Eaton Park Elementary is now using AR Enterprise. This enables our students at school to test on any AR quiz (test) that is made by Renaissance Learning.  

Of course our school library canít possibly furnish books for all of the quizzes available.  Therefore, some students may desire to read books from other sources, such as from home, public libraries, purchases, etc.  How can you know if such a book is an AR book?  Follow these instructions to find out.

  1) Using Explorer,  go to  Remember that if you find the test on AR Book Find that does not mean  the book is in our library.  You may want to purchase the book for your child or go to the public library for the book.    Just remember that the book level must be in his/her level which is stated in the AR folder.

  Another feature of AR Enterprise is "Home Connect" with this resource parents/guardians can monitor their child's  progress online. The steps are as follows: 

       1)  Just click on "Home Connect" Link above.

       2)  Enter your child's AR username and password.


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