breakout, ThePaulsen, Gary4.86.0
75425 ENWhite-Water KayakingGraf, Mike4.80.5
8299 ENWhite Water RaftingNabhan, Marty4.81.0
109043 ENWish RidersJennings, Patrick4.87.0
54924 ENWith Love, Little Red HenAda, Alma Flor4.80.5
106192 ENWonder Kid, TheHarrar, George4.86.0
19521 ENWonder's ChampionBentley, Karen4.86.0
19503 ENWonder's First RaceCampbell, Joanna4.86.0
19504 ENWonder's VictoryCampbell, Joanna4.86.0
36897 ENWorld's Fastest Boats, TheCook, Nick4.80.5
107998 ENWorld's Most Amazing Survival Stories, TheO'Shei, Tim4.80.5
14840 ENYolonda's GeniusFenner, Carol4.86.0
450 ENZebra Wall, TheHenkes, Kevin4.83.0
61265 EN12 AgainCorbett, Sue4.98.0
19373 ENAbby and the Secret SocietyMartin, Ann M.4.94.0
19346 ENAbby's Lucky ThirteenMartin, Ann M.4.94.0
102357 ENAcids & Bases (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol4.91.0
301 ENAddie across the PrairieLawlor, Laurie4.94.0
29468 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Adapted), TheTwain, Mark4.93.0
105132 ENAdventures of Tom Sawyer: Retold from...Mark Twain Original, TheWoodside, Martin4.93.0
17801 ENAfter the WarMatas, Carol4.95.0
40373 ENAlecia's ChallengeDiersch, Sandra4.94.0
69678 ENAlex Ryan, Stop That!Mills, Claudia4.95.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
77381 ENAll's Fairy in Love & WarRoberts, Rachel4.96.0
89653 ENAlways ThereBrooke, Lauren4.96.0
59349 ENAmong the BetrayedHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
50379 ENAmong the ImpostorsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
6603 ENAnastasia Has the AnswersLowry, Lois4.94.0
44545 ENAngel of HopeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.96.0
32674 ENAngel of MercyMcDaniel, Lurlene4.96.0
44807 ENAnn's Story: 1747Nixon, Joan Lowery4.93.0
5257 ENAre You in the House Alone?Peck, Richard4.96.0
19517 ENAshleigh's FarewellCampbell/Bentley4.96.0
32173 ENAttack of the Two-Inch Teacher, TheCoville, Bruce4.93.0
79432 ENAttack Submarines: The Seawolf ClassGreen, Michael4.90.5
6 ENBambiSalten, Felix4.96.0
42450 ENBarn Burner, TheWillis, Patricia4.96.0
75101 ENBaseball (A True Book)Kennedy, Mike4.90.5
54605 ENBattlecry Forever!Campbell, Joanna4.96.0
20255 ENBe a Wolf!Strickland, Brad4.94.0
107874 ENBeast of Noor, TheCarey, Janet Lee4.913.0
554 ENBehind the Attic WallCassedy, Sylvia4.99.0
6452 ENBest Bad Thing, TheUchida, Yoshiko4.94.0
83053 ENBest Friends for NeverHarrison, Lisi4.96.0
13771 ENBetween a Rock and a Hard PlaceCarter, Alden R.4.98.0
58634 ENBeyond the DeepwoodsStewart, Paul4.97.0
11303 ENBeyond the LawDixon, Franklin W.4.94.0
14546 ENBill Pickett: African-American Rodeo CowboySanford/Green4.91.0
113347 ENBlueHostetter, Joyce Moyer4.97.0
75401 ENBMX EventsFiske, Brian D.4.90.5
73832 ENBody CheckChristopher/Hirschfeld4.94.0
12995 ENBomber PlanesSchleifer, Jay4.90.5
73018 ENBooking a First GigSchaefer, A.R.4.90.5
86823 ENBorisRylant, Cynthia4.91.0
11590 ENBorn to TrotHenry, Marguerite4.97.0
53469 ENBoston Jane: An AdventureHolm, Jennifer L.4.98.0
102392 ENBoys Rock!Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
114306 ENBrave EmilyTripp, Valerie4.92.0
47843 ENBrave the BetrayalApplegate, K.A.4.96.0
110098 ENBread and Roses, TooPaterson, Katherine4.99.0
78503 ENBrer Rabbit and Boss Lion: A Classic Southern TaleHarris/Kessler4.90.5
11705 ENBrightest Light, TheMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.97.0
16990 ENBrown Sunshine of Sawdust ValleyHenry, Marguerite4.92.0
79372 ENButtermilk HillWhite, Ruth4.95.0
19556 ENCaboose Who Got Loose, ThePeet, Bill4.90.5
8512 ENCalling on DragonsWrede, Patricia C.4.98.0
51122 ENCampingThoennes Keller, Kristin4.91.0
27455 ENCan't Stay AwayPascal, Francine4.94.0
57663 ENCanoeingSalas, Laura Purdie4.91.0
72761 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 2...Robo-BoogersPilkey, Dav4.91.0
54521 ENCase of the Lost Song, TheKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
160 ENCastle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.96.0
110584 ENCat in Numberland, TheEkeland, Ivar4.91.0
42181 ENChampagne with a CorpseNixon/Brush4.96.0
88697 ENCharlie Bone and the Castle of MirrorsNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
78185 ENCharlie Bone and the Invisible BoyNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
86639 ENChasing the FalconersKorman, Gordon4.94.0
101319 ENCheer Tryouts: Tips for Making the CutJones, Jen4.90.5
80295 ENChild of FireO'Dell, Scott4.96.0
79924 ENClique, TheHarrison, Lisi4.97.0
6807 ENClue of the Hissing Serpent, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
5612 ENClue of the Tapping Heels, TheKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
25976 ENCold One, ThePike, Christopher4.917.0
25577 ENCollege GirlsPascal/John4.98.0
35834 ENColor Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee LoveMcKissack, Patricia C.4.95.0
115985 ENCover-Up: Mystery at the Super BowlFeinstein, John4.910.0
110627 ENCracker! The Best Dog in VietnamKadohata, Cynthia4.99.0
70125 ENCreek, TheHolm, Jennifer L.4.98.0
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
59063 ENCrime Lab Case, TheKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
84012 ENCryptid HuntersSmith, Roland4.911.0
7709 ENCurse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob, TheErickson, John R.4.93.0
51466 ENDangerous Ride, ACampbell/Anderson4.95.0
10766 ENDaniel's StoryMatas, Carol4.95.0
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
8515 ENDear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead, But...Woodruff, Elvira4.95.0
7868 ENDear NobodyDoherty, Berlie4.98.0
51125 ENDeer HuntingFrahm, Randy4.90.5
466 ENDon't Call Me Toad!Shura, Mary Francis4.93.0
17808 ENDon't You Dare Read This, Mrs. DunphreyHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.94.0
34837 ENDoor in the Lake, TheButts, Nancy4.95.0
59351 ENDouble DutchDraper, Sharon M.4.97.0
7006 ENDownriverHobbs, Will4.98.0
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
9994 ENDreadful SorryReiss, Kathryn4.913.0
51128 ENDuck HuntingFrahm, Randy4.91.0
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
6264 ENEvery Dog Has His DayErickson, John R.4.93.0
102415 ENExtraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, TheYancey, Richard4.910.0
79622 ENFakePascal, Francine4.96.0
41294 ENFast BreakColdwell, Michael4.94.0
57588 ENFat Men From SpacePinkwater, Daniel4.91.0
16985 ENFire Pony, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.95.0
27706 ENFlood Disaster, TheKehret, Peg4.94.0
10265 ENFlour BabiesFine, Anne4.96.0
8566 ENFoxman, ThePaulsen, Gary4.93.0
103374 ENFramedKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
111144 ENFran with Four Brains, TheBenton, Jim4.91.0
77202 ENFreddy in Peril: Book Two in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof4.94.0
104264 ENFriesian Horse, TheColeman, Lori4.90.5
74756 ENGarden of AngelsMcDaniel, Lurlene4.98.0
13508 ENGarter SnakesMcDonald, Mary Ann4.90.5
53435 ENGhost and Mrs. Hobbs, TheDeFelice, Cynthia4.95.0
20073 ENGhost in the Third Row, TheCoville, Bruce4.94.0
102190 ENGhost Who Looked Like Me, TheSchraff, Anne4.93.0
61461 ENGirl in a CageYolen/Harris4.99.0
44298 ENGirls Get Even, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
20267 ENGirls' Revenge, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
64035 ENGirls Take Over, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
44708 ENGoodbye, Amanda the GoodShreve, Susan4.94.0
16915 ENGreat Redwall Feast, TheJacques, Brian4.90.5
59209 ENHandbook for Boys: A NovelMyers, Walter Dean4.95.0
107185 ENHappy Kid!Gauthier, Gail4.98.0
105201 ENHe Will Go FearlessLawlor, Laurie4.98.0
107302 ENHere Be MonstersSnow, Alan4.911.0
7730 ENHoboken Chicken Emergency, ThePinkwater, Daniel Manus4.92.0
87253 ENHolding FastBrooke, Lauren4.95.0
80960 ENHouse on the Gulf, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.98.0
613 ENHouse without a Christmas Tree, TheRock, Gail4.93.0
43936 ENHow the Cat Swallowed ThunderAlexander, Lloyd4.90.5
47167 ENI Pledge AllegianceSwanson, June4.90.5
14471 ENIf I Should Die before I WakeNolan, Han4.99.0
102375 ENIncredible Arachnids (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.91.0
81579 ENIndigo's StarMcKay, Hilary4.97.0
6576 ENInsects (Zoobooks)Wexo, John Bonnett4.90.5
5424 ENInto the DreamSleator, William4.94.0
69246 ENIntrigue at the Grand OperaKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
58027 ENIsland Book Three: EscapeKorman, Gordon4.94.0
770 ENIzzy, Willy NillyVoigt, Cynthia4.912.0
73392 ENJack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a ClueGantos, Jack4.96.0
85731 ENJackie Robinson: Strong Inside and OutKids, Editors of Time for4.91.0
19573 ENJennifer and JosephinePeet, Bill4.90.5
5918 ENJeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce4.94.0
11471 ENJerichoHickman, Janet4.94.0
79401 ENJet Fighter PlanesSchaefer, A. R.4.90.5
45124 ENJoey Pigza Loses ControlGantos, Jack4.97.0
29525 ENJoey Pigza Swallowed the KeyGantos, Jack4.95.0
7047 ENJudy ScuppernongSeabrooke, Brenda4.90.5
16934 ENKavik: The Wolf DogMorey, Walt4.97.0
45351 ENKey in the Satin Pocket, TheKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
43418 ENKid Who Became President, TheGutman, Dan4.95.0
40475 ENKissPascal, Francine4.95.0
54680 ENLafcadio, the Lion Who Shot BackSilverstein, Shel4.91.0
15366 ENLamborghinis (High Performance)Green, Michael4.90.5
63443 ENLand of the Dead, TheOsborne, Mary Pope4.91.0
108945 ENLarger-Than-Life LaraMackall, Dandi Daley4.94.0
25238 ENLeon's StoryTillage, Leon Walter4.92.0
51481 ENLightning's Last HopeCampbell, Joanna4.94.0
101687 ENLily B. on the Brink of LoveKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.96.0
102039 ENLionboy: The TruthCorder, Zizou4.98.0
58353 ENLions and Other Wild CatsHorak, Steven A.4.91.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
277 ENLizard MusicPinkwater, Daniel4.95.0
66731 ENLost City of Faar, TheMacHale, D.J.4.917.0
6471 ENLost in the Blinded BlizzardErickson, John R.4.93.0
11478 ENMagnificent Mummy Maker, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.94.0
16740 ENMandie and Her Missing KinLeppard, Lois Gladys4.96.0
50385 ENMarco's MillionsSleator, William4.95.0
6819 ENMasked Monkey, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
5670 ENMelted Coins, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
77348 ENMessengerLowry, Lois4.95.0
25467 ENMidnight Club, ThePike, Christopher4.98.0
483 ENMidnight Fox, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
6127 ENMike FinkKellogg, Steven4.90.5
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
6933 ENMonument, ThePaulsen, Gary4.93.0
20746 ENMore Than a FriendWinfrey, Elizabeth4.97.0
6674 ENMorning GirlDorris, Michael4.92.0
46468 ENMummies and Pyramids...Companion to Mummies in the MorningOsborne, Will/Mary4.91.0
127 ENMy Brother Sam Is DeadCollier, James/Christopher4.97.0
42348 ENMy Life as a Beat-Up Basketball BackboardMyers, Bill4.93.0
42350 ENMy Life as a Mixed-Up Millennium Bug/Computer CockroachMyers, Bill4.93.0
11484 ENMy Teacher Glows in the DarkCoville, Bruce4.94.0
74152 ENMysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel), TheRaskin, Ellen4.94.0
60573 ENMystery by MoonlightKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
79513 ENMystery in the Rocky Mountains, TheMarsh, Carole4.93.0
8541 ENMystery of the Cupboard, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.97.0
8925 ENMystery of the Moaning Cave, TheArden, William4.95.0
5634 ENNancy's Mysterious LetterKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
104717 ENNatalie's SecretMorgan, Melissa J.4.95.0
116247 ENNeedle and ThreadMartin, Ann M.4.96.0
103210 ENNicholasGoscinny, René4.94.0
71685 ENNightmareNixon, Joan Lowery4.96.0
66728 ENNo Strings AttachedKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
19585 ENNo Such ThingsPeet, Bill4.90.5
73837 ENNothin' but NetChristopher/Mantell4.94.0
100020 ENNow You See Them, Now You Don'tKorman, Gordon4.94.0
20311 ENOld RamonSchaefer, Jack4.93.0
11559 ENOlympic DreamChristopher, Matt4.95.0
7017 ENOn the Devil's CourtDeuker, Carl4.99.0
41156 ENOn the TrackCampbell/Szymanski4.95.0
108890 ENOrchid Thief, TheKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
17829 ENOrnament Tree, TheThesman, Jean4.97.0
24984 ENOrphan of Ellis Island, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.95.0
12251 ENPalomino Horses: Austria's HaflingersSchrenk, Hans-Jorg4.90.5
25521 ENParty Weekend!Pascal/William4.96.0
80066 ENPeople of Sparks, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.911.0
34832 ENPerloo the BoldAvi4.97.0
57674 ENPheasant HuntingMartin, Michael4.90.5
25496 ENPicture-Perfect Prom?, APascal/William4.96.0
51906 ENPirates: A Nonfiction Companion to Pirates Past NoonOsborne, Will/Mary4.91.0
632 ENPlace to Belong, ANixon, Joan Lowery4.96.0
17103 ENPlaying with FirePascal/William4.94.0
57771 ENPrince of Butterflies, TheCoville, Bruce4.90.5
6339 ENPrincess in the Pigpen, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.94.0
14875 ENPrincess NevermoreRegan, Dian Curtis4.96.0
109458 ENProphecy, TheBell, Hilari4.95.0
106652 ENProphet of Yonwood, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.99.0
76517 ENPup at the PalaceBaglio, Ben M.4.94.0
77277 ENRace Against Time (Nancy Drew Girl Detective), AKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
285 ENRamona the BraveCleary, Beverly4.93.0
19591 ENRandy's Dandy LionsPeet, Bill4.90.5
5283 ENRansomDuncan, Lois4.97.0
106428 ENRaven League: Sherlock Holmes Is Missing!, TheSimmons, Alex4.95.0
82252 ENRed KayakCummings, Priscilla4.98.0
53618 ENRedwall Winter's Tale, AJacques, Brian4.91.0
86102 ENRefugeesStine, Catherine4.910.0
62192 ENREM WorldPhilbrick, Rodman4.95.0
77860 ENReport Card, TheClements, Andrew4.95.0
59059 ENReturn to DelRodda, Emily4.94.0
14585 ENRichard King: Texas Cattle RancherSanford/Green4.91.0
61327 ENRiding the FlumePfitsch, Patricia Curtis4.97.0
73789 ENRiver Between Us, ThePeck, Richard4.95.0
43423 ENRuby Raven, TheDahl, Michael4.97.0
40481 ENRunPascal, Francine4.95.0
25225 ENRun Away HomeMcKissack, Patricia C.4.94.0
58356 ENSalmon and Other Bony FishGoldish, Meish4.91.0
20289 ENSalty DogStrickland, Brad4.94.0
14587 ENSam Houston: Texas HeroSanford/Green4.91.0
48079 ENSammy Keyes and the Hollywood MummyDraanen, Wendelin Van4.99.0
106131 ENSamurai ShortstopGratz, Alan4.99.0
385 ENSarah BishopO'Dell, Scott4.97.0
17789 ENSaving ShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
102920 ENScooby-Doo! and the Curse of CleopatraWeyn, Suzanne4.91.0
14144 ENSearch for the ShadowmanNixon, Joan Lowery4.94.0
58209 ENSearch for the StarStanton, Mary4.93.0
27606 ENSecond ChanceJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
30564 ENSecret Garden (Great Illustrated Classics), TheBurnett/Vogel4.93.0
16954 ENSecret of the Stallion, TheBryant, Bonnie4.96.0
12312 ENShadow Children, TheSchnur, Steven4.92.0
84321 ENShadow Trap, TheWatson, Jude4.94.0
14864 ENShe's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!Lasky, Kathryn4.90.5
19508 ENSierra's SteeplechaseCampbell, Joanna4.97.0
114862 ENSight, TheHunter, Erin4.912.0
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George4.95.0
244 ENSing down the MoonO'Dell, Scott4.94.0
580 ENSingularitySleator, William4.97.0
69602 ENSkeleton KeyHorowitz, Anthony4.910.0
58359 ENSnails and Other MollusksOfinoski, Steven A.4.91.0
54126 ENSnow, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.96.0
71254 ENSoccer Star!Guest, Jacqueline4.94.0
109803 ENSomebodies, TheBode, N.E.4.98.0
16957 ENSomewhere Between Life and DeathMcDaniel, Lurlene4.95.0
109049 ENSpace Mission Adventure, TheDraper, Sharon M.4.92.0
42796 ENSpy Among the Girls, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
19379 ENStacey and the Fashion VictimMartin, Ann M.4.94.0
78504 ENStory of Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby, TheHarris/Metaxas4.90.5
5159 ENStory of the Chicago Fire, TheStein, R. Conrad4.91.0
87 ENSummer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
52022 ENTakeoffs and LandingsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.96.0
25781 ENTales of Terror #1Pike, Christopher4.97.0
55205 ENTeam PlayerCampbell, Joanna4.95.0
10948 ENTent, ThePaulsen, Gary4.92.0
27605 ENThrough the FlamesJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
48151 ENTo Live AgainMcDaniel, Lurlene4.94.0
9845 ENTop 10 Football RushersLace, William W.4.91.0
100890 ENTornadoes: Disaster & SurvivalCeban, Bonnie J.4.91.0
32720 ENTrapped! Cages of Mind and BodyDuncan, Lois4.97.0
591 ENTrouble RiverByars, Betsy4.93.0
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
43775 ENTrustPascal, Francine4.96.0
5971 ENTwenty Pageants LaterCooney, Caroline B.4.96.0
101659 ENTwilightMeyer, Stephenie4.918.0
56472 ENTwinsCooney, Caroline B.4.95.0
6947 ENUnfinished Portrait of JessicaPeck, Richard4.95.0
695 ENVelveteen Rabbit, TheWilliams, Margery4.91.0
42597 ENVisserApplegate, K.A.4.95.0
13448 ENVolcano! Dome of FireBondar, Barbara4.91.0
10299 ENWalk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon4.99.0
6636 ENWar Comes to Willy FreemanCollier, James/Christopher4.96.0
41290 ENWay with Horses, AMcPhee, Peter4.95.0
25464 ENWeekendPike, Christopher4.98.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
19597 ENWhingdingdilly, ThePeet, Bill4.91.0
25062 ENWhirligigFleischman, Paul4.95.0
10149 ENWhite Mercedes, ThePullman, Philip4.96.0
18847 ENWild MagicPierce, Tamora4.99.0
112930 ENWill SmithMitchell, Susan K.4.90.5
70874 ENWilliam Shakespeare's MacbethCoville, Bruce4.91.0
11350 ENWinner Take AllDixon, Franklin W.4.94.0
12493 ENWinning Stroke, TheChristopher, Matt4.94.0
65082 ENWitch's SisterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
73326 ENWitch's WishesVande Velde, Vivian4.92.0
19506 ENWonder's YearlingCampbell, Joanna4.96.0
101453 EN13 Little Blue EnvelopesJohnson, Maureen5.09.0
16733 ENAdventures of King Midas, TheReid-Banks, Lynne5.04.0
353 ENAfternoon of the ElvesLisle, Janet Taylor5.04.0
21707 ENAll You Need Is a Love SpellReisfeld, Randi5.05.0
455 ENAngel's Mother's WeddingDelton, Judy5.04.0
106408 ENArk AngelHorowitz, Anthony5.012.0
42449 ENArt of Keeping Cool, TheLisle, Janet Taylor5.07.0
54675 ENArtemis FowlColfer, Eoin5.09.0
59973 ENArtemis Fowl: The Arctic IncidentColfer, Eoin5.09.0
68990 ENArtemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeColfer, Eoin5.010.0
46477 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Ripoff Queen, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan5.01.0
30707 ENBackstreet Boys (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.00.5
46109 ENBadPascal, Francine5.06.0
9107 ENBandit, TheSargent, Dave/Pat5.00.5
82286 ENBar Code Tattoo, TheWeyn, Suzanne5.08.0
5353 ENBaseball FeverHurwitz, Johanna5.02.0
35162 ENBaseball TurnaroundChristopher, Matt5.03.0
16331 ENBattleships (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.00.5
15832 ENBayou SuzetteLenski, Lois5.06.0
5057 ENBearstoneHobbs, Will5.06.0
25606 ENBeauty and the BeachPascal/John5.07.0
79438 ENBermuda Triangle, TheRudolph, Aaron5.00.5
9109 ENBilly BeaverSargent, Dave/Pat5.01.0
36567 ENBirthday Room, TheHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
30528 ENBlack Beauty (Great Illustrated Classics)Sewell/Laiken5.02.0
4812 ENBlizzardsMeister, Cari5.01.0
109871 ENBlood and SandGraves, Damien5.04.0
75399 ENBlood EvidenceRollins/Dahl5.00.5
7031 ENBlue Skin of the SeaSalisbury, Graham5.010.0
6906 ENBorning Room, TheFleischman, Paul5.03.0
75416 ENBow HuntingWeintraub, Aileen5.00.5
78198 ENBoy Who Couldn't Die, TheSleator, William5.08.0
12369 ENBoys Against GirlsNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
15099 ENBoys from St. Petri, TheReuter, Bjarne5.07.0
8554 ENBriar RoseYolen, Jane5.08.0
54276 ENBridgesLandau, Elaine5.00.5
7865 ENBroken Bridge, ThePullman, Philip5.09.0
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.010.0
29554 ENBud, Not BuddyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
25296 ENBurning UpCooney, Caroline B.5.08.0
16758 ENButch CassidyGreen/Sanford5.01.0
10267 ENCalifornia BlueKlass, David5.08.0
19677 ENCase of the Dangerous Solution, TheKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
10658 ENCase of the Vampire Cat, TheErickson, John R.5.03.0
16729 ENCat Who Wished to Be a Man, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.03.0
604 ENCaught in the ActNixon, Joan Lowery5.06.0
17142 ENCaught in the MiddlePascal/William5.04.0
55813 ENChanges for Kit: A Winter StoryTripp, Valerie5.01.0
78104 ENChanging of the Guard, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
17762 ENChasing RedbirdCreech, Sharon5.07.0
69274 ENCity of Ember, TheDuPrau, Jeanne5.09.0
19366 ENClaudia and the Clue in the PhotographMartin, Ann M.5.05.0
19865 ENClaudia Kishi, Middle School DropoutMartin, Ann M.5.04.0
41044 ENClose Your EyesGunn, Robin Jones5.05.0
55206 ENClues Challenge, TheKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
12998 ENCombat HelicoptersSchleifer, Jay5.00.5
34776 ENConfessions of a Teenage Drama QueenSheldon, Dyan5.09.0
5969 ENCookcamp, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
12114 ENCoping with Metal TrashDaniel, Jamie5.00.5
58513 ENCrispin: The Cross of LeadAvi5.07.0
754 ENDancing CarlPaulsen, Gary5.03.0
101888 ENDancing Through FireLasky, Kathryn5.05.0
78505 ENDavy Crockett: The Legendary FrontiersmanKunstler, James Howard5.00.5
79434 ENDestroyers: The Arleigh Burke ClassGreen, Michael5.00.5
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
57569 ENDinosaurs: A Nonfiction Companion to Dinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Will/Mary5.01.0
49390 ENDisappearing Alphabet, TheWilbur, Richard5.00.5
16767 ENDoc HollidayGreen/Sanford5.01.0
60038 ENDon't TellChandler, Elizabeth5.07.0
101056 ENDouble IdentityHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.08.0
