1st Grade

$5 for Planner and Eagle Folder

$5 for Class Fees

2 boxes of 24 colors

2 boxes (Crayola Brand) 8 basic colors

1 boxes Kleenex

1 pocket folder (plastic coated folders with various pictures on the front will last longer)

1 pair of scissors

4 large rectangular bar erasers- no pencil top erasers

 6 glue sticks

1 pack of wide-ruled loose leaf paper

24 pencils (regular Yellow or Brown pencils- Paper Mate works well) NO DECORATIVE OR PLASTIC COATED 

1 spiral single subject composition book (wide rule) 

1 color book or activity book

1 Pack Constuction paper

1 book sack (NO ROLLING  BOOK SACKS)

Headphones- the Sonic Brand has good quality for a resonable price($20.00) You may want to try Family Dollar or Dollar General. Individual headphones are needed to prevent the spread of lice.

Desk Bag- 20 inches X 10 inches with ties. Desk bags last longer if durable material is used and ties are reinforced. Shoestrings make good ties when attached at the two ends.

Please label any supplies with your child's name. Thank you for your cooperation.

***As your child's supplies need to be replenished during the year, a note will be sent home to inform you.