6th - 8TH Grades

Social Studies


1 1/2 inch binder  w/ loose leaf
1 pack highlighters
Small 3-hole punch that fits in binder 1 1/2 inch binder
1 manila folder 1 pack pencils
1 pack pencils 1 pack graph paper
1 pack loose leaf  
2 packs lined index cards  
1 inch binder                                                      1 pack loose leaf  
$2.00 lab fee (paid to TEACHER)  
1 pack pencils


Optional Items used for labs

1- 1 1/2inch binder                 1 pack loose leaf
                       (items left with TEACHER) marble top notebook              1 pack pencils
Kleenex                                    paper towels        sticky notes 1 pack subject dividers                       2 packs index cards
unscented baby wipes               ziplock bags  
 glue sticks  
colored paper                          dry erase markers  
Sharpie markers                      posters  


1 pack pencils           Essentials Elem. Book 1

Instrument        2 Vandoren Reeds (no other brand)

$10.00 band shirt (required)

$7.50 for Book (required)

$15.00 Band Fee (paid to band teacher)




$20 -- New PE Uniform (blue and gold)
$3 for PE Lock (everyone must purchase a lock)
(Turn in all money to PE teacher.)
General items used in all classrooms
1 sturdy earphone/earbud        1 flash drive  
 Kleenex                               1 pk glue sticks            
pencils or Mechanical pencils (Replenished as needed )      Red pens  
Highlighters                    Mechanical or white (hi- polymer) erasers  
Blue or Black pens                 Color pencils and markers
Dry erase markers- fine or ultrafine tips 1 purple prong folder(for AR)
                                                         ($5.00 for planner and eagle folder)
                                                    Supplies must be replenished throughout the school year

Make all checks payable to FIEB.

Each child must have their own check for each fee being paid.