5th Grade

    Language Arts:                                         Social Studies:
1 red vinyl 3 prong pocket folder                                      1 blue vinyl 3 prong pocket folder
1 marble top notebook (Red)                                             1 marble top notebook
(blue )
1 purple pocket folder 3 prongs -AR


Math:                                                                                                     Science:
                                                                                          1 green vinyl 3 prong pocket folder

1 marble top notebook  (yellow )                                     1  Marble Top notebook (green)
1 pack of 4 small dry erase markers                               1 pack 3x5 index cards (ruled)

1 yellow viynl pocket folder 3 prongs

1 pack wide ruled loose leaf

1 pack 3x5 index cards (ruled)

Needed at all times:                                         
4 packs of pencils                                                 Highlighters ( Yellow preferred)Headphones/earbuds                                           Personal Pencil sharpener
blue or black pens                                         Colored Pencils (for maps, social studies & science projects)
red pens                                               Markers (optional for art)        1 Jump drive (on a lanyard)
crayons                                                       Large & Pencil top erasers                                                             Scissors
2 Large Glue sticks                                                Gallon Ziplock bags (girls)                                                                                Quart ziplock bags (boys)
 2 Large bottles of Glue                    1 pack of loose- Leaf Paper      1 pack tabbed dividers
As always donations of KLEENEX, PAPER TOWELS,  & Unscented Baby wipes are appreciated.
$5 for planners & Eagle folders
$2 Science Lab Fee
     ***Please send all money amounts listed separately as they are collected for differing accounts!!!
Students must have their OWN HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS AT ALL TIMES in order to work daily assignments in the computer lab!!!!!!!