All students graduating in 2018 and thereafter will be required to either complete the FAFSA or the TOPS online application or sign an opt-out form if they do not want to give their child permission to do so.  The blue text below is part of the campaign the state is launching to encourage families to apply for financial aid.   

We are planning to add the non-participation form to the book of forms that students receive at the beginning of the school year.  I have attached a copy of the form we are planning to use.  If you have any feedback regarding this form and/or the addition of the form to the book of forms, please let us know.

New: #45minutes FAFSA Social Media Campaign Launched

On Monday, the Department launched a new social media campaign to promote FAFSA completions. The campaign, 45 Minutes = Infinite Possibilities, will run through May 12 to provide parents and students with helpful tools and resources to guide them through the completion of the FAFSA.

Campaign resources will be promoted through Facebook and Twitter, and will include the Department’s new FAFSA brochure, which walks parents and students through the steps for completing the FAFSA and the corresponding videos listed below to support the process.


Counselors received information on the campaign in last week’s edition of the Counselor Connect and are encouraged to:

-Promote the FAFSA resources with students and parents;

-Identify student ambassadors who can help promote the FAFSA campaign on social media;

-Establish a FAFSA room or area in their school where students and parents can complete the FAFSA and have their questions answered.

 Please email or visit the Department’s financial aid homepage for more information. 

FASFA Mistakes Video

Types of Federal Aid Assistance Video

Responsible Borrowing Video

Parent Participation Form (PDF)




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