What is GISTing?

¡   GISTing  is a strategy to help students paraphrase and summarize information. Students are required to limit the gist of a paragraph to a set number of words. Individual sentences from a paragraph are presented one at a time while students create a gist that must contain only the set number of words.



¡  GISTing is a summarizing technique, allowing students to summarize ideas with supporting details.

¡  Passages from 2 to 4 paragraphs works best.



¡  When complete passages can be summarized or GISTed.  (Example: 250 words would be summarized into 20 words).


¡  This strategy promotes comprehension of the material – allowing students to highlight key words and use their own language.


¡  Focus:  Statement

§  Who?

§  What?

¡  Students have 20 lines to summarize the information read. One word per line.


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