Vermilion Parish High School Chemistry"Raising the Bar"

  • Classifying Elements A United Streaming video that teaches students how to classify elements.

  • elements.

  • Review and Practice on Classification of Matter This web site gives a review and then a practice quiz on elements, mixtures, and compounds.

  • Elements, Mixtures, & Compounds: This experiment can be used as a format to conduct an experiment to distinguish elements, mixtures, & compounds.
    Concept Mapping & the Classification of Matter Article that gives details on how to use Inspiration software to create a concept map on the Classification of Matter.

  • Pursuit of the Properties of Metals and Nonmetals: A lesson plan that details an experiment to classify elements as metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.

  • The Mixtures Lab: This is a virtual lab that allows students to separate different types of mixture. Great if you do not have time or the resources/materials to complete the actual lab in class.

  • States of Matter  Web site that gives molecular level drawings and descriptions of the states of matter.

  • Phases of Matter This powerpoint presentation describes the 4 states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

  • States of Matter : Gives detailed description and molecular level drawings of the states of matter (including plasma and Bose-Einstein Condensates). Requires Adobe Flash.

  • Chemical or Physical Change Lab Use what you’ve learned about chemical and physical changes to determine if the following stations involve chemical or physical changes. Make sure you give evidence for your determination.


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