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Welcome to the Vermilion Parish Hurricane Site for Kids!  In this site, you will find hurricane lessons, interactives, powerpoints, video clips, local hurricane photos, online links and local TV stations in our area. 

You can also see a link on how to prepare for hurricanes if you ever find yourself in the path of a hurricane.

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Photos above: Left to right:  Forked Island (Ike 2008);  Erath High School (Ike 2008); Pecan Island (Rita 2005); Erath High Stadium (Rita 2005); Henry (Ike 2008); Abbeville High (Lili 2002);
Vermilion Parish (Rita 2005);   Hurricane Hilda (Erath, 1964).  Larger Photo: Don's Boat Landing (Ike 2008); More Photos here!