KES Teacher of the Year Lauren Jackson Hebert

Lauren Jackson Hebert was named the 2018-2019 Kaplan Elementary Teacher of the Year. (The teacher of the year contest is a year ahead of the other competitions.)

She has been teaching for 6 years now.  Hebert started her teaching career at Eaton Park Elementary and taught there for 4 years. This is her 2nd year at Kaplan Elementary.

Lauren J. Hebert is a graduate of Kaplan High School and attended UL earning a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.


She shared that when she was in first grade, she decided that she “wanted to be a teacher” when she grew up. She added, “now here I am loving my job! I really cannot think of any other career I'd rather have than educating children. It is my passion. I love making learning fun and exciting for my students.”

Her goal is that she wants her kids to leave saying they not only gained more knowledge, but they learned how to set goals as well as to try their best to accomplish each one because they deserve the education that they receive.


The Kaplan native is married to Reggie Hebert and together they have a 2-year-old daughter named Adele Hebert. Her parents are Annette Jackson and the late Kenneth Jackson.





Kaplan Elementary

608 N. Eleazar Avenue
Kaplan, LA 70548

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