Vermilion Parish High School Chemistry"Raising the Bar"

  • Chemical Reactions This is an assignment that has students using the internet to research the different types of chemical reactions. They then design a pamphlet advertising what they learned using computer software.

  • Types of Equations: This document is intended to help the chemistry student learn the basics of writing and balancing equations, how to predict the products of four general types of inorganic reactions and how to write and balance equations for the combustion of hydrocarbons. There are also practice exercises for each section.

  • Conservation of Matter: The experiment will explore whether matter is created or destroyed during a chemical reaction. Instructions give household substitutions.

  • Stoichiometry of Cooking: In this activity, the importance of stoichiometry is emphasized by teaching the effect of changes in ingredients on a final product. Baking is fun, and when kids are having fun, they’re more open to learning new ideas. The analogy to stoichiometry deals with relative amounts of ingredients, with measurement of weights and volumes, and with the analysis of the chemistry which is involved in baking. You will need access to ovens.

  • Stoichiometry Lab: This experiment utilizes the PASCO GLX temperature sensor to determine the optimum ratio of sodium hypochlorite and sodium thiosulfate. I have done this lab in my classroom and it works well.

  • WRITING IONIC EQUATIONS FOR REDOX REACTIONS: This page explains how to work out electron-half-reactions for oxidation and reduction processes, and then how to combine them to give the overall ionic equation for a redox reaction.

  • Reduction/Oxidation Chemistry: In this exploration you will use PASPORT pH and ORP electrodes to investigate increasing and decreasing the pH of a solution of bleach and how this affects the effectiveness of the bleach as a disinfectant.

  • Fun Things One Can Do With Bleach: 2 of the 3 experiments demonstrate redox reactions using bleach and iodine. Explanations accompany the demonstrations.

  • LeChatelier's Principle: This flash animation illustrates the effects of temperature, pressure, and concentration on equilibrium.

  • Chemical Equilibria: Le Chatelier's PrincipleThis applet allows students to change amounts, volumes, and temperatures to observe the changes in equilibrium. It also has students calculate equilibrium constants at various conditions.

  • Heat of Combustion of Candle Wax (Experimental Design): In this lab heat energy from a burning candle is directed to a Coke can filled with water. The elevation in the temperature of the water as the candle burns indicates heat is being transferred. Students should readily observe the principle of heat exchange. Students must attempt to design the procedure and equipment such that heat is neither gained nor lost to the environment. The student then must calculate the heat of combustion of candle wax (i.e., the amount of heat energy released per gram of wax consumed.)

  • Heat of Solution: In this experiment, students will use a Temperature Sensor to investigate the enthalpies of several reactions. Students will analyze their data in order to determine whether their data supports Hess's Law.

  • Resources/Waste: Home Chemicals: This exercise involves conducting an inventory of the types of chemicals in the home.

  • LOUISIANA'S COASTAL NONPOINT POLLUTION CONTROL PROGRAM: This document reviews the regulations governing Louisiana coastal pollution control program.  


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