Jamie Bergeron :


Jamie was born September 1974, in Mire Louisiana. He grew up in a Cajun French speaking family. He loved playing at jam secession on the weekends until he made his band. He is the only boy of five children. He still lives with his mom. He learned to speak French at his grandma’s house while visiting in the summer. He loves to spread the Cajun Heritage, Especially through his music. He has traveled to many places around the United States. In his spare time he is a paramedic driver with Acadian Ambulance. He really enjoys both of his careers. He even saved a life while performing at one of his concerts. He also likes to be different,” The shirt no one is wearing that’s the one I’ll have.” He loves the being a Cajun. We are glad to have him in our project.  


Les Questions à Poser à M. Bergeron


1.  Where are you from?
             Quel village te viens?
2.  Do you like being a Cajun?
             T'aime d'être un Cajun?
3.  How did you learn to speak French?
             Comment t'a commencé à parler français?
4.  How old were you when learned to speak French?
            À quel âge t'avais quand t'a commencé à parler français?
5.  What made you start singing?

            Qui c'est te t'a fait commencer chanter?          
6.  How did you form your band?
           Comment t'a commencé ton band?
7.  What makes you want to sing?
           Quoi c'est te fait voulez chanter?
8.  Why do you think it's important to sing in French?
           Pourquoi te crois c'est important pour chanter en français?
9.  Did your parents speak French?
           Tes parents ont parlé français?
10.  Are you married?
           T'es marrié?
11.  How many and what kinds of insttuments do you play?
           Combien et quels instruments te joue?
12.  Do you think you will sing for the rest of your life?
           Te crois te vas chanter toute ta vie?
13.  How often do you travel?
            Comment souvent te va jouer et chaner aux differentes places?
14.  Do you like to travel?
            T'aimes jouer et chanter à tous ces places differentes?
15.  What are some of the places that you have travelled to?
            Quoi c'est les places ou états differentes que t'as joué?
16.  Why don't you try out for American Idol?
             T'as jamais pensé a essayé pour "American Idol"?
17.  Where do you get your outfits?
            À où t'achète  ton linge?
18.  What do you do when you are not singing?
           Quoi c'est te fait quand t'es pas te chanter?
19.  What make you enjoy being a Cajun?
            Quoi c'est te fait pour célèbrer que t'es Cajun?