Richard Lebouef


            One man who will definitely contribute to the Cajun culture is Mr. Richard Lebouef.  Mr. Richard is a Cajun music player and writer.  When he was 14 years old he started getting interested in music. His love for music was inspired by his paternal grandfather. Mr. Richard pretty much taught himself to play the accordion, but his father oversaw his learning process.

            Mr. Richard and his band (Richard Lebouef and Two-Step) have many worldly accomplishments. On the world music chart they went from being ranked 30th to 16th out of 100. They were also posted for a Grammy award. They have sold close to 250,000 albums and have played in over 20 states in the United States. Mr. Richard says that his favorite thing to do is play for charity benefits.

            Mr. Lebouef says that if he wouldn’t have been playing music he would be doing something else is the music industry, like building accordions or producing sound for other bands. He says the song that he is most proud of is his song “Empty Glass”.

            Mr. Richard has been married to Christi Herpin Lebouef for 12 years. They have two sons: Gaylen, who is in 5th grade, and Jade, who is in kindergarten. Mr. Richard grew up as a normal boy from Kaplan, but later would become a very successful musician of whom his city is very proud.


                                     By: Tiffany Saltzman, Mia Trahan, and Cinnamon Johnson