Vermilion Parish High School Chemistry"Raising the Bar"

Measurements and Problem Solving
  • Density of Salt Water (Movie) Steve Spangler demonstrates the affect of salt on the density of water. A fun video to watch.

  • Significant Digits Here is a little game with significant figures. There are 12 different numbers for students to determine the number of significant figures. They are to keep the number of wrong tries to a minimum!

  • Accuracy vs. Precision This web site describes the difference between accuracy and precision.

  • Lab Safety Rules The American Chemical Society's page for students to review lab safety rules.

  • Student Safety Contract A safety contract that teachers can use with students. (Flinn Scientific)

  • Accuracy & Precision in Measurements Uses common lab equipment to help students distinguish between accuracy & precision.  

  • Accuracy of Instruments Tutorial with quizzes. Illustrates the accuracy of graduated cylinders & accuracy vs. precision.
    Accuracy of the Various Types of Graduated Glasswares This web site gives the most common types of graduated glasswares used in chemistry along with their target volume, accuracy, and accuracy range.

  • Chemistry: Scientific Measurements In order to produce the best quantitative results the student/experimenter will learn how to identify the error in a measure and apply this while measuring mass using the electronic balance and volume using various volumetric instruments.

  • Dimensional Analysis: This video tutors students on dimensional analysis. Includes discussion about Avogadro's number and the mole.

  • Density This web site gives directions for a density lab.

  • Measurements and Problem Solving Discovery Streaming (requires account and sign in) Safe Science: Lab Safety Awareness (42:33 Video)  Even though the video is rated for grades 6-8, I think it is still appropriate for high school students. Includes video and written quizzes.


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