Vermilion Parish High School Chemistry"Raising the Bar"

Language of Chemistry
  • Bonding Basics: This modeling activity uses "Fruity Pebbles" to illustrate the concept of ionic bonding.

  • Bonding Basics - Covalent Bonding This activity uses "Fruity Pebbles" to illustrate covalent bonds.

  • Determination of Percent Composition: This simulation allows students to heat hydrated copper (II) sulfate and find the mass before and after heating to calculate the percent of water in the hydrate.  

  • Percent Composition of Gum: Student use gum to illustrate how the formula for percent error, percent composition and dimensional analysis work. I've done this experiment with my students using an electronic beam balance connected to a computer to graph the mass of the gum after set intervals of chewing

  • Determination of the amount of water in a crystalline solid hydrate: This web site accompanies the simulation lab of determining the percent water in a hydrate.
    Determining Empirical Formula of Magnesim Oxide: In this lab students will experimentally determine the empirical formula of magnesium oxide, the compound formed when magnesium metal burns in oxygen. This is gives ideas for the same experiment suggested in the comprehensive curriculum.


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