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Vermilion Parish Schools
CyberChannel (United Streaming) Clips (NOTE: You will have to log in to CyberChannel to view clips!

How do I do this?  

1. If you are a "registered user" for CyberChannel (United Streaming) in Vermilion Parish, here are the directions to open these links.

  • First "click" on the link you want to view.
  • You will get a "sign in screen" for Cyberchannel.  Sign in using your personal CyberChannel (United Streaming) User name and password).  If you can't remember your user name and password, you can retrieve your forgotten information through your registered email account. Your Tech Specialist should be able to help you with this.
  • Once you do that, you should see a "prompt" that asks you to save it or open. You can do either one.  PLEASE don't save these on the server, but you can save it on your desktop and delete it after!

2. I am not a registered user in Vermilion Parish yet, but would like the pass-code for my school to register. What do I do?

  • Email us for your school passcode. Send this information in your email. Your name, your school and your school email address.

3. Save shortcuts from the new Vermilion Parish Streaming Server. (At School) Click here to download the directions!

4. Hurricane Links


Note: Many sites need Java,  Shockwave, or Adobe Acrobat Reader
To report broken links or comments, please email Stacy Bodin.

Vermilion Parish Schools

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