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Carbon and Its Compounds
  • Isomers: This powerpoint presentation discusses naming alkanes and isomers.

  • Cycloalkanes and Aromatic Compounds Powerpoint presentation that shows structures and naming cycloalkanes and aromatic compounds.

  • Creative Chemistry Molecular Models: students can see models of graphite, diamond and buckminsterfullerene. They can manipulate the models to see the structure in 3-D.

  • Carbon Allotropes: The Same and Not the Same The concepts of chemical bonding and elements of the periodic table are essential for any introductory chemistry course. Also, the notion of structure versus function is a fundamental concept in many different subject areas. This module extends the normal classroom discussion of ionic and covalent bonding into the realm of hybridization, organic chemistry and nanotechnology. (Some parts may be to extension for first level chemistry students, but there is a lot of useful information.)

  • World of Molecules: A database of different types of organic molecules.

  • How Do Functional Groups Work?: After this tutorial, students will be able to describe: The structure of each functional group Molecules belonging to each class of compounds characterized by group The characteristic chemical behavior imposed by each functional group

  • Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life: This presentation discusses isomers, shapes, and functional groups. It uses a biology approach, but could be used in chemistry.

  • BioMolecular Explorer 3D: Explore the Molecules: Software for interactive molecular exploration in High School Biology courses. It offers 3-D models for the basic organic compounds, as well as lesson plans for secondary teachers to use.

  • Interactive Organic Chemistry Tutorials: This tutorial is an interactive tutorial covering the most common functional groups found in organic chemistry. It is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage of organic nomenclature.

  • Isomer Construction Set Allows students to build models of isomers.


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