16913 ENDouble Play at ShortChristopher, Matt5.04.0
62975 ENDr. Franklin's IslandHalam, Ann5.010.0
28077 ENDuke EllingtonPinkney, Andrea Davis5.00.5
78560 ENEagerFox, Helen5.09.0
112676 ENEarth EvidenceMartin, Michael5.00.5
41120 ENEdge, TheBo, Ben5.05.0
19564 ENEncore for EleanorPeet, Bill5.00.5
609 ENEnormous Egg, TheButterworth, Oliver5.06.0
104167 ENESP: Extrasensory PerceptionMartin, Michael5.00.5
84759 ENEvery Living ThingRylant, Cynthia5.02.0
102677 ENEye of the Warlock, TheCatanese, P. W.5.08.0
8518 ENEyes of the Amaryllis, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.03.0
67268 ENFaith in a Long ShotCampbell/Leonhardt5.05.0
77113 ENFalse NotesKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
20800 ENFires of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.09.0
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
5660 ENFlickering Torch Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.05.0
101038 ENFlushHiaasen, Carl5.09.0
19566 ENFly Homer FlyPeet, Bill5.00.5
59064 ENForests of Silence, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
80736 ENFourth-Grade FussHurwitz, Johanna5.03.0
114626 ENFreddy's Final QuestReiche, Dietlof5.06.0
111254 ENFriend at Midnight, ACooney, Caroline B.5.07.0
69057 ENFull TiltShusterman, Neal5.07.0
44063 ENGathering BlueLowry, Lois5.07.0
12477 ENGeorge Washington's SocksWoodruff, Elvira5.06.0
101953 ENGhost's Grave, TheKehret, Peg5.06.0
79435 ENGhostsMartin, Michael5.00.5
10568 ENGift HorseBryant, Bonnie5.05.0
5015 ENGift of the Pirate Queen, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly5.04.0
82841 ENGirls Rule!Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
103557 ENGladiators from Capua, TheLawrence, Caroline5.07.0
10943 ENGlory Field, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.012.0
19518 ENGlory's RivalCampbell/Bentley5.06.0
51476 ENGood-bye, Midnight WandererCampbell/Coates5.05.0
7138 ENGrand Escape, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
18720 ENGreat Brain Does It Again, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.05.0
10939 ENGreat Brain Is Back, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.04.0
107949 ENGreen BeretsGlaser, Jason5.00.5
114627 ENGregor and the Code of ClawCollins, Suzanne5.012.0
106347 ENGregor and the Marks of SecretCollins, Suzanne5.09.0
471 ENHalf MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
42390 ENHalloween Hoots and HowlsHorton, Joan5.00.5
45821 ENHammerheads and Other SharksOtfinoski, Steven5.01.0
110898 ENHannah West in Deep Water: A MysteryJohns, Linda5.04.0
88920 ENHatchling, TheLasky, Kathryn5.07.0
104168 ENHaunted HousesKrohn, Katherine E.5.00.5
80491 ENHaunted WatersOsborne, Mary Pope5.03.0
77515 ENHeartbeatCreech, Sharon5.02.0
107994 ENHistory of Pirates: From Privateers to Outlaws, TheLassieur, Allison5.00.5
102230 ENHome Is EastLy, Many5.013.0
17624 ENI Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy...GirlHansen, Joyce5.05.0
16988 ENIditarod Dream: Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete...Wood, Ted5.00.5
65768 ENIn-Line Skating (X-Treme Sports)Cleaf, Kristin Van5.00.5
615 ENIn the Face of DangerNixon, Joan Lowery5.06.0
110569 ENIncantationHoffman, Alice5.04.0
75419 ENInfantry Fighting Vehicles: The M2A2 BradleysGreen, Michael5.00.5
112680 ENInsect EvidenceMartin, Michael5.00.5
75157 ENInto the LabyrinthWeis/Hickman5.022.0
88020 ENJimmy Coates, Assassin?Craig, Joe5.09.0
73767 ENJuliet Dove, Queen of LoveCoville, Bruce5.07.0
6818 ENJungle Pyramid, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.06.0
108047 ENKai's Journey to Gold Mountain: An Angel Island StoryCurrier, Katrina Saltonstall5.01.0
11473 ENKeeping SecretsNixon, Joan Lowery5.06.0
106865 ENKidnapped Book Two: The SearchKorman, Gordon5.04.0
107950 ENKnightsMartin, Michael5.00.5
45827 ENLadybugs and Other BeetlesOtfinoski, Steven5.00.5
54637 ENLand, TheTaylor, Mildred D.5.018.0
45221 ENLast Book in the Universe, ThePhilbrick, Rodman5.06.0
32549 ENLet Him LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene5.05.0
107474 ENLights, Camera, AmaleeWilliams, Dar5.010.0
20711 ENLioness RampantPierce, Tamora5.011.0
79439 ENLoch Ness Monster, TheSievert, Terri5.00.5
27940 ENLong Way from Chicago, APeck, Richard5.05.0
744 ENLord of the FliesGolding, William5.09.0
106979 ENLord of the ShadowsShan, Darren5.06.0
11724 ENLost World, TheCrichton, Michael5.017.0
25831 ENLove Me AlwaysPascal/John5.07.0
72265 ENLunch Walks Among UsBenton, Jim5.01.0
74694 ENMaggie's DoorGiff, Patricia Reilly5.05.0
51848 ENMagic by the LakeEager, Edward5.05.0
9466 ENMake LemonadeWolff, Virginia Euwer5.05.0
17872 ENMandie and Jonathan's PredicamentLeppard, Lois Gladys5.06.0
9932 ENMaria Tallchief (American Indian Stories)Erdrich, Heidi5.00.5
5429 ENMatildaDahl, Roald5.06.0
30694 ENMax the MightyPhilbrick, Rodman5.05.0
59067 ENMaze of the Beast, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
28488 ENMaze, TheHobbs, Will5.07.0
15872 ENMe and BuckSargent, Dave5.05.0
570 ENMegan's IslandRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
14478 ENMemoirs of a BookbatLasky, Kathryn5.06.0
66636 ENMerchant of Death, TheMacHale, D.J.5.018.0
102362 ENMetals (Freestyle Express)Baldwin, Carol5.01.0
15370 ENMilitary Trucks (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.00.5
5909 ENMonkey IslandFox, Paula5.05.0
9802 ENMost Rugged All-Terrain Vehicles, TheSmith, Jay5.00.5
11481 ENMr. TucketPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
6934 ENMy Darling, My HamburgerZindel, Paul5.04.0
110738 ENMy Father, the Angel of DeathVillareal, Ray5.06.0
11482 ENMy Teacher Flunked the PlanetCoville, Bruce5.05.0
5031 ENMy War with Goggle-EyesFine, Anne5.06.0
114990 ENMystery at Fort Thunderbolt, TheMarsh, Carole5.02.0
5627 ENMystery at the Ski JumpKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
6778 ENMystery of Crocodile IslandKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
79436 ENNear-Death ExperiencesMartin, Michael5.00.5
86694 ENNew BeginningsBrooke, Lauren5.05.0
84311 ENNew Threat: A Clone Wars Novel, AHand, Elizabeth5.04.0
113324 ENNightmare on the TitanicCaper, William5.00.5
34774 ENNo Pretty Pictures: A Child of WarLobel, Anita5.08.0
115396 ENNo TalkingClements, Andrew5.04.0
43263 ENNobody's ThereNixon, Joan Lowery5.07.0
110153 ENNotorious Izzy Fink, TheBrown, Don5.05.0
46287 ENOdysseus in the Serpent MazeYolen/Harris5.07.0
14929 ENOf Two MindsMatas/Nodelman5.06.0
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
102539 ENOn Etruscan TimeBarrett, Tracy5.06.0
680 ENOwls in the FamilyMowat, Farley5.03.0
78511 ENPecos BillGleeson, Brian5.00.5
32052 ENPetty CrimesSoto, Gary5.05.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
107313 ENPit of VipersKeene, Carolyn5.04.0
89051 ENPolars on the Path/Polar Bears on the PathBaglio, Ben M.5.04.0
30552 ENPrince and the Pauper (Great Illustrated Classics), TheTwain/Bogart5.03.0
19860 ENPumpkin FeverPascal/Suzanne5.05.0
110104 ENQuest of the Fair Unknown, TheMorris, Gerald5.09.0
683 ENRacso and the Rats of NIMHConly, Jane5.08.0
78006 ENReboundMercer, Adrienne5.03.0
17835 ENRed Scarf GirlJiang, Ji-li5.08.0
6626 ENReluctantly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.06.0
67030 ENReunionCabot, Meg5.08.0
7745 ENRibsyCleary, Beverly5.04.0
18831 ENRiver ThunderHobbs, Will5.07.0
41301 ENRoller Hockey BluesBarwin, Steven5.03.0
25068 ENRules of the RoadBauer, Joan5.06.0
5287 ENRunner, TheVoigt, Cynthia5.09.0
14884 ENSchool Mouse, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.03.0
29226 ENSchool SpiritHurwitz, Johanna5.03.0
86813 ENScorpiaHorowitz, Anthony5.012.0
103622 ENSea Singer, TheMoodie, Craig5.05.0
188 ENSearch for Grissi, TheShura, Mary Francis5.04.0
106358 ENSecond Time's the CharmMorgan, Melissa J.5.04.0
55831 ENSecret of the Fiery Chamber, TheKeene, Carolyn5.04.0
114708 ENSecrets of My Hollywood Life: On LocationCalonita, Jen5.08.0
32201 ENSeven-Day MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
11738 ENShadowmakerNixon, Joan Lowery5.07.0
19512 ENShining's OrphanCampbell, Joanna5.06.0
106219 ENSisters Grimm: The Problem Child, TheBuckley, Michael5.09.0
106084 ENSky Boys: How They Built the Empire State BuildingHopkinson, Deborah5.00.5
87368 ENSky CarverWhitlock, Dean5.012.0
101561 ENSkybreakerOppel, Kenneth5.016.0
57679 ENSnowmobilingSalas, Laura Purdie5.01.0
78419 ENSo B. ItWeeks, Sarah5.06.0
113487 ENSolar EnergyMahaney, Ian F.5.00.5
58704 ENSomeone Dies, Someone LivesMcDaniel, Lurlene5.05.0
57921 ENSquare Root of Murder, TheZindel, Paul5.04.0
109457 ENSummer of the WarWhelan, Gloria5.06.0
102732 ENSweetgrass BasketCarvell, Marlene5.05.0
72869 ENTaste of Danger, AKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
54573 ENTearsPascal, Francine5.06.0
644 ENThanksgiving Treasure, TheRock, Gail5.03.0
100055 ENThor's Wedding DayCoville, Bruce5.03.0
86521 ENTigerStone, Jeff5.06.0
5338 ENTiltawhirl JohnPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
108951 ENTime BombHinton, Nigel5.010.0
54881 ENTime Stops for No MouseHoeye, Michael5.08.0
9469 ENTimothy of the CayTaylor, Theodore5.05.0
36366 ENToo PopularPascal/Suzanne5.04.0
195 ENToothpaste Millionaire, TheMerrill, Jean5.03.0
55746 ENTrail RideBryant, Bonnie5.05.0
109560 ENTrappedKehret, Peg5.06.0
106361 ENTravis & Freddy's Adventures in VegasJohnson, Henry5.06.0
6946 ENTrouble with Lemons, TheHayes, Daniel5.08.0
247 ENTuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5.04.0
40488 ENTwistedPascal, Francine5.06.0
109571 ENUFO MysteriesGrace, N.B.5.00.5
17848 ENUnlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman, ThePlummer, Louise5.06.0
53443 ENUser UnfriendlyVande Velde, Vivian5.010.0
14851 ENVan Gogh Cafe, TheRylant, Cynthia5.01.0
31266 ENVanessa Williams (Real-Life Reader Biography)Boulais, Sue5.00.5
27607 ENVanishings, TheJenkins/LaHaye5.04.0
25236 ENVirtual WarSkurzynski, Gloria5.06.0
109722 ENVive la ParisCodell, Esmé Raji5.06.0
109880 ENVoicesGraves, Damien5.04.0
11552 ENWatsons Go to Birmingham-1963, TheCurtis, Christopher5.08.0
5297 ENWeaselDeFelice, Cynthia5.04.0
32200 ENWell-Wishers, TheEager, Edward5.07.0
74677 ENWerewolf in a Winter WonderlandKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
19691 ENWild Cat Crime, TheKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
5098 ENWind in the Door, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.07.0
398 ENWinter Room, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
77287 ENWithout a Trace (Nancy Drew Girl Detective)Keene, Carolyn5.05.0
54110 ENWitnessHesse, Karen5.02.0
108325 ENWon't Know Till I Get ThereMyers, Walter Dean5.07.0
6400 ENWords of StoneHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
725 ENYearling, TheRawlings, Marjorie5.019.0
101833 ENZahrah the WindseekerOkorafor-Mbachu, Nnedi5.011.0
5050 ENZucchini Warriors, TheKorman, Gordon5.07.0
12573 ENAbsolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone..., TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.16.0
5901 ENAidaPrice, Leontyne5.10.5
77198 ENAirbornOppel, Kenneth5.115.0
29249 ENAlvin AileyPinkney, Andrea Davis5.10.5
78248 ENAmong the BraveHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.17.0
60469 ENAnimal Mummies: Preserved Through the AgesWilcox, Charlotte5.10.5
116750 ENArt Teacher's Vanishing Masterpiece, TheKeane, Dave5.12.0
83491 ENAutumn StreetLowry, Lois5.16.0
44924 ENB. Bears Go Hollywood, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan5.11.0
32219 ENBackwaterBauer, Joan5.16.0
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James Ramsey5.111.0
5931 ENBaseball in AprilSoto, Gary5.14.0
53422 ENBernie Magruder & the Bus Station Blow-UpNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.14.0
253 ENBest Christmas Pageant Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.12.0
12999 ENBicyclingGutman, Bill5.11.0
6656 ENBig Wander, TheHobbs, Will5.18.0
79064 ENBilly Clikk: Creatch BattlerCrilley, Mark5.16.0
80187 ENBuffalo Knife, TheSteele, William O.5.14.0
2978 ENBullyingSanders, Pete5.10.5
25293 ENBunyans, TheWood, Audrey5.10.5
10759 ENBy the Great Horn Spoon!Fleischman, Sid5.16.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
44810 ENCaesar's Story: 1759Nixon, Joan Lowery5.14.0
14551 ENCalamity Jane: Frontier OriginalSanford/Green5.11.0
8556 ENCandidate for Murder, ANixon, Joan Lowery5.17.0
11047 ENCaptive, TheHansen, Joyce5.16.0
60446 ENCase of the Creative Crime, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
19670 ENCase of the Floating Crime, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
7708 ENCase of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
59376 ENCavern of the FearRodda, Emily5.15.0
104069 ENCharles Drew: Pioneer in MedicineSalas, Laura Purdie5.10.5
7056 ENCherokee Trail, TheL'Amour, Louis5.18.0
88484 ENChicken BoyDowell, Frances O'Roark5.15.0
6457 ENChristmas with Ida EarlyBurch, Robert5.15.0
19514 ENCindy's GloryCampbell, Joanna5.17.0
59046 ENCity of the RatsRodda, Emily5.14.0
19812 ENCliff-Hanger, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
5603 ENClue in the Crumbling Wall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5606 ENClue in the Old Album, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
11560 ENComeback Challenge, TheChristopher, Matt5.14.0
12113 ENCoping with Glass TrashDaniel, Jamie5.10.5
60645 ENCoralineGaiman, Neil5.15.0
104166 ENCrop CirclesMartin, Michael5.10.5
45118 ENDancing in Cadillac LightHolt, Kimberly Willis5.16.0
5657 ENDanger on Vampire TrailDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
105008 ENDangerous PlaysKeene, Carolyn5.14.0
103835 ENDawnHunter, Erin5.111.0
12461 ENDeadly DeceptionHaynes, Betsy5.17.0
560 ENDecember StillnessHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
11759 ENDeer: Forest Friend, TheSimon, Serge/Dominique5.10.5
109374 ENDemons of the OceanSomper, Justin5.110.0
48417 ENDerek Jeter (Sports Superstars)Emerson, Carl5.10.5
18442 ENDesire LinesGantos, Jack5.15.0
110353 ENDirty MagicHughes, Carol5.113.0
57131 ENDistance RunnerChu, Jennifer5.15.0
101885 ENDog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray, AMartin, Ann M.5.15.0
73009 ENDolphins and Sharks...Companion to Dolphins at DaybreakOsborne/Boyce5.11.0
59047 ENDread MountainRodda, Emily5.14.0
78075 ENEagle StrikeHorowitz, Anthony5.110.0
68173 ENEarthly Knight, AnMcNaughton, Janet5.110.0
44719 ENEllimist Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.5.15.0
63434 ENEverest Book One: The ContestKorman, Gordon5.14.0
82506 ENExperiments with WeatherTocci, Salvatore5.10.5
47484 ENExtra InningsHopkins, Lee Bennett5.10.5
103038 ENFame, Glory, and Other Things on My To Do ListRallison, Janette5.18.0
19807 ENFast BreakDixon, Franklin W.5.14.0
75119 ENFatal BargainCooney, Caroline B.5.16.0
112575 ENFinal LapRose, Malcolm5.17.0
75406 ENFingerprint EvidenceRollins/Dahl5.10.5
6046 ENFlight #116 Is DownCooney, Caroline B.5.17.0
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
54119 ENFog, TheCooney, Caroline B.5.17.0
6315 ENFollowing the Mystery ManHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
102142 ENFreddy to the Rescue: Book Three in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.15.0
70421 ENFreeze TagCooney, Caroline B.5.15.0
88919 ENFugitive Factor, TheKorman, Gordon5.14.0
86851 ENGentle's HollerMadden, Kerry5.18.0
32742 ENGetting Near to BabyCouloumbis, Audrey5.16.0
31178 ENGhost in the Tokaido Inn, TheHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas5.17.0
29388 ENGhost of a Hanged ManVande Velde, Vivian5.12.0
15809 ENGirl Named Disaster, AFarmer, Nancy5.114.0
32208 ENGirl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, TheTurner, Ann5.15.0
40387 ENGlory RideWilliams, Tamara L.5.14.0
87561 ENGnat Stokes and the Foggy Bottom Swamp QueenKeehn, Sally M.5.15.0
59378 ENGoddess of YesterdayCooney, Caroline B.5.111.0
60417 ENGourmet Zombie, TheZindel, Paul5.14.0
61473 ENGreat Blue Yonder, TheShearer, Alex5.18.0
18721 ENGreat Brain Reforms, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.16.0
365 ENHalfback ToughDygard, Thomas J.5.17.0
106557 ENHansel and GretelMoses, Will5.10.5
102229 ENHarriet the Spy, Double AgentGold, Maya5.14.0
105976 ENHaunting of Freddy: Book Four in the Golden Hamster Saga, TheReiche, Dietlof5.16.0
45822 ENHedgehogs and Other InsectivoresOtfinoski, Steven5.10.5
418 ENHenry and the ClubhouseCleary, Beverly5.14.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
106411 ENHere Lies the LibrarianPeck, Richard5.14.0
110416 ENHighland FlingErnst, Kathleen5.17.0
51133 ENHikingThoennes Keller, Kristin5.11.0
40393 ENHockey Heat WaveForsyth, C.A.5.13.0
45295 ENHoliday HomecomingCampbell/Platt5.15.0
118 ENHomesick, My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
44672 ENHope Was HereBauer, Joan5.16.0
106313 ENHour of the Cobra, TheWilliams, Maiya5.111.0
61393 ENHouse of the Scorpion, TheFarmer, Nancy5.115.0
7731 ENHurray for Ali Baba BernsteinHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
51815 ENI, Freddy: Book One in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.14.0
89145 ENIn the WildNordin, Sofia5.14.0
12463 ENInfield HitDygard, Thomas J.5.15.0
5622 ENInvisible Intruder, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
44711 ENIt's Not Easy Being BadVoigt, Cynthia5.17.0
34710 ENJack on the TracksGantos, Jack5.16.0
115225 ENJack Plank Tells TalesBabbitt, Natalie5.13.0
11214 ENJeepsStreissguth, Tom5.10.5
41246 ENJohnny HangtimeGutman, Dan5.15.0
53943 ENJoke's on George, TheTunnell, Michael O.5.10.5
71435 ENJourney, TheLasky, Kathryn5.17.0
110721 ENJourney to the Blue Moon: In Which Time...Then Found AgainRupp, Rebecca5.16.0
16780 ENJudge Roy BeanGreen/Sanford5.11.0
102145 ENKeeperPeet, Mal5.18.0
19576 ENKermit the HermitPeet, Bill5.10.5
106864 ENKidnapped Book One: The AbductionKorman, Gordon5.14.0
7010 ENKiss the DustLaird, Elizabeth5.110.0
57573 ENKnights and Castles: A Nonfiction Companion...The Knight at DawnOsborne, Will/Mary5.11.0
29242 ENLady of Guadalupe, TheDePaola, Tomie5.10.5
51713 ENLaughs: Funny StoriesMackay, Claire5.16.0
55247 ENLexi's TaleHurwitz, Johanna5.12.0
102023 ENLioness and Her Knight, TheMorris, Gerald5.111.0
41298 ENLizzie's Soccer ShowdownDanakas, John5.16.0
25822 ENLong-Lost Brother, ThePascal/William5.15.0
67631 ENLostPascal, Francine5.17.0
86061 ENLost BulletRose, Malcolm5.16.0
17998 ENLost Years of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.112.0
36039 ENLucky LadySaunders, Susan5.13.0
8536 ENMan Who Loved Clowns, TheWood, June Rae5.17.0
17873 ENMandie and the Courtroom BattleLeppard, Lois Gladys5.17.0
10373 ENMandie and the Dangerous ImpostersLeppard, Lois Gladys5.17.0
53138 ENMandie and the Tornado!Leppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
75294 ENMare in the MeadowBaglio, Ben M.5.14.0
86075 ENMarshland Mystery, TheKenny, Kathryn5.18.0
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.11.0
101829 ENMay Bird and the Ever AfterAnderson, Jodi Lynn5.112.0
81581 ENMidnight Over SanctaphraxStewart, Paul5.110.0
88152 ENMidnight RiderHarlow, Joan Hiatt5.110.0
15368 ENMilitary Dune Buggies (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.10.5
70021 ENMind GamesGrunwell, Jeanne Marie5.13.0
52609 ENMinstrel's Melody, TheTate, Eleanora E.5.15.0
101209 ENMisadventures of Maude March, or, Trouble Rides a Fast Horse, TheCouloumbis, Audrey5.111.0
110222 ENMissing Monkey-Eye Diamond, TheKeane, Dave5.12.0
29945 ENMonsterMyers, Walter Dean5.15.0
374 ENMoonlight Man, TheFox, Paula5.16.0
6688 ENMossflowerJacques, Brian5.117.0
182 ENMouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.13.0
108802 ENMovie AnimationHorn, Geoffrey M.5.11.0
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (The Secret of NIMH)O'Brien, Robert C.5.18.0
13672 ENMurder at Hockey CampMacGregor, Roy5.13.0
5625 ENMysterious Mannequin, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5677 ENMystery of the Flying ExpressDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
21751 ENMystery of the Green Ghost, TheArthur, Robert5.16.0
21750 ENMystery of the Whispering Mummy, TheArthur, Robert5.16.0
19693 ENMystery on MauiKeene, Carolyn5.14.0
47854 ENMystify the MagicianApplegate, K.A.5.16.0
20787 ENNancy Drew: Ghost StoriesKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
11977 ENOath, ThePeretti, Frank E.5.125.0
102134 ENOld African, TheLester, Julius5.12.0
5994 ENOld Man and the Sea, TheHemingway, Ernest5.14.0
41057 ENOnly You, SierraGunn, Robin Jones5.16.0
100602 ENOutcast, TheLasky, Kathryn5.16.0
66872 ENOverboardFama, Elizabeth5.16.0
5334 ENOwl in LoveKindl, Patrice5.17.0
5680 ENPhantom Freighter, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
19637 ENPhantom HorseBryant, Bonnie5.15.0
55829 ENPhantom Menace, TheWrede, Patricia C.5.15.0
113571 ENPhases of the Moon, TheSlade, Suzanne5.10.5
11038 ENPicture Book of Rosa Parks, AAdler, David A.5.10.5
89661 ENPity Party: 8th Grade in the Life of Me, Cass, ThePollet, Alison5.14.0
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
30326 ENPlanets (Starting with Space), TheNicolson, Cynthia Pratt5.10.5
79470 ENPoison EvidenceDahl, Michael5.10.5
9640 ENPopcorn Days & Buttermilk NightsPaulsen, Gary5.14.0
105866 ENPrincess and the Pea, TheChild, Lauren5.10.5
108555 ENProbably the World's Best Story About a Dog...Girl Who Loved MeSmith, D. James5.17.0
112320 ENProblem with Paradise, TheDahl, Lesley5.18.0
16871 ENProtecting MarieHenkes, Kevin5.16.0
84315 ENPursuitHand, Elizabeth5.13.0
10584 ENQuarter Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.5.10.5
11734 ENQuestion of Trust, ABauer, Marion Dane5.14.0
83501 ENRainmakerJackson, Alison5.16.0
336 ENRalph S. MouseCleary, Beverly5.13.0
492 ENRamona the PestCleary, Beverly5.14.0
34705 ENRaptorZindel, Paul5.15.0
13530 ENRattlesnakesMcDonald, Mary Ann5.10.5
109468 ENRed River GirlSommerdorf, Norma5.17.0
102328 ENRed SeaTullson, Diane5.16.0
