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HF Word PPTS Fluency Letters Initial Sound Fluency (Tammy Riche')

Alphabet Race (Tammy Riche')

ABC's (Picture/Word/Letter (Vermilion Parish) ABC (Just Upper/Lower Case Letters in order)

Who Let the Letters Out?

Power Points (Kelly's Kindergarten)  Animals Talk, What's for Lunch, I Like to..., What Can Go (Nebo School)
Vowel Cheer 7 Little Letters Phonics PowerPoint Presentation (Houston)
K-2 LA Gaton Collection Bedford County Department of Education - PowerPoint Presentations Phonics - FREE Language Arts Presentations in PowerPoint format,
Animal Alphabet (Nebo School District Presentation) Eric Carle (Nebo School District) Phonics Loretta Johnson
Jeopardy for Kindergarten, Robin Davis ABC's (Nebo School District Presentation) Phonics2 Charlie Boles
Alphabet Basics ABC123, Sandra Branham Grades K-2 ABC Sound Off  Download the Presentation
Alphabet (Nebo School District Presentation Alphabet ABC's Forwards and Backwards
ABC (Just Upper/ Lower Case Letters mixed) Alphardy  


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Vermilion Parish Schools (Louisiana)

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