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Vermilion Parish Homepage Region IV / Vermilion Parish Comprehensive Curriculum Database LA's Comprehensive Curriculum
This is our parish homepage.  It contains an abundance of useful information. This page contains a database which aligns online tools to the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.  You can search by keyword, unit, or GLE. This page contains the entire comprehensive curriculum.  It is organized by subject area and grade level.
LPB's United Streaming Stacy Bodin's Homepage Online Student Learning
United Streaming is an excellent resource of grade appropriate, educational videos.  You can search for videos by grade level, subject area, and skills being covered.  Most of the videos are 15 - 45 minutes long and include teacher resources such as teacher's guides, black-line masters, closed captioning, and correlations that supplement the videos. Stacy Bodin is a second grade teacher at Dozier Elementary School in Erath, LA.  Her website contains excellent resources for teachers including technology connected lesson plans created and compiled by Stacy. This web page contains links to online teacher tools, student tools, and teacher resource sites that are free or inexpensive.  These links were compiled by Lola Potier, Region 4 TLTC Director.
Dr. Sue LeBleu's Homepage Pre-K Interactive On-Line Activities Inspiration  Templates

This site contains wonderful resources for teachers.  It has links organized by subject areas as well as teacher resources and others.

This site has links to interactive on-line activities for Pre-K students.  These links were compiled by Rima Duhon of LCET.

This link is on the Inspiration web page.  These are sample templates for using Inspiration in your classroom.
Microsoft Clipart Microsoft Templates
This link is on the Microsoft web page.  You can find clip art, animations, and other media items here for downloading to use in documents, presentations, etc. This link is also on the Microsoft web page.  You can find templates for Power Point presentations, Word documents, and excellent teacher and student resources under the EDUCATION category. GREAT TEACHER TOOLS!!  You can find Track Star, Rubistar, Casa Notes, and many, many more here.
abcteach Enchanted Learning Mr. Dowling
This website offers over 5000+ FREE printable pages for teachers, parents, and students.  There is an option to become a member (the fee is $35/year).  Being a member gives you access to more materials.  The free pages are organized by category and are really good. This website offers an extensive amount of printable materials for teachers.  It offers worksheets, printable books, games, and activities.  Many of the resources are FREE, however some printing is restricted if you don't have a membership (fee is $20/year). Mr. Dowling's website offers information on a number of history topics.  The information is at a higher level, but it can be adapted.  For each topic covered there is a Download the Lessons link.  This will allow you to download study guides, quizzes, and homework assignments. eThemes teAchnology
This website offers lots of FREE lesson plans and activities.  Most cover Social Studies topics.  He does have special sections containing links to PowerPoint resources, free stuff online, and other subjects. eThemes can be found at the following website:

These theme pages give you a resource list of online information by topic and grade level.  Go to the section titled how does eThemes work and you may choose to access them alphabetically, by grade level, or Search.  Great information can be found here and a lot of the searching has been done for you.

teAchnology offers you access to lesson plans, printable pages, activities, tips, and downloads just to name a few.  The homepage lets you easily browse what is available.  Check out the Tools page, there is lots of great stuff there.  You can become a member and have access to more stuff; the costs range from $29.99 - $49.99.
Personal Educational Press Flashcard Exchange I'm Dreaming of Online Tools
This website allows you to create flashcards, bingo games, quizzes, study sheets, word searches, and more.  There are many word lists available, but you can add to the lists or create your own list. This website offers over 4 million flashcards that can be printed and used in the classroom FREE.  You can also create your own or study online. This page contains a collection of online tools for teachers.  The tools are organized by topic which makes finding what you need very helpful.
PortaPortal Tux Paint Virtual Math Manipulatives
This is an online book marking site.  Membership is FREE. This is the website that has the download for Tux Paint.  This is a FREE software package that allows students to create drawings using drawing tools, stamps, and pictures. This website has virtual manipulatives.  The manipulatives are organized by grade level and strand
Reading and Technology Glencoe Literature Library Gail Lovely (Resources)
by:  Diana Dell, Ed.S.  This site gives resources such as online slideshow tips and links for different areas of Reading including: Phonemes, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, &  Comprehension.  Teachers and students can view the tips to help with instruction. This website offers study guides for chapter books.  There are many titles included and lots of great activities.  All of the files are PDF files, so you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print them. This page is from the Gail Lovely website.  This is a page of resources compiled by and/or created by Gail Lovely.  Her pdf file found under WebWonders! is an excellent resource.
Microsoft Photo Story Photo Story Help Example of Photo Story
The above link takes you to the download page for Microsoft Photo Story.  This program allows you to make movie-type slide shows using pictures.  FAQ

Additional Help

Created by the Kaplan High School Fine Arts Class supervised by Mr. John Phelan.
LACUE Resources Fonts for Kids! Hamburger Paragraph PowerPoint
This site provides resources that were presented at recent LACUE conferences.  There are some great sites here. This site offers FREE fonts.  There are lots to choose from as well as a Frequently Asked Question section and "Font Help which gives instructions for downloading and saving fonts. This website has a PowerPoint which introduces writing Hamburger Paragraphs.  It is interactive and the students click on different parts of the hamburger to get information on writing that sections.  Very Cute!
PowerPoint Resources

These resources have completed Power Point Presentations on many different subjects and at many different grade levels.

Elementary PowerPoint Resources

Jefferson County Schools Resources

Completed Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentations (Includes a blank Jeopardy board)
PowerPoint Resources (Includes links to completed presentations, tutorials, templates, etc.) Pete's PowerPoint Station