Kaplan was founded in 1901 by Mr. Abrom Kaplan. He was a very proud of his community and the citizens. However he was disappointed in the fact that his little town had no place to worship, or give thanks to God for everything he had given them.  In 1903 Mr. Kaplan talked to the priest of the nearby community, Cossinade.  The priest, Father Maltrait, asked the archbishop of New Orleans to accept a donation of two acres of land to move Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church from Cossinade to Kaplan.  On Friday, May 29, 1903, as the church lay on logs prepared for the move, at this time the people of Cossinade decided that if they could not have the church then no one could have it.  That night they burned the church to the ground.  Mr. Kaplan then arranged for a new church to be built on the donated property in Kaplan.  Today Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church is located on Church Street along with the Maltrait Memorial Catholic School right behind it.

The authors Genry and Genny.