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Welcome to the Vermilion Parish Holidays and Special Days in the Classroom Site.  During the 2008-2009 year this Vermilion Parish Holidays site began.  We received positive responses throughout the year.  It is our hope to continue adding helpful holiday (or special day) links during the upcoming school year.  One constant phrase we heard over and and over was  ....  "it saves me so much time" when I need holiday material or lessons!"   Actually that was our goal for this site.  We plan to continue adding links, activities, lessons, videos, etc. to help educators!

In addition to posting normal holiday activities, we are striving to add additional "technology activities" as well. You can view some of our technology projects listed on our current Christmas site or Constitution Day link.  Other holidays have some as well, but our goal is to continue growing by offering more technology lessons, tools and resources!

We would love to hear from you if you have anything to share with fellow educators! The suggestion can be as simple as a unique link or lesson or a lesson plan you created yourself.  We will credit your work if you created the lesson/link, etc.  Just email us with the URL link or your lesson ideas! 

May your new school year be filled with excitement and learning! Back to the main "Vermilion Parish Holiday in the Classroom" Site!

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