Graphic Organizers (Vermilion Parish)

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Interactive Graphic Organizers

Blackline Graphic Organizers


Author Tools
Big Mac Paragraph Format- Organizer for writing paragraphs.
Break Out Topics - A great starter organizer.
Cause/Effect Chart
Chain of Events
Chain Reaction Cause/Effect and Sequencing
Character Analysis (Happy) - Following the events of a story with a happy character.
Character Analysis (Sad) - Following the events of a story with a sad character.
Character Analysis Pyramid- Help students identify major points of specific characters of a story.
Character Sheet & Traits List
Character Comparison Sheet
Classroom Organizers Workbook-
Contains 30 graphic organizers that will assist K-12 teachers to help students be strategic learners in any content area.
Comparison Map
Concept Map 1
Concept / Event Map - A slightly complex concept map.
Concept Web - A very basic concept web.
Concept Wheel - Sort out the concepts / topics.
Cluster/Word Web 1
Cluster/Word Web 2
Cluster/Word Web 3
Describing Wheel
Descriptive Writing
Double C - An idea connector organizer.
Elements Of The Story - This organizer helps students understand the overall tempo of a story.
Fact and Opinion
Expository Expository Writing or writing to give information focuses on sequencing.  Students learn to use transition words:  first, next, then, last, etc.
Family Tree
Finger Rule Cue Card Set
Graphic Organizer Makers
Five W's Chart
Flow Chart
Four-Column Chart
Garden Gate
Good Reader Strategies
Graphic Organizers
Goal-Reasons Web
Ice-Cream Cone

Idea Map
Idea Rake

Idea Web
Idea Wheel
Inverted Triangle

ISP Chart (Information, Sources, Page)

Interaction Outline
It's All In The Title -
A nice exercise for students prior to reading a new work.
KWL #1
KWL Chart #2
KWL Chart #3
KWS Chart #4

KWL - A great self reflection activity.
KWL Theme Worksheets
Library of Graphic Organizers
More Graphic Organizers
Mousing Around with Graphic Organizers PPT
Observation Chart
Organizational Outline
Overlapping Concepts

Paragraph Frame
Persuasion Map

Plot Diagram
Problem & Solution Diagram
Planning Chart
Problem-Solution Chart

Region 15 Graphic Organizers
Sense Chart

Sequence Chart

Setting Stage
Setting Comparison
Spider Map
Spider Map
Sequence of Events
Step-by-Step Chart
Story Map
Story Map
Story Map 1
Story Map 2

Story Map 3

Story Train
Story Web

Time Line

Time-Order Chart

Tree Chart

Timeline 1
Time Line 2
Triple Venn Diagram
- A triple circle Venn Diagram.
Venn Diagram 1

Venn Diagram 2
Venn Diagram 3
Venn Diagram 4
Venn Diagram to Compare Contrast
Vocabulary Word Map
What's the Main Idea?


5 Step Editing
My Reading Record

ndependent Reading Contract
Teacher-Student Reading Conference Form
Checklist for Strategies Students/before reading

Checklist for Strategies Students/while reading

Checklist for Strategies Students/after reading



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