60341 ENRink RivalsGuest, Jacqueline5.15.0
106750 ENRoom One: A Mystery or TwoClements, Andrew5.14.0
6239 ENRosie Swanson: Fourth-Grade Geek for PresidentPark, Barbara5.13.0
58913 ENRowan and the ZebakRodda, Emily5.16.0
72809 ENSaddam HusseinWheeler, Jill C.5.11.0
107735 ENSamuraiLeavitt, Caroline5.10.5
25625 ENSave the Unicorns!Pascal/Johansson5.15.0
55023 ENSaving LillyKehret, Peg5.15.0
110150 ENScared Witless: Thirteen Eerie Tales to TellHamilton, Martha5.11.0
6788 ENSecret in the Old Lace, TheKeene, Carolyn5.14.0
111600 ENSecret of Skullcracker Swamp, TheMarsh, Carole5.12.0
5688 ENSecret Panel, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
107376 ENSemipreciousLove, D. Anne5.19.0
6833 ENShadow Killers, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
105312 ENShadow Thieves, TheUrsu, Anne5.112.0
81926 ENShattering, TheLasky, Kathryn5.15.0
67229 ENSilent Boy, TheLowry, Lois5.16.0
5693 ENSinister Signpost, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
109339 ENSmall White Scar, ANuzum, K.A.5.15.0
43475 ENSnail Mail No MoreDanziger/Martin5.17.0
44561 ENSo Much to Live ForMcDaniel, Lurlene5.14.0
6439 ENSome Kind of FriendShura, Mary Francis5.15.0
25060 ENSons of LibertyGriffin, Adele5.16.0
61525 ENSpace: A Nonfiction Companion to "Midnight on the Moon"Osborne, Will/Mary5.11.0
110423 ENSpaniel in a StockingBaglio, Ben M.5.14.0
25224 ENStanding in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey...Osborne, Mary Pope5.14.0
12742 ENSteadfast Tin Soldier, TheAndersen, Hans Christian5.10.5
112272 ENStonehengeDoeden, Matt5.10.5
50390 ENStormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony5.17.0
5167 ENStory of the Gold at Sutter's Mill, TheStein, R. Conrad5.11.0
5175 ENStory of the Liberty Bell, TheMiller, Natalie5.10.5
5176 ENStory of the Lincoln Memorial, TheMiller, Natalie5.10.5
16920 ENStranger from the Sea: TeetonceyTaylor, Theodore5.14.0
41289 ENStroke of Luck, AEllis, Kathryn5.13.0
59373 ENStrong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, AGreen, Michelle Y.5.13.0
16352 ENSubmarines (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.10.5
10904 ENSunita Experiment/The Not-So-Star Spangled Life...Sunita Sen, ThePerkins, Mitali5.15.0
68293 ENSword of the Rightful King: A Novel of King ArthurYolen, Jane5.110.0
32702 ENTallchief: America's Prima BallerinaTallchief/Wells5.10.5
108278 ENThieves Like UsCole, Stephen5.112.0
30558 ENThree Musketeers (Great Illustrated Classics), TheDumas/Vogel5.12.0
70044 ENTime to Dance: Virginia's Civil War Diary, AOsborne, Mary Pope5.12.0
41069 ENTime Will TellGunn, Robin Jones5.15.0
61528 ENTitanic: A Nonfiction Companion to "Tonight on the Titanic"Osborne, Will/Mary5.11.0
76238 ENTony Hawk, Andy Macdonald: Ride to the TopDieterich, Alice5.11.0
4808 ENTornadoesMeister, Cari5.11.0
63892 ENTouching the WavesBaglio, Ben M.5.14.0
21456 ENTrail DriveRice, James5.10.5
10650 ENTroubling a StarL'Engle, Madeleine5.112.0
41794 ENUnder the Cat's Eye: A Tale of Morph and MysteryRubinstein, Gillian5.17.0
53579 ENUnderground ManMeltzer, Milton5.18.0
111897 ENValentine Princess: A Princess Diaries BookCabot, Meg5.12.0
59071 ENValley of the Lost, TheRodda, Emily5.14.0
51792 ENViking Claw, TheDahl, Michael5.15.0
20299 ENVolcano Disaster, TheKehret, Peg5.13.0
6994 ENWaiting for AnyaMorpurgo, Michael5.16.0
50163 ENWar Within: A Novel of the Civil War, TheMatas, Carol5.16.0
46767 ENWaterfowl: From Swans to ScreamersMilller, Sara Swan5.11.0
84975 ENWeapons Carrier Helicopters: The UH-60 Black HawksGreen, Michael5.10.5
8598 ENWeekend Was Murder!, TheNixon, Joan Lowery5.17.0
108260 ENWeird StuffTulloch, Richard5.15.0
63653 ENWhat Happened to Lani GarverPlum-Ucci, Carol5.115.0
63671 ENWhat Would Joey Do?Gantos, Jack5.18.0
5649 ENWhispering Statue, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
75337 ENWilliam Penn: Founder...Pennsylvania ColonyBaczynski, Bernadette L.5.10.5
68795 ENWilliam Shakespeare's Twelfth NightCoville, Bruce5.11.0
18850 ENWolf-SpeakerPierce, Tamora5.110.0
24991 ENWoman in the Wall, TheKindl, Patrice5.16.0
36898 ENWorld's Fastest Cars, TheCook, Nick5.11.0
43428 ENWorm Tunnel, TheDahl, Michael5.16.0
13998 ENWrestling BasicsSavage, Jeff5.10.5
5300 ENZiaO'Dell, Scott5.15.0
18652 ENAbraham LincolnD'Aulaire, Ingri/Edgar Parin5.21.0
65164 ENAction JacksonGreenberg, Jan5.20.5
54090 ENAenirNix, Garth5.26.0
89140 ENAlex's ChallengeMorgan, Melissa J.5.25.0
20645 ENAliens Stole My BodyCoville, Bruce5.26.0
17105 ENAll Night LongPascal/William5.23.0
68070 ENAngel's Command: A Tale from the Castaways...Flying Dutchman, TheJacques, Brian5.215.0
75330 ENAnne Hutchinson: Religious ReformerMangal, Mélina5.21.0
15810 ENApprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker, TheDeFelice, Cynthia5.25.0
29539 ENArmageddon SummerYolen, Jane5.29.0
75414 ENAssault Amphibian Vehicles: The AAVsGreen, Michael5.20.5
110435 ENAvielle of RhiaCalhoun, Dia5.213.0
39825 ENB. Bears and the G-Rex Bones, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan5.21.0
68573 ENBeast Arises, TheJenkins/LaHaye5.24.0
5330 ENBeggar's Ride, TheNelson, Theresa5.29.0
42462 ENBeneath Earth's SurfaceRoza, Greg5.20.5
51838 ENBernie Magruder & the Case of the Big StinkNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.23.0
79618 ENBetrayedPascal, Francine5.28.0
51197 ENBetsy RossDuden, Jane5.21.0
69923 ENBig, Bad and a Little Bit Scary: Poems That Bite Back!Zahares, Wade5.20.5
5209 ENBig Wave, TheBuck, Pearl S.5.22.0
210 ENBlack Cauldron, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
8510 ENBlack GoldHenry, Marguerite5.25.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
34713 ENBloomabilityCreech, Sharon5.27.0
16921 ENBomb in the Bessledorf Bus Depot, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.24.0
109066 ENBringing Ezra BackDeFelice, Cynthia C.5.25.0
19555 ENBuford the Little BighornPeet, Bill5.20.5
111524 ENCalamity JinxNewhall, Mary5.25.0
71681 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 1...Nostril NuggetsPilkey, Dav5.21.0
75404 ENCause of DeathRollins/Dahl5.20.5
25481 ENChain LetterPike, Christopher5.28.0
559 ENCharley SkedaddleBeatty, Patricia5.27.0
83613 ENChestnut Soldier, TheNimmo, Jenny5.28.0
5605 ENClue in the Jewel Box, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
63525 ENColumbia: The First Space ShuttleFeldman, Heather5.20.5
108288 ENComing of Hoole, TheLasky, Kathryn5.26.0
113012 ENCorydon and the Fall of AtlantisDruitt, Tobias5.213.0
19662 ENCrime in the Queen's CourtKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5656 ENCrisscross Shadow, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
7058 ENCrossfire TrailL'Amour, Louis5.27.0
16334 ENCruisers (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.21.0
110442 ENDeep Cut, TheSpain, Susan Rosson5.27.0
14560 ENDeion Sanders: Star AthleteSavage, Jeff5.22.0
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
86746 ENDiary of Pelly D, TheAdlington, L.J.5.27.0
109548 ENDog for Life, AMatthews, L.S.5.25.0
360 ENDogsongPaulsen, Gary5.25.0
14537 ENDoom Stone, TheZindel, Paul5.25.0
8157 ENDouble, DoubleFriedman, Michael Jan5.214.0
16997 ENDouble JeopardyPascal/William,5.27.0
88166 ENDouble LifeRichards, Justin5.27.0
43281 ENDown to the WireCampbell/Anderson5.25.0
62759 ENDreadful Future of Blossom Culp, ThePeck, Richard5.26.0
41148 ENDylan's ChoiceGasque, Dale5.26.0
19694 ENE-Mail Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
113689 ENEmma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of a TreeTarshis, Lauren5.24.0
14561 ENEmmitt Smith: Star Running BackSavage, Jeff5.22.0
12395 ENEscape from EgyptLevitin, Sonia5.211.0
63435 ENEverest Book Three: The SummitKorman, Gordon5.24.0
63436 ENEverest Book Two: The ClimbKorman, Gordon5.24.0
6358 ENEverywhereBrooks, Bruce5.22.0
14763 ENEyes of a StrangerHeisel, Sharon E.5.26.0
736 ENFahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray5.27.0
12376 ENFaithful Friend, TheSanSouci, Robert D.5.20.5
87364 ENFalcon and the Carousel of TimeGray, Luli5.25.0
43283 ENFallen StarAnderson, Mary Newhall5.25.0
77249 ENFamily ReunionCooney, Caroline B.5.26.0
19565 ENFarewell to Shady GladePeet, Bill5.20.5
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
6462 ENFarthest-Away Mountain, TheReid-Banks, Lynne5.24.0
14817 ENFat ChanceNewman, Leslea5.28.0
74068 ENFiggs & PhantomsRaskin, Ellen5.24.0
108741 ENFinal Storm, TheBatson, Wayne Thomas5.214.0
26656 ENFirst Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
100883 ENFloods and Mudslides: Disaster & SurvivalCeban, Bonnie J.5.21.0
14170 ENFood (First Technology Library)Marshall, David5.21.0
45805 ENFor the Love of FootballBooth, Tanis5.20.5
87820 ENFrogs and Other AmphibiansReda, Sheri5.21.0
70231 ENGhost of the Stanley Cup, TheMacGregor, Roy5.24.0
86698 ENGhost Ship: A NovelReiche, Dietlof5.29.0
105200 ENGhost SoldiersRichards, Justin5.27.0
31146 ENGirls to the Rescue (Book #1)Lansky, Bruce5.23.0
69543 ENGoal in Sight, AGuest, Jacqueline5.25.0
567 ENGood-Bye, My Wishing StarGrove, Vicki5.24.0
78967 ENGood Dog!Balaban, Bob5.23.0
7137 ENGoodbye, VietnamWhelan, Gloria5.24.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.27.0
67494 ENGreen AngelHoffman, Alice5.23.0
11467 ENGuestsDorris, Michael5.23.0
76589 ENHalf-HumanCoville, Bruce5.27.0
5020 ENHello, Mrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.24.0
41051 ENHold on TightGunn, Robin Jones5.26.0
61464 ENHootHiaasen, Carl5.29.0
8529 ENHorror at the Haunted HouseKehret, Peg5.25.0
19524 ENHorse of Her Dreams, TheCampbell/Estes5.26.0
8572 ENHostage, TheTaylor, Theodore5.26.0
9809 ENHumvees and Other Military VehiclesSmith, Jay5.20.5
5270 ENI Am the CheeseCormier, Robert5.27.0
35642 ENI Was a Rat!Pullman, Philip5.24.0
101384 ENIf I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?Kantor, Melissa5.210.0
9516 ENIf You Traveled West in a Covered WagonLevine, Ellen5.21.0
20709 ENIn the Hand of the GoddessPierce, Tamora5.27.0
10917 ENIn the Land of the Big Red AppleMacBride, Roger Lea5.28.0
81997 ENInvisible Fran, TheBenton, Jim5.21.0
84314 ENIsle of the DeadRodda, Emily5.26.0
15363 ENJaguars (High Performance)Green, Michael5.20.5
14570 ENJohn C. Frémont: Soldier and PathfinderSanford/Green5.21.0
105951 ENJumping the ScratchWeeks, Sarah5.25.0
7158 ENJust Like MartinDavis, Ossie5.28.0
6615 ENKestrel, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.29.0
109862 ENKidnapped Book Three: The RescueKorman, Gordon5.24.0
25617 ENKiss of the VampirePascal/John5.29.0
15931 ENKitchen, TheKalman, Bobbie5.20.5
1712 ENKnights & ArmorKerr, Daisy5.20.5
17136 ENLast ChancePascal/William5.25.0
31201 ENLast Safe House: A Story of the Underground Railroad, TheGreenwood, Barbara5.23.0
18817 ENLeaving FishersHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.28.0
78023 ENLeaving ProtectionHobbs, Will5.26.0
41256 ENLegend of the Emerald Lady, TheKeene, Carolyn5.24.0
25900 ENListeners, ThePike, Christopher5.214.0
88626 ENLunch MoneyClements, Andrew5.26.0
31383 ENMagellan: First Around the WorldSyme, Ronald5.21.0
65374 ENMagic of Spider Woman, TheDuncan, Lois5.20.5
107872 ENMagnificoMiles, Victoria5.26.0
45053 ENMandie and the Dark AlleyLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
7784 ENMandie and the Windmill's MessageLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
105310 ENManny Files, TheBurch, Christian5.29.0
28203 ENMartial Arts: The ClassLloyd, Bryant5.20.5
6050 ENMattimeoJacques, Brian5.218.0
109812 ENMaude March on the Run! Or, Trouble Is Her Middle NameCouloumbis, Audrey5.211.0
75332 ENMiles Standish: Colonial LeaderWitteman, Barbara5.20.5
9969 ENMiriam's WellRuby, Lois5.210.0
54853 ENMisfits, TheHowe, James5.27.0
5671 ENMissing Chums, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
78483 ENMission OneButcher, A.J.5.28.0
11279 ENMixed SignalsKeene, Carolyn5.24.0
9131 ENMolly's JourneySargent, Dave/Pat5.20.5
6620 ENMoon and I, TheByars, Betsy5.23.0
375 ENMore Adventures of the Great BrainFitzgerald, John D.5.26.0
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
104210 ENMurder on the RidgeStenhouse, Ted5.27.0
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
31416 ENMystery at Moorsea ManorKeene, Carolyn5.24.0
5673 ENMystery of Cabin Island, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5628 ENMystery of the Brass-Bound TrunkKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5630 ENMystery of the Ivory Charm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
11727 ENNight TerrorsMurphy, Jim5.26.0
13674 ENNight They Stole the Stanley Cup, TheMacGregor, Roy5.23.0
5767 ENNumber File, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
105515 ENOf Mice and MagicFarland, David5.28.0
10918 ENOn the Other Side of the HillMacBride, Roger Lea5.29.0
42811 ENOnce I Was a Plum TreeHurwitz, Johanna5.23.0
14774 ENOut of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.27.0
28234 ENOutside and Inside SharksMarkle, Sandra5.20.5
19588 ENPamela CamelPeet, Bill5.20.5
71116 ENPassport to DangerDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
51851 ENPeanut Butter Lover BoyCoville, Bruce5.23.0
14846 ENPenalty ShotChristopher, Matt5.23.0
83056 ENPeter and the StarcatchersBarry, Dave5.213.0
110128 ENPinhoe Egg, TheJones, Diana Wynne5.213.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
109709 ENPirate Gear: Cannons, Swords, and the Jolly RogerO'Donnell, Liam5.20.5
108002 ENPirate Treasure: Stolen RichesO'Donnell, Liam5.20.5
10791 ENPollyannaPorter, Eleanor H.5.28.0
19509 ENPride's ChallengeCampbell, Joanna5.27.0
19510 ENPride's Last RaceCampbell, Joanna5.26.0
27811 ENPrince William (Young Profiles)Britton, Tamara L.5.20.5
81841 ENPrivate PeacefulMorpurgo, Michael5.27.0
104045 ENPublic EnemiesKorman, Gordon5.24.0
12532 ENQueen Isabella ICodye, Corinn5.20.5
63095 ENQwerty Stevens, Stuck in Time with Benjamin FranklinGutman, Dan5.24.0
89659 ENRacehorse in the RainBaglio, Ben M.5.24.0
72 ENRamona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.23.0
71264 ENRavenmaster's Secret: Escape from the Tower of London, TheWoodruff, Elvira5.27.0
12626 ENRevolting Reptiles (Creepy Creatures)Parker, Steve5.20.5
135 ENRing of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.211.0
107082 ENRoad to Inconceivable, TheDeMatteis, J.M.5.23.0
15103 ENRookie Arrives, TheDygard, Thomas J.5.26.0
60343 ENRookie SeasonGuest, Jacqueline5.25.0
47421 ENRufus M.Estes, Eleanor5.28.0
14775 ENRunning LooseCrutcher, Chris5.27.0
14486 ENRuns with HorsesBurks, Brian5.23.0
19507 ENSamantha's PrideCampbell, Joanna5.26.0
32155 ENSammy Keyes and the Sisters of MercyDraanen, Wendelin Van5.28.0
31174 ENSang SpellNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.27.0
60344 ENSayonara, SharksPeers, Judi5.23.0
50395 ENSchool Story, TheClements, Andrew5.25.0
5640 ENSecret in the Old Attic, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
78525 ENSecret Language of Girls, TheDowell, Frances O'Roark5.25.0
5641 ENSecret of Mirror Bay, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5684 ENSecret of the Caves, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
6791 ENSecret of the Forgotten City, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5044 ENSecret of the Indian, TheReid-Banks, Lynne5.25.0
103478 ENSecret Room, TheTownson, Hazel5.21.0
15808 ENSees Behind TreesDorris, Michael5.24.0
32912 ENSerpent's Children, TheYep, Laurence5.28.0
28468 ENSeven Songs of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.212.0
75164 ENSeventh Gate, TheWeis/Hickman5.212.0
80 ENShadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.25.0
28290 ENShakespeare Stealer, TheBlackwood, Gary L.5.27.0
31166 ENShark AttackPeers, Judi5.23.0
59070 ENShifting Sands, TheRodda, Emily5.24.0
10289 ENShizuko's DaughterMori, Kyoko5.29.0
5692 ENSign of the Crooked Arrow, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5647 ENSign of the Twisted Candles, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
104622 ENSisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, TheBuckley, Michael5.29.0
6795 ENSky Phantom, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
102069 ENSleeping BobbyOsborne, Mary Pope5.20.5
7024 ENSniperTaylor, Theodore5.28.0
34973 ENSoccer ScoopChristopher, Matt5.23.0
190 ENSocksCleary, Beverly5.22.0
78514 ENSquanto and the First Thanksgiving: The Legendary American TaleMetaxas, Eric5.20.5
5961 ENStar Fisher, TheYep, Laurence5.26.0
8588 ENStaying Fat for Sarah ByrnesCrutcher, Chris5.29.0
78515 ENStormalong: The Legendary Sea CaptainMetaxas, Eric5.20.5
5192 ENStory of the Statue of Liberty, TheMiller, Natalie5.20.5
140 ENString in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.217.0
391 ENSummer of My German SoldierGreene, Bette5.29.0
6398 ENSwiftly Tilting Planet, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.210.0
53575 ENTaggerungJacques, Brian5.219.0
5089 ENTalking Earth, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
77491 ENTaylor FiveHalam, Ann5.28.0
80686 ENTeen IdolCabot, Meg5.29.0
18838 ENTerrorist, TheCooney, Caroline B.5.26.0
13992 ENThey Never Came HomeDuncan, Lois5.27.0
692 ENThirteen Ways to Sink a SubGilson, Jamie5.24.0
44569 ENToo Young to DieMcDaniel, Lurlene5.25.0
590 ENTouch the MoonBauer, Marion Dane5.22.0
54107 ENTower at the End of the World, TheStrickland, Brad5.25.0
45718 ENTrue BelieverWolff, Virginia Euwer5.26.0
16983 ENTrue North: A Novel of the Underground RailroadLasky, Kathryn5.27.0
32262 ENTucket's GoldPaulsen, Gary5.23.0
44730 ENTucket's HomePaulsen, Gary5.22.0
8594 ENTunes for Bears to Dance ToCormier, Robert5.23.0
86097 ENUgliesWesterfeld, Scott5.213.0
103626 ENUnsigned Valentine: And...Events in the Life of Emma Meade, TheHurwitz, Johanna5.24.0
5396 ENVery Young Skater, AKrementz, Jill5.21.0
15828 ENView From the Cherry Tree, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.27.0
114614 ENVoyage with JasonCatran, Ken5.27.0
5697 ENWailing Siren Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
36678 ENWanderer, TheCreech, Sharon5.26.0
16950 ENWanted!Cooney, Caroline B.5.26.0
76523 ENWarehouse RumbleDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
113573 ENWater on the MoveSlade, Suzanne5.20.5
114633 ENWelcome to Camden FallsMartin, Ann M.5.26.0
18799 ENWest to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino ViscardiMurphy, Jim5.26.0
110372 ENWhat Are the Facts? Collecting InformationSomervill, Barbara A.5.20.5
11746 ENWhen the Tripods CameChristopher, John5.25.0
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera5.26.0
5849 ENWhere the Pirates AreTownsend, Tom5.24.0
600 ENWilderness PerilDygard, Thomas J.5.26.0
83125 ENWitch Hunters, TheGilmour, H. B.5.24.0
19511 ENWonder's SisterCampbell, Joanna5.26.0
28495 ENWoodsieBrooks, Bruce5.23.0
107999 ENWorld's Most Dangerous Jobs, TheO'Shei, Tim5.20.5
54089 ENAbove the VeilNix, Garth5.37.0
25829 ENAftershockPascal/William5.37.0
201 ENAgony of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.35.0
76880 ENAir Force One (Symbols, Landmarks, and Monuments)Britton, Tamara L.5.30.5
16327 ENAircraft Carriers (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.31.0
67933 ENAlias: RecruitedMason, Lynn5.36.0
31159 ENAlida's SongPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
82196 ENAllies of the NightShan, Darren5.36.0
87624 ENAmong the EnemyHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.37.0
5402 ENAnd Then What Happened, Paul Revere?Fritz, Jean5.31.0
109333 ENArtemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyColfer, Eoin5.313.0
66622 ENAshleigh's Western ChallengeCampbell/Platt5.35.0
206 ENBaby-sitting Is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
8201 ENBabysitter, TheStine, R.L.5.35.0
107298 ENBad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do?Voigt, Cynthia5.315.0
75398 ENBallisticsRollins/Dahl5.30.5
111512 ENBattle CrySchultz, Jan Neubert5.37.0
65269 ENBefore GaiaPascal, Francine5.39.0
553 ENBeggar Queen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.39.0
53421 ENBeing DeadVande Velde, Vivian5.36.0
65965 ENBlack Stallion Revolts, TheFarley, Walter5.310.0
106127 ENBlood on the River: James Town 1607Carbone, Elisa5.37.0
6658 ENBook of Three, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.37.0
105987 ENBorn to RockKorman, Gordon5.38.0
20061 ENBorrowers Avenged, TheNorton, Mary5.310.0
10 ENBorrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.35.0
14752 ENBoth Sides of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.37.0
16656 ENBreakawayWeiss, Bobbi/David5.33.0
105314 ENBright Idea: Conserving Energy, ABinns, Tristan Boyer5.31.0
8455 ENBull RunFleischman, Paul5.32.0
19051 ENBuried OnionsSoto, Gary5.36.0
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
30530 ENCaptains Courageous (Great Illustrated Classics)Kipling/Vogel5.33.0
7706 ENCase of the Hooking Bull, TheErickson, John R.5.33.0
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
19558 ENChester the Worldly PigPeet, Bill5.30.5
17763 ENChild of the WolvesHall, Elizabeth5.35.0
5064 ENChildren of Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.36.0
87480 ENClarice Bean Spells TroubleChild, Lauren5.34.0
41045 ENCloser Than EverGunn, Robin Jones5.36.0
5654 ENClue of the Broken Blade, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
5613 ENClue of the Velvet Mask, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
8558 ENCome a StrangerVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
86935 ENConrad's FateJones, Diana Wynne5.312.0
5615 ENCrooked Banister, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
106282 ENDairy Queen: A NovelMurdock, Catherine Gilbert5.310.0
76508 ENDancing the SeasBaglio, Ben M.5.34.0
43476 ENDark Portal, TheJarvis, Robin5.310.0
43400 ENDeath at Devil's BridgeDeFelice, Cynthia5.36.0
59119 ENDeath on the AmazonZindel, Paul5.34.0
5360 ENDirt Bike RunawayChristopher, Matt5.35.0
71239 ENDive Book Three: The DangerKorman, Gordon5.34.0
