2nd Grade

2 one subject notebooks (70 pages- wide ruled plain blue cover)
1 binder (1 inch) any solid color
1 pack dividers with labels

1 marble top composition book (wide ruled)

1 purple folder for AR
4 pocket folders (with clasps- 1 red, 2 blue, 1 purple; preferably plastic)
1 pencils pouch (with zipper)
2 packs of pencils (PLAIN YELLOW pencils only- Papermate/Ticonderoga work well) No decorative pencils, PLEASE
2 boxes of Crayola Crayons (24 count)
2 large pink erasers, 2 pack of eraser tops
Dry erase Markers (4 or more )
2 glue sticks
1 set of headphone (Sonic brand has good quality for a good price. try Family dollar or Dollar General)
1 pack of sheet protectors
1 packs of loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)


$5.00 for eagle folder and Planner



PLEASE DO NOT LABEL PENCILS. All other materials may be labeled but pencils will be used as needed in classroom.

As always, donations of Kleenex, paper towels, and Ziploc bags would be greatly appreciated!

In order for your child to be prepared for 2nd grade it is important that they continue to read and work on simple math skills. Math fact practice throughout the Summer is essential (flashcards, Vermilion Parish Math Fact website- http://vrml.k12.la.us/cc/math/vpfact.htm)