Grants Available for Application   

Grant Title

    Sponsoring    Organization




RGK Foundation Education Grants


        RGK Foundation



Primary focus on math, science and reading, teacher development, and literacy.

Amounts vary


Target Field Trips Grant Target Target will award 5,000 grants of up to $800 each for the upcoming school year. Up to $800 November 3, 2009

Pay It Forward Mini-Grants


Pay It Forward Foundation



Funds one-time-only service projects benefiting school or community.

Up to $500

September 15, 2009 (Fall)February 15, 2010 (Spring)

Best Buy Teach @ 15 Award

Best Buy



Schools serving grades 7-12/ Students determine technology needs and then vote.


15 day voting period Ongoing

Mockingbird Foundation



Mockingbird Foundation Grants



Projects that encourage and foster creative expression in any musical form.

$50.00 to $5,000

February 1 and September 1 annually

The Foundation for Technology Education and Pitsco/Hearlihy & Co.

Pitsco/Hearlihy/FTE Grant: Excellence in Teaching Technology



Purpose is to recognize and encourage the integration of a quality technology education program.


Not available

Toshiba America Foundation

Toshiba America Foundation



Programs in science and mathematics.

$1,000 to $5,000

October 1, 2009

State Farm Youth Advisory Board



State Farm Youth Advisory Board



Service-learning projects that address the root cause of varied issues.

$25,000 to $100,000

October 2, 2009

Red Robin Foundation


U-ACT Program



U-ACT is a character-building initiative specifically for middle and junior high schools.


October 1, 2009

Vernier Software and Technology

Vernier and NSTA Technology Award



Promotes the innovative use of data-collection technology using a computer, graphing calculator, or other handheld in the science classroom.


November 30, 2009

National Gardening Association and Gardener’s Supply Co.

Healthy Sprouts Awards



School must plan to garden in 2010 with at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 18.


25 packs of seeds, lessons and literature

October 17, 2009

Do Something and Dunkin Brands Community Foundation


Do Something Disaster Grants



Projects focused on disaster preparedness, emergency response, rebuilding after a disaster, and supporting our troops.

$500 each week


American Association of School Librarians


Beyond Words: the Dollar General School Library Relief Fund



The goal is to provide funding for books, media, and/or library equipment that support learning in a school library environment.



The Fender Music Foundation


The Fender Music Foundation Grant



Provides music instruction for people of any age who would not otherwise have the opportunity to make music.



Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation


Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Grants



Helps schools create reading gardens, build playgrounds, and implement other improvement projects.

Not available.

October 16, 2009

Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF)

Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) Grants Program



Supports programs that meet the needs of economically disadvantaged populations, that incorporate partnerships with community groups and local organizations.

10% of grant request can be used for salaries the other portion for the program cost.

Beginning of each quarter

Charles Lafitte Foundation

Charles Lafitte Foundation Grants Program



Support for innovative programs aimed at resolving social service issues, assisting students with learning disabilities, providing technology and computer based education, creating access to education of the arts, supporting at-risk children from pre-school to college and providing learning enhancement, including the development of leadership skills.



The Music is Revolution Foundation


The Music is Revolution Foundation Grants Program



Activities designed by teachers to implement, support, and/or improve their ability to provide

quality music education for their students.


January 15,

April 15, and October 15

MetLife and NASSP

MetLife- NASSP Breakthrough Schools Project



Identify, recognize, and showcase middle level and high schools that serve large numbers of students living in poverty and are high achieving or dramatically improving student achievement.


May 15, 2010

Kids in Need Foundation


Kids In Need Teacher Grants




Funds for classroom teachers who have innovative, meritorious ideas.

$100 to $500

September 30, 2009



IBM Grants Program




 A sustained commitment to innovation in education.



The Actuarial Foundation

Advancing Student Achievement



This math grant program supports your efforts in the classroom by integrating hands-on, practical mathematics skills brought to life by a teacher's desire to apply for funding and local actuaries ready to help.



Sparkplug Foundation



Sparkplug Foundation Grants




Sparkplug funding is intended to build lasting infrastructure

for carrying out the goals of music, education and community organizing work.


Call by September 25, 2009


Application due by October 9, 2009

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.

AIAA Foundation Classroom Grant



Educate students about math, science, technology, and engineering.


November 30

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation Music Grants



Melody Program helps K-12 school instrumental music programs that take place during the regular school day.


Special Projects Program helps before and after-school music programs.


Michael Kamen Solo Award helps outstanding student musicians enrolled in grades 8 - 12 who cannot afford to obtain an appropriate instrument.












Pre-Qualification Form due by December 1, 2009

Dirksen Congressional Center



Robert H. Michel Special Project Grants




The Center will support work to enhance understanding of the U.S. Congress.

$2,500 to $5,000



Toyota Tapestry Grants for Science Teachers



K–12 science teachers for innovative projects that enhance science education in the school and/or school district.

50 large grants up to $10,000


20-32 mini grants up to $2,500

January 18, 2010

Coca Cola Foundation

Education Grants Program

To support student scholarships, school drop-out prevention, access to education programs, and other education initiatives, per local business unit priorities.



Bruce Larkin, Author

IRA & RR Reading Conference Grants

Helps fund expenses for selected early literacy professionals (K-3)

attending International Reading Association or Reading Recovery conferences.


Before conferences

The Verizon Foundation

Verizon Reads

The Verizon Foundation targets our philanthropic investments to partners and programs that achieve meaningful outcomes and measurable results in specific areas within each of our Funding Priorities.


 October 31, 2009

The SEA System

Quality Science and Math Grant Program

Providing materials and equipment to MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS.


September 18, 2009

Donors Choose

Donors Choose Grants

An online charity connecting contributors to classrooms in need.



Common Grant Application

Common Grant Application Grantseeker

An online charity connecting contributors to classrooms in need.