Word Scramble

A Fairy Tales      
B Fables      
1 The Hat Week 1 Short Vowel /a/ a  
2 Sam and the Bag Week 2 Short Vowel /a/ a  
3 Ants Week 3 Short Vowel /i/ i  
4 Jack and Rick Week 4 Digraph /k/ ck  
5 Todd's Box Week 5 Short Vowel /o/ o  
6 All That Corn Week 6 Variant Vowel // a  
7 Dan's Pet Week 7 Short Vowel /e/ e  
8 Boots for Beth Week 8 Digraph /th/ th  
9 Space Pup Week 9 Short Vowel /u/ u  
10 Where Do Frogs Come From? Week 10 Digraph /ng/ ng  
11 Try Your Best Week 11 R-Controlled Vowel /r/ or, ore  
12 Fun with Fish Week 12 Digraph /sh/ sh  
13 I Am a Butterfly Week 13 Digraphs /ch/ ch, tch  
14 Did You See Chip? Week 14 R-Controlled Vowel /r/ ar  
15 Toms Rivera Week 15 Digraphs /kw/ qu, /hw/ wh  
16 On the Way to the Pond Week 16 R-Controlled Vowel /r/ er, ir, ur  
17 Friends Forever Week 17 Syllable /el/ -le  
18 The Fox and the Stork Week 18 Long Vowel /ō/ ow, oa  
19 Bed Full of Cats Week 19 Long Vowel /ē/ ee, ea  
20 Me On the Map Week 20 Long Vowel /ā/ a-e (VCV)  
21 At Home Around the World Week 21 Long Vowel /ē/ y  
22 Tell Me a Story Week 22 Long Vowel /ī/ i-e (VCV)  
23 My Robot Week 23 Consonant /s/ c  
24 On the Job with Dr. Martha Smith Week 24 Variant Vowel /ou/ ow, ou  
25 Little Bear's Friend Week 25 /ī/ y, ie  
26 Busy Buzzy Bee Week 26 Long Vowel /ō/ o-e (VCV)  
27 The Story of a Blue Bird Week 27 Long Vowel /ī/ igh  
28 Frog and Toad All Year Week 28 Long Vowels /ā/ ai, ay  
29 Fishing Bears Week 29 Long Vowel /ī/ i  
30 How to Be a Nature Detective Week 30 Long Vowel /ō/ o  
31 The Puddle Week 31 Consonants /j/ g, dge  
32 Poppleton Everyday Week 32 Long Vowel /(y)/ oo/u-e (VCV)  
33 Sleep Is for Everyone Week 33 Short Vowel /e/ ea  
34 Baboon Week 34 Vowel Variant /oo/ oo  
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