756 ENDon't Hurt Laurie!Roberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
5616 ENDouble Jinx Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
48519 ENDown a Dark HallDuncan, Lois5.37.0
10113 ENDragon's GateYep, Laurence5.310.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
62752 ENDreamland LakePeck, Richard5.36.0
15911 ENEarly ChristmasKalman, Bobbie5.32.0
101151 ENEarth Erupts: Volcanoes (Freestyle Express)Colson, Mary5.31.0
25520 ENEarthquakePascal/William5.36.0
30636 ENEgg-Drop BluesBanks, Jacqueline Turner5.34.0
29771 ENElephant's Child, TheKipling, Rudyard5.30.5
11715 ENEmergency RoomCooney, Caroline B.5.36.0
7061 ENEmpty Land, TheL'Amour, Louis5.38.0
44286 ENEsperanza RisingRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
5709 ENFalse MovesKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
79706 ENFalse Peace, TheWatson, Jude5.34.0
17813 ENFar NorthHobbs, Will5.39.0
5936 ENFielder's ChoiceNorman, Rick5.38.0
5659 ENFigure in Hiding, ADixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
84377 ENFinal Battle, TheOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
6814 ENFirebird Rocket, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.36.0
23667 ENFirework-Maker's Daughter, ThePullman, Philip5.32.0
44707 ENFirst TestPierce, Tamora5.38.0
88218 ENFor the Love of LacrosseWells, Donald5.30.5
102472 ENForce and MotionParker, Lewis5.30.5
113342 ENGame, TheJones, Diana Wynne5.35.0
16342 ENGetting Ready for a Career as an Internet DesignerLund, Bill5.30.5
5982 ENGlass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee5.33.0
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
10229 ENGrandpa's MountainReeder, Carolyn5.37.0
16191 ENGranny the PagBawden, Nina5.37.0
76593 ENGray-Eyed Goddess, TheOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
86351 ENHattie on Her WayClark, Clara Gillow5.35.0
5618 ENHaunted Bridge, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
14468 ENHeart's BloodYolen, Jane5.39.0
106285 ENHeatLupica, Mike5.39.0
663 ENHenry and the Paper RouteCleary, Beverly5.34.0
10780 ENHistory of Helpless Harry, TheAvi5.35.0
5705 ENHit and Run HolidayKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
107303 ENHit the RoadCooney, Caroline B.5.37.0
41295 ENHockey Night in TransconaDanakas, John5.35.0
35670 ENHomeless BirdWhelan, Gloria5.35.0
18872 ENHonor the FlagRadlauer, Ruth Shaw5.30.5
104775 ENHunting the HunterKorman, Gordon5.34.0
35197 ENHush Little BabyCooney, Caroline B.5.38.0
117629 ENI Am Not Joey PigzaGantos, Jack5.38.0
51845 ENI Lost My Grandfather's BrainCoville, Bruce5.33.0
14849 ENIceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.38.0
79913 ENIda B...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun...Save the WorldHannigan, Katherine5.35.0
72193 ENIncredible Quest to Find the Titanic, TheMatsen, Brad5.31.0
20791 ENIslander, TheRylant, Cynthia5.31.0
75125 ENIsle of Illusion, TheRodda, Emily5.35.0
55525 ENJim CarreyWheeler, Jill C.5.31.0
14992 ENJip: His StoryPaterson, Katherine5.37.0
75331 ENJohn Winthrop: Governor...Bay ColonyPell, Ed5.31.0
7974 ENJohnny TexasHoff, Carol5.34.0
5073 ENJourney HomeUchida, Yoshiko5.34.0
111525 ENKaitlin's Wild RideDickerson, Karle5.35.0
5426 ENKitty from the StartDelton, Judy5.33.0
51847 ENKnight's CastleEager, Edward5.36.0
14200 ENKokopelli's FluteHobbs, Will5.36.0
32207 ENLight in the Storm: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, AHesse, Karen5.34.0
179 ENLittle House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.35.0
73761 ENLoamhedgeJacques, Brian5.319.0
100113 ENLondon, 1850Rook, Sebastian5.37.0
8534 ENLoner, TheWier, Ester5.35.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
12248 ENLooking at...VelociraptorAmery, Heather5.30.5
31515 ENLost Flower Children, TheLisle, Janet Taylor5.33.0
45417 ENMagic Fish-Bone, TheDickens, Charles5.31.0
87254 ENMaïa of Thebes: 1463 B.C.Turner, Ann5.35.0
9952 ENMan in the Ceiling, TheFeiffer, Jules5.34.0
10374 ENMandie and the Invisible TroublemakerLeppard, Lois Gladys5.37.0
5669 ENMark on the Door, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
78698 ENMarooned!Strickland, Brad5.34.0
103045 ENMeasuring MatterBodach, Vijaya Khisty5.30.5
10131 ENMeet the AustinsL'Engle, Madeleine5.38.0
12464 ENMerlin Effect, TheBarron, T.A.5.39.0
8476 ENMermaid Tales from around the WorldOsborne, Mary Pope5.32.0
5623 ENMessage in the Hollow Oak, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
104787 ENMinerva Clark Gets a ClueKarbo, Karen5.38.0
111563 ENMinerva Clark Goes to the DogsKarbo, Karen5.37.0
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
30545 ENMoby Dick (Great Illustrated Classics)Melville/Vogel5.32.0
54106 ENMonsters of Morley Manor, TheCoville, Bruce5.37.0
5624 ENMoonstone Castle Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
17579 ENMouse Called Wolf, AKing-Smith, Dick5.32.0
5278 ENMouse Rap, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.35.0
108801 ENMovie ActingHorn, Geoffrey M.5.31.0
108803 ENMovie Makeup, Costumes, and SetsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.31.0
12366 ENMr. Lincoln's DrummerWisler, G. Clifton5.35.0
10581 ENMustang, Wild Spirit of the WestHenry, Marguerite5.37.0
88567 ENMy Brother's KeeperMcCormick, Patricia5.36.0
85374 ENMy Sister's Keeper: A NovelPicoult, Jodi5.318.0
5433 ENMy Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce5.33.0
5626 ENMystery at Lilac Inn, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
5676 ENMystery of the Desert GiantDixon, Franklin W.5.36.0
6780 ENMystery of the Glowing EyeKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5631 ENMystery of the Moss-Covered MansionKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5632 ENMystery of the Tolling BellKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
109534 ENNeighborhood Stink, TheKeane, Dave5.32.0
8235 ENNew Girl, TheStine, R.L.5.35.0
5032 ENNight Journey, TheLasky, Kathryn5.35.0
109356 ENNight of the Burning: Devorah's Story, TheWulf, Linda Press5.38.0
6675 ENNight the Whole Class Slept Over, ThePevsner, Stella5.35.0
17966 ENNightmare in Death ValleyPascal/William5.36.0
41056 ENNow Picture ThisGunn, Robin Jones5.36.0
108266 ENOrphan of the SunHarvey, Gill5.311.0
109226 ENOut of SightRayner, Robert5.34.0
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
116832 ENPaint the WindRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
31650 ENPaperquakeReiss, Kathryn5.312.0
106249 ENParty PrincessCabot, Meg5.39.0
25833 ENPinocchioCollodi, Carlo5.36.0
18739 ENPippi Goes on BoardLindgren, Astrid5.34.0
107995 ENPirate Code: Life of a Pirate, TheO'Donnell, Liam5.30.5
107993 ENPirate Ships: Sailing the High SeasO'Donnell, Liam5.30.5
32153 ENPlaces I Never Meant to BeBlume, Judy5.38.0
490 ENPrairie SongsConrad, Pam5.35.0
2541 ENPretty Lady of SaratogaFelder, Deborah5.33.0
18827 ENPrisoner of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.36.0
112271 ENPsychicsMiller, Connie Colwell5.30.5
87825 ENQuail and Other GalliformsKnight, Rob5.31.0
109814 ENQuest for the Tree KangarooMontgomery, Sy5.32.0
5035 ENRabble StarkeyLowry, Lois5.37.0
75126 ENRescue, TheLasky, Kathryn5.36.0
63666 ENRiding the StormBaglio, Ben M.5.34.0
5638 ENRingmaster's Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
23326 ENRiver BoyBowler, Tim5.36.0
65771 ENRock Climbing (X-Treme Sports)Cleaf, Kristin Van5.30.5
9832 ENRoller HockeyGutman, Bill5.30.5
101416 ENRoosevelt's Rough RidersSantella, Andrew5.30.5
25239 ENRuby in the Smoke, ThePullman, Philip5.39.0
5041 ENRunaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.34.0
60662 ENRunning WildDygard, Thomas J.5.35.0
8275 ENRVs and VansBurt, Stephen5.30.5
78961 ENSafe-Keeper's Secret, TheShinn, Sharon5.38.0
39890 ENSavage Damsel and the Dwarf, TheMorris, Gerald5.37.0
437 ENScruffyStoneley, Jack5.36.0
6991 ENSearching for DragonsWrede, Patricia C.5.39.0
5643 ENSecret of Shadow Ranch, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6028 ENShades of GrayReeder, Carolyn5.36.0
88042 ENShadow BeastRichards, Justin5.36.0
75127 ENShadowlands, TheRodda, Emily5.35.0
9532 ENShadows in the WaterLasky, Kathryn5.37.0
69062 ENSirens and Sea MonstersOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
85 ENSnow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.35.0
108862 ENSoccer Chick RulesFitzGerald, Dawn5.36.0
388 ENSolitary Blue, AVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
5087 ENSons from AfarVoigt, Cynthia5.313.0
84 ENSounderArmstrong, William H.5.33.0
109357 ENSquampkin Patch: A Nasselrogt Adventure, ThePetty, J.T.5.37.0
16695 ENStarfallStrickland, Brad/Barbara5.34.0
16303 ENStory of Christopher Columbus: Admiral of the Ocean Sea, TheOsborne, Mary Pope5.32.0
102146 ENStowaway Solution, TheKorman, Gordon5.34.0
113746 ENSummer BallLupica, Mike5.310.0
790 ENSummer to Die, ALowry, Lois5.35.0
117481 ENSun, TheGraham, Ian5.30.5
84973 ENSuper Cobra Attack Helicopters: The AH-1WGreen, Michael5.30.5
11238 ENTae Kwon DoGutman, Bill5.30.5
643 ENTaking Care of TerrificLowry, Lois5.35.0
43128 ENTaking Flight: The Story of the Wright BrothersKrensky, Stephen5.30.5
14494 ENTales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters WeirdVande Velde, Vivian5.33.0
112321 ENTheft & the Miracle, TheWade, Rebecca5.310.0
69687 ENThen There Were FiveEnright, Elizabeth5.39.0
48086 ENThere's an Alien in My UnderwearCoville, Bruce5.33.0
102680 ENThirstTaylor, Catherine5.37.0
7547 ENTickle's TaleCosgrove, Stephen5.30.5
105471 ENTigersSquire, Ann5.30.5
109868 ENTo Be a KingLasky, Kathryn5.36.0
45132 ENTouching Spirit BearMikaelsen, Ben5.39.0
647 ENTrackerPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
11244 ENTractorsStreissguth, Tom5.30.5
102696 ENTreasure of Savage Island, TheHart, Lenore5.310.0
107522 ENTrouble on Tarragon IslandTate, Nikki5.37.0
5093 ENTrue Confessions of Charlotte DoyleAvi5.38.0
47143 ENTurnaboutHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.37.0
20493 ENUncle RonaldDoyle, Brian5.35.0
67639 ENVampire MountainShan, Darren5.35.0
112268 ENVoyage of MidnightTorrey, Michele5.39.0
109070 ENVoyage of Slaves: A Tale From Castaways of the Flying DutchmanJacques, Brian5.314.0
78008 ENWalker's RunnersRayner, Robert5.35.0
19053 ENWelcome to the ArkTolan, Stephanie S.5.38.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
396 ENWestmarkAlexander, Lloyd5.36.0
28087 ENWhat Child Is This?Cooney, C.5.35.0
110373 ENWhat Did You Find Out? Reporting ConclusionsSomervill, Barbara A.5.30.5
53820 ENWhat My Mother Doesn't KnowSones, Sonya5.33.0
85880 ENWitch of Clatteringshaws, TheAiken, Joan5.35.0
112685 ENWord EvidenceMartin, Michael5.30.5
19599 ENWump World, ThePeet, Bill5.30.5
72480 EN101 Facts About MountainsBarnes, Julia5.40.5
11596 ENAll Around the TownClark, Mary Higgins5.412.0
106160 ENAnatopsisAbouzeid, Chris5.411.0
5651 ENArctic Patrol Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
14988 ENArkadians, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.48.0
51860 ENBeast Under the Wizard's Bridge, TheStrickland, Brad5.46.0
82864 ENBecoming Naomi LeonRyan, Pam Muñoz5.46.0
19177 ENBell, the Book, and the Spellbinder, TheStrickland, Brad5.45.0
51839 ENBernie Magruder & the Disappearing BodiesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
64499 ENBernie Magruder & the Pirate's TreasureNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
70287 ENBest Book of Weather, TheAdams, Simon5.41.0
10212 ENBest School Year Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.43.0
104 ENBlack Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
6385 ENBlack UnicornLee, Tanith5.47.0
40468 ENBloodPascal, Francine5.46.0
82027 ENBoundNapoli, Donna Jo5.46.0
63103 ENBrad PittWheeler, Jill C.5.41.0
15859 ENCallieSargent, Dave5.43.0
6753 ENCaptive WitnessKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
29764 ENCarlotaO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
47662 ENCastaways of the Flying DutchmanJacques, Brian5.412.0
6387 ENCastle of Llyr, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.47.0
9857 ENCat Who Had Fourteen Tales, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.47.0
9859 ENCat Who Knew Shakespeare, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.48.0
9862 ENCat Who Played Brahms, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.48.0
9864 ENCat Who Saw Red, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.48.0
9867 ENCat Who Turned On and Off, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.48.0
103745 ENChameleonsLockwood, Sophie5.41.0
73251 ENChasing the DreamBaglio, Ben M.5.44.0
78186 ENChasing VermeerBalliett, Blue5.46.0
75685 ENCheerleading for Fun!Gruber, Beth5.41.0
86797 ENChinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon SocietyMah, Adeline Yen5.48.0
5260 ENChocolate War, TheCormier, Robert5.48.0
41483 ENChristmas Box, TheEvans, Richard Paul5.42.0
116563 ENClarice Bean, Don't Look NowChild, Lauren5.46.0
41144 ENClose CallDickerson, Karle5.46.0
5609 ENClue of the Broken Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
79464 ENComputer EvidenceDahl, Michael5.40.5
12116 ENCoping with Plastic TrashDaniel, Jamie5.40.5
106041 ENCorydon and the Island of MonstersDruitt, Tobias5.412.0
17979 ENCover GirlsPascal/William5.47.0
27690 ENCrossing the DelawarePeacock, Louise5.41.0
72354 ENCurious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, TheHaddon, Mark5.410.0
85628 ENCurse of the Gloamglozer, TheStewart, Paul5.412.0
11709 ENDaughters of EveDuncan, Lois5.410.0
7059 ENDaybreakers, TheL'Amour, Louis5.410.0
48764 ENDick Cheney: A Life in Public ServiceAndrews, Elaine5.41.0
24645 ENDirt Bikes (Ultimate Motorcycles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.40.5
36255 ENDissidentsShusterman, Neal5.47.0
109807 ENDo Not Pass GoHill, Kirkpatrick5.46.0
43781 ENDolphin Adventure, a True StoryGrover, Wayne5.41.0
42574 ENDon't Fry My Veeblax!Coville, Bruce5.43.0
41622 ENDovey CoeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
48325 ENDown the YukonHobbs, Will5.47.0
88284 ENDragon and Slave: The Third Dragonback AdventureZahn, Timothy5.412.0
67374 ENDragon and ThiefZahn, Timothy5.49.0
83013 ENDragon's NestRodda, Emily5.45.0
27608 ENFacing the FutureJenkins/LaHaye5.44.0
610 ENFamily Apart, ANixon, Joan Lowery5.47.0
113030 ENFast TrackHampshire, Anthony5.43.0
11464 ENFear Place, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.45.0
40470 ENFearlessPascal, Francine5.45.0
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
70122 ENFire and IceHunter, Erin5.411.0
103552 ENFlashcards of My LifeHarper, Charise Mericle5.46.0
87819 ENFlying Foxes and Other BatsReda, Sheri5.41.0
113569 ENFour Seasons, TheSlade, Suzanne5.40.5
66116 ENFrancis Scott Key: Patriotic PoetGregson, Susan R.5.41.0
16637 ENFrindleClements, Andrew5.42.0
79511 ENGhost of the Grand Canyon, TheMarsh, Carole5.43.0
109797 ENGive Me LibertyElliott, L.M.5.410.0
45339 ENGlory of Unicorns, ACoville, Bruce5.46.0
35637 ENGypsy RizkaAlexander, Lloyd5.46.0
44987 ENHamsters and GerbilsHinds, Kathryn5.40.5
112679 ENHandwriting EvidenceMartin, Michael5.40.5
5619 ENHaunted Showboat, TheKeene, Carolyn5.46.0
7044 ENHaymeadow, ThePaulsen, Gary5.46.0
20680 ENHealing of Texas Jake, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.43.0
13989 ENHeartlightBarron, T.A.5.48.0
64036 ENHeavenly Village, TheRylant, Cynthia5.42.0
16962 ENHere There Be AngelsYolen, Jane5.43.0
31411 ENHidden Magic, AVande Velde, Vivian5.44.0
65274 ENHit and RunDelaney, Mark5.49.0
117142 ENHottest Dragsters and Funny CarsGigliotti, Jim5.41.0
5667 ENHouse on the Cliff, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
21012 ENHouston Rockets Basketball Team, TheLace, William W.5.41.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
32149 ENIn the Forests of the NightAtwater-Rhodes, Amelia5.44.0
53117 ENIncas, TheRees, Rosemary5.41.0
10881 ENIndian Captive: The Story of Mary JemisonLenski, Lois5.410.0
71683 ENInkheartFunke, Cornelia5.423.0
63661 ENInto the BlueBaglio, Ben M.5.44.0
102020 ENIntroducing...Sasha AbramowitzHalpern, Sue5.49.0
101466 ENIroquois and Their History, TheSt. Lawrence, Genevieve5.40.5
45 ENIsland of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
11719 ENIt Happened to NancyAnonymous5.49.0
42436 ENJake's OrphanBrooke, Peggy5.48.0
41791 ENJanitor's Boy, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
101197 ENJinx on the DivideKay, Elizabeth5.412.0
812 ENJohn F. Kennedy: America's Youngest PresidentFrisbee, Lucy Post5.44.0
41296 ENKatie's Midnight RideForsyth, C.A.5.44.0
88134 ENKill Game: A Gaia Moore NovelPascal, Francine5.410.0
87180 ENKillers of the DawnShan, Darren5.46.0
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
17972 ENKiss Before Dying, APascal/William5.46.0
85971 ENKlimt and His CatCapatti, Bérénice5.40.5
59066 ENLake of Tears, TheRodda, Emily5.44.0
44586 ENLand of PromiseNixon, Joan Lowery5.46.0
121 ENLassie Come HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
82274 ENLast Holiday Concert, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
6048 ENLeaves in October, TheAckerman, Karen5.43.0
47128 ENLegacy of LiesChandler, Elizabeth5.46.0
26741 ENLife and Times of the Peanut, TheMicucci, Charles5.40.5
106310 ENListen!Tolan, Stephanie S.5.46.0
327 ENLittle Town on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls5.49.0
11723 ENLochZindel, Paul5.46.0
51502 ENLost Foal, TheCampbell/Platt5.46.0
10895 ENLostman's RiverDeFelice, Cynthia5.46.0
622 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C.S.5.46.0
75420 ENMain Battle Tanks: The M1A1 AbramsGreen, Michael5.40.5
55 ENMaster Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.47.0
109466 ENMay Bird Among the StarsAnderson, Jodi Lynn5.49.0
32741 ENMirror of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.49.0
106055 ENMismatchNamioka, Lensey5.48.0
87824 ENMonarchs and Other ButterfliesKnight, Rob5.41.0
775 ENMoves Make the Man, TheBrooks, Bruce5.411.0
108804 ENMovie Soundtracks and Sound EffectsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.41.0
43739 ENMy Brother Made Me Do ItKehret, Peg5.44.0
102234 ENMy Friend the EnemyCheaney, J.B.5.410.0
5672 ENMystery at Devil's PawDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
5633 ENMystery of the 99 Steps, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5679 ENMystery of the Whale TattooDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
107067 ENNaked EyePascal, Francine5.49.0
66120 ENNat Turner: Rebellious SlaveGregson, Susan R.5.41.0
377 ENNight CryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.46.0
57139 ENNight of the BatZindel, Paul5.43.0
41299 ENNothing But NetColdwell, Michael5.45.0
105930 ENOdds Are Good: An Oddly Enough and Odder Than Ever OmnibusCoville, Bruce5.411.0
39879 ENOn the Edge: Stories at the BrinkDuncan, Lois5.47.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
31152 ENPaddington Helps OutBond, Michael5.43.0
45795 ENPagePierce, Tamora5.49.0
100114 ENParis, 1850Rook, Sebastian5.47.0
87994 ENPeeps: A NovelWesterfeld, Scott5.411.0
20590 ENPetrified Forest National ParkPetersen, David5.40.5
5636 ENPhantom of Pine Hill, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
18740 ENPippi in the South SeasLindgren, Astrid5.43.0
75433 ENPirates!Rees, Celia5.414.0
6625 ENProud Taste for Scarlet and MiniverKonigsburg, E.L.5.45.0
103839 ENPurple Emperor, TheBrennan, Herbie5.414.0
5637 ENQuest of the Missing Map, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
41158 ENRacing ParkerCampbell/Gasque5.46.0
43473 ENRatsZindel, Paul5.46.0
7022 ENRemarkable Journey of Prince Jen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.49.0
494 ENRomeo and Juliet Together (and Alive) at LastAvi5.43.0
6139 ENRosie and the RustlersGerrard, Roy5.40.5
73395 ENRowan and the Ice CreepersRodda, Emily5.48.0
2510 ENSabrina Down UnderTitlebaum, Ellen5.45.0
86104 ENScrib: A NovelIves, David5.46.0
5042 ENSearch for Delicious, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.44.0
82275 ENSeason of Hope, ABrooke, Lauren5.46.0
9641 ENSecret Keeper, TheWhelan, Gloria5.47.0
5682 ENSecret of Pirates' Hill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
5645 ENSecret of the Old Clock, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
27922 ENSentriesPaulsen, Gary5.45.0
75163 ENSerpent MageWeis/Hickman5.420.0
36396 ENSilent Thunder: A Civil War StoryPinkney, Andrea Davis5.47.0
44292 ENSilent to the BoneKonigsburg, E.L.5.47.0
105934 ENSisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects, TheBuckley, Michael5.49.0
120294 ENSnakeheadHorowitz, Anthony5.414.0
55204 ENSoldier BoysHughes, Dean5.47.0
5648 ENSpider Sapphire Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
101897 ENSports Shorts: An Anthology of Short StoriesBruchac, Joseph5.43.0
77880 ENStardust's FoalCampbell/Platt5.46.0
77881 ENStarstruckAnderson, Mary Newhall5.45.0
50389 ENStolen WordsKoss, Amy Goldman5.45.0
58636 ENStormchaserStewart, Paul5.411.0
16310 ENStory of Jackie Robinson: Bravest Man in Baseball, TheDavidson, Margaret5.42.0
5181 ENStory of Mount Vernon, TheMiller, Natalie5.40.5
6796 ENStrange Message in the Parchment, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
88044 ENSword That Cut the Burning Grass: A Samurai Mystery, TheHoobler, Dorothy5.46.0
8590 ENT-backs, T-shirts, Coat, and SuitKonigsburg, E.L.5.46.0
25475 ENTachyon Web, ThePike, Christopher5.48.0
77882 ENTaking the ReinsChu, Jennifer5.46.0
6245 ENTeammatesGolenbock, Peter5.40.5
106167 ENTenth Power, TheConstable, Kate5.412.0
106061 ENThat Fernhill SummerRodowsky, Colby5.46.0
11741 ENThwonkBauer, Joan5.47.0
68576 ENTiger's Apprentice, TheYep, Laurence5.46.0
30559 ENTime Machine (Great Illustrated Classics), TheWells/Bogart5.43.0
118053 EN'Tis the SeasonMartin, Ann M.5.46.0
9559 ENTo Walk the Sky PathNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.45.0
