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Dositey: Upper and Lower Case Memory Game
Speed Letter Typing
Paw Park Alphabet Match
Missing Letters of the Alphabet
Match Picture with Letter
ABC Wack-a-Mole
Letter Naming
Alphabet Song
Alphabet Trace and Color Pages
Match Capital with Lower Case
Theo's Puzzles (PBS Kids)
Monkey Match (PBS Kids-Letter Match, Initial sound)
ABCD Watermelon (PBS Kids - Missing alphabet letters)
Letter Recognition

Story Sequencing

Story Scramble

Sequence Pictures (Flipchart)
Pete's PPST Sequencing
Sequencing Three Little Pigs (Crickweb)
Making Cup of Tea (Crickweb)


Complete Telling Sentences

Monkey Business
(Word Order Game)
Word Order Telling Sentences (Flipchart)
Highlighting Naming and Telling Parts (Flipchart)





Complete Asking Sentences



Period Song
Question Mark Song
Capital Letter Song
Harcourt Punctuation
Harcourt Capitalization
Harcourt Names of Days, Months, and Holidays
Harcourt Special Names
Pete's PPST Punctuation/Capitalization
Pete's PPST The Common Comma


Subject and Predicts

Pete's PPST Subject/Predict


Pete's PPST Nouns
Person, Place, or Thing 1 
Person, Place, or Thing 2 
Person, Place, or Thing 3 
Person, Place, or Thing 4 
Person, Place, or Thing 5 
Person, Place, or Thing 6 
Person, Place, or Thing 7 
Person, Place, or Thing 8 
Person, Place, or Thing 9 
Person, Place, or Thing 10 
Person, Place, or Thing 11 
Person, Place, or Thing Halloween
Pre-Primer Dolch Nouns (Manatee)
Primer Dolch Nouns 1 (Manatee)
Primer Dolch Nouns 2 (Manatee)
Primer Dolch Nouns 3 (Manatee)
Dolch Nouns 1 (Manatee)
Dolch Nouns 2 (Manatee)
Dolch Nouns 3 (Manatee)
Dolch Nouns 4 (Manatee)


Verbs Song
Pete's PPST Verbs
Verbs 1
Verbs 2
Verbs 3
Verbs 4
Verbs 5
Verbs 6





Harcourt Describing Words for Color, Size, and Shape
Harcourt Describing Words for Taste, Smell, Sound, and Feel
Harcourt Describing Words that Compare
Harcourt Describing Words for Numbers
Pete's PPST Adjectives



Subject/Verb Agreement

Pete's PPST Subject/Verb Agreement




Harcourt Using I and Me
Harcourt Using He, She, It, and They
Pete's PPST Pronouns



Pete's PPST Prefixes/Suffixes

S or ES (Manatee)
ED or ING (Manatee)
Suffix Practice (Manatee)



Contraction Practice
Pete's PPST Contractions
Matching Game
Contraction Practice (will) - Manatee
Contraction Practice (not) - Manatee
Contraction Practice (is) - Manatee
Contraction Practice (am/are) - Manatee
Contraction Practice (mixed) - Manatee
Contraction Practice 2 (mixed) - Manatee
Contraction Practice 3 (mixed) - Manatee

Compound Words

Compound Words Game
Compound Matching Game
Compound Building (Crickweb)



Alphabetical Order

Alphabet Book Game
ABC Order Game
ABC Order (Crickweb)
ABC Order2 (Crickweb)
ABC Order
Pete's PPST Alphabet and Ordering
Dot to Dot  (Funbrain)



Multiple Meaning Words

Harcourt More Troublesome Words
Pete's PPST Multiple Meaning Words


Rhyming Words

Rhyming Words Song
Rhyming Words Memory Game
Digging Up Rhyming Words (BBC)
Pete's PPST Rhyming Words
Reggie Loves to Rhyme (Matching)
Animal Muddle Rhyme (BBC)
Rhyming Poems (BBC)
Monkey Match (PBS)





Squanky Tooth Taker

-ER and -EST

The Best Trampoline Game (PBS Kids)


Months/Days of the Week

Look, Cover, Write, Check

Fact and Opinion

Binky's Fact and Opinion (PBS Kids)
Tina's World

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