The Ducote-Williams Home
(401 North Saint Charles Street)


Article by Cathy Trahan


  The Ducote-Williams Home was built around 1897 by the Maud Williams family.  During the 1940s, the home was used a tire salvage business.  Then home was then used as a rental property for several years.  It was redecorated with the typical 1960s green/gold shag carpet, linoleum, and paneling went throughout the house.  Many people rented the home before purchasing a home in Abbeville.


In 1994, the house was purchased by local speech therapist Dianna Ducote.  She first thought that the home required too much refurbishing and redecorating to purchase, but fell in love with it soon after.  She has sheet-rocked, done trawl treatments, painted and wallpapered and used the help of friends for sponge techniques and wall murals. Also, she has replaced all of the doorway, floor, and light fixture moldings, added a dining room entrance with a transom, and replaced hard wood flooring throughout the house.  Ducote has brought the house back to its original Arts & Crafts style, which is a style occurring between the Victorian and Art Deco periods and featuring ornate interiors and plain exteriors.  In 1999, she opened the home as a bed and breakfast.

The Ducote-Williams Home, like other homes throughout the south, would not be complete without a ghost story.  Many strange events occurred before Ducote realized she was living with a ghost.  During the renovations, Ducote had taken pictures.  When she picked the pictures up after being developed, none of the pictures were clear.  The second time she took the pictures, all of them came out except for one.  The picture seemed to have a mist in it and Ducote believed that her deceased sister, Cathy, who had died of cancer, was in the mist in the picture.  Ducote believes her sister is a ghost and protects the home and all who visit, even spooking some guests.