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Unit 1: The Cell

  • Virtual Trip Through the Parts of an Animal Cell A video trip through the parts of an animal cell. Words appear at each stop on the tour; classical music plays during the journey. Teachers can use it as an introduction to the organelles in an animal cell or as a review before a test or quiz.

  • Cell Structures Powerpoint interactive site about the types of cells and the functions of their organelles. Use as a review or introduction for students.
    Cells Alive This Website contains both video and still images of different cells in action.

  • Diffusion and Osmosis
    Description: Interactive site with lesson plans for diffusion and osmosis. Also covers the different types of solutions.

  • The Biology Corner

  • Passive Transport vs. Active Transport: Movement of particles: Passive transport vs. active transport. Slide show displaying animated views of the different types of cellular transports.
    Osmosis in Different Solution Types: Movement of Materials Into and Out of Cells Video of osmosis occurring in hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic solutions.

  • Passive Transport Demonstration: This Website contains a large amount of biology links. Scroll down to the sections on diffusion, trasport, etc. (located in the same area on the page) for information/pictures/demonstrations of passive transport.

  • Enzyme Action: Activity using a teacher or student demonstration and activity for the student to conduct using saliva and starch solutions. Test enzyme action and uses science inquiry
    Cells Alive: This Website contains both videos of the cell in action and still images of the cell.

Unit 2: Reproduction and Genetics

Unit 3: Changes Over Time

Unit 4: Traits and Classification of Life

Unit 7: Patterns of Behavior

  • Social Structure and Behavior This site contains video of the bee and its social behavior.

  • Behavior of Organisms Games and activities on social structure and behavior and innate and learned behavior. Interactive sites
    Restrict Calories and Revive your Life: report on calorie restriction and healthy eating to increase life expectancy. Some pop ups may appear.

  • Biological Diversity: Viruses: Information on the structure, function and life cycles of viruses.
    Germs: Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi: Information on the structure, shape, and reproduction of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Charts are present of viral and bacterial shapes. Chart on diseases caused by all three in humans and different animals.

  • What is a Virus?: Shows the difference between bacteria and viruses, and has slides of different types of viruses. Also, includes cross references or review material of cells and DNA.

  • The Flu & The Body's Defenses Against Disease: Type in the United Streaming url and search for the title. Excellent video on the pathway of diseases in the body and the bodies' defense system.

  • A Science Odyssey: Then & Now Medicine and Health: Cool site that includes some interactive activities and links to articles about past medical diseases and health issues.
    Common Vaccinations This is a lab/project of common vaccinations in humans. It is geared more toward 6-8 graders, but could be used to introduce the topic or for an activity.

  • Healthy Living Information on different health topics. Have students research a topic and create a news report, poster, or written report on the topic.



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