The Louisiana Cattle Festival













The first Louisiana Cattle Festival was held on September 24, 1949.  It was started by Roy R. Theriot Sr.  It was called the Dairy Festival but was changed in 1979 to the Cattle Festival to cover all cattle industries in the state.  Now, it is held each year on the first full weekend of October. 


Founder:  Roy R. Theriot Sr.




The festival consists of a large parade on Saturday, a children’s parade on Sunday, fais-do-do’s on Friday and Saturday night, and numerous beauty pageants.  A children’s rodeo was held for the first time this year.



The Cattle Festival's Sunday Children's Parade

The Fais-Do-Do



Ever since the festival started, a queen and king have been selected.  The current Ms. Cattle Festival Queen LVI is Ms. Jennifer Falgout.  The current Mrs. Cattle Festival Queen LVI is Mrs. Betsy Granger.  The LVI Cattle Festival King is Mr. David Smith from the television show, “Joe Millionaire 2.”  The festival also invites many honorees to attend the ceremonies.  Some of the honorees include former President Harry Truman and Charlie Deleo, keeper of the flame of the Statue of Liberty, who visited this year.



Former Honoree:  President Harry Truman



     Just like the state of Louisiana is unique, the Louisiana Cattle Festival is a very colorful and interesting celebration that embodies the spirit and pride of the city of Abbeville.  It is a tradition that everyone looks forward to each first weekend in October.



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