Mouton Cove was founded on April 29, 1816. The settlement is located eight miles southwest of Abbeville, off Highways 82 and 691, just on the edge of the "Big Woods." In the middle 1800s, there was a private school, grocery store, syrup mill, and dance hall located in this area.

Salvador Mouton and Anne Bastarche, with their son, Jean, arrived in Louisiana from Halifax, Acadia, around 1756. Upon arriving in Louisiana, the young family settled in St. James Parish, about fifty miles from New Orleans. A second son, Marin, was born to Salvador Mouton and Anne Bastarche in St. James Parish in 1758. In later years, Jean and Marin took up lands in nearby Bayou Carencro.

Through many years, Mouton Cove has developed tremendously, and now has multiple churches, Seventh Ward Elementary School, grocery stores, a state park that is soon to be opened, and a humble population.

Marin Moutonís purchase of the land was 4,251 acres. He purchased it from the Attakapas Chief, Bernard Medal. Still today, Marinís descendants continue to own the land and follow his original intent which was "to form a compact settlement or neighborhood of persons, most of whom were connected in their families with each other."                   


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