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Sort and Classify

BBC Schools Sorting
NLVM Sorting 
Learning how to sort objects


Lighter and Heavier

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Solids and Liquids (BBC)
Matter 1 Harcourt
Change It
Changing State (BBC)

Measurements for Length and Liquids

Count Us In.. Length Tallest to Shortest
Weight Lightest to Heaviest
Count Us In.. Volume Measuring Interactive

Forms of Energy

Sound and Hearing (BBC)
Loud and Dark (BBC)
Identify Sources of Light

Living and Nonliving

Plants and Animals (BBC)


Magnets Song

Magnets Sort
Repel or Attract Magnets

Pete's PPST Magnets

The Human Body

The Big Story on Bones
Room 108 Human Skeleton
Room 108 Inside a Human Body
Dry Bones Connected Song

Human Anatomy
Magic School Bus Body Tour
Pete's PPST Skeleton
Pete's PPST The Human Body
Pete's PPST Heart
Pete's PPST Teeth

Five Senses

Five Senses Poem
Pete's PPST Five Senses


Parts of a Plant
Soft Schools - Label Plant Parts
Soft Schools - Label Plant Parts Worksheet
Pete's PPST Parts of a Plant
Pete's PPST Plants


Where Do Rocks Come From
Watch How Rocks Form
Rocks Webquest
Rock Slide Show

Rocks and Soils (BBC)
Pete's PPST Rocks/Fossils


Animated Water Cycle
Water Cycle

Soft Schools - Temperature
Adventures of Randy the
Raindrop Story

The Water Cycle Song

Pete's PPST The Water Cycle
Pete's PPST Weather
Pete's PPST Four Seasons
Pete's PPST Wind
Pete's PPST Hurricanes/Tornadoes
Pete's PPST Thunder & Lightning
Pete's PPST Floods
Pete's PPST Winter Storms/Blizzards
Pete's PPST Clouds


Life Cycles

Living Things
The Cycles of Life

Soft Schools - Frog Life Cycle
Soft Schools - Butterfly Life Cycle
Pete's PPST Life Cycles


Fire Safety

Fire Safety in Your Home
Pete's PPST Fire Safety


Recycling Story Interactive


All About Animals

Habitats (BBC)
Animals (Yahooligans)

Food Guide Pyramid

Rate Your Plate



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