How to Raise a Reader  


                * Set a regular time and pick a comfortable place to read together.  (Read at least 20 min.)

                * Call attention to print in your environment (signs, words on buildings).

                * Visit the public library often.                                                        

                * Be a role model.  Let your child see you reading often.                 




Questions to ask your child as they read:

Before Reading:

     * Read the title and ask, "What do you think the book is going to be about based on the title?"

       * Look at the cover and pictures in the book and ask, "Who do you think will be the main character?"

       * "What will this book be about?"


During Reading:

   * "What does this story remind you of?"

      * "What is the problem/conflict in the story?"  "How do you think the problem will be solved?"

      * "Could this story be real?"  (If not, what makes it a make-believe story?)


After Reading:

      * "What are one or two of the most important ideas from the story?"

      * "What was the author trying to teach you about life with this story?"

      * "What traits best describe the main character in the story?"                                    

      * "Who is telling the story?"

      * "If you had been .....  what would you have done differently?"     

      * "Summarize the story in your own words."


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