17847 ENTournament UpstartDygard, Thomas J.5.47.0
5694 ENTower Treasure, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.46.0
80501 ENTravel TeamLupica, Mike5.411.0
108238 ENTsunamisWoods, Michael5.41.0
16748 ENTwisted SummerRoberts, Willo Davis5.47.0
42596 ENUFOsCoville, Bruce5.48.0
77886 ENUnbridled FuryCampbell/Dickerson5.45.0
102205 ENUrchin of the Riding StarsMcAllister, Margaret I.5.410.0
5395 ENVery Young Gymnast, AKrementz, Jill5.41.0
112947 ENVinnie and AbrahamFitzGerald, Dawn5.40.5
5147 ENVoting and ElectionsFradin, Dennis B.5.40.5
12682 ENVoyages to the New WorldChrisp, Peter5.41.0
104216 ENWarrior GirlChandler, Pauline5.410.0
15819 ENWhat Jamie SawComan, Carolyn5.43.0
67232 ENWhere I'd Like to BeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
9149 ENWhite ThunderSargent, Dave/Pat5.40.5
86262 ENWild Swans, TheAndersen, Hans Christian5.41.0
43427 ENWitch Family, TheEstes, Eleanor5.46.0
20100 ENWizard in the Tree, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.45.0
49386 ENWolf at the Door and Other Retold Fairy Tales, ADatlow/Windling5.46.0
107996 ENWorld's Deadliest Poisons, TheDoeden, Matt5.40.5
53556 ENAkiko in the Castle of Alia RellaporCrilley, Mark5.53.0
87189 ENAladdin and the Enchanted LampPullman, Philip5.51.0
82878 ENAmerica's Greatest Natural Disasters: Moments in HistoryJordan, Shirley5.52.0
15353 ENAmphibious Vehicles (Land and Sea)Green, Michael5.50.5
78502 ENAnnie Oakley: The American LegendKunstler, James Howard5.50.5
54850 ENArm of the Starfish, TheL'Engle, Madeleine5.512.0
84235 ENArtemis Fowl Files, TheColfer, Eoin5.54.0
54091 ENAshleigh's PromiseCampbell/Platt5.55.0
112269 ENAtlantisMartin, Michael5.50.5
42979 ENBeet Fields: A Sixteenth Summer, ThePaulsen, Gary5.55.0
51195 ENBenedict ArnoldGregson, Susan R.5.51.0
66495 ENBest Book of Pirates, TheHarward, Barnaby5.50.5
114510 ENBeyond the HorizonBrooke, Lauren5.57.0
102198 ENBilly Clikk: Rogmasher RampageCrilley, Mark5.56.0
88999 ENBlack Storm Comin'Wilson, Diane Lee5.513.0
30503 ENBold Journey: West with Lewis and ClarkBohner, Charles5.56.0
16918 ENBox of Treasures: Teetoncey and Ben O'NealTaylor, Theodore5.56.0
6305 ENBoy Who Owned the School, ThePaulsen, Gary5.52.0
112423 ENBreaking the FallChu, Jennifer5.56.0
25297 ENBrian's ReturnPaulsen, Gary5.54.0
88380 ENBuried FireStroud, Jonathan5.511.0
14136 ENCall Me Francis TucketPaulsen, Gary5.53.0
30529 ENCall of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics), TheLondon/Yamamoto5.52.0
41292 ENCamp All-StarColdwell, Michael5.55.0
6033 ENCanyonsPaulsen, Gary5.55.0
45117 ENCarlotta's Kittens and the Club of MysteriesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.54.0
10657 ENCase of the Midnight Rustler, TheErickson, John R.5.53.0
9855 ENCat Who Ate Danish Modern, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.57.0
54777 ENCelebrating RamadanHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane5.51.0
79619 ENChasePascal, Francine5.57.0
900 ENChicken Dance, TheCouvillon, Jacques5.511.0
358 ENChild of the OwlYep, Laurence5.510.0
19513 ENCindy's Runaway ColtCampbell, Joanna5.56.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5610 ENClue of the Dancing Puppet, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5611 ENClue of the Leaning Chimney, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
61471 ENClue on the Crystal Dove, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
42429 ENCoal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska, ABartoletti, Susan Campbell5.56.0
100747 ENCondoleezza RiceWade, Mary Dodson5.51.0
86349 ENConfessions of a Closet CatholicLittman, Sarah5.57.0
14759 ENCrazy Horse Electric Game, TheCrutcher, Chris5.510.0
101361 ENCriss CrossPerkins, Lynne Rae5.57.0
101232 ENDancing at the OdinochkaHill, Kirkpatrick5.58.0
88485 ENDead Reckoning: A Pirate Voyage with Captain DrakeLawlor, Laurie5.56.0
5917 ENDealing with DragonsWrede, Patricia C.5.58.0
18274 ENDesert Giant: The World of the Saguaro CactusBash, Barbara5.50.5
109861 ENDesperate JourneyMurphy, Jim5.59.0
83119 ENDestiny's TwinsGilmour, H. B.5.56.0
8612 ENDevil and Daniel Webster, TheBenet, Stephen Vincent5.51.0
69278 ENDive Book One: The DiscoveryKorman, Gordon5.54.0
107094 ENDragon and Herdsman: The Fourth Dragonback AdventureZahn, Timothy5.511.0
84607 ENDragon and Soldier: The Second Dragonback AdventureZahn, Timothy5.510.0
54610 ENDragon CauldronYep, Laurence5.510.0
24952 ENDragons in the WatersL'Engle, Madeleine5.513.0
15910 ENEarly ArtisansKalman, Bobbie5.52.0
15918 ENEarly SchoolsKalman, Bobbie5.52.0
113482 ENElectricityMahaney, Ian F.5.50.5
108174 ENElements in Living OrganismsSlade, Suzanne5.50.5
32239 ENElizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of TudorLasky, Kathryn5.56.0
28441 ENEnder's GameCard, Orson Scott5.516.0
5266 ENEscape from WarsawSerraillier, Ian5.56.0
30584 ENEscape: Teens Who Escaped the Holocaust to FreedomGiddens, Sandra5.51.0
24995 ENFalcon's EggGray, Luli5.54.0
117478 ENFar Planets, TheGraham, Ian5.50.5
102141 ENFirst BoySchmidt, Gary5.56.0
105860 ENFirst Collier, TheLasky, Kathryn5.56.0
5331 ENFreak the MightyPhilbrick, Rodman5.55.0
89048 ENFrom This Day OnBrooke, Lauren5.56.0
48340 ENGawgon and The Boy, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.57.0
69394 ENGoblin Wood, TheBell, Hilari5.511.0
32812 ENGreat Hunt, TheJordan, Robert5.540.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
5620 ENHidden Staircase, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
5621 ENHidden Window Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
102037 ENHigh RhulainJacques, Brian5.515.0
31421 ENHindenburg 1937Dokey, Cameron5.57.0
66627 ENHoofprints in the SnowCampbell/Dickerson5.55.0
40 ENHouse of the Sixty Fathers, TheDeJong, Meindert5.56.0
102130 ENI, CorianderGardner, Sally5.510.0
33036 ENI Left My Sneakers in Dimension XCoville, Bruce5.55.0
103750 ENIguanasLockwood, Sophie5.51.0
8531 ENIllyrian Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.55.0
10945 ENIn the Middle of the NightCormier, Robert5.56.0
54097 ENInto BattleNix, Garth5.56.0
13900 ENIronmanCrutcher, Chris5.59.0
75020 ENIsland Stallion's Fury, TheFarley, Walter5.58.0
32529 ENJason's GoldHobbs, Will5.58.0
12519 ENJulia Roberts (Reaching for the Stars)Wallner, Rosemary5.51.0
34884 ENJust EllaHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.56.0
9821 ENKickboxingSipe, Daniel5.50.5
43289 ENKillerPascal, Francine5.57.0
30667 ENKing's Fifth, TheO'Dell, Scott5.510.0
44585 ENLand of DreamsNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
6389 ENLand of HopeNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
108106 ENLearning About Food Chains and Food Webs with Graphic OrganizersFiedler, Julie5.50.5
10125 ENLegacyFriedman, Michael Jan5.511.0
52599 ENLewis and ClarkSullivan, George5.52.0
28582 ENLife and Times of the Apple, TheMicucci, Charles5.51.0
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
43407 ENLord BrocktreeJacques, Brian5.516.0
6049 ENLosing Joe's PlaceKorman, Gordon5.58.0
78101 ENLove Is a GiftBrooke, Lauren5.56.0
480 ENMagic of the Glits, TheAdler, C.S.5.53.0
10784 ENMartin the WarriorJacques, Brian5.514.0
102430 ENMexico, 1850Rook, Sebastian5.57.0
10133 ENMoon by Night, TheL'Engle, Madeleine5.511.0
117479 ENMoon, TheGraham, Ian5.50.5
15500 ENMoorchild, TheMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis5.59.0
108805 ENMovie Stunts and Special EffectsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.51.0
79033 ENMystery of Metru NuiFarshtey, Greg5.53.0
5629 ENMystery of the Fire Dragon, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
56491 ENMystery of the Mother Wolf, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5678 ENMystery of the Spiral Bridge, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
15821 ENName of the Game Was Murder, TheNixon, Joan Lowery5.57.0
540 ENNational VelvetBagnold, Enid5.511.0
80290 ENNobody Was Here: 7th Grade in the Life of Me, PenelopePollet, Alison5.57.0
29308 ENOdder than EverCoville, Bruce5.57.0
113039 ENOn the LimitHampshire, Anthony5.54.0
12791 ENOne Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichSolzhenitsyn, Alexander5.58.0
77878 ENParker's PassionCampbell/Dickerson5.55.0
13973 ENPaul Revere's RideLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth5.50.5
21028 ENPhiladelphia 76ers Basketball Team, TheMacnow, Glen5.51.0
51207 ENPhillis WheatleyGregson, Susan R.5.51.0
780 ENPigman, TheZindel, Paul5.56.0
106134 ENPluto Project, TheHaber, Melissa Glenn5.510.0
86753 ENPrincess in TrainingCabot, Meg5.58.0
60723 ENPrize, TheCampell/Platt5.55.0
81927 ENRakkety TamJacques, Brian5.516.0
30553 ENRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Great Illustrated Classics)Wiggin/Warren5.53.0
14966 ENRemembering MogRodowsky, Colby5.56.0
109345 ENReturn of Skeleton Man, TheBruchac, Joseph5.54.0
18744 ENReturn of the Great Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.56.0
102629 ENRise of the House of McNally, or, About Time Too, TheArdagh, Philip5.55.0
7023 ENRiver, ThePaulsen, Gary5.54.0
45708 ENSandry's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
103752 ENSea TurtlesLockwood, Sophie5.51.0
5681 ENSecret Agent on Flight 101, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
5686 ENSecret of the Old Mill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
109472 ENSecret of the Rose, TheThomson, Sarah L.5.510.0
12478 ENSeven Spiders SpinningMaguire, Gregory5.54.0
108560 ENShadewell Shenanigans, TheStone, David Lee5.58.0
546 ENShaneSchaefer, Jack5.57.0
14489 ENShark Callers, TheCampbell, Eric5.56.0
10251 ENSilent Storm, TheGarland, Sherry5.59.0
85878 ENSister of the South, TheRodda, Emily5.56.0
7090 ENSky-Liners, TheL'Amour, Louis5.58.0
46762 ENSpiders of North AmericaSquire, Ann O.5.51.0
15893 ENSpikeSargent, Dave5.56.0
6941 ENSquashedBauer, Joan5.58.0
47249 ENStar's ChanceCampbell/Leonhardt5.55.0
106305 ENStar Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the SithWrede, Patricia C.5.56.0
11491 ENSteal Away HomeRuby, Lois5.57.0
46293 ENStorm WarriorsCarbone, Elisa5.56.0
5162 ENStory of the Declaration of Independence, TheRichards, Norman5.50.5
112311 ENSunsetHunter, Erin5.511.0
60652 ENSurviving the ApplewhitesTolan, Stephanie S.5.57.0
109320 ENSweet Sixteen Princess: A Princess Diaries BookCabot, Meg5.52.0
66122 ENTecumseh: Shawnee LeaderGregson, Susan R.5.51.0
106296 ENTenth City, TheCarman, Patrick5.57.0
20491 ENTerror in FloridaMacGregor, Roy5.54.0
8990 ENTerror in the Tropics: The Army AntsLisker, Tom5.51.0
586 ENThird Eye, TheDuncan, Lois5.59.0
6798 ENThirteenth Pearl, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5925 ENThrow a Hungry LoopSchenker, Dona5.54.0
51868 ENToo Many AliensCoville, Bruce5.54.0
11494 ENTrespassers, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.57.0
41304 ENTriple ThreatGuest, Jacqueline5.56.0
45717 ENTris's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
61476 ENTroll King, TheVornholt, John5.58.0
109322 ENTwilightHunter, Erin5.511.0
10262 ENTwin in the Tavern, TheWallace, Barbara Brooks5.57.0
47863 ENUnderstand the UnknownApplegate, K.A.5.55.0
80961 ENUnicorn Treasury: Stories, Poems, and Unicorn Lore, TheCoville, Bruce5.56.0
68989 ENUtterly Me, Clarice BeanChild, Lauren5.53.0
36632 ENVanishing Chip, TheDelaney, Mark5.57.0
25499 ENVerdict, ThePascal/William5.56.0
115641 ENWarriors Field Guide: Secrets of the ClansHunter, Erin5.55.0
34734 ENWelcome to Molly's World, 1944Gourley, Catherine5.51.0
5445 ENWhat's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?Fritz, Jean5.51.0
101559 ENWhisper in the DarkBruchac, Joseph5.55.0
74567 ENWhite House Christmas Mystery, TheMarsh, Carole5.53.0
10260 ENWhite LilacsMeyer, Carolyn5.58.0
77929 ENWilliam Shakespeare's HamletCoville, Bruce5.51.0
5650 ENWitch Tree Symbol, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
14783 ENWolf-WomanJordan, Sherryl5.57.0
20710 ENWoman Who Rides Like a Man, ThePierce, Tamora5.58.0
54232 ENYellowstone National ParkPetersen, David5.50.5
44855 EN24 HoursMahy, Margaret5.67.0
57686 ENAbraham Lincoln (The Civil War Biographies)Oberle, Lora Polack5.61.0
5253 ENAcorn People, TheJones, Ron5.62.0
6401 ENAfter Fifth Grade, the World!Mills, Claudia5.64.0
61266 ENAkiko and the Intergalactic ZooCrilley, Mark5.63.0
86067 ENAkiko: The Training MasterCrilley, Mark5.65.0
25966 ENAlexandraO'Dell, Scott5.65.0
48317 ENAlison, Who Went AwayVande Velde, Vivian5.67.0
87137 ENAm I the Princess or the Frog? by Jamie KellyBenton, Jim5.62.0
32706 ENAmanda MirandaPeck, Richard5.67.0
106210 ENAmong the FreeHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.67.0
52938 ENAnatoly of the GomdarsKluepfel, Brian5.64.0
53467 ENAngel on the SquareWhelan, Gloria5.68.0
58249 ENAquamarineHoffman, Alice5.61.0
19836 ENAshleigh's Christmas MiracleCampbell, Joanna5.68.0
36528 ENAsk the BonesOlson/Schwartz5.64.0
10553 ENAutumn TrailBryant, Bonnie5.65.0
205 ENBabe, the Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
87817 ENBadgers and Other MustelidsKlobuchar, Lisa5.61.0
25367 ENBarry Sanders: Football's Rushing ChampGutman, Bill5.61.0
112744 ENBattle of First Bull Run: The Civil War Begins, TheHama, Larry5.61.0
53423 ENBernie Magruder & the Drive-Thru Funeral ParlorNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
49773 ENBernie Magruder & the Haunted HotelNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
51840 ENBernie Magruder & the Parachute PerilNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
10932 ENBeyond the Burning TimeLasky, Kathryn5.68.0
59174 ENBig Burn, TheIngold, Jeanette5.69.0
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
75018 ENBlack Stallion Challenged!, TheFarley, Walter5.69.0
105303 ENBlood FeverHigson, Charlie5.614.0
61382 ENBloody Jack: Being an Account...Ship's BoyMeyer, L.A.5.611.0
8102 ENBlue Castle, TheMontgomery, L.M.5.611.0
14454 ENBomb, TheTaylor, Theodore5.66.0
75489 ENBoy Next Door, TheCabot, Meggin5.612.0
6404 ENBradyFritz, Jean5.68.0
65425 ENBraving the FireSeverance, John B.5.66.0
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
5601 ENBungalow Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
105133 ENCall of the Wild: Retold from the Jack London Original, TheHo, Oliver5.64.0
105625 ENCamelot Spell, TheGilman, Laura Anne5.69.0
49076 ENCars (Built for Speed)Graham, Ian5.61.0
62878 ENCécile: Gates of GoldCasanova, Mary5.65.0
14553 ENCharles Barkley: Star ForwardKnapp, Ron5.62.0
83169 ENChild of the Dark ProphecyBarron, T.A.5.617.0
109093 ENChoice, TheSkurzynski, Gloria5.69.0
54607 ENCindy's Desert AdventureAnderson, Mary Newhall5.65.0
88201 ENCloud Chamber, TheMaynard, Joyce5.69.0
5602 ENClue in the Crossword Cipher, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
5653 ENClue in the Embers, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5607 ENClue in the Old Stagecoach, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
103746 ENCobrasLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
59204 ENCold FirePierce, Tamora5.613.0
43711 ENDerek Jeter (Real-Life Reader Biography)Torres, John5.60.5
5658 ENDisappearing Floor, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
7032 ENDither FarmHite, Sid5.69.0
69834 ENDive Book Two: The DeepKorman, Gordon5.64.0
6567 ENDucks, Geese & Swans (Zoobooks)Wexo, John Bonnett5.60.5
15920 ENEarly Settler StorybookKalman, Bobbie5.63.0
54162 ENEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber BillowsDenenberg, Barry5.63.0
15922 ENEarly TravelKalman, Bobbie5.62.0
63442 ENEl Dorado Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.66.0
81319 ENEnergy and HeatWhyman, Kathryn5.60.5
74404 ENEragonPaolini, Christopher5.625.0
81343 ENExposedPascal, Francine5.66.0
101448 ENF/A-22 Raptor, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.60.5
6918 ENFastest Friend in the West, TheGrove, Vicki5.66.0
12556 ENFishMilkins, Colin S.5.60.5
64502 ENFlight to FreedomVeciana-Suarez, Ana5.66.0
15924 ENFood for the SettlerKalman, Bobbie5.63.0
103228 ENFour Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do in EuropeHarrington, Jane5.64.0
5416 ENFourth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly5.63.0
103553 ENGetting in the GameFitzGerald, Dawn5.65.0
103749 ENGila MonstersLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
74760 ENGlass Café, ThePaulsen, Gary5.62.0
7108 ENGo Ask AliceAnonymous5.67.0
6469 ENGreat Mom Swap, TheHaynes, Betsy5.65.0
5664 ENHaunted Fort, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
62559 ENHeir ApparentVande Velde, Vivian5.611.0
5665 ENHidden Harbor Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
8970 ENIf UFOs Are RealKoss, Larry5.61.0
100861 ENInkspellFunke, Cornelia5.629.0
67278 ENInto the WildHunter, Erin5.610.0
6925 ENJackarooVoigt, Cynthia5.614.0
16924 ENJean and JohnnyCleary, Beverly5.68.0
14141 ENJedera Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.65.0
58332 ENJohn Paul II: The Pope from PolandParks, Deborah A.5.61.0
26734 ENJonathan Livingston SeagullBach, Richard5.61.0
27945 ENJournal of William Thomas Emerson: A ...War Patriot, TheDenenberg, Barry5.64.0
54392 ENJournals of Rachel Scott: A Journey of Faith..., TheScott/Nimmo/Klingsporn5.65.0
58234 ENJourney to the River SeaIbbotson, Eva5.612.0
6774 ENKachina Doll Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
108944 ENKiss Me TomorrowShreve, Susan5.66.0
61332 ENLady KnightPierce, Tamora5.616.0
619 ENLast Battle, TheLewis, C.S.5.67.0
73956 ENLily B. on the Brink of CoolKimmel, Elizabeth Cody5.67.0
111919 ENLily B. on the Brink of ParisKimmel, Elizabeth Cody5.65.0
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
10974 ENListen to the Howl of the WolfMcCullough, Bill5.67.0
371 ENLottery Rose, TheHunt, Irene5.67.0
11725 ENLottery Winner, TheClark, Mary Higgins5.611.0
108894 ENLowridersDoeden, Matt5.61.0
111443 ENLudie's LifeRylant, Cynthia5.62.0
6024 ENLyddiePaterson, Katherine5.69.0
6931 ENMan from the Other Side, TheOrlev, Uri5.68.0
7764 ENMandie and the Angel's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys5.67.0
6479 ENMinn of the MississippiHolling, Holling Clancy5.63.0
87611 ENMountain That Walked, TheHolubitsky, Katherine5.69.0
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard5.63.0
52017 ENMummyCooney, Caroline B.5.68.0
54170 ENMy Face to the Wind: The Diary of Sarah Jane Price...TeacherMurphy, Jim5.66.0
18778 ENMy Life in Dog YearsPaulsen, Gary5.63.0
6781 ENMystery of the Winged LionKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
87346 ENNastybookYourgrau, Barry5.64.0
54222 ENNational ParksPetersen, David5.60.5
31648 ENNever Trust a Dead ManVande Velde, Vivian5.67.0
5281 ENNo Promises in the WindHunt, Irene5.68.0
67496 ENNot Just a WitchIbbotson, Eva5.66.0
43740 ENNzingha: Warrior Queen of MatambaMcKissack, Patricia C.5.63.0
7016 ENOn Fortune's WheelVoigt, Cynthia5.615.0
106719 ENOnce Upon a CrimeKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
380 ENOrdinary JackCresswell, Helen5.68.0
106274 ENOutside Groove, TheEsckilsen, Erik E.5.610.0
73290 ENPablo Picasso (Raintree Biographies)Langley, Andrew5.60.5
52603 ENPaul RevereSullivan, George5.62.0
40479 ENPaybackPascal, Francine5.67.0
107292 ENPieces of GeorgiaBryant, Jennifer5.64.0
6936 ENPigman & Me, TheZindel, Paul5.65.0
32525 ENPilgrims of Plimoth, TheSewall, Marcia5.61.0
106424 ENPish PoshPotter, Ellen5.66.0
109147 ENQuiet Hero: The Ira Hayes StoryNelson, S.D.5.60.5
134 ENRamona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.63.0
64308 ENRat Boys: A Dating ExperimentEberhardt, Thom5.66.0
8984 ENReal GhostsCohen, Daniel5.62.0
7129 ENRedwallJacques, Brian5.616.0
104967 ENRevenge of the Shadow King, TheBenz, Derek5.615.0
101692 ENRevenge of the WitchDelaney, Joseph5.69.0
54100 ENRising StarCampbell, Joanna5.65.0
57693 ENRobert E. Lee (The Civil War Biographies)Monroe, Judy5.61.0
18786 ENRonia, The Robber's DaughterLindgren, Astrid5.67.0
64582 ENSacagawea (Raintree Biographies)Birchfield, D.L.5.61.0
5540 ENSaint George and the DragonHodges, Margaret5.60.5
5639 ENScarlet Slipper Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
17592 ENSchernoff Discoveries, ThePaulsen, Gary5.63.0
57920 ENScream Museum, TheZindel, Paul5.65.0
32376 ENSearch for Snout, TheCoville, Bruce5.66.0
5683 ENSecret of Skull Mountain, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5685 ENSecret of the Lost Tunnel, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5689 ENSecret Warning, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
32532 ENShadow in the NorthPullman, Philip5.613.0
5690 ENShore Road Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
78969 ENSiege, TheLasky, Kathryn5.66.0
101422 ENSioux and Their History, TheEnglar, Mary5.61.0
31167 ENSlam DunkBarwin, Steven5.64.0
49790 ENSquirePierce, Tamora5.615.0
28293 ENStealing FreedomCarbone, Elisa5.610.0
30508 ENSummer of FearDuncan, Lois5.69.0
24981 ENSwallowing StonesMcDonald, Joyce5.69.0
41066 ENTake My HandGunn, Robin Jones5.65.0
5911 ENTale of the Mandarin Ducks, ThePaterson, Katherine5.60.5
497 ENThese Happy Golden YearsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.610.0
9896 ENTime BombDixon, Franklin W.5.67.0
720 ENTo Kill a MockingbirdLee, Harper5.615.0
36029 ENTwo-Minute MysteriesSobol, Donald J.5.63.0
100510 ENVacation, TheHorvath, Polly5.67.0
17196 ENWakefield Legacy: The Untold Story, ThePascal/William5.611.0
34731 ENWelcome to Felicity's World, 1774Gourley, Catherine5.61.0
12490 ENWhen She HollersVoigt, Cynthia5.65.0
88156 ENWhere's Nancy?Keene, Carolyn5.65.0
42831 ENWho Really Killed Cock Robin?George, Jean Craighead5.65.0
110026 ENWind RiderWilliams, Susan5.610.0
7050 ENWinter of FireJordan, Sherryl5.612.0
6950 ENWoodsongPaulsen, Gary5.65.0
6638 ENYear of Impossible GoodbyesChoi, Sook Nyul5.67.0
80305 EN290, TheO'Dell, Scott5.74.0
83024 ENAkhenaten Adventure, TheKerr, P.B.5.713.0
47403 ENAkiko and the Great Wall of TruddCrilley, Mark5.73.0
