President's Day Resources
Presidents Day (Pete's PPT) Presidents Day(Mcdonn)

Presidents' Day

Elementary Presidential PPT Middle School PowerPoint (by Lori Porter The Presidents of the US Presidents
List of Presidents of the US Wikipedia United States Presidents Presidents of the United States Presidents of the United States
Word Search: Abraham Lincoln Writing Prompt: Presidential Qualities Venn Diagram: Presidents abc teach Venn Diagram: Presidents - Washington/Lincoln abc teach
American Presidents: Life Portraits Tally and Graph: Favorite President abcteach President's Day Poetry 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th  
Abraham Lincoln
Abe's Bi Centennial Lessons (All Grades) Look to the left for grade level United Streaming "Type in Abraham Lincoln" for Video Clips Bicentennial 1809-2009
Abraham Lincoln (Pete's PPT) U.S. President: Abraham Lincoln | eThemes | eMINTS Student Created Abe Lincoln PPT (Pre K, K and 1st Grade White for Kids Abe Lincoln
Abraham Linclon Lesson with Photos   Lincoln Bicentennial  1809-2009 TeachersFirst Resource Listings Abraham Lincoln (Elementary, 4 Blocks)
Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln Quiz (Interactive) 3 Paragraph Writing Plan on Abe Lincoln Portrait of a President Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 Abe Lincoln for Kids Abraham Lincoln History Place Ford Theater Link
Comprehension: Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln (primary- abcteach) Report Form: Abraham Lincoln (abcteach) Shapebook: Lincoln (abc teach) Speech: Gettysburg Address (abcteach)
Writing Paper: Abraham Lincoln (elem) Writing Paper: Abraham Lincoln (upper elem) abcteach Writing Prompt: If I were President (primary) abcteach Biography: Abraham Lincoln (elem/upper elem) abcteach
Abraham Lincoln Theme Abraham Lincoln Association
George Washington
George Washington (Pete's PPT)
Biography: George Washington (primary) abcteach Biography: George Washington (upper elementary/ middle) abcteach Comprehension: Happy Birthday, George abcteach George Washington Theme -  A to Z  Stuff
Word Search: George Washington abcteach Writing Paper: George Washington (elementary) abc teach Writing Paper: George Washington (primary) abc teach George Washington -
Teacher Lesson Plan - George Washington
More Information
Obama Coloring Pages (Printable) Barack Obama Printables Coloring Pages of Obama 1st Family Vermilion Parish Schools: Inauguration
Barack Obama 44th President American Presidency:Glorious Burden Barack Obama - Wikipedia Barack Obama Featured Biography

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