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Compounds and Solutions
  • Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding An interactive comparison between ionic, non-polar covalent, and polar covalent bonds. (flash-based)

  • Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure: This powerpoint presentation explains bonding and molecular structure. It explains VSEPR modeling as well.

  • CHEMICAL BONDING AND COMPOUND FORMATION This site investigates the types of chemical bonds, ways to predict compositions and the conventions of naming the compounds.

  • Types of Chemical Bonding: This site offers information on how to determine the different types of chemical bonds.

  • Differences Between Ionic & Covalent Compounds: Students will observe some of the differences in macroscopic properties between ionic and covalent compounds. In particular, they compare solubility in water, solubility in methanol, relative melting points, and solution conductivity.

  • The Tyndall Effect : This video clip illustrates the Tyndall effect as a means of distinguishing a solution from a colloid.

  • Signed With a Kiss (A Chromatography Lab): This experiment (presented in a powerpoint presentation) uses paper chromatography to determine the identity of a lipstick sample. It brings a little forensics/real world application into the chemistry classroom.

  • DNA Simulation with Paper Chromatography: This activity is a mock electrophoresis using paper chromatography.
    Solutions: The following page contains links to tutorials that are PowerPoint Chemodules that emphasize various topics in Solutions. Each includes basic concepts and learning checks to test student progress.

  • Colligative Properties of Solutions: This lab uses environmentally safe antifreeze to allow students to investigate colligative properties of solutions. Can be adapted to use with probeware.

  • Colligative Properties Animation: This flash animation allows students to change solvent & solute, change the amounts added, as choose a hot water or cold water bath to investigate colligative properties. Values obtained can then be used in calculations. This is a good animation to show your classes or as an alternative to an actual lab.


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