42797 ENAkiko in the Sprubly IslandsCrilley, Mark5.73.0
45101 ENAkiko on the Planet SmooCrilley, Mark5.74.0
8852 ENAnd Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha5.78.0
12207 ENArabian HorsesSchrenk, Hans-Jorg5.70.5
102168 ENArielTiffany, Grace5.77.0
87709 ENArtemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionColfer, Eoin5.712.0
111284 ENAt a Construction SiteGraham, Ian5.70.5
113074 ENAvalanchesWoods, Michael5.71.0
53447 ENAwful Ogre's Awful DayPrelutsky, Jack5.70.5
46418 ENBaseball (Successful Sports)Santella, Andrew5.71.0
9632 ENBeardanceHobbs, Will5.78.0
356 ENBeetles, Lightly ToastedNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.75.0
10755 ENBellmaker, TheJacques, Brian5.714.0
8553 ENBeyond the Chocolate WarCormier, Robert5.710.0
87818 ENBlue Whales and Other Baleen WhalesJohnson, Christina5.71.0
5652 ENBombay Boomerang, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
74913 ENBoy on Fairfield Street...Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss, TheKrull, Kathleen5.71.0
88675 ENBrave Apprentice, TheCatanese, P.W.5.78.0
78850 ENBridal DreamsAnderson, Mary Newhall5.75.0
7054 ENCalifornios, TheL'Amour, Louis5.78.0
54095 ENCastleNix, Garth5.76.0
9856 ENCat Who Could Read Backwards, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.78.0
9863 ENCat Who Played Post Office, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.78.0
9869 ENCat Who Went into the Closet, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.710.0
101418 ENCherokee and Their History, TheEnglar, Mary5.71.0
31890 ENChinese CinderellaMah, Adeline Yen5.78.0
54606 ENCindy's Bold StartCampbell/Anderson5.76.0
18531 ENClockwork or All Wound UpPullman, Philip5.72.0
89430 ENCottonmouth Club, TheMarcum, Lance5.711.0
101207 ENCounterfeit Princess, TheThomas, Jane Resh5.77.0
109770 ENCurse of the BaneDelaney, Joseph5.712.0
78252 ENCurse of the Blue Tattoo...Faber, Midshipman and Fine LadyMeyer, L.A.5.721.0
20799 ENCurses, Inc. and Other StoriesVelde, Vivian Vande5.77.0
45702 ENDaja's BookPierce, Tamora5.78.0
10407 ENDanzig PassageThoene, Bodie5.727.0
110366 ENDoes This Make Sense? Constructing ExplanationsSomervill, Barbara A.5.70.5
111305 ENDonutheartStauffacher, Sue5.78.0
63441 ENDrackenberg Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.75.0
113076 ENDroughtsWoods, Michael5.71.0
1659 ENEarth in Space, TheRiley, Peter5.71.0
9981 ENEchoes of the White GiraffeChoi, Sook Nyul5.75.0
5010 ENFacts and Fiction of Minna PrattMacLachlan, Patricia5.74.0
54117 ENFatalityCooney, Caroline B.5.77.0
12996 ENFighter PlanesSchleifer, Jay5.70.5
108964 ENFloating Island, TheHaydon, Elizabeth5.715.0
58056 ENFor All TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.78.0
59208 ENFrom the Two Rivers (The Eye of the World - Part One)Jordan, Robert5.723.0
109982 ENGargoyle On the Roof, ThePrelutsky, Jack5.70.5
5068 ENGhosts I Have BeenPeck, Richard5.79.0
8568 ENGiver, TheLowry, Lois5.77.0
20619 ENGo Fetch!Weiss, David/Bobbi5.75.0
44354 ENGolden Knights: The U.S. Army Parachute Team, TheHopkins, Ellen5.70.5
31190 ENGreat Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West, TheGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
5332 ENHarris and MePaulsen, Gary5.75.0
367 ENHatchetPaulsen, Gary5.77.0
59167 ENHole in My LifeGantos, Jack5.77.0
84359 ENHoliday Memory, ABrooke, Lauren5.77.0
51467 ENHorse for Christmas, ACampbell, Joanna5.75.0
89320 ENHuman Impact on the EnvironmentRose, Elizabeth5.70.5
79166 ENHunters of the DuskShan, Darren5.76.0
106171 ENHurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast: Disaster & SurvivalMiller, Mara5.71.0
11547 ENI Had Seen CastlesRylant, Cynthia5.73.0
5273 ENIsland, ThePaulsen, Gary5.78.0
120 ENJacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.78.0
8110 ENJane of Lantern HillMontgomery, L.M.5.712.0
78508 ENJohnny AppleseedKunstler, James Howard5.70.5
55208 ENJournal of Douglas Allen Deeds: The Donner Party Expedition, ThePhilbrick, Rodman5.74.0
27944 ENJournal of James Edmond Pease, TheMurphy, Jim5.76.0
105026 ENJourney: Stories of Migration, TheRylant, Cynthia5.71.0
17778 ENJulie's Wolf PackGeorge, Jean Craighead5.76.0
108509 ENJungle Book: Mowgli's Story, TheKipling, Rudyard5.74.0
25858 ENKidnapping of Suzie Q, TheWaddell, Martin5.75.0
108263 ENKiki Strike: Inside the Shadow CityMiller, Kirsten5.716.0
103361 ENKing of Attolia, TheTurner, Megan Whalen5.714.0
47463 ENKobe Bryant: Basketball Big ShotSavage, Jeff5.71.0
88520 ENLast of the Sky Pirates, TheStewart, Paul5.712.0
48770 ENLaura Welch Bush: First LadyStone, Tanya Lee5.71.0
116123 ENLCAC Military Hovercraft, TheParker, Steve5.70.5
30337 ENLegend of Luke, TheJacques, Brian5.716.0
57919 ENLethal Gorilla, TheZindel, Paul5.75.0
52 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.76.0
75913 ENLionboyCorder, Zizou5.712.0
10809 ENListen for the WhispererWhitney, Phyllis A.5.716.0
102401 ENLive BaitPascal, Francine5.77.0
116124 ENM1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, TheParker, Steve5.70.5
116127 ENM270 Multiple Rocket Launcher, TheParker, Steve5.70.5
41470 ENMagic StepsPierce, Tamora5.79.0
108030 ENManaging Your Money: Understanding Math...IntegersLinde, Barbara M.5.71.0
7168 ENMariel of RedwallJacques, Brian5.716.0
4657 ENMark McGwire (Baseball Legends)Muskat, Carrie5.72.0
28453 ENMarlfoxJacques, Brian5.717.0
43469 ENMatilda BoneCushman, Karen5.75.0
66632 ENMutiny!Strickland/Fuller5.76.0
87629 ENMysterious Circus, TheLangton, Jane5.75.0
13673 ENMystery at Lake PlacidMacGregor, Roy5.76.0
5675 ENMystery of the Chinese Junk, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
117480 ENNear Planets, TheGraham, Ian5.70.5
103127 ENNever Do Anything, Ever: by Jamie KellyBenton, Jim5.72.0
32511 ENNight the White Deer Died, ThePaulsen, Gary5.73.0
42782 ENOf Heroes and VillainsDelaney, Mark5.77.0
25418 ENOur National SymbolsJohnson, Linda Carlson5.71.0
12182 ENOur Vast Home: The Milky Way and Other GalaxiesAsimov, Isaac5.70.5
17831 ENOver the WaterCasey, Maude5.79.0
8117 ENPat of Silver BushMontgomery, L.M.5.717.0
9134 ENPaul BunyanKellogg, Steven5.70.5
8580 ENPigman's Legacy, TheZindel, Paul5.76.0
106779 ENPirate CurseMeyer, Kai5.712.0
32357 ENPirate's Son, TheMcCaughrean, Geraldine5.710.0
106425 ENPoison IvyKoss, Amy Goldman5.75.0
87212 ENPolo's MotherNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.76.0
77944 ENPrice of Fame, TheCampbell/Newhall5.75.0
634 ENPrince CaspianLewis, C.S.5.77.0
44873 ENPrincess Diaries, TheCabot, Meg5.79.0
51782 ENPrincess in the SpotlightCabot, Meg5.78.0
115155 ENProblem with Here Is That It's Where I'm From by Jamie Kelly, TheBenton, Jim5.72.0
105480 ENProfiles in Sports CourageRappoport, Ken5.75.0
104013 ENPtolemy's GateStroud, Jonathan5.720.0
47668 ENRansom of Mercy Carter, TheCooney, Caroline B.5.79.0
11735 ENRebounder, TheDygard, Thomas J.5.76.0
75423 ENRemotely Piloted Aircraft: The PredatorsGreen, Michael5.70.5
78846 ENRibbajack & Other Curious Yarns, TheJacques, Brian5.76.0
5952 ENRiver RunnersHouston, James5.75.0
243 ENRoad from Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.5.710.0
44303 ENRumpelstiltskin Problem, TheVelde, Vivian Vande5.74.0
10793 ENSalamandastronJacques, Brian5.716.0
40482 ENSamPascal, Francine5.76.0
6342 ENSavage SamGipson, Fred5.78.0
40143 ENSecret Journey, TheKehret, Peg5.74.0
5642 ENSecret of Red Gate Farm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.75.0
100192 ENSecret of the Swamp King, TheRogers, Jonathan5.78.0
5687 ENSecret of Wildcat SwampDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
59769 ENShadows on the WallNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.76.0
639 ENSilver Chair, TheLewis, C.S.5.78.0
20135 ENSoldier's HeartPaulsen, Gary5.72.0
46856 ENSoldier XWulffson, Don L.5.77.0
36018 ENSour LandArmstrong, William H.5.74.0
2937 ENSports Great Ken Griffey, Jr.Savage, Jeff5.72.0
2534 ENSports Great Kobe BryantMacnow, Glen5.72.0
17391 ENSports Great Wayne GretzkyRappoport, Ken5.71.0
19619 ENStable WitchBryant, Bonnie5.74.0
11581 ENStar FlightWhitney, Phyllis A.5.712.0
77879 ENStar's InspirationCampbell/Anderson5.75.0
82295 ENSterkarm Kiss, APrice, Susan5.714.0
18893 ENStormsSimon, Seymour5.70.5
41632 ENStuck in NeutralTrueman, Terry5.74.0
105623 ENSwan Town: The Secret Journal of Susanna ShakespeareOrtiz, Michael J.5.78.0
103501 ENTelling Pool, TheClement-Davies, David5.715.0
87341 ENThief and the Beanstalk, TheCatanese, P.W.5.710.0
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
59220 ENTo the Blight (The Eye of the World - Part Two)Jordan, Robert5.726.0
53361 ENTo the Top of EverestSkreslet/MacLeod5.72.0
15938 ENTools and GadgetsKalman, Bobbie5.70.5
78027 ENTree GirlMikaelsen, Ben5.76.0
88794 ENUnder the Jolly Roger...Nautical Adventures of Jacky FaberMeyer, L.A.5.723.0
93 ENVoyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.711.0
101832 ENWater Mirror, TheMeyer, Kai5.79.0
7028 ENWe All Fall DownCormier, Robert5.710.0
34733 ENWelcome to Kirsten's World, 1854Sinnott, Susan5.71.0
70234 ENWest Coast Murders, TheMacGregor, Roy5.74.0
18846 ENWhen Hitler Stole Pink RabbitKerr, Judith5.79.0
7125 ENWhile My Pretty One SleepsClark, Mary Higgins5.713.0
68026 ENWhy Do Bruises Change Color? And Other Questions About BloodRoyston, Angela5.71.0
102724 ENWill of the Empress, ThePierce, Tamora5.721.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.79.0
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
43314 ENWithout WonderCampbell/James5.76.0
73220 ENWizard's HolidayDuane, Diane5.716.0
101459 ENWizards at WarDuane, Diane5.722.0
16699 ENWorf's First AdventureDavid, Peter5.74.0
108000 ENWorld's Most Dangerous Machines, TheO'Shei, Tim5.70.5
108001 ENWorld's Most Notorious Crooks, TheDoeden, Matt5.70.5
105862 ENWright 3, TheBalliett, Blue5.77.0
15901 EN18th Century ClothingKalman, Bobbie5.81.0
14903 ENAbsolute PowerBaldacci, David5.825.0
44806 ENAnastasia: The Last Grand DuchessMeyer, Carolyn5.85.0
82179 ENAssassinCavendish, Grace5.86.0
8202 ENBabysitter II, TheStine, R.L.5.85.0
9997 ENBackfield PackageDygard, Thomas J.5.86.0
25232 ENBad, Badder, BaddestVoigt, Cynthia5.88.0
14989 ENBallad of Lucy Whipple, TheCushman, Karen5.87.0
103458 ENBarack Obama: Working to Make a DifferenceBrill, Marlene Targ5.81.0
86697 ENBattle ScarsWilson, John5.86.0
68134 ENBernie Magruder & the Bats in the BelfryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.84.0
45889 ENBlack Stallion's Courage, TheFarley, Walter5.89.0
109203 ENBoy in the Striped Pajamas, TheBoyne, John5.87.0
80633 ENBucking the SargeCurtis, Christopher Paul5.810.0
19557 ENCapyboppyPeet, Bill5.81.0
60579 ENCat Who Blew the Whistle, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.810.0
52619 ENCat Who Said Cheese, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.810.0
9865 ENCat Who Sniffed Glue, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.88.0
52622 ENCat Who Tailed a Thief, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.810.0
9870 ENCat Who Went Underground, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.810.0
68429 ENCheerleading in ActionCrossingham, John5.81.0
89159 ENCivil War, ThePoulakidas, Georgene5.80.5
5655 ENClue of the Screeching Owl, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
5614 ENClue of the Whistling Bagpipes, TheKeene, Carolyn5.86.0
112567 ENCobra King of Kathmandu, TheKerr, P.B.5.814.0
117476 ENComets and AsteroidsGraham, Ian5.80.5
88148 ENCrash CourseReilly, Matthew5.84.0
11706 ENCrossing, ThePaulsen, Gary5.83.0
8908 ENDaring DetectivesHitchcock, Alfred5.810.0
24982 ENDark Side of Nowhere, TheShusterman, Neal5.88.0
20304 ENDefender, TheKalashnikoff, Nicholas5.84.0
63105 ENDenzel WashingtonWheeler, Jill C.5.81.0
47223 ENDerby DreamsCampbell/Platt5.85.0
23305 ENDial-a-GhostIbbotson, Eva5.86.0
14212 ENDodo, TheGreen, Tamara5.80.5
101931 ENDoor Within, TheBatson, Wayne Thomas5.813.0
73285 ENDorothea Lange (Raintree Biographies)Stone, Amy5.80.5
7041 ENDragon of the Lost SeaYep, Laurence5.86.0
32818 ENDragon Reborn, TheJordan, Robert5.838.0
14458 ENDragon's BloodYolen, Jane5.88.0
54611 ENDragon SteelYep, Laurence5.88.0
74895 ENDragons of Autumn TwilightWeis/Hickman5.823.0
74896 ENDragons of Winter NightWeis/Hickman5.821.0
25258 ENDrop of Water, AWick, Walter5.80.5
15913 ENEarly Family HomeKalman, Bobbie5.82.0
15917 ENEarly Pleasures and PastimesKalman, Bobbie5.84.0
8106 ENEmily's QuestMontgomery, L.M.5.810.0
18811 ENEmperor MagePierce, Tamora5.810.0
73252 ENEvery Dog Has His DayBalaban, Bob5.84.0
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
86276 ENFar TravelerTingle, Rebecca5.88.0
5012 ENFirst Four Years, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.84.0
14539 ENFlash FireCooney, Caroline B.5.86.0
738 ENFlowers for AlgernonKeyes, Daniel5.813.0
73953 ENForest of SecretsHunter, Erin5.811.0
12608 ENFrogs and ToadsRiley, Helen5.80.5
26312 ENFundamental SoftballNitz, Kristin Wolden5.81.0
10280 ENGame PlanDygard, Thomas J.5.86.0
1402 ENGeorge W. Bush: The Family BusinessCohen, Daniel5.81.0
51202 ENGeorge WashingtonKeller, Kristin Thoennes5.81.0
5662 ENGhost at Skeleton Rock, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
30654 ENGhost Belonged to Me, ThePeck, Richard5.86.0
21703 ENGood Switch, Bad SwitchWeiss, David/Bobbi5.85.0
54215 ENGrand Canyon National ParkPetersen, David5.80.5
5663 ENGreat Airport Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
469 ENGreat Brain at the Academy, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.86.0
62760 ENGreat Ghost Rescue, TheIbbotson, Eva5.85.0
108262 ENGreen JasperGrant, K.M.5.811.0
73834 ENHere There Be DragonsYolen, Jane5.87.0
15929 ENHome CraftsKalman, Bobbie5.80.5
612 ENHorse and His Boy, TheLewis, C.S.5.88.0
58061 ENIndigoHoffman, Alice5.82.0
74987 ENIsland Stallion Races, TheFarley, Walter5.89.0
10579 ENIsland Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.88.0
41245 ENJade GreenNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.85.0
106286 ENJim Thorpe: Original All-AmericanBruchac, Joseph5.810.0
55200 ENJohn's Story: 1775Nixon, Joan Lowery5.84.0
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
44301 ENLampfish of Twill, TheLisle, Janet Taylor5.86.0
111526 ENLegacy's GiftNewhall, Mary5.85.0
107902 ENLegend of Bass Reeves...Most Valiant Marshal in the West, ThePaulsen, Gary5.86.0
17324 ENLibrarian Who Measured the Earth, TheLasky, Kathryn5.80.5
105609 ENLittle House Traveler...Wilder's Journeys Across America, AWilder, Laura Ingalls5.89.0
116125 ENM109A6 Paladin, TheParker, Steve5.80.5
7768 ENMandie and the Forbidden AtticLeppard, Lois Gladys5.85.0
111527 ENMelanie's Double JinxNewhall, Mary5.85.0
73256 ENMillicent Min, Girl GeniusYee, Lisa5.88.0
373 ENMoccasin TrailMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis5.812.0
81644 ENMolly McGinty Has a Really Good DayPaulsen, Gary5.83.0
8920 ENMonster MuseumHitchcock, Alfred5.88.0
100080 ENMoonriseHunter, Erin5.811.0
102395 ENMy Childhood Under Fire: A Sarajevo DiaryHalilbegovich, Nadja5.83.0
5674 ENMystery of the Aztec Warrior, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
23350 ENNightbirds on NantucketAiken, Joan5.88.0
45793 ENNim's IslandOrr, Wendy5.83.0
110648 ENOperation Typhoon ShoreMowll, Joshua5.89.0
10269 ENOthers See UsSleator, William5.86.0
17830 ENOutside ShooterDygard, Thomas J.5.85.0
17587 ENPedro's JournalConrad, Pam5.82.0
10942 ENPhiladelphia Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.85.0
58064 ENPrincess in LoveCabot, Meg5.88.0
73558 ENProject PrincessCabot, Meg5.82.0
27919 ENRegarding the Fountain: A Tale in Letters, of Liars, and LeaksKlise, Kate5.82.0
6484 ENReturn to Howliday InnHowe, James5.83.0
31253 ENRosie O'Donnell (Real-Life Reader Biography)Granados, Christine5.80.5
6438 ENSave Queen of ShebaMoeri, Louise5.84.0
40661 ENSecond StringerDygard, Thomas J.5.86.0
21572 ENSecret of Platform 13, TheIbbotson, Eva5.87.0
102040 ENShadows on the StarsBarron, T.A.5.817.0
68683 ENShatterglassPierce, Tamora5.814.0
52792 ENShooting StarBates, Cynthia5.84.0
21702 ENShowdown at the MallGallagher, Diana G.5.85.0
47392 ENSolar System, TheKerrod, Robin5.81.0
32242 ENSong of the WandererCoville, Bruce5.89.0
110369 ENSorting It Out: Evaluating DataSomervill, Barbara A.5.80.5
87826 ENStorks and Other Large Wading BirdsKlobuchar, Lisa5.81.0
109866 ENStorm ThiefWooding, Chris5.813.0
11599 ENStotan!Crutcher, Chris5.89.0
48081 ENStreet MagicPierce, Tamora5.811.0
30670 ENSugaring TimeLasky, Kathryn5.81.0
77552 ENTarantula Scientist, TheMontgomery, Sy5.82.0
21041 ENTop 10 Heavyweight BoxersKnapp, Ron5.81.0
6634 ENTreasure of Green KnoweBoston, L.M.5.87.0
69581 ENTrials of DeathShan, Darren5.86.0
74765 ENTrickster's ChoicePierce, Tamora5.819.0
63024 ENTrissJacques, Brian5.817.0
104416 ENTurning, TheWhelan, Gloria5.86.0
13540 ENU.S. Navy SealsStreissguth, Tom5.80.5
7861 ENUntold TalesBrooke, William5.84.0
55211 ENViolet Keystone, TheNix, Garth5.87.0
49733 ENWayne Gretzky: Hockey Great (Revised Edition)Raber, Thomas R.5.81.0
5698 ENWhat Happened at MidnightDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
64754 ENWhen Christmas Comes Again: The World War I Diary...SpencerLevine, Beth Seidel5.85.0
59358 ENWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? Diary...McKenzie FlahertyWhite, Ellen Emerson5.86.0
61654 ENWho Was Harry Houdini?Sutherland, Tui T.5.82.0
10150 ENWings of a Falcon, TheVoigt, Cynthia5.819.0
45219 ENWings of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.814.0
107380 ENWinter DoorCarmody, Isobelle5.814.0
54205 ENWrestlingDitchfield, Christin5.80.5
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
105016 ENAdventures of Vin Fiz, TheCussler, Clive5.94.0
104836 ENAgent OutPascal, Francine5.910.0
62974 ENAll-American GirlCabot, Meg5.911.0
65268 ENAlonePascal, Francine5.96.0
73958 ENAmulet of Samarkand, TheStroud, Jonathan5.919.0
68770 ENAnne Frank's Tales from the Secret AnnexFrank/Manheim/Mok5.95.0
6653 ENAnne of Windy PoplarsMontgomery, L.M.5.914.0
24818 ENAztecs (Look into the Past), TheHicks, Peter5.90.5
7135 ENBeauty and the BeastWillard, Nancy5.92.0
6904 ENBeing of Two MindsService, Pamela F.5.96.0
10104 ENBlitzcatWestall, Robert5.99.0
63020 ENBlizzard's WakeNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.98.0
104779 ENBlue Djinn of Babylon, TheKerr, P.B.5.914.0
76894 ENBrian's HuntPaulsen, Gary5.93.0
11704 ENBrian's WinterPaulsen, Gary5.95.0
42800 ENBriar's BookPierce, Tamora5.99.0
106298 ENCan Adults Become Human? by Jamie KellyBenton, Jim5.92.0
69595 ENCarl Sandburg: Adventures of a PoetNiven, Penelope5.91.0
8858 ENCat Among the PigeonsChristie, Agatha5.911.0
52621 ENCat Who Saw Stars, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.99.0
9866 ENCat Who Talked to Ghosts, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.910.0
17 ENCat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, Elizabeth5.92.0
56489 ENCat Who Went up the Creek, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.98.0
108736 ENCelandineAugarde, Steve5.920.0
15509 ENChocolate by Hershey: A Story About Milton S. HersheyBurford, Betty5.91.0
77876 ENChristina's Shining StarCampbell/Anderson5.95.0
8859 ENClocks, TheChristie, Agatha5.912.0
15906 ENColonial CraftsKalman, Bobbie5.90.5
15907 ENColonial LifeKalman, Bobbie5.91.0
40378 ENCourage on the LineBates, Cynthia5.95.0
27065 ENCrystals and Crystal Gardens You Can GrowStangl, Jean5.91.0
78940 ENDangerous Path, AHunter, Erin5.912.0
64575 ENDaniel Boone (Raintree Biographies)Riehecky, Janet5.91.0
110412 ENDark Water RisingHale, Marian5.97.0
103748 ENDesert TortoisesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
12276 ENDiscovering Comets and MeteorsAsimov, Isaac5.90.5
10271 ENDragon's BaitVelde, Vivian5.95.0
28467 ENDragon WarYep, Laurence5.911.0
87321 ENDrowned WednesdayNix, Garth5.913.0
100187 ENDrums, Girls & Dangerous PieSonnenblick, Jordan5.98.0
73286 ENEdward Hopper (Raintree Biographies)Holmes, Burnham5.90.5
103250 ENEgyptian Diary: The Journal of NakhtPlatt, Richard5.92.0
32282 ENEnder's ShadowCard, Orson Scott5.922.0
32815 ENEye of the World, TheJordan, Robert5.949.0
54104 ENFall, TheNix, Garth5.96.0
106492 ENForever: The Annual Hockey ClassicMacGregor, Roy5.92.0
87336 ENGame of Silence, TheErdrich, Louise5.99.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
12462 ENGemini GameScott, Michael5.95.0
20113 ENGhost CanoeHobbs, Will5.98.0
5617 ENGhost of Blackwood Hall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.96.0
102997 ENGiftedEvangelista, Beth5.97.0
82165 ENGolem's Eye, TheStroud, Jonathan5.924.0
64606 ENGreat ExpectationsCampbell/Dickerson5.96.0
42775 ENGrowler's HornDelaney, Mark5.99.0
68937 ENGuns of Tortuga, TheStrickland/Fuller5.96.0
8914 ENHaunted HousefulHitchcock, Alfred5.910.0
14469 ENHere There Be UnicornsYolen, Jane5.94.0
28548 ENHeroesCormier, Robert5.94.0
110101 ENHigher Power of Lucky, ThePatron, Susan5.95.0
49077 ENHome Run KingsSavage, Jeff5.91.0
102887 ENHorror Classics: Graphic Classics Volume TenPomplun, Tom5.92.0
117145 ENHottest NASCAR MachinesKelley, K.C.5.91.0
88390 ENHubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-TrentChild, Lauren5.90.5
110103 ENIn the Belly of the Bloodhound: Being...Life of Jacky FaberMeyer, L.A.5.923.0
7876 ENIsland and the Ring, TheStevenson, Laura5.913.0
45121 ENIsland of the AuntsIbbotson, Eva5.99.0
45364 ENJ. K. RowlingGaines, Ann Graham5.91.0
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
59356 ENJournal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty: United States...Corps, TheWhite, Ellen Emerson5.97.0
70048 ENJournal of Rufus Rowe...Battle of Fredericksburg, TheHite, Sid5.93.0
32210 ENJournal of Sean Sullivan, TheDurbin, William5.95.0
43419 ENKingfisher's Tale, TheDelaney, Mark5.98.0
68064 ENLand of the Buffalo Bones: The Diary of...Girl in MinnesotaBauer, Marion Dane5.97.0
110750 ENLeo TolstoyTolstoy, Leo5.93.0
