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"Raising the Bar"
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Writing (English)

Essays, Writing Skills

Euphemisms Drama & Stagecraft  
Writing Letters/Email  Writing, 6-Traits Writing (English) Poetry  
Melville, Herman (Moby Dick)  Bibliography/Citation   Beowulf Middle Ages - Medieval Literature
Twain, Mark Guilds, Rise of Towns, Trade Fairs (Medieval Times) The Great Gatsby (by F Scott Fitzgerald) Newspapers (writing) 
Digital Storytelling Fitzgerald, F Scott Folk Literature (myths, legends, fairy & folk tales)   Shakespeare, William     
Reading (English) da Vinci, Leonardo Descriptive Writing & Language  Renaissance 
Creative Writing  Propaganda The Crucible by Arthur Miller  Questioning/Critical Reading
Authors & Author Study Personification Plagiarism/Fair Use  Copyrights 
Main Idea (reading comprehension)  Legends & Myths   King Arthur  Journalism 
Cause & Effect Outlines (How to write an outline) The Odyssey by Homer  
Pete's PPTS (Business) Descriptive Writing & Language  Citing Sources  
From the Jefferson County Site
William Shakespeare (Nebo School District Presentation) Shakespear: Overview (Nebo School District Presentation) Shakespear: Globe Theater (Nebo School District Presentation) Shakespear 1 (Utah TLCF Presentation)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Nebo School District Presentation) Grades 9-12 Mythology Squares, Julie Rosser Shakespear 2 (Utah TLCF Presentation) East of Eden (Oswego City School District Presentation)
April Morning: The Novel (Oswego City School District Presentation) Shakespeare (Oswego City School District Presentation) Grades 9-12, Literature, a Jeopardy Game by teachers in Hardin County, Kentucky. Grades 9-12 Literary Terms Jeopardy View the Presentation Download the Presentation
Grades 9-12 Literary Terms Jeopardy View the Presentation Download the Presentation Poetic Terms for High School (Northeast Nevada Technology Consortium Presentation) Literature, Kim Case Literature Jeopardy (Hardin County Schools, KY)
Hamlet (Nebo School District Presentation) Hamlet (Nebo School District Presentation) Poetic Meter  

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