Eaton Park
Mission Statement

I believe…

1. …that a good instructional leader is one who

  1. conscientious and up-to-date on instruction, content, & procedures
  2. provides positive as well as constructive criticism; models; supports
  3. good rapport with teachers, professional, caring, inspires,
     respects others

2. …that a quality instructional program includes

  1. texts & material that correlate with content standards,
     standards-based teaching
  2. different learning styles for individual differences, age appropriate
  3. proper staff development/training

3. …that an effective faculty is one that

  1. collaborates, works together, supports, encourages, praises,
     respects, and helps one another
  2. has pride and a positive attitude
  3. is united to help mold students into competent and productive students

4. … that a good teacher is one who

  1. is organized, well prepared, and plans and delivers instruction
  2. conveys high expectations, motivates, guides, encourages, praises
  3. is consistent in discipline and routines, ensures safety, and
     manages the classroom

5. …that an effective classroom is

  1. a safe, clean, positive climate conducive to learning
  2. well planned, organized, well managed, and routines are established
  3. a place where students are able to perform to their highest potential

6. …that a successful student is able to

  1. learn to read, read to learn, can write, and use strategies to
     understand skills
  2. achieve intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth
  3. apply knowledge learned

7. …that a good school is one that

  1. provides students with success, a positive learning climate, and a
     quality education
  2. endorses instructional experiences to meet the needs of all students
  3. applies knowledge learned

8. …that a school should teach

  1. various learning experiences to produce well-rounded students
     (intellectual, physical, social, emotional)
  2. necessary skills to enable students to become productive citizens
  3. self respect, respect for all, social skills, cooperation, and


Eaton Park
Mission Statement