78550 ENLizzie Bright and the Buckminster BoySchmidt, Gary D.5.910.0
16925 ENLuckiest Girl, TheCleary, Beverly5.910.0
116126 ENM2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, TheParker, Steve5.90.5
8114 ENMagic for MarigoldMontgomery, L.M.5.915.0
73289 ENMichelangelo (Raintree Biographies)Langley, Andrew5.91.0
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn Sherwin5.94.0
70137 ENMister MondayNix, Garth5.912.0
8115 ENMistress PatMontgomery, L.M.5.918.0
101954 ENMystery on Cobbett's Island, TheKenny, Kathryn5.98.0
27036 ENNew York City (Cities of the World)Kent, Deborah5.91.0
101891 ENOf Flowers and ShadowsKirwan, Anna5.96.0
29796 ENOl' Paul, the Mighty LoggerRounds, Glen5.93.0
6025 ENOther Bells for Us to RingCormier, Robert5.94.0
8888 ENPale Horse, TheChristie, Agatha5.910.0
27037 ENParis (Cities of the World)Stein, R. Conrad5.91.0
43410 ENPinky PyeEstes, Eleanor5.99.0
32793 ENPlanet XFriedman, Michael Jan5.911.0
51791 ENProtester's Song, TheDelaney, Mark5.98.0
58207 ENPure Dead MagicGliori, Debi5.96.0
103751 ENRattlesnakesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
18829 ENRealms of the Gods, ThePierce, Tamora5.910.0
103300 ENRegarding the Trees: A Splintered Saga Rooted in SecretsKlise, Kate5.93.0
82194 ENSalem Witch Trials: An Unsolved Mystery from History, TheYolen/Stemple5.90.5
80302 ENSamantha's Irish LuckAnderson, Mary Newhall5.95.0
43724 ENSandra Bullock (Real-Life Reader Biography)Zannos, Susan5.91.0
102730 ENSecond SightBlackwood, Gary L.5.911.0
35809 ENSending of Dragons, AYolen, Jane5.98.0
5292 ENSeventeenth SummerDaly, Maureen5.914.0
32816 ENShadow Rising, TheJordan, Robert5.954.0
88569 ENSilverFinHigson, Charlie5.914.0
106303 ENSinging HandsRay, Delia5.98.0
16926 ENSister of the BrideCleary, Beverly5.910.0
12631 ENSnakesLinley, Mike5.90.5
17840 ENSoccer DuelDygard, Thomas J.5.97.0
32518 ENSomething for JoeyMcNeely/Peck5.98.0
106304 ENStar Wars, Episode II: Attack of the ClonesWrede, Patricia C.5.96.0
108623 ENStar Wars, Star PilotBuller, Laura5.90.5
106251 ENStarlightHunter, Erin5.912.0
117477 ENStars and GalaxiesGraham, Ian5.90.5
6840 ENSting of the Scorpion, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.96.0
16312 ENStory of Junipero Serra: Brave Adventurer, TheWhite, Florence Meiman5.92.0
36565 ENThrough My EyesBridges, Ruby5.92.0
6044 ENTiger in the Well, ThePullman, Philip5.920.0
110496 ENTiger MagicYep, Laurence5.99.0
84642 ENTiger's BloodYep, Laurence5.98.0
57709 ENUlysses S. Grant (The Civil War Biographies)Gregson, Susan R.5.91.0
92 ENUnderstood BetsyFisher, Dorothy Canfield5.98.0
107239 ENVictoryCooper, Susan5.98.0
15098 ENView from Saturday, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.97.0
67091 ENVoice of Her Own: The Story of Phillis Wheatley, Slave Poet, ALasky, Kathryn5.91.0
649 ENVoyage of the Dawn Treader, TheLewis, C.S.5.99.0
114464 ENWar HorseMorpurgo, Michael5.96.0
8298 ENWaterskiing and KneeboardingWalker, Cheryl5.90.5
34735 ENWelcome to Samantha's World, 1904Gourley, Catherine5.91.0
79629 ENWiredPascal, Francine5.96.0
68477 ENWizard at WorkVande Velde, Vivian5.93.0
107997 ENWorld's Fastest Animals, TheDoeden, Matt5.90.5
68442 ENWrestling in ActionCrossingham, John5.91.0
86252 ENXanadu Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.95.0
89273 ENAFC SouthBuckley Jr., James6.01.0
6652 ENAnne of InglesideMontgomery, L.M.6.016.0
5929 ENAthletic ShortsCrutcher, Chris6.06.0
9905 ENBarbara Jordan: CongresswomanJohnson, Linda Carlson6.02.0
69067 ENBehind the Secret Window: A Memoir of...Childhood During WWIIToll, Nelly S.6.06.0
106196 ENBella at MidnightStanley, Diane6.09.0
83000 ENBest Book of Ancient Rome, TheMurrell, Deborah Jane6.00.5
28273 ENBeyond the DivideLasky, Kathryn6.012.0
5003 ENBorrowers Afloat, TheNorton, Mary6.06.0
20060 ENBorrowers Aloft, TheNorton, Mary6.06.0
9543 ENBoyDahl, Roald6.06.0
7053 ENBroken Gun, TheL'Amour, Louis6.06.0
107689 ENBundle at Blackthorpe Heath, TheCopeland, Mark6.04.0
12269 ENButterflies: Magical MetamorphosisGarcia, Eulalia6.00.5
14 ENCaddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6.08.0
5062 ENCalico CaptiveSpeare, Elizabeth George6.09.0
17611 ENCalifornia Gold Rush, TheMcNeer, May6.04.0
8857 ENCaribbean Mystery, AChristie, Agatha6.08.0
60580 ENCat Who Came to Breakfast, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson6.011.0
9858 ENCat Who Knew a Cardinal, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson6.010.0
52620 ENCat Who Sang for the Birds, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson6.010.0
18 ENCenterburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6.05.0
214 ENCheaper by the DozenGilbreth, Ernestine/Frank6.010.0
14755 ENChinese HandcuffsCrutcher, Chris6.010.0
64574 ENCrazy Horse (Raintree Biographies)Birchfield, D.L.6.01.0
45941 ENCreating the X-MenJr., James Buckley6.01.0
103747 ENCrocodilesLockwood, Sophie6.01.0
18807 ENCry in the Night, AClark, Mary Higgins6.012.0
70413 ENDalai Lama: A Biography of the Tibetan...Political Leader, TheDemi6.00.5
11461 ENDangerous Promise, ANixon, Joan Lowery6.07.0
100048 ENDaughters of the ArkMorgan, Anna6.07.0
11710 ENDay They Came to Arrest the Book, TheHentoff, Nat6.06.0
755 ENDeathwatchWhite, Robb6.07.0
60562 ENDerby FeverCampbell/Anderson6.05.0
15921 ENEarly Stores and MarketsKalman, Bobbie6.02.0
66444 ENElectricityChevat, Richie6.01.0
28858 ENEveryday Astronomy (Look into Space)Kirkwood, Jon6.00.5
59759 ENFaces in the WaterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds6.07.0
82982 ENFavorite Medieval TalesOsborne, Mary Pope6.02.0
102330 ENFirehills, TheAlton, Steve6.07.0
84536 ENFive Bold Freedom FightersHudson, Wade6.01.0
19014 ENFloating IslandParrish, Anne6.06.0
59760 ENFootprints at the WindowNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds6.07.0
26304 ENFundamental BaseballGeng, Don6.02.0
101807 ENGeorge W. BushMárquez, Herón6.02.0
8913 ENGhostly GalleryHitchcock, Alfred6.010.0
5269 ENGift of Magic, ADuncan, Lois6.07.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
10808 ENGolden Unicorn, TheWhitney, Phyllis A.6.018.0
87821 ENGorillas and Other ApesIngebretsen, Karen6.01.0
76340 ENGrim TuesdayNix, Garth6.010.0
102840 ENHans Christian Andersen: His Fairy Tale LifeVarmer, Hjordis6.03.0
54638 ENHole in the World, AHite, Sid6.05.0
44591 ENHorse of the War God and Other Selections by Newbery Authors, TheGreenberg, Martin H.6.07.0
65168 ENHow Angel Peterson Got His NamePaulsen, Gary6.03.0
18253 ENHurricanes: Earth's Mightiest StormsLauber, Patricia6.01.0
5271 ENI Heard the Owl Call My NameCraven, Margaret6.06.0
87822 ENIguanas and Other LizardsIngebretsen, Karen6.01.0
11470 ENInto the Land of the UnicornsCoville, Bruce6.05.0
64749 ENJahanara: Princess of PrincessesLasky, Kathryn6.05.0
57692 ENJefferson Davis (The Civil War Biographies)Gunderson, Cory Gideon6.01.0
20119 ENKnots in My Yo-Yo String: The Autobiography of a KidSpinelli, Jerry6.05.0
114394 ENLady FridayNix, Garth6.010.0
31641 ENLandry News, TheClements, Andrew6.04.0
54060 ENLife in Army Basic TrainingGartman, Gene6.01.0
124 ENLittle Princess, ABurnett, Frances6.011.0
20083 ENLong Patrol, TheJacques, Brian6.015.0
76899 ENLyra's OxfordPullman, Philip6.01.0
17091 ENMan-of-War (Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections)Platt, Richard6.00.5
54165 ENMaria's Story: 1773Nixon, Joan Lowery6.04.0
87627 ENMidnightHunter, Erin6.012.0
86585 ENMidnight Forests: A Story of Gifford...Our National ForestsHines, Gary6.00.5
11553 ENMidwife's Apprentice, TheCushman, Karen6.03.0
101689 ENMimusThal, Lilli6.018.0
64750 ENMirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess BrennanDenenberg, Barry6.04.0
25821 ENMiss Teen Sweet ValleyPascal/William,6.05.0
47133 ENMissingPascal, Francine6.07.0
117249 ENMississippi Jack: Being an Account of the..Lily of the WestMeyer, L.A.6.025.0
78763 ENMistress of DragonsWeis, Margaret6.016.0
8975 ENMonsters, Strange Dreams and UFOsEmert, Phyllis6.03.0
104776 ENMontmorency and the AssassinsUpdale, Eleanor6.015.0
516 ENMy Friend FlickaO'Hara, Mary6.015.0
27892 ENNew Orleans Saints, TheItalia, Bob6.00.5
104777 ENOperation Red JerichoMowll, Joshua6.09.0
109213 ENOscar WildeWilde, Oscar6.03.0
20347 ENPaddington at LargeBond, Michael6.04.0
9639 ENPigs Might FlyKing-Smith, Dick6.04.0
114889 ENPirate EmperorMeyer, Kai6.012.0
104732 ENPrincess AcademyHale, Shannon6.010.0
77562 ENPrincess in PinkCabot, Meg6.09.0
83043 ENPrincess Present, TheCabot, Meg6.02.0
78512 ENPrincess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin: The Native...LegendMetaxas, Eric6.00.5
101421 ENPueblo and Their History, TheSt. Lawrence, Genevieve6.01.0
6682 ENSilver on the TreeCooper, Susan6.014.0
82 ENSlave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6.06.0
31192 ENStarplace, TheGrove, Vicki6.07.0
112067 ENStone Light, TheMeyer, Kai6.012.0
5151 ENStory of the Alamo, TheRichards, Norman6.01.0
5166 ENStory of the Gettysburg Address, TheRichards, Kenneth6.01.0
194 ENStuart LittleWhite, E.B.6.03.0
87990 ENTaking WingGraff, Nancy Price6.09.0
14778 ENTendernessCormier, Robert6.08.0
15792 ENThief, TheTurner, Megan Whalen6.011.0
51208 ENThomas JeffersonAldridge, Rebecca6.01.0
55552 ENTom HanksWheeler, Jill C.6.01.0
110408 ENTomorrow, the RiverGray, Dianne E.6.08.0
48788 ENToni Morrison: The Magic of WordsHaskins, Jim6.01.0
9844 ENTop 10 Football ReceiversThornley, Stew6.01.0
100205 ENUFOs and Crop CirclesMason, Paul6.01.0
5094 ENVoyage of the Frog, ThePaulsen, Gary6.05.0
44731 ENWild TrekKjelgaard, Jim6.09.0
52028 ENWitch ChildRees, Celia6.09.0
25913 ENWithin Reach: My Everest StoryPfetzer/Galvin6.011.0
8999 ENWorld's Most Spine-Tingling "True" Ghost StoriesBarry, Sheila6.03.0
113824 ENWorld Series: The Greatest Moments of the Most Exciting Game, ThePeters, Stephanie6.03.0
8250 ENWrong Number, TheStine, R.L.6.05.0
17355 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro HockeyItalia, Bob6.11.0
44802 EN1609: Winter of the DeadMassie, Elizabeth6.18.0
8851 ENA.B.C. Murders, TheChristie, Agatha6.19.0
9999 ENAmethyst Ring, TheO'Dell, Scott6.110.0
6685 ENAncient One, TheBarron, T.A.6.114.0
6654 ENAnne's House of DreamsMontgomery, L.M.6.113.0
112977 ENArmy, TheHamilton, John6.10.5
71148 ENArt and Religion in Ancient RomeGedacht, Daniel C.6.10.5
108940 ENBar Code Rebellion, TheWeyn, Suzanne6.18.0
18465 ENBaseball's Greatest GamesGutman, Dan6.17.0
106527 ENBeasts of Clawstone Castle, TheIbbotson, Eva6.18.0
86093 ENBlack Canary, TheCurry, Jane Louise6.18.0
601 ENBlack Stallion Returns, TheFarley, Walter6.18.0
7042 ENBoggart, TheCooper, Susan6.18.0
80497 ENCastle in the Sea, TheO'Dell, Scott6.17.0
9861 ENCat Who Moved a Mountain, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson6.111.0
9868 ENCat Who Wasn't There, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson6.111.0
101887 ENCatherine: The Great JourneyGregory, Kristiana6.15.0
8907 ENChessmen of Doom, TheBellairs, John6.16.0
53739 ENChicago Bears Football Team, TheO'Shei, Tim6.11.0
61460 ENCindy's Last HopeCampbell, Joanna6.15.0
14457 ENCompanions of the NightVandeVelde, Vivian6.19.0
735 ENDaddy-Long-LegsWebster, Jean6.16.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
8059 ENDon't Care HighKorman, Gordon6.19.0
70015 ENDreadful ActsArdagh, Philip6.14.0
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
116622 ENEveryday ConservationWheeler, Jill C.6.11.0
58908 ENFalcon and the Charles Street WitchGray, Luli6.15.0
737 ENFellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.129.0
66890 ENFlowers in the AtticAndrews, V.C.6.122.0
468 ENFog MagicSauer, Julia6.14.0
5661 ENFootprints Under the WindowDixon, Franklin W.6.15.0
116623 ENFossil FuelsWheeler, Jill C.6.11.0
8107 ENFurther Chronicles of AvonleaMontgomery, L.M.6.110.0
20076 ENGoing SoloDahl, Roald6.19.0
7871 ENHangman's Beautiful Daughter, TheMcCrumb, Sharyn6.112.0
52646 ENHawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day, TheO'Dell, Scott6.18.0
71112 ENHeart of SteeleStrickland/Fuller6.16.0
37 ENHigh King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.111.0
5666 ENHooded Hawk Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.6.16.0
87603 ENIn the PaintRud, Jeff6.16.0
61822 ENInvertebratesBall et al., Jackie6.11.0
71271 ENIt's a Dog's LifeBalaban, Bob6.14.0
74053 ENLegend of Saint Nicholas, TheDemi6.10.5
83683 ENLet's Pretend This Never Happened: By Jamie KellyBenton, Jim6.11.0
64580 ENLewis and ClarkStout, Mary6.11.0
25112 ENLiberty Bell, TheSakurai, Gail6.11.0
44587 ENLighthouse Island and Other Selections by Newbery AuthorsGreenberg, Martin H.6.16.0
24762 ENLouisiana (Portrait of America)Thompson, Kathleen6.11.0
43408 ENMagic Can Be MurderVande Velde, Vivian6.17.0
61823 ENMammalsOtfinoski/Brunelle6.11.0
101204 ENMarie, DancingMeyer, Carolyn6.19.0
54 ENMary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.16.0
87155 ENMeasle and the DragodonOgilvy, Ian6.110.0
103252 ENMirror of Fire and Dreaming, TheDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee6.113.0
25382 ENMother Teresa: Helping the Poor (Updated)Jacobs, William Jay6.11.0
8883 ENMurder with Mirrors (They Do It with Mirrors)Christie, Agatha6.18.0
116624 ENNature PowerWheeler, Jill C.6.11.0
27883 ENNew York Yankees (America's Game)Joseph, Paul6.11.0
113570 ENNitrogen Cycle, TheSlade, Suzanne6.10.5
75610 ENOceansIngram, Scott6.12.0
7118 ENOregon Trail, TheParkman, Francis6.11.0
84652 ENPaintingHodge, Anthony6.11.0
15829 ENPearls of LutraJacques, Brian6.118.0
30259 ENPittsburgh Steelers Football Team, TheLace, William W.6.11.0
6436 ENPrincess and the Goblin, TheMacDonald, George6.18.0
68066 ENPrincess in WaitingCabot, Meg6.18.0
5284 ENRed Pony, TheSteinbeck, John6.16.0
109353 ENRegarding the Bathrooms: A Privy to the PastKlise, Kate6.14.0
75 ENRifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.114.0
10902 ENRimwalkersGrove, Vicki6.18.0
75834 ENRising StormHunter, Erin6.111.0
113572 ENRock Cycle, TheSlade, Suzanne6.10.5
56305 ENSarahBro, Margueritte Harmon6.120.0
10594 ENSon of the Black StallionFarley, Walter6.111.0
46292 ENStick and WhittleHite, Sid6.17.0
5173 ENStory of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, TheStein, R. Conrad6.11.0
44830 ENStowawayHesse, Karen6.111.0
6942 ENStranger with My FaceDuncan, Lois6.19.0
47667 ENSurviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death CampsWarren, Andrea6.14.0
21036 ENTop 10 Baseball HittersDeane, Bill6.11.0
5092 ENTree of FreedomCaudill, Rebecca6.110.0
10891 ENWhat HeartsBrooks, Bruce6.16.0
30565 ENWhite Fang (Great Illustrated Classics)London/Vogel6.13.0
73397 ENAbracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life, TheFleischman, Sid6.27.0
109690 ENAll Hallows' Eve: 13 StoriesVande Velde, Vivian6.26.0
52076 ENAntarctica: Land of the Endless WaterGeorge, Michael6.20.5
70545 ENBattle of Gettysburg: The Civil War's Biggest Battle, TheVierow, Wendy6.20.5
64573 ENBenjamin Franklin (Raintree Biographies)Riehecky, Janet6.21.0
101196 ENBeyond the Valley of ThornsCarman, Patrick6.28.0
16731 ENBoggart and the Monster, TheCooper, Susan6.27.0
5004 ENCalico BushField, Rachel6.29.0
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
113568 ENCarbon Cycle, TheSlade, Suzanne6.20.5
21005 ENChrista McAuliffe: A Space BiographyJeffrey, Laura S.6.21.0
75916 ENCity of MasksHoffman, Mary6.213.0
32238 ENCleopatra VII: Daughter of the NileGregory, Kristiana6.26.0
15908 ENColonial Town: Williamsburg, AKalman, Bobbie6.20.5
23666 ENCount KarlsteinPullman, Philip6.28.0
11707 ENCry of the Wolf, TheBurgess, Melvin6.25.0
21006 ENDallas Cowboys Football Team, TheLace, William W.6.21.0
109 ENDark Is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
5980 ENDeath of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur6.25.0
12119 ENDeserts: An Arid WildernessWood, Jenny6.21.0
106283 ENDogboyRussell, Christopher6.27.0
757 ENDon't Look Behind YouDuncan, Lois6.29.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, TheAngeli, Marguerite de6.24.0
88836 ENEarthquakes: Disaster & SurvivalReed, Jennifer6.21.0
6263 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheAndersen, Hans Christian6.20.5
79911 ENEscape from Saigon: How a Vietnam War Orphan...American BoyWarren, Andrea6.24.0
44015 ENExercise for Weight ManagementGedatus, Gus6.21.0
71167 ENExploring Pyramids Around the World: Making Models of SolidsZuravicky, Orli6.20.5
12282 ENFolklore and Legends of the UniverseAsimov, Isaac6.20.5
11114 ENFrontier Fort on the Oregon Trail, ASteedman, Scott6.21.0
7913 ENGift of the Magi, TheHenry, O.6.20.5
18110 ENGlassmakers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.20.5
62468 ENGreat Moments in BaseballBurgan, Michael6.22.0
108024 ENGreat Pyramid of Giza: Measuring Length, Area...Angles, TheLevy, Janey6.21.0
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
87588 ENGuys Write for Guys ReadScieszka, Jon6.29.0
8869 ENHallowe'en PartyChristie, Agatha6.211.0
116122 ENHMMWV Humvee, TheParker, Steve6.20.5
117143 ENHottest MotorcyclesWoods, Bob6.21.0
117144 ENHottest Muscle CarsWoods, Bob6.21.0
5421 ENI, HoudiniReid-Banks, Lynne6.25.0
6370 ENJo and the BanditRoberts, Willo Davis6.29.0
26292 ENJoe Montana: Comeback QuarterbackRaber, Thomas R.6.21.0
52608 ENJournal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy, TheBruchac, Joseph6.26.0
102678 ENKing in the Window, TheGopnik, Adam6.217.0
34721 ENKing of ShadowsCooper, Susan6.28.0
101810 ENLife on the EdgeWinner, Cherie6.21.0
87823 ENLobsters and Other CrustaceansJohnson, Christina6.21.0
12790 ENMartian Chronicles, TheBradbury, Ray6.29.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
6336 ENMitch and AmyCleary, Beverly6.26.0
2942 ENMountains (Closer Look At)Hall, Cally6.20.5
8882 ENMurder on the Orient ExpressChristie, Agatha6.29.0
83684 ENMy Pants Are Haunted! By Jamie KellyBenton, Jim6.21.0
8976 ENMysteries of Ships and PlanesEmert, Phyllis6.23.0
16680 ENMystery of the Missing CrewFriedman, Michael Jan6.23.0
109212 ENO. HenryHenry, O.6.23.0
7898 ENOf Nightingales That WeepPaterson, Katherine6.27.0
106749 ENOh, Rats! The Story of Rats and PeopleMarrin, Albert6.22.0
35569 ENOn the Mound with...Greg MadduxChristopher, Matt6.24.0
56931 ENPaddington at Work (Revised Edition)Bond, Michael6.24.0
61824 ENPlantsBall et al., Jackie6.21.0
5286 ENReturn of the King, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.222.0
17842 ENSubtle Knife, ThePullman, Philip6.216.0
6632 ENTaran WandererAlexander, Lloyd6.29.0
30280 ENTop 10 College Football CoachesKnapp, Ron6.21.0
5443 ENTough Winter, TheLawson, Robert6.24.0
109094 ENTrap, TheSmelcer, John6.25.0
594 ENTwisted Window, TheDuncan, Lois6.28.0
73218 ENVampire Prince, TheShan, Darren6.26.0
54693 ENVictoria: May Blossom of BritanniaKirwan, Anna6.26.0
12150 ENVolcanoes: Fire from BelowWood, Jenny6.21.0
34736 ENWelcome to Josefina's World, 1824Pierre, Yvette La6.21.0
48260 ENWhich Witch?Ibbotson, Eva6.27.0
9901 ENAl Gore: Vice PresidentStefoff, Rebecca6.31.0
27845 ENAngeles Lakers (Inside the NBA), LosJoseph, Paul6.31.0
5256 ENAnne of the IslandMontgomery, L.M.6.312.0
72641 ENBacteriaRavage, Barbara6.31.0
10555 ENBlack Stallion Legend, TheFarley, Walter6.37.0
39647 ENBreathing and RespirationHardie, Jackie6.31.0
106349 ENBurning Bridge, TheFlanagan, John6.312.0
58202 ENCaught By the Sea: My Life on BoatsPaulsen, Gary6.33.0
106040 ENClair-de-LuneGolds, Cassandra6.37.0
82929 ENDarkest Hour, TheHunter, Erin6.312.0
75152 ENDragon WingWeis/Hickman6.324.0
15915 ENEarly Health and MedicineKalman, Bobbie6.33.0
117330 ENEarth and Its MoonOxlade, Chris6.31.0
8104 ENEmily ClimbsMontgomery, L.M.6.317.0
8105 ENEmily of New MoonMontgomery, L.M.6.322.0
108710 ENEndymion SpringSkelton, Matthew6.313.0
89964 ENEuropeWatson, Galadriel Findlay6.31.0
28502 ENFire in Their EyesBeil, Karen Magnuson6.31.0
12558 ENFloodWaterlow, Julia6.31.0
6921 ENForbidden CityBell, William6.39.0
8868 ENFunerals Are Fatal (After the Funeral)Christie, Agatha6.311.0
49152 ENGeorge W. Bush: Our Forty-third PresidentGaines, Ann Graham6.31.0
8965 ENGhosts, Hauntings and Mysterious HappeningsEmert, Phyllis6.33.0
25056 ENGib Rides HomeSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.39.0
107535 ENGideon the Cutpurse/The Time TravelersBuckley-Archer, Linda6.317.0
107136 ENGilda Joyce: The Ladies of the LakeAllison, Jennifer6.312.0
62368 ENHatters, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.30.5
82334 ENHeir of Mystery, or Four Legs GoodArdagh, Philip6.34.0
63084 ENHouse Called Awful End, AArdagh, Philip6.34.0
5668 ENHunting for Hidden GoldDixon, Franklin W.6.36.0
101470 ENHurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones: Disaster & SurvivalCeban, Bonnie J.6.31.0
28084 ENI Rode a Horse of Milk White JadeWilson, Diane Lee6.310.0
83121 ENI Walk in Dread: The Diary of Deliverance Trembley...TrialsFraustino, Lisa Rowe6.38.0
17962 ENJessica Quits the SquadPascal/William6.36.0
13480 ENJohn James Audubon: Wildlife ArtistAnderson, Peter6.31.0
13481 ENJohn Muir: Wilderness ProphetAnderson, Peter6.31.0
111608 ENJohn Smith Escapes Again!Schanzer, Rosalyn6.31.0
5026 ENLibby on WednesdaySnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.38.0
54061 ENLife in the Army Special ForcesKennedy, Robert C.6.31.0
29626 ENLife of Plants (Invisible World), TheJulivert, Maria Angels6.30.5
20275 ENLilies, Rabbits, and Painted EggsBarth, Edna6.31.0
100864 ENLisa Leslie: Slam Dunk QueenSavage, Jeff6.32.0
34958 ENLittlest Angel, TheTazewell, Charles6.30.5
11726 ENMairelon the MagicianWrede, Patricia C.6.313.0
2477 ENMary, Bloody MaryMeyer, Carolyn6.38.0
31165 ENMikayla's VictoryBates, Cynthia6.34.0
8880 ENMurder of Roger Ackroyd, TheChristie, Agatha6.311.0
67172 ENOn the Field with...Alex RodriguezStout, Glen6.33.0
15097 ENOutcast of RedwallJacques, Brian6.315.0
100129 ENPoisonWooding, Chris6.313.0
102972 ENPower of One (Young Readers' Edition), TheCourtenay, Bryce6.315.0
