Mauriceís Natural Resources


††††††††† Every town or city has some sort of natural resources to be found. In our area of Maurice, Indian Bayou, and Meaux there are three prominent resources. They sugar cane, petroleum and crawfish. Many people around here benefit from the growing or manufacturing of these resources.

††††††††† One of Louisianaís famously known resources is grown here in our area. Grass and sugar cane are closely related.Sugar cane thrives in tropical or subtropical climates. Thatís what really makes our area perfect for its growth. The average production of United Statesí sugar cane comes to about 2,550,000 tons. ††About 592,000 come from Louisiana, Hawaii and Florida regions.When planting sugar cane, farmers use sections of older stems to be laid down horizontally in the furrows, instead the of seeds. The furrows are made 6 feet apart from each other.In Louisiana, the harvesting of this crop is highly mechanized.The sugar is extracted from the cane at mills located near centers of production. About 90% of sugar is extracted from the cane.Located in Abbeville, Steenís Syrup Mill is world famous for its cane syrup. But sugar cane isnít the only thing we have around here.

Petroleum is another resource in our area. Petroleum is an organic matter that is formed when placed under intense pressure and heat, which happens between two layers of rock.In prehistoric times, a vast tropical rain forest grew in the Meaux, Maurice and Indian Bayou area. As time went on, the plants had begun to get covered by rock layers. From this happening, the plants began to become oil and started the oil industry in our area.†† There is an oil rig located on Sidney Gautreaux Road; Meaux, LA. The following products can be made from it. They include crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, propane, diesel and liquefied gasses.Some are what you use everyday in your own household. Yet, crawfish still is the best natural resource we have around here.

††††††††† Crawfish has to be the favorite natural resource we have in this area. There are no good times that good even could compete with those of a crawfish boil.Crawfish are called by many names; some of which include, mud bugs, crayfish, and crawdads. Crawfish are small crustaceans that are related to lobsters. Crawfish grow around three to four inches long.Crawfish are scavengers that eat dead things they find lying around. Crawfish are used for two main things, eating and as bait. Though crawfish isnít eaten in most of the United States, it is a major part of the Cajun diet. Many fishermen use the smaller crawfish from bass fishing. You can try crawfish boiled in seasoning or try it in crawfish Etouffee.