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Atoms and Elements
  • Chemicool Periodic Table This is an excellent interactive periodic table that gives a tremendous amount of information on each of the elements.
    WebElements Periodic Table An interactive periodic table.
    National Mole Day Foundation : This web site is a must for any chemistry teacher! It has great ideas on "The Mole"!
    Atomic Structure Timeline: This web site gives a timeline that traces the history of the Atomic Theory. It also provides links that students can follow to different publications that give details of the discoveries.
    Atomic Theory This article focuses on historical models of the atom.

  • Isotopes of Pennies: A detailed lesson plan that describes how to complete the "Isotopes of Pennies" experiment.

  • The Periodic Table : This web site has games, etc. for students as well as teacher information.

  • Periodic Table Trends: An interactive activity that lets students establish the rules for periodic trends.
    Mystery Periodic Table: Students construct a periodic table of the representative elements of the first four rows from the clues provided. It helps them to see if they understand the patterns.

  • Nuclear Chemistry: This web site has it all: Tutorials, links, movies, animations, etc. A very good look into nuclear chemistry.
    Radioactive Decay: This applet allows students to control the half-life of an element and watch it decay. It shows the atoms as particles and also a histogram that shows them decay as a function of time.


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