44743 ENPrinters, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.30.5
5285 ENReluctant God, TheService, Pamela F.6.39.0
116626 ENRenewable FuelsWheeler, Jill C.6.31.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
30675 ENRoad to Damietta, TheO'Dell, Scott6.312.0
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
6679 ENRunning ScaredDygard, Thomas J.6.35.0
21708 ENSalem on TrialWeiss, David/Bobbi6.36.0
2528 ENSan Francisco Giants Baseball Team, ThePietrusza, David6.31.0
27865 ENSeattle Mariners (America's Game)Joseph, Paul6.31.0
78 ENSecret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances6.313.0
5291 ENSeventeen Against the DealerVoigt, Cynthia6.311.0
109782 ENSomething RemainsBarth-Grözinger, Inge6.317.0
32528 ENStonewall's GoldMrazek, Robert J.6.311.0
5197 ENStory of the U.S.S. Arizona, TheStein, R. Conrad6.31.0
65587 ENStoryteller's Daughter, TheDokey, Cameron6.38.0
8123 ENTangled Web, AMontgomery, L.M.6.315.0
52814 ENTop 10 Baseball LegendsTorres, John Albert6.31.0
46725 ENTorn ThreadIsaacs, Anne6.37.0
105313 ENTwo Steps ForwardCohn, Rachel6.39.0
5295 ENTwo Towers, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.323.0
25165 ENUSS Arizona, TheStein, R. Conrad6.31.0
63891 ENVirginia Hamilton (Real-Life Reader Biography)Mangal, Mélina6.31.0
42456 ENVision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove WalkerLasky, Kathryn6.31.0
102148 ENVoxStewart, Paul6.313.0
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
44745 ENWigmakers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.30.5
64608 ENWild TimothyBlackwood, Gary L.6.36.0
100860 ENWildfiresHamilton, John6.31.0
6449 ENWonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, TheCameron, Eleanor6.36.0
89959 ENAfricaAspen-Baxter, Linda6.41.0
81582 ENAlchemist's Cat, TheJarvis, Robin6.416.0
109669 ENAmazing Animal Adventures in RiversKeating, Brian6.42.0
21097 ENAmerican Jazz MusiciansMour, Stanley I.6.43.0
18256 ENAnastasia's AlbumBrewster, Hugh6.41.0
32221 ENAnna of ByzantiumBarrett, Tracy6.48.0
89961 ENAsiaAspen-Baxter, Linda6.41.0
27888 ENAtlanta Braves (America's Game)Sehnert, Chris W.6.41.0
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
109321 ENBeatrice Letters, TheSnicket, Lemony6.41.0
18756 ENBlack Stallion and Flame, TheFarley, Walter6.46.0
18446 ENBlood and ChocolateKlause, Annette Curtis6.49.0
39646 ENBlood and CirculationHardie, Jackie6.41.0
18758 ENBorrowers Afield, TheNorton, Mary6.47.0
26503 ENButterflies and Moths (Nature Close-Up)Pascoe, Elaine6.41.0
8693 ENCatherine, Called BirdyCushman, Karen6.48.0
85819 ENCode Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War TwoBruchac, Joseph6.49.0
12602 ENDeadly Venom (Curious Creatures)Pope, Joyce6.41.0
10856 ENDemons Don't DreamAnthony, Piers6.416.0
48518 ENDove and Sword: A Novel of Joan of ArcGarden, Nancy6.413.0
104784 ENDrift House: The First VoyagePeck, Dale6.416.0
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
17992 ENEye of the Storm: Chasing Storms with Warren FaidleyKramer, Stephen6.41.0
5364 ENForward PassDygard, Thomas J.6.47.0
73287 ENFrank Lloyd Wright (Raintree Biographies)Ingram, Scott6.40.5
106043 ENFreegladerStewart, Paul6.413.0
32206 ENFrenchtown SummerCormier, Robert6.41.0
8108 ENGolden Road, TheMontgomery, L.M.6.412.0
13514 ENGreen Berets, TheStreissguth, Tom6.40.5
101464 ENHaymarket Square Tragedy, TheBurgan, Michael6.41.0
77498 ENHelen Keller: A Determined LifeMacLeod, Elizabeth6.41.0
100863 ENHeroin=Busted!Hager, Holly6.42.0
79588 ENHow Baseball WorksThomas, Keltie6.43.0
5272 ENIceberg Hermit, TheRoth, Arthur6.48.0
61821 ENInsectsBall et al., Jackie6.41.0
20231 ENJust So StoriesKipling, Rudyard6.45.0
8111 ENKilmeny of the OrchardMontgomery, L.M.6.47.0
100853 ENLandslidesHamilton, John6.41.0
54059 ENLife as an Army Demolition ExpertKennedy, Robert C.6.40.5
54064 ENLife with the Navy SealsKennedy, Robert C.6.41.0
8872 ENMan in the Brown Suit, TheChristie, Agatha6.412.0
84119 ENMap Math: Learning About Latitude and Longitude Using...SystemsZuravicky, Orli6.41.0
66450 ENMatterBall, Jackie6.41.0
73288 ENMaya Lin (Raintree Biographies)Stone, Amy6.41.0
29956 ENMorning Is a Long Time ComingGreene, Bette6.410.0
8881 ENMurder on the LinksChristie, Agatha6.411.0
21029 ENPhoenix Suns Basketball Team, ThePietrusza, David6.41.0
15780 ENPirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans, TheTallant, Robert6.45.0
104788 ENPulling PrincesO'Connell, Tyne6.48.0
71 ENRabbit HillLawson, Robert6.43.0
7937 ENRansom of Red Chief, TheHenry, O.6.41.0
61825 ENReptilesMander/Parker6.41.0
5335 ENSlake's LimboHolman, Felice6.44.0
34744 ENSnake Scientist, TheMontgomery, Sy6.41.0
72647 ENSpace ExplorationBall, Jackie6.42.0
8122 ENStory Girl, TheMontgomery, L.M.6.414.0
19825 ENStress PointDixon, Franklin W.6.45.0
5336 ENSwitching WellGriffin, Peni6.49.0
6382 ENTasmanian Devil on LocationDarling, Kathy6.41.0
63447 ENTown Cats and Other Tales, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.44.0
20296 ENTurkeys, Pilgrims, and Indian CornBarth, Edna6.42.0
75612 ENVolcanoesBall, Jacqueline A.6.41.0
107472 ENVolcanoesWoods, Michael6.41.0
101468 ENWaves: Energy on the MoveStille, Darlene R.6.41.0
86749 ENWitch's Boy, TheGruber, Michael6.412.0
9000 ENWorld's Weirdest "True" Ghost StoriesBeckett, John6.43.0
46861 ENYou Don't Know MeKlass, David6.411.0
100 ENYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth Foreman6.410.0
17352 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro BasketballItalia, Bob6.51.0
88997 ENAcross the Wall: A Tale of the Abhorsen and Other StoriesNix, Garth6.512.0
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
71809 ENAFC East: The Buffalo Bills...New York JetsWoods, Bob6.51.0
13503 ENAir Assault TeamsStapleton, Gerard6.50.5
116621 ENAlternative CarsWheeler, Jill C.6.51.0
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
86685 ENAnacaona, Golden FlowerDanticat, Edwidge6.55.0
89960 ENAntarcticaAspen-Baxter, Linda6.51.0
17610 ENBen Franklin of Old PhiladelphiaCousins, Margaret6.54.0
63879 ENBen Stiller (Real-Life Reader Biography)Bankston, John6.51.0
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
50055 ENBoston Red Sox Baseball Team, TheGrabowski, John6.51.0
85725 ENCinderella & Other StoriesLarkin, Rochelle6.55.0
6661 ENCity of Gold and Lead, TheChristopher, John6.58.0
100267 ENCrazy Horse: Sioux WarriorHaugen, Brenda6.52.0
51775 ENDear Lovey Hart, I am DesperateConford, Ellen6.55.0
530 ENDiary of a Young Girl, TheFrank, Anne6.514.0
12281 ENEarth's Twin? The Planet VenusAsimov, Isaac6.50.5
15971 ENEndangered Wetland AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.51.0
77883 ENFall of Fergal, TheArdagh, Philip6.54.0
32819 ENFires of Heaven, TheJordan, Robert6.556.0
28908 ENForests (Closer Look At)Hall, Cally6.51.0
8966 ENGhosts of War, TheCohen, Daniel6.53.0
100077 ENGilda Joyce, Psychic InvestigatorAllison, Jennifer6.510.0
9554 ENGirl from Yamhill, ACleary, Beverly6.511.0
12785 ENGoodbye, Mr. ChipsHilton, James6.53.0
46846 ENGoose ChaseKindl, Patrice6.58.0
74146 ENGossip Times ThreeKoss, Amy Goldman6.56.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
46280 ENGuts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian BooksPaulsen, Gary6.54.0
66447 ENHeatBall, Jackie6.51.0
17719 ENHiawathaLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth6.50.5
17971 ENHigh School War, ThePascal/William6.57.0
44 ENI, Juan de ParejaTrevino, Elizabeth Borton de6.57.0
17970 ENIn Love with the EnemyPascal/William6.56.0
89425 ENIngledoveYoumans, Marly6.58.0
46976 ENInside the HindenburgMajoor, Mireille6.51.0
7875 ENInvisible Thread, TheUchida, Yoshiko6.55.0
109784 ENLast Dragon, TheDe Mari, Silvana6.514.0
5074 ENLocked in TimeDuncan, Lois6.510.0
26204 ENLouisiana (Hello U.S.A.)LaDoux, Rita C.6.51.0
105990 ENLove Curse of the Rumbaughs, TheGantos, Jack6.57.0
101404 ENManipulating Light: Reflection, Refraction, and AbsorptionStille, Darlene R.6.51.0
63887 ENMichael J. Fox (Real-Life Reader Biography)Bankston, John6.51.0
21026 ENNew York Yankees Baseball Team, ThePietrusza, David6.51.0
72806 ENOperation Iraqi FreedomRivera, Sheila6.51.0
62369 ENPapermakers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.50.5
18123 ENPeddlers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.51.0
2985 ENPersonal SafetySanders/Myers6.51.0
101415 ENPhysical Change: Reshaping MatterStille, Darlene R.6.51.0
287 ENReluctant Dragon, TheGrahame, Kenneth6.51.0
10138 ENRobin's CountryFurlong, Monica6.55.0
36065 ENSan Francisco 49ers Football Team, TheMolzahn, Arlene Bourgeois6.51.0
16689 ENSecret of the Lizard PeopleFriedman, Michael Jan6.54.0
18127 ENShoemakers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.50.5
18128 ENSilversmiths, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.50.5
104413 ENSir ThursdayNix, Garth6.512.0
83 ENSmoky, the Cow HorseJames, Will6.513.0
89969 ENSouth AmericaBanting, Erinn6.51.0
8896 ENSparkling CyanideChristie, Agatha6.510.0
6743 ENSpill! The Story of the Exxon ValdezCarr, Terry6.51.0
24789 ENTexas (Portrait of America)Thompson, Kathleen6.51.0
53817 ENTin Princess, ThePullman, Philip6.514.0
21037 ENTop 10 Baseball Home Run HittersDeane, Bill6.51.0
53740 ENTop 10 Football LegendsHunt, Donald6.51.0
80142 ENUndertaker's Gone Bananas, TheZindel, Paul6.58.0
25892 ENVoyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann BradyWhite, Ellen Emerson6.55.0
18436 ENWarriors Don't Cry (Abridged)Beals, Melba Pattillo6.59.0
75613 ENWeather and ClimateHarrison, Carol6.52.0
34732 ENWelcome to Addy's World, 1864Sinnott, Susan6.51.0
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
42520 ENWorld's Greatest Explorers, TheScheller, William6.54.0
44568 ENYoung Unicorns, TheL'Engle, Madeleine6.511.0
69402 ENAchoo! The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about GermsRomanek, Trudee6.61.0
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
501 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn, TheTwain, Mark6.618.0
63877 ENAlicia KeysBankston, John6.61.0
7870 ENAlien SecretsKlause, Annette Curtis6.68.0
21002 ENAtlanta Braves Baseball Team, TheOwens, Thomas S.6.61.0
89962 ENAustraliaHudak, Heather C.6.61.0
87195 ENBaseball (Revised Edition)Kelley, James6.61.0
72804 ENBattle in BaghdadGunderson, Cory6.61.0
12266 ENBeavers: Dam BuildersLlamas, Andreu6.60.5
5258 ENBegonia for Miss Applebaum, AZindel, Paul6.67.0
106585 ENBlack Holes and Other Bizarre Space ObjectsJefferis, David6.61.0
11591 ENBlack Stallion's Ghost, TheFarley, Walter6.67.0
84114 ENCalifornia Gold Rush: Multiplying and Dividing...Numbers, TheO'Donnell, Kerri6.60.5
15956 ENCanada: The LandKalman, Bobbie6.61.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
104964 ENCase of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy6.66.0
72805 ENCoalition LeadersWheeler, Jill C.6.61.0
32813 ENCrown of Swords, AJordan, Robert6.647.0
20066 ENDeceptionsWeiss, Bobbi/David6.64.0
10029 ENDraculaStoker, Bram6.625.0
17219 ENEagles & Birds of Prey (Eyewitness)Parry-Jones, Jemima6.61.0
51788 ENEdge on the Sword, TheTingle, Rebecca6.611.0
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
109453 ENEscape! The Story of the Great HoudiniFleischman, Sid6.65.0
6723 ENExploring the BismarckBallard, Robert D.6.62.0
564 ENExploring the TitanicBallard, Robert D.6.63.0
65435 ENFinal Reckoning, TheJarvis, Robin6.614.0
106978 ENFoundlingCornish, D.M.6.612.0
7109 ENHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheAdams, Douglas6.68.0
511 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.616.0
20270 ENHolly, Reindeer, and Colored LightsBarth, Edna6.62.0
39 ENHomer PriceMcCloskey, Robert6.64.0
78100 ENHow to Train Your Dragon: by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIICowell, Cressida6.65.0
61820 ENHuman BiologyBall et al., Jackie6.62.0
14225 ENHurricane! The Rage of Hurricane AndrewLantier-Sampon, Patricia6.60.5
28865 ENHurricanes and Typhoons (Closer Look At)Green, Jen6.61.0
43715 ENJennifer Lopez (Real-Life Reader Biography)Menard, Valerie6.61.0
48767 ENJohn McCain: Serving His CountryFeinberg, Barbara Silberdick6.61.0
115767 ENJupiter, Neptune, and the Other Outer PlanetsOxlade, Chris6.61.0
20243 ENKennedy Assassinated! The World MournsHampton, Wilborn6.62.0
117331 ENMercury, Mars, and Other Inner PlanetsOxlade, Chris6.61.0
28870 ENOceans (Closer Look At)Smart, Brian Hunter6.61.0
112742 ENOlympic WrestlingLinde, Barbara M.6.61.0
35575 ENOn the Court with...Michael JordanChristopher, Matt6.64.0
73838 ENOn the Court with...Shaquille O'NealChristopher/Stout6.63.0
77520 ENOn the Mound with...Curt SchillingChristopher, Matt6.63.0
631 ENOutlaw RedKjelgaard, Jim6.68.0
115010 ENPhysical and Chemical Properties and ChangesKarpelenia, Jenny6.61.0
30731 ENPlants We Eat, TheSelsam, Millicent E.6.63.0
72646 ENProtists and FungiBall, Jackie6.61.0
63888 ENRoberto Clemente (Real-Life Reader Biography)Garcia, Kimberly6.61.0
75611 ENRocks and MineralsProkos, Anna6.62.0
46854 ENSecret SacramentJordan, Sherryl6.617.0
45372 ENShe Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie BernallBernall, Misty6.65.0
49768 ENSingle Shard, APark, Linda Sue6.66.0
59355 ENSondok: Princess of the Moon and StarsHolman, Sheri6.65.0
6992 ENSpeeding BulletShusterman, Neal6.68.0
9536 ENSurvival! In the MountainsMcMurty, Ken6.64.0
73522 ENTerrible TimesArdagh, Philip6.65.0
113848 ENUnder Fire in World War II (Freestyle)Fitzgerald, Brian6.61.0
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
80339 ENVince Carter: Slam Dunk ArtistTorres, John Albert6.62.0
100891 ENVolcanoes: Disaster & SurvivalBuckwalter, Stephanie6.61.0
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
59264 ENWinter's HeartJordan, Robert6.640.0
13601 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Bloomsbury), TheTwain, Mark6.718.0
89274 ENAFC WestWalters, John6.71.0
7102 ENAll Things Bright and BeautifulHerriot, James6.723.0
44562 ENAmber Spyglass, ThePullman, Philip6.726.0
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
58721 ENBeatles, TheRoberts, Jeremy6.73.0
73250 ENBeware of DogBalaban, Bob6.74.0
61814 ENBirdsBall et al., Jackie6.72.0
72642 ENCellsBall, Jackie6.72.0
21004 ENChicago Bulls Basketball Team, TheOwens, Thomas S.6.71.0
49240 ENCrime: Forgeries, Fingerprints, and ForensicsParker, Janice6.71.0
12274 ENCrustaceans: Armored OmnivoresLlamas, Andreu6.70.5
115636 ENDarkling Plain, AReeve, Philip6.723.0
8862 ENDead Man's FollyChristie, Agatha6.79.0
9549 ENDetecting the PastCorbishley, Mike6.70.5
13249 ENEarth Science (Science Fair)Cox, Shirley6.71.0
82780 ENFeathered Serpent, TheO'Dell, Scott6.79.0
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan W.6.75.0
21108 ENGloria Estefan: Singer and EntertainerGonzales, Doreen6.73.0
108507 ENGo Figure! A Totally Cool Book about NumbersBall, Johnny6.73.0
27068 ENGrand Canyon Journey, AAnderson, Peter6.71.0
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
5333 ENHaveliStaples, Suzanne Fisher6.712.0
61819 ENHealthBall et al., Jackie6.71.0
107348 ENHero Schliemann: The Dreamer Who Dug for Troy, TheSchlitz, Laura Amy6.72.0
8870 ENHickory Dickory DeathChristie, Agatha6.79.0
35345 ENHow Monkeys Make ChocolateForsyth, Adrian6.71.0
107698 ENHow to Survive in AntarcticaBledsoe, Lucy Jane6.73.0
18164 ENJapan: A Modern Land with Ancient RootsGalvin, Irene Flum6.71.0
13310 ENJudo (Martial Arts)Casey, Kevin K.6.70.5
7113 ENKarenKillilea, Marie6.714.0
100854 ENLightningHamilton, John6.71.0
44742 ENLimners: America's Earliest Portrait Painters, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.71.0
32817 ENLord of ChaosJordan, Robert6.765.0
104429 ENMeasle and the MallockeeOgilvy, Ian6.712.0
25562 ENMost Beautiful Roof in the World, TheLasky, Kathryn6.71.0
52813 ENNotre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team, TheAretha, David6.71.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
112578 ENScary StoriesMoser, Barry6.79.0
66453 ENSoundBall, Jackie6.71.0
8935 ENSpellbinders in SuspenseHitchcock, Alfred6.78.0
50048 ENStealth Fighters and BombersBerliner, Don6.71.0
110651 ENSuper Bowl: 40 Years of Amazing Games, TheChristopher, Matt6.73.0
4980 ENSuper Science Projects About Light and OpticsCobb, Allan B.6.70.5
8897 ENThey Came to BaghdadChristie, Agatha6.712.0
58722 ENTiger WoodsRoberts, Jeremy6.73.0
13648 ENTom Sawyer Abroad (Bloomsbury)Twain, Mark6.75.0
83956 ENTravis Pastrana: Motocross SuperstarPoolos, J.6.71.0
79321 ENU.S. Army, TheBenson, Michael6.71.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
59716 ENVoyage of the Arctic Tern, TheMontgomery, Hugh6.75.0
32710 ENWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietCoville, Bruce6.71.0
5100 ENWizard of Earthsea, ALeGuin, Ursula K.6.79.0
10600 ENYoung Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter/Steven6.76.0
14751 ENAfter the First DeathCormier, Robert6.810.0
100889 ENAIDS Epidemic: Disaster & Survival, TheReed, Jennifer6.81.0
100849 ENAvalanchesHamilton, John6.81.0
106 ENBlue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin6.817.0
6606 ENBully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!Fritz, Jean6.84.0
102334 ENCapt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious YouthHart, James V.6.813.0
13346 ENCherokee (Native American People), TheMcCall, Barbara6.81.0
48532 ENConquerors & ExplorersRoss, Stewart6.81.0
108706 ENDoomed and the Dead, TheEditors, Gareth Stevens6.85.0
75607 ENEcologyBall, Jackie6.82.0
42433 ENEvangeline and the AcadiansTallant, Robert6.85.0
61817 ENFish and AmphibiansCiovacco et al., Justine6.82.0
5797 ENFlight into DangerDixon, Franklin W.6.85.0
8467 ENFlorence Griffith JoynerAaseng, Nathan6.81.0
706 ENGood Earth, TheBuck, Pearl S.6.819.0
40670 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.832.0
15520 ENHead Full of Notions: A Story About Robert Fulton, ABowen, Andy Russell6.81.0
20269 ENHearts, Cupids, and Red Roses: The Story of Valentine SymbolsBarth, Edna6.82.0
52067 ENHistory of the Philadelphia 76ers, TheGoodman, Michael E.6.80.5
27091 ENHome PageLampton, Christopher6.81.0
87349 ENHorse from the Sea: An Epic Horse Story, TheHolmes, Victoria6.813.0
12133 ENHorsesDossenbach, Hans6.81.0
113799 ENHow to Cheat a Dragon's CurseCowell, Cressida6.85.0
30957 ENLeAnn RimesZymet, Cathy Alter6.82.0
88517 ENMagic by the BookBernstein, Nina6.87.0
108031 ENMesopotamia: Creating and Solving Word ProblemsLeech, Bonnie Coulter6.81.0
116625 ENNuclear PowerWheeler, Jill C.6.81.0
77877 ENOn the Court with...Jennifer CapriatiChristopher, Matt6.83.0
67171 ENOn the Court with...Venus and Serena WilliamsChristopher/Stout6.83.0
45691 ENOn the Field with...Derek JeterChristopher/Stout6.84.0
32814 ENPath of Daggers, TheJordan, Robert6.837.0
77563 ENPrincess LessonsCabot, Meg6.82.0
17254 ENRaptor RedBakker, Robert T.6.88.0
14483 ENRifle, ThePaulsen, Gary6.83.0
84116 ENSilk Road: Using a Map Scale to Measure Distances, TheLevy, Janey6.80.5
5957 ENSluggersSullivan, George6.83.0
30507 ENStory of My Life, TheKeller, Helen6.812.0
62371 ENTanners, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.80.5
100888 ENTerrorist Attacks: Disaster & SurvivalMiller, Mara6.81.0
64583 ENThomas Jefferson (Raintree Biographies)Uschan, Michael V.6.81.0
91 ENTwenty-One Balloons, TheDuBois, William Pene6.86.0
82517 ENVictoria and the RogueCabot, Meg6.89.0
32216 ENWhy Do They Hate Me?Holliday, Laurel6.812.0
20300 ENWitches, Pumpkins, and Grinning GhostsBarth, Edna6.82.0
104961 ENWrestling for Fun!Murray, Eric6.81.0
49601 ENAmerica's Wetlands (Earth Watch)Staub, Frank6.91.0
84121 ENAncient Civilizations of Greece and Rome...Equations, TheO'Donnell, Kerri6.90.5
2443 ENBackstreet Boys (Galaxy of Superstars)Zymet, Cathy Alter6.92.0
104295 ENBalls!Rosen, Michael J.6.93.0
208 ENBen and MeLawson, Robert6.93.0
7657 ENBill Peet: An AutobiographyPeet, Bill6.93.0
2445 ENBritney Spears (Galaxy of Superstars)Lutz, Norma Jean6.92.0
18101 ENCabinetmakers, TheFisher, Leonard Everett6.91.0
8604 ENCelebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, TheTwain, Mark6.90.5
101402 ENChemical Change: From Fireworks to RustStille, Darlene R.6.91.0
18468 ENChildren of the Wild WestFreedman, Russell6.92.0
27930 ENChildren's Homer, TheColum, Padraic6.99.0
39653 ENCrime Detection (Science Encounters)Oxlade, Chris6.91.0
100851 ENDroughtsHamilton, John6.91.0
66445 ENElementsKrasnow, David6.91.0
72643 ENForces and GravityDoak, Robin6.91.0
14767 ENGallows HillDuncan, Lois6.99.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
114854 ENHorseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't AvoidSnicket, Lemony6.91.0
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
6730 ENInto the Mummy's TombReeves, Nicholas6.92.0
43717 ENJulia Roberts (Real-Life Reader Biography)Wilson, Wayne6.91.0
63884 ENJulia Stiles (Real-Life Reader Biography)Bankston, John6.91.0
66448 ENLightBall, Jackie6.91.0
25131 ENLincoln Memorial, TheKent, Deborah6.91.0
75609 ENMapping EarthBall, Jackie6.92.0
18119 ENMichiganBrill, Marlene Targ6.92.0
713 ENMy AntoniaCather, Willa6.914.0
100093 ENOn the Bike with...Lance ArmstrongStout, Glenn6.94.0
545 ENSeparate Peace, AKnowles, John6.910.0
9533 ENSierra Club Wayfinding Book, TheMcVey, Vicki6.94.0
87340 ENSurfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing LifeLake, Sanoe6.94.0
7123 ENTo Be a SlaveLester, Julius6.95.0
67231 ENTo the Top: The Story of EverestVenables, Stephen6.93.0
72649 ENUniverse, TheBall, Jackie6.92.0
47395 ENUranus, Neptune, and PlutoKerrod, Robin6.91.0
20784 ENVixen 03Cussler, Clive6.916.0
65488 ENWelcome to Kit's World, 1934Brown, Harriet6.92.0
14001 EN10 Women: Political PioneersPerry, Carol J.7.03.0
25883 ENBasher Five-TwoO'Grady/French,7.05.0
84797 ENBlack Holes, Pulsars, and Quasars (Revised Edition)Asimov, Isaac7.01.0
105610 ENBuilt to Last: Building America's...SkyscrapersSullivan, George7.04.0
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