1 book-sack Zippered type of closure needed, rolling book-sacks are NOT allowed ( MUST be LARGE enough to hold folders without bending, a coat, and a small blanket. NO MINI BOOK SACKS!) WRITE NAME!!!

1 Folder with pockets  (to be used to hold art and paper items throughout week)

1 plastic folder ***must have metal clasps and pockets

1- 3 ring binder. 1 inch (used for journaling)
1 pack of dry erase markers

1-12 pack of glue sticks  

1 box of kleenex tissue


1 roll of paper towels

1 pack baby wipes (unscented)

1 extra set of clothing. PLACE IN ZIPLOC BAG AND WRITE NAME ON BAG (Must include underwear and socks. Does not need to be uniform pants and shirt.) Write name on clothing.

1 small towel or small blanket for nap WRITE NAME

Boys: 1 box gallon zip-lock bags (slide closure)  Girls: 1 box quart zip-lock bags (slide closure)


    SUPPLIES WILL BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL ON THE DAY THAT YOUR CHILD IS SCHEDULED TO TAKE A BEGINNING OF THE YEAR TEST. A phone call will be made later to schedule time. I look forward to meeting you!

     Label only clothing, booksack, and blanket.