Indian Bayou Elementary December Students of the Month-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) Wade Wisser, K (Mrs. Alaina) Ainzley Abshire, K (Mrs. Jena) Marissa Gaspard, 1st (Mrs. Aimee) Zoeigh Petry, 1st (Mrs. Molly) Kayah Moore, 2nd (Mrs. Holly) Aiden Suire2nd (Ms. Angela) Annalyn Irby, 3rd (Mrs. Mary) Desmond Moore, 3rd (Mrs. Tillie) Kallie LeBlanc, 4th (Mrs. Ann) Coy Bourque, 4th (Mrs. Pam) Bleighn Reaux, 5th (Mrs. Darlene) Owen LeBlanc, 5th (Ms. Jordan) Mindy Hoffpauir.  Also pictured with the December Students of the Month is William Wisser from Mrs. Jena Gaspard's kindergarten class who was one of the November